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 Chapter Eight Hundred and Five - Mo Cloud Sea is Coming!

Kun Lun.

The death of three Children of Kun Lun was a great shock to Kun Lun. Every child of Kun Lun had been picked carefully, passing through numerous tests. All of them possessed astounding strength and talent. Each of them were Kun Lun's greatest wealth.

Three Children of Kun Lun had died.

"It's Lotus Sutra Temple's ancient ruins." Chao Xin's expression was serious. The death of three Children of Kun Lun was a great loss to Kun Lun.

In Chao Xin's view, this kind of loss was even greater than the loss of several jie. The selection of the children of Kun Lun was extremely complex and strict. What was almost certain was that the Children of Kun Lun would become the strongest fighters for Kun Lun. All of them had a bright future.

If a jie was lost, it could be taken back.

But if a child of Kun Lun was killed, it was almost impossible to find a replacement.

The Children of Kun Lun were picked from all Kun Lun disciples. The loss of any of these geniuses was irreplaceable. If they wanted to replenish their numbers, they had to increase the range of selection. However, the loyalty of the genius youths selected from other sects under Kun Lun was doubtful.

Once Kun Lun lost the unity that they relied on, then Kun Lun was no longer Kun Lun.

Chao Xin knew this better than most people and this was why he was worried. Three Children of Kun Lun being killed at the same time, this meant the enemy was very strong.

"It's Mo Cloud Sea." Lin Qian spat out. His expression was normal as though he was not affected at all.

"Most likely." Chao Xin agreed with Lin Qian's speculation. He said gravely, "Other than Mo Cloud Sea, no one has the strength. Tian Huan is not focused on this ruin and the manpower they sent out is limited."

"How is everyone?" Lin Qian suddenly asked.

Chao Xin understood what Lin Qian meant. "Everyone is angry, they want to get revenge for Nie Chen and the others! Nie Chen is a friendly person and there are many disciples that liked Zhen Ling Meng."

Lin Qian nodded. "Send them all out to gain experience."

Chao Xin paled. "Isn't that ... .."

Lin Qian waved his hand and said calmly, "Even the best talent, without any tempering, cannot grow into a truly strong tree. They have good talent, but lack experience. Many of them were not outstanding in the past. They need time to adjust to the change in their status."

Many of the Children of Kun Lun had not been outstanding in the ling power era because their talent in cultivating ling power had been ordinary. Yet after entering the era of shen power, their talents at cultivating shen power had been uncovered and their status had completely transformed.

The changes in their status and identity had come too suddenly. Many people had not adjusted to the change.

Lin Qian was very displeased with this. He felt that the Children of Kun Lun now did not have the spirit or demeanor of the previous core disciples of Kun Lun.

In that era, the core Kun Lun disciples had pride that came from their bones. They could not tolerate other people being stronger than them. This spirit urged them on to demand more of themselves.

Chao Xin understood but he said worriedly, "But this way, the fatalities will be high."

Lin Qian said coolly, "Fifty Children of Kun Lun, I will be satisfied if five of them become top experts. I do not need flowers growing in the greenhouse, and Kun Lun doesn't need them."

"I understand." Chao Xin did not speak further.


Zuo Mo and the other stood guard in front of the palace gates, killing whoever came in.

There wasn't any faction that could fight against them. Soon, they were the only ones left in the entire ruins.

"Finally, no one is going to compete with us." Zuo Mo's sigh was filled with satisfaction, and extremely smug.

The other people laughed. They had taken over the entire place.

"Which palace should we go to?" Zuo Mo asked the Ghost Mist Child.

The Ghost Mist Child said and then thought, "Not the Winter Palace, there once had been a strong warrior from the Sun Tribe that died when he entered the Winter Palace. The other palaces, all of them should be alright ... ..."

As he spoke, the Ghost Mist Child's voice became smaller and smaller.

Zuo Mo's face turned dark and he glared angrily, "You say you were familiar?"

The Ghost Mist Child said timidly, "That ... ... that ... ... actually ... ..."

Zuo Mo rubbed his forehead and said. Alright, it was all the same.

He thought. Among his group, the people who played with fire were the most common so he said, "Let's go to the Summer Palace!"

The other people naturally did not have any objections.

The bronze doors to the Summer Palace were carved with suns and blooming flowers. When Zuo Mo's hand touched the bronze doors, the sun and the flowers suddenly lit up and the palace gates soundlessly opened.

Bright sunlight came out of the palace gates. It was completely white, and everything narrowed their eyes.

Moments later, when everyone's eyes adjusted to the strong light, they finally saw the scene inside.


Mo Shen Temple.

A figure slowly rose out of the blood pool. If Wei Sheng saw this figure, he would be astounded. Wu Le! The Wu Le who had fallen at his sword was still alive.

Wu Le's face was ashen and he wore a grimace.

Youxi Ya Ke laughed lightly. "Who did you encounter that you got beaten so badly?"

"Wei Sheng!" Wu Le had an expression of respect.

Everyone's expression shifted.

"I almost wasn't able to come back," Wu Le said with lingering fear. "Wei Sheng is really one of the strongest sword xiu, so strong!"

