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Chapter Seven Hundred and Sixty Two - The Bird with the Domineering Presence

"Speak!" Zuo Mo glared at Chun Yu Cheng.

The smugness on Chun Yu Cheng's face did not decrease. He lowered his voice and spoke softly as if revealing the greatest secret, "Lil' Black is sensitive to ling energy. This is why it can find treasures. However, I discovered after studying that its ability lies with its pair of antennae. Also, it isn't just able to detect to ling energy, it is able to detect to many things such as killing energy, warmth, and presence. However, in reality, what it is sensitive to is vibration."

"Vibration?" Zuo Mo's expression was shocked. This answer was unexpected.

"Yes, vibration." Chun Yu Cheng's expression became grave. "This is the true reason it can find treasures. Ling veins and talismans have unique ling power vibrations and it would find these treasures through these vibrations. The usual husbandry method would strengthen its antennae to make it more sensitive, use ling medicine filled with ling power to stimulate its antennae, so it becomes familiar to the vibrations of ling power and become more sensitive to that energy. However, ling power is already being retired, and shen power is more powerful. But shen power has vibrations. At the core, there is no difference, they are all different kinds of power. I thought that if it could remember vibrations of shen power, couldn't it be able to find treasures with shen power?"

The more he spoke, the more excited Chun Yu Cheng got. "Therefore, I found all kinds of materials with shen power. However, these materials are really expensive and there are too few! Speaking of this, Bao Yi is a penny-pincher! Every time I go to get materials from him, that person looks like a miser, I get so angry!"

Chun Yu Cheng gritted his teeth when he spoke of Bao Yi but Zuo Mo did not care. Bao Yi's personality was so, and, as a result, he was the best choice of personnel to manage the stores. Otherwise, Zuo Mo's little bit of wealth would not be enough for these people to madly waste.

"Did it succeed?" Zuo Mo was more concerned with this.

Chun Yu Cheng was angry about Bao Yi but that was because of the conflict over the materials. The two didn't have any actual personal conflict and so Zuo Mo's question immediately shifted the topic of conversation away.

He hesitated, and then said haltingly, "Theoretically, it should be a success."

"In reality?" Zuo Mo immediately saw through his little trick.

"I don't know." Chun Yu Cheng might use some simple and clumsy moves, but he would not lie, especially when it came to his field. "The entire process was very smooth but I have no confidence in the result. No one has ever done this before, and I cannot find any examples. Therefore, I will only know what level it reached when it all pans out."

Chun Yu Cheng was afraid that Zuo Mo would have high hopes and be greatly disappointed so he poured cold water. "However, we cannot rush this. Even if it recognizes shen power vibrations, there is a problem of sensitivity. If it is not sensitive towards shen power, then there is no value. However, I am certain that this is definitely the direction that ling beasts, yao beasts and mo steeds will develop in, shen power is the best path!"

"You did good!" Zuo Mo was certain about Chen Shidi's results. He was not someone who did not have foresight. He knew that what looked like it to run a business, anything that was unable to produce value today could still be an important step.

"Will anything happen to Lil' Black?" Zuo Mo looked at Lil' Black who was spinning in the water bubble and couldn't help but ask.

"What do you mean?" Chun Yu Cheng stilled.

"Things like life-threatening danger," Zuo Mo explained. The little ones had followed him for many years, and Zuo Mo didn't really care if they were strong or not. However, he definitely would not like any accidents happening to them.

"Life-threatening danger?" Chun Yu Cheng's face flushed red, and so did his neck as though he was being humiliated greatly. He said loudly, "So in Shixiong's eyes, my skill is so low?"

Zuo Mo had not expected that his mindless words would cause such a great response from Cheng Shidi. He hurriedly bowed, apologized, and comforted with gentle words to pacify the fires of Cheng Shidi's anger.

Fortunately, Chun Yu Cheng's temper left as fast as it came. When the two reached Lil' Pagoda's beast pool, he had completely forgotten about the incident, and became excited again.

"Lil' Pagoda is actually different from the other little ones, he's a talisman, and also Shixiong's soulbond talisman. Theoretically, husbandry methods cannot be used on him, but he actually is the most intelligent of the little ones after Silly Bird. Its body forms a complete system, from the five element attribute to the dual attributes of yin and yang. I don't know anything about forging, but I understand ling beasts. Lil' Pagoda's highly intelligent and not very different from ling beasts. It knows best about what it needs."

Zuo Mo listened carefully. Of the little ones, he liked the cute Lil' Pagoda the most.

"It can consume all kinds of materials and then deconstruct them into pure yin and yang base essence. Its body is filled with the base essence of yin and yang, however, these two base essence powers are clearly divided and repel each other. This situation has occurred in many ling beasts that have dual attributes, such as fire and water. If they come into conflict, the ling beast will feel great pain and the power of the ling beast will be greatly reduced. The crux to solving this problem is to merge these two completely opposite powers so they will subdue and augment each other like the [Fire Lotus In Water] that is frequently seen. Yin and yang is even easier to balance, they have a perfect merging method, the yinyang fish."

