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 Chapter Seven Hundred and Sixty - Zong Ru and Yi Qing

Yi Zheng's expression was nervous and concerned. He didn't dare to look away from Zong Ru's face.

Zong Ru's appearance had changed greatly. While Zong Ru had been of average appearance before, he had a strong body like most dhyana xiu. Yet now Zong Ru's body was thin, his cheeks sunken. Only his eyes were bright as though he could see through everything. There was always a small warm and friendly smile on his face.

The red lotus on his forehead was like holy fire.

Zong Ru's withered fingers moved away from Yi Zheng's Shixiong's body.

"Master Zong, how is my shixiong? Are there any solutions?" Yi Zheng's heart was in his throat.

Yi Zheng's Shixiong also opened his eyes which flashed with shock. Actually, he had been greatly shocked when he saw Zong Ru. The other's thin body had clearly been caused by the constant corrosion of wish power, but that pair of shining eyes seemed to pierce straight into his heart.

It was the first time that he had the feeling that someone was unfathomable in power.

And when Zong Ru's two fingers touched his wrist, the gentle and pure shen power caused him to feel a rare comfort and made him relax.

"There are no big problems." Zong Ru smiled, his voice filled with a comforting power. Yi Zheng's heart immediately calmed.

Joy came onto Yi Zheng's face. "I just knew that Master Zong could heal Shixiong!"

Zong Ru smiled slightly. A jade scroll appeared on his hand that he handed to Yi Zheng's shixiong.

"This is a record of some of the things I learned during my seclusion and a method to cultivate shen power. As long as you cultivate according to this, in a short time, you will heal. Your skill in Samadhi is rare and will be beneficial to your cultivation."

Zong Ru then turned and said to Yi Zheng. "Cultivate together with your shixiong. If you have any questions, ask your shixiong."

"Many thanks, Master Zong!"

The two gratefully thanked him.

Zong Ru waved his hands. "There's no need to be so courteous, but you will not be able to tell others of this cultivation method."

The two gravely acknowledged with solemn expressions.

A moment later, Zong Ru suddenly raised his head and with a deep gaze said, "In a few months, your wounds will start to recover. There is something that I want to ask of you."

Yi Zheng hurriedly said, "Master Zong please speak of any matter!"

Yi Zheng's shixiong also said, "Master Zong, please tell us!"

"In our Mo Cloud Sea, the dhyana xiu branch is weak. Other than myself, there are no others with significant achievements," Zong Ru said with a smile. "My path as a dhyana xiu was rocky, and only received good fortune after meeting Daren. I only managed to develop this after seclusion. If I hide this method, it will be a great pity. Daren also wishes to increase the number of dhyana xiu in Mo Cloud Sea. However, I have no mind for this matter and so will ask the two of you to carry it out."

Yi Zheng scratched his head. "There are too few dhyana xiu in Mo Cloud Sea, and the ones here are not strong. Everyone isn't willing to be a dhyana xiu."

Yi Zheng was right. In Mo Cloud Sea, dhyana xiu was a rare occupation. This was related to the fact that Mo Cloud Sea lacked a top ranked dhyana xiu. In the past, the strongest had been Zong Ru. Even though he was powerful, he was still weak when compared to others in Mo Cloud Sea.

Most in Mo Cloud Sea cultivated the sword. Wei Sheng's terrifyingly unparalleled power was revered by countless followers. The famed Vermillion Bird Camp was also mostly comprised of sword xiu. Most importantly, Mo Cloud Sea had created an unique sword cultivation method, such as the sword essence comprehending formation.

Then it was the seal xiu. A seal xiu with a good foundation could find a relatively good job in Mo Cloud Sea. Also, Golden Crow Camp possessed a complete set of seal cultivation jade scrolls that could teach seal xiu to cultivate.

There were not many roaming xiu and dhyana xiu in Mo Cloud Sea.

Yet what people did not know was that Xuan Kong Temple's Sutra Pavilion had landed in Zuo Mo's hands. That was the biggest factor in Zong Ru being able to come out of seclusion. It was these profound dhyana xiu records and Zuo Mo's shen power jade scrolls that had formed the foundation for Zong Ru to comprehend another kind of shen power.

After stealing Xuan Kong Temple's succession, Zuo Mo felt it really was a waste to leave it lying unused.

Then there was the matter of Heart Leaf Dhyana Sect's attack. While Mo Cloud Sea had pressed the Heart Leaf Dhyana Sect, the other had presented documents and said that these people had been exiled from Heart Leaf Dhyana Sect half a year ago.

Angered, Zuo Mo started to think of other solutions.

The two biggest powers that held back Kun Lun and Tian Huan were Xi Xuan and the Nine Great Dhyana Sect. While the Nine Great Dhyana Sect also possessed a top battle general in Yang Yuan Hao, they had many inner conflicts to deal with.

Zuo Mo had originally thought of selling shen equipment to increase the power of the Nine Great Dhyana Sects to fight against Kun Lun and Tian Huan. The matter of Heart Leaf Dhyana Sect caused Zuo Mo to smell danger. Kun Lun's and Tian Huan's infiltration of the Nine Great Dhyana Sect had progressed far more than he had predicted. If a conflict did erupt, there probably would not be many sects that would really fight back.

Since Kun Lun and Tian Huan could infiltrate the Nine Great Dhyana Sects, why couldn't they do the same?

Zong Ru asked, "What do you think of the Nine Great Dhyana Sects?"

Yi Zheng was slightly puzzled. He didn't understand what Master Zong was talking about but Yi Zheng's shixiong did. After a moment of thought, he said, "Too many people, too many desires, a group of rabble."

"Would you be willing to go to the Nine Great Dhyana Sects?" Zong Ru asked.

