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 Chapter Seven Hundred and Ninety - Totem Coliseum

A round disk covered in a spiralling pattern appeared in front of the group. There was a hole at the center of the disk and the white mist came from there. The disk was very small and the white mist flowed slowly. The mist did not dissipate but gathered in the air.

Did all the mist here flow out of this disk?

"I know where this is." Pu Yao suddenly spoke gravely.

"What place is this?" Zuo Mo could here that something was wrong in Pu Yao's tone. He felt strange. A daring person like Pu Yao actually had a place he was afraid of.

"Totem Coliseum!" Pu Yao said coldly.

Hearing the name, Wei first still and then his expression changed. He gasps, "Impossible!"

"Totem Coliseum? Such a strange name, what is this place?" Zuo Mo was even more curious. Wei's response proved that this name was not ordinary.

"The Totem Coliseum is the place where the totem warriors of the ancient tribes would compete." Pu Yao introduced in a deep voice, "In the ancient era, they would host a tournament once in awhile. The totem warriors of each tribe would gather and fight to become the chief."

"Oh, it sounds like the Sword Test Conference," Zuo Mo said thoughtfully.

"The chief tournament is much more crueler than the Sword Test Conference," Wei couldn't help but say, "It is a fight to death! Few people come out alive. The strongest totem warrior would be called the chief. Its tribe would have great power, and the other tribes had to give it tribute. This tribute would continue until the new chief appeared. Usually, a conference would be hosted every decade."

Wei said gravely, "There is no evidence that proves this is the Totem Coliseum. I might have not gone to the Totem Coliseum, but the ruins here do not show any indication of it."

Pu Yao said coldly, "The five front halls of the Totem Coliseum are wind, rain, thunder, mist, and snow. If I am not wrong, this is the Mist Hall. That round disk should be the Mist Eye Tablet."

Wei was silent. He hadn't been the totem warrior in his time. In the tribe, he had been weak and matters like the Totem Coliseum would not involve him. However, he had heard of the five halls, wind, rain, thunder, mist, and snow of the Totem Coliseum.

Zuo Mo already half-believed it. When Pu Yao said the name of the Mist Eye Tablet, Zuo Mo believed it. That described the round disk exactly. No wonder his shen power was being suppressed everywhere. If this was the Totem Coliseum, then it would make sense. This was a place for totem warriors to fight.

"Pu Yao, you know a lot!"

Zuo Mo was surprised by this. If Wei had been the one to say this, Zuo Mo would feel it was normal since Wei had lived in that era. He hadn't expected the one to know of this place would be Pu Yao.

Pu Yao did not show any pride but had a normal expression. "My teacher once studied the Totem Coliseum for a very long time."

Zuo Mo finally understood. However, he was even more curious. Pu Yao's teacher seemed very strong!

"Then what do we do now?" Zuo Mo asked with anticipation. Then he pointed enthusiastically at the Mist Eye Tablet. "This is a good thing, it definitely is a treasure, can we take it?"

Pu Yao said seriously, "The Wind, Rain, Thunder, Mist, and Snow Halls of the Totem Coliseum are the first tests. The number of people eliminated here is the highest. Only those that can survive will enter the next round. The Mist Eye Tablet is a treasure, but it guards the Mist Hall. If you are able to take it, the Mist Hall will be defeated. However, I do not suggest for you to do this."

When he heard the Mist Eye Tablet was a treasure, Zuo Mo immediately rubbed his hands and was yearning to go when Pu Yao poured down cold water on him. He asked in bewilderment, "Why not?"

"The totem warriors of the ancient era were much stronger than you are now. Why did no one else think of taking the Mist Eye Tablet that has stayed here for so long?" Pu Yao asked in response.

Zuo Mo froze. True, so many years, and this thing was still here. So many totem warriors, not one had managed to take it. This thing definitely was not easy to deal with. Little Mo Ge was a money-grubber, but he knew his limits. He might be a major player in the world now, but he was not comparable to those inhuman freaks in the ancient era that could pick stars from the sky and hold moons in their palms.

But ... ... they could only stare at the treasure they encountered ... ... and then leave ... ...

If they couldn't take it, why tell ge!

Zuo Mo's heart dripped blood but he maintained his calm. "How do we get out?"

Pu Yao shook his head. "I don't know."

"Don't know?" Zuo Mo stilled.

"Don't know." Pu Yao continued to shake his head.

Zuo Mo wanted to cry. He knew that this was the Mist Hall, knew that the Mist Eye Tablet was a treasure, but he didn't know how to leave ... ... he didn't know the most important thing.

Looking at Zuo Mo's disdainful gaze. Pu Yao said helplessly, "Many things from the ancient era were lost in history. It is not easy to even dig up this much information."

Wei who had been thinking hard all this time suddenly spoke, "I remember a book from the tribe said ... ..."

Zuo Mo became alert. "What did they say?"

"It's too long ago, I don't quite remember it, let me think." Wei was slightly embarrassed. He only had a faint impression. It seemed that there had been one from the tribe that had been wounded after the first round that left the tournament which was why he had left what he learned behind.