"To be able to escape with your life after fighting Wei Sheng, be satisfied," Youxi Ya Ke said with a twist of his mouth.

Everyone had expressions of agreement.

Wu Le's complexion was pale but his eyes were bright and flashed with wondrous light. "I have understood a lot in the fight against Wei Sheng. In half a year, I will definitely have a breakthrough."

The others heard this and all showed expressions of joy.

If Wu Le grew stronger, the Mo Shen Temple would also grow stronger.

The conflicts in the mo territories had continued. All the factions fought and had not stopped. The Mo Shen Temple's conflicts with the other factions had not stopped but continuous battle would cause the Mo Shen Temple to grow stronger.

The mo gods of the Mo Shen Temple increased from three to five.

And the territory of the Mo Shen Temple had multiplied. The Mo Shen Temple had become one of the strongest factions in the Hundred Savage Realm. The strength of the Mo Shen Temple caused the mo that lived in the area they ruled to have relatively good lives. Their belief grew more steady and the mo gods were even stronger.

However, the battle between the Mo Marshal Alliance and Mo Cloud Sea had shocked them.

The loss of the two top battle generals of the Mo Marshal Alliance caused the Mo Marshal Alliance to start declining. The skirmishes at the borders increased and Gongzi Xi alone could not deal with all of them. In the span of a few months, the territories of the Mo Marshal Alliance had shrank by a fifth.

The mo golds of the Mo Shen Temple watched with rapidly beating hearts.

The Mo Marshal Alliance and the Mo Shen Temple were factions of the same level. However, just due to one defeat, their situation had rapidly worsened.

Everyone knew that the Mo Marshal Alliance was probably going to end up a second-tier faction.

Unless another new top battle general entered the Mo Marshal Alliance, the Mo Marshal Alliance's fate was sealed. With only one top battle general it could not avoid the fate of its territories shrinking.

The present skirmishes were just the beginning.

The leaders of the Mo Shen Temple watched this and felt the pressure rise. The Mo Shen Temple had three top battle generals. The Chief Mo God, Youxi Ya Ke, and the fourth mo god.

The Rhinoceros Mo God and Wu Le were able to fight and led troops but there was still a great difference in skill from them to be truly top battle generals.

Mo Cloud Sea!

No one had thought that Mo Cloud Sea was so strong!

Bie Han alone had killed two top battle generals. This was terrifying. Also, the Mo Shen Temple had interacted with Zuo Mo before and still had a memorable impression of him. They knew that with Zuo Mo's personality, he would never do an unprofitable thing.

Bie Han's Sin Battalion would definitely have a way of being replenished!

Otherwise, Zuo Mo definitely would not agree for Bie Han to make such a sacrifice.

The loss of two top battle generals caused the defense lines of the Mo Marshal Alliance to be in constant retreat.

While Bie Han no longer fought, the Tangzi Battalion, A Zha Ge Battalion, and the Grey Camp were like three sharp daggers that cut up the defense lines of the Mo Marshal Alliance.

Lightning fast, Mo Cloud Sea took down thirteen jie of various sizes!

The Mo Marshal Alliance seemed to be flee when they heard the name Mo Cloud Sea. They could not muster up any resistance. Helpless, the Mo Marshal Alliance could only retreat and give up large amounts of territory.

Mo Cloud Sea seemed even more emboldened.

However, it was not that the other factions were not prowling about. In their view, Bie Han had already returned to Mo Cloud Sea. The three battalions that were roaming about now were not Sin Battalion. They did not think highly of those battalions, and they also had the advantage of being on home territory.

An alliance of more than forty small factions formed a great army intending to take down this piece of meat.

However, Tang Fei and the other battalions let them have a taste of true power.

On the battlefield, the Tangzi Battalion fought twenty one consecutive battles without sleep or rest. They won all twenty one!

Grey Camp sneaked a long way and suddenly appeared behind the enemy. They took over thirty main towns and burned almost seventy percent of the supply bases.

A Zha Ge Battalion's movements forced the alliance to split up their forces. Then he met up with Tang Fei and defeated the main forces of the alliance!

Corpses piled in mountains!

Blood flowing in rivers!

The alliance immediately crumpled.

Yet, unexpectedly, the three battalions did not rest at all. Like wolves, they continued to pursue the fleeing soldiers.

The collapsing alliance lost all fighting spirit. They only knew to flee, furiously flee!

Following the defeated forces, the three battalions, without almost any effort, took down one jie after another!

Forty four jie!

When the numbers were finally calculated, the mo territories were shocked again!

The strong fighting ability of Mo Cloud Sea caused the entire world to look at them.

They were not Bie Han. Except for A Zha Ge, everyone else had been unknown before this. Yet in this string of battles, they had displayed strong offensive power, and revealed the high level of their battle general training.

They thought about the previous Ma Fan Battalion who had become famous due to one battle.

None of these four battalions were weak.

These battalions were different in their styles, but they had many traits in common, strong military regulation and a hardy spirit!

The entire mo territories were shouting in shock

-Mo Cloud Sea was coming!

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