Once in his zone, Chun Yu Cheng seemed to be a completely different person. His body gave off a presence of great self-confidence. He waved his arms, his voice strong, "The most important requirement to forming the yinyang fish is that yin and yang have to reach an absolute equilibrium. When the two reach a true equilibrium, the yinyang fish will naturally form. Therefore, I continued to feed yin and yang materials to it to adjust the strength of the yin and yang powers. Hee hee, just as I expected, Shixiong look ... ...'

Before Chun Yu Cheng finished, Li' Pagoda in the medicine pool had detected Zuo Mo's arrival and happily dove into Zuo Mo's arm.s

Zuo Mo picked it up by the tip of the power and held it in front of him.

Lil' Pagoda happily waved its black eaves.

This guy was even fatter!

Zuo Mo thought hatefully. No matter if it was the top of the tower, the body, or the eaves, they were even rounder than before. What had changed the most was the level just underneath the tip of the tower. There were two little yinyang fish that looked like two eyes. What made Zuo Mo speechless was that Lil' Pagoda could use its fat body to squeeze the yinyang fish. It appeared as though its eyes were blinking.

"This guy's truly intelligent!"

Zuo Mo muttered in joy. Feeling Zuo Mo's happiness, Lil' Pagoda used its round body to snuggle in Zuo Mo's hand.

"Don't snuggle, you idiot, you swallowed so much materials, you'll have to sell yourself to pay back!" Zuo Mo said harshly. But his hand was gentle as he put this growing glutton onto his shoulder.

Lil' Pagoda's little eave hands flapped even more happily. It jumped from Zuo Mo's right shoulder to his left and back again as it played happily.

"It really is intelligent!" Chun Yu Cheng couldn't help but say. "It is the first time I have seen such an intelligent talisman."

"How about Silly Bird?" Zuo Mo asked.

"Ha, that's another one." Chun Yu Cheng's expression became even more spectacular. He then said, "Shixiong, come with me, and see."

Coming to the lava pool from last time, Silly Bird still had an expression of idle enjoyment.

"This bird is no ordinary bird!" Chun Yu Cheng couldn't help but say. "Its intelligence is fantastical. Look at its feathers."

Following Chun Yu Cheng's finger, Zuo Mo looked and immediately found that Silly Bird's feathers were bright red and unusually grand. What was the most difficult to comprehend was that the feathers would give off threads of flame.

Zuo Mo's eyes widened as he exclaimed, "Phoenix feathers!"

"You recognized it!" Chun Yu Cheng sounded as though he was sleep-talking, even though he had seen this numerous times before. "The legends say the feathers of the phoenix are as red as blood and can give off unique flames. With one flap of their wing can create a sea of fire. Phoenixes regenerate, are born accompanied by fire, and will die accompanied by fire."

Zuo Mo was dumbstruck.

"It doesn't have any bloodline of a phoenix, I hadn't expected that it could become a phoenix. Truthfully, I'm not sure if a phoenix is something like this. I've never seen one before. But even if Silly Bird isn't a phoenix, it is not much lesser in comparison. Also, this isn't its strongest trait."

Refocusing, Zuo Mo blurted out, "Then what?"

"Her physical body!" Chun Yu Cheng's expression was grave. "Her body is astounding powerful and resilient, stronger than those mo physiques. I threw many yao arts and spells at her and she ignored them all. I found a mo skill to throw at her. She took a glance but then threw it away. I finally understood that she desired to cultivate mo skills."

"She wanted to cultivate mo skills?" Zuo Mo stammered out a question. This matter clearly was beyond the limits of his imagination.

"Yes!" Chun Yu Cheng nodded seriously and then said, "So I started to search for mo skills that were suitable. I hadn't thought that she would be extremely picky. I found more than a dozen mo skills but she wasn't satisfied. You know that I'm very busy and I don't have the time to search through them. I threw all the high level mo skills we had at her for her to choose."

Chun Yu Cheng had a conflicted expression. "I hadn't expected for this one to actually chose one."

Zuo Mo's expression also became strange. "Which one did she chose?"

"Solitary Dance of the Great Dark Wheel Phoenix!" Chun Yu Cheng said. "Only after that did I think, is she actually a phoenix. However, I've never heard of a mortal bird ascending to become a phoenix! It is not rational! It is not rational at all!"

Chun Yu Cheng shook his head furiously as though he wanted to throw this thought out of his head.

"[Solitary Dance of the Great Dark Wheel Phoenix] ... ..." Zuo Mo was so shocked he was speechless.

If his memory was correct, this mo skill was one that Pu Yao said could not be successfully cultivated!

This bird ... ...

Did she really get possessed by a phoenix!

Zuo Mo dazedly looked at Silly Bird who was soaking in the lava with an expression of enjoyment.

As he looked, Zuo Mo suddenly felt that Silly Bird's half-lidded eyes and expression of enjoyment did have a certain style. After thinking for a moment, he recalled the phrase ... ...

-A domineering presence!

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