Hearing this, Zuo Mo didn't know what to do.

At this time, suddenly, Silly Bird who had been glaring suddenly pecked at the hole in the Mist Eye Tablet!


A burst of sparks erupted at Silly Bird's bead.


The Mist Eye tablet shook and then a suddenly suction came from the eye.

The surrounding mist that looked like cotton candy started to move towards Zuo Mo and the others. The seemingly tangible white mist seemed to be balls of cotton that pressed at them from all areas.

Rumbles came from deep within the mist.

Zuo Mo was stunned by the change. He had never thought that Silly Bird would attack!

What was with the bird?

Did it have a grudge against the thing?

However, there was no time for him to think. In a blink, the mist was about three zhang away from them. Unlike the calm mist just now, the mist now was thick and restless.

While Zuo Mo didn't know what mysteries the white mist held, Zuo Mo knew he could not let it continue.

Since they could suck the mist in, then I can too!

Zuo Mo snickered. He flipped his hand, and a magnetic bottle appeared in his hand. He cast a spell to suck in mist.

Yet the suction of the bottle was clearly not as strong as the Mist Eye Tablet. Zuo Mo saw this, and he flipped his hand again, and again, and again ... ...

A moment later, three rows of magnetic bottles appeared in front of him, nine to a row.

Magnetic Bottle Formation!


The power of the twenty seven magnetic bottles immediately showed their effect. Twenty seven flows of white mist entered the magnetic bottles. In a blink, the surroundings were cleared again.

The twenty seven bottles were completely filled.

Zuo Mo sighed in relief and was also shocked. The magnetic bottles he had were not ordinary. If a bottle like this was used to hold water, it could easily suck a river dry, and that was a river three li wide and ten li long.

He hadn't thought that they would be filled after taken in the white mist for such a short time.

The white mist condensed into water in the bottle. There was only a handful in each bottle. The water flashed with multi-colored light and he could not see what was special about it.

Yet before Zuo Mo could study what this white mist really was, the surrounding white mist started to move towards them again.

When the white mist was two zhang away from them, the white mist twisted and roiled. At the same time, Zuo Mo had a suddenly feeling of danger. There seemed to be something dangerous about to come out of the white mist.

At this time, a wave of hissing sounded within the white mist. It was a group of white bats! The swarm of white bats numbered in the hundreds. They came quickly, their wings like blades as they broke through the mist!


A tiny black shadow next to him suddenly flew out, and in the air, the black shadow exploded into tiny rays of light.

Every ray of light was an miniscule sword energy. The sword energies looked like fireworks as they exploded.

The white bats hit the bright sword energies head on.

Pop pop pop!

The bats struck by the sword energies immediately turned into puffs of white mist.

A small shadow dressed in black robes stood with a crescent blade. He floated in front of Zuo Mo with a cold expression. It was the aggressive Tenth Grade!

Tenth Grade had a proud expression as though he had not used his full power in the attack just now.

"Not bad, not bad, Lil' Ten, good job. This strike has some of Eldest Shixiong's style." Of course Zuo Mo would not be frugal in praise. While Tenth Grade used a crescent blade, he cultivated a sword scripture.

Tenth Grade's expression did not change, but he clearly felt good at Zuo Mo's praise.

Lil' Pagoda flew happily to rub Tenth Grade, and waved his fleshy eaves as though he was saying, you worked hard, you worked hard. He seemed to be fawning.

Lil' Fire also moved over and rolled its round body around Tenth Grade.

Tenth Grade's proud expression immediately turned into one of helplessness. He clearly did not know what to do with these two.

"Careful!" Zuo Mo was alarmed.

Soft hissing suddenly sounded in the mist. If Zuo Mo was not focused, he would not have detected it. He reacted quickly, his fingers flickering. The green strand on his wrist shot into the mist like a viper.


Zuo Mo was startled as the green stand on his wrist suddenly tensed.

Zuo Mo reacted quickly. With a flip of his hand, a thread of sun shen fire appeared on his right hand. The shen fire grew along the green strand to spread at a quick rate towards the other end.

A stream of fire flashed by.


A deep roar came from within the white mist. The white mist was very strange. The explosion had been strong, but the mist was not affected by the explosion at all.

An angry roar suddenly sounded from within the white mist. The sun shen power had wounded it.

Zuo Mo snorted. His hand pulled and shook the green strand.

Ripples of energy were released from the green stand and rained into the white mist.

Pew pew pew!

A string of deep impacts rattled out.

How could Zuo Mo's attacks end so easily? He immediately braced himself and pulled abruptly on the green strand.

A mist ball the height of a person was forcibly pulled out of the mist by Zuo Mo.

The mist ball was thicker than the normal white mist. Something seemed to be moving inside it in an eerie manner.

At this time, something suddenly occurred!

Translator Ramblings: Pu Yao isn't the deux ex machina, his teacher is. See the Archaic Wasteland Art.