Yi Zheng's shixiong suddenly understood, his eyes brightening. "Does Mo Cloud Sea plan to infiltrate the Nine Great Dhyana Sects?"

"Yes." Zong Ru did not refute it. It was better to speak of this matter clearly. He continued, "The present Nine Great Dhyana Sects cannot stop Kun Lun and Tian Huan. I do not know about the Great Buddha Temple, but sects like the Heart Leaf Dhyana Sect have been completely infiltrated."

Yi Zheng's shixiong was silent.

"If Kun Lun and Tian Huan take down the Nine Great Dhyana Sects, Mo Cloud Sea will not have a barrier any longer. This is why we came up with this idea," Zong Ru said.

"Mo Cloud Sea does not want to swallow the Nine Great Dhyana Sects?" Yi Zheng's shixiong suddenly asked.

"It is not that we do not want to, but we cannot," Zong Ru said honestly. "We need a barrier more than increasing our territory."

"You want to turn the Nine Great Dhyana Sects into a bog to delay Kun Lun and Tian Huan?" Yi Zheng's shixiong had a sharp gaze.

"You overestimate the Nine Great Dhyana Sects," Zong Ru said coolly.

Yi Zheng's shixiong was silent. Zong Ru was right. The Nine Great Dhyana Sects did not have this power unless someone could unite the Nine Great Dhyana Sects. However, this was impossible, even Xuan Kong Temple had not been able to do it.

"No matter if it is Kun Lun or Tian Huan, if they win, the dhyana xiu will become subordinates. If Mo Cloud Sea luckily wins, you will not have to worry about this. Please do not worry. No matter if you are willing to complete this task or not, I will not take away this jade scroll." Zong Ru looked at Yi Zheng's shixiong.

A moment later, Yi Zhengi's shixiong said, "What do I need to do?"

"First, you need to recover, cultivate shen power and increase your strength." Zong Ru's eyes flashed with intelligence. "Only when you are strong will you have the right to speak."

"Then, we will give you more support, including money and resources to help you obtain a higher status in the sect."

"You know the situation of Great Buddha Temple better than I do. Based on my knowledge, the Great Buddha Temple is not ranked high among the Nine Great Dhyana Sects. For you, this is a chance. If you can increase the influence of Great Buddha Temple, you will receive more support from inside the temple."

Yi Zheng twisted his mouth, his face unwilling. He was very displeased about returning to Great Buddha Temple. He had felt the cold-heartedness of the world there, and what had been left were not good memories.

His shixiong listened carefully.

"Our personnel support will be very limited, Mo Cloud Sea has too few dhyana xiu." Zong Ru was helpless but he quickly gave other suggestions. "However, we will help you investigate the other sects for disciples that are strong but overlooked. It will be up to you to recruit them."

Yi Zheng's shixiong nodded. "I understand. Yi Zheng's personality is not suited to this, I can go alone."

Yi Zheng was panicked upon hearing this and jumped up. "No! Shixiong ... ..."

Shixiong looked sternly at Yi Zheng. Yi Zheng respected his shixiong greatly and immediately quieted down.

"You have a straightforward personality and cannot disguise your emotions. You are not suited to doing this," Shixiong said in a gentle voice. "You are also at a good time for cultivating, do not waste that. Do not waste the good fortune of being with Master Zong."

"But ... ..." Yi Zheng started.

"Also, while there are many things wrong with the temple, I grew up in the temple since childhood, how can I watch as it declines? Great Buddha Temple's situation is already terrible." Shixiong had a nostalgic expression as he said emotionally.

Yi Zheng could not find anything to say.

"Both for the common good and for me personally, Yi Qing needs to thank Zong Ru and Zuo Mo Daren." Yi Qing bowed to Zong Ru. "If there is a day that the Nine Great Dhyana Sects are defeated, Yi Qin requests to enter Mo Cloud Sea for protection."

Zong Ru looked deeply at Yi Qing and thought inside, these large sects were full of geniuses. In his view, Yi Zheng was a good talent, and he hadn't expected the other's shixiong to be even better. The other had good vision, and if it wasn't for being hampered by his injury for a long time, he would not have declined to such a state.

After being reborn now, this person would soar in the sky.

"I can promise you this. Mo Cloud Sea will accept even the yao, how can we not accept the dhyana xiu?" Zong Ru said gravely.

"Yi Qing is willing to do this!" Yi Qing bowed the bow of a subordinate.

Zong Ru's expression was slightly happy. Yi Qing's bow expressed that he accepted his status with Mo Cloud Sea. He reached out and helped Yi Qing's up. "This matter is greatly dangerous, be careful. If it cannot be accomplished, prioritize your safety, you are more important than anything else."

Yi Qing's heart felt warmed. "Yi Qing understands."

Zong Ru said in a deep voice, "I have not named this shen power. Starting from today, you will be its creator." Seeing Yi Qing about to speak, Zong Ru waved his hand to stopped the other and said, "Reputation is meaningless to me. However, it can help up accumulate fame. Reputation is a kind of power. If you can use it appropriately, it can save you great effort in your mission."

Yi Qing was full of admiration. He had never heard of Zong Ru before yet the personality and strength that Master Zong displayed were all that of a great dhyana xiu.

"But I need to speak to you of the origins of this shen power," Zong Ru said gravely. "This shen power has been greatly influenced by Daren's [Mo Cloud Shen Power] but its origin is Xuan Kong Temple's secret [Empty Meditation]!"

Yi Qing and Yi Zheng seemed to be struck by lightning, motionless like statues, when they heard this.

Translator Ramblings: Yi Zheng's shixiong finally gets a name! And Zuo Mo is finally expanding towards the xiuzhe lands.