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 Chapter Seven Hundred and Fifty Three - Commander-in-chief Bie Han

The first battle occurred suddenly.

The Mo Marshal Alliance had just been notified of Bie Han's arrival and the order to be on guard had not reached the front line yet when the first fight between the two sides had finished. Bie Han's full speed attack had caught the enemy off guard.

The battalion to make the sudden attack was Grey Camp. Shi Dong's style was sharp and swift to being with, and after the improvement of these past years, Grey Camp under his command was like a sharp and thin knife that sliced through the not-so-tight defense of the other.

This place was the border, but there were no importance resources nor transportation routes so the battalions stationed here were not strong.

Facing Grey Camp that was outfitted with shen equipment and well trained, the defences were quickly torn down after fighting for a few more moments.

The battalions behind Grey Camp did not hesitate and moved at full speed according to the battle plan. Grey Camp who had defeated the enemy battalion divided into many smaller groups that started to sweep the area at the opening they had created and kill the scattered soldiers to guarantee the safety of their rear.

When the battalions belonging to Rare Artifacts Hall arrived, they switched. Shi Dong took Grey Camp and hurriedly marched to catch up to the main army.

At this time, the resistance that Bie Han encountered suddenly increased.

One reason was because the Mo Marshal Alliance now caught up and started to set down defenses. The other was related to the location of Hundred Energy Jie. There was a jie one had to pass through to get to Hundred Energy Jie, Bright Mountain Jie.

Unlike the barrenness of Hundred Energy Jie, Bright Mountain Jie was a prosperous intermediate jie. It was the place where many jie rivers passed through. It had a large population, and was rich in resources. Due to its unique location, the Mo Marshal Alliance had stations large numbers of battalions there to guarantee its safety.

If one wanted to take Hundred Energy Jie, Bright Mountain Jie was unavoidable.

Therefore, the Mo Marshal Alliance set up a complete defense line around Bright Mountain Jie.

A little Bright Mountain Jie possessed two mo marshals. The power it had could be imagined.

Among the mo, a battle general's strength was directly connected to their individual strength. Mo marshals were almost always both battle generals and individual experts. This was related to their method of fighting. Mo marshals cultivated shen power, and were limited in their accomplishments just like the fanxu of the xiuzhe and the sky yao of the yao.

As young people talented in shen power continuously appeared among the yao and the xiuzhe, the mo's upper levels were still held by the mo marshals. Because they could not progress greatly cultivating shen power, their individual power continued to slip among the rankings of the three races. However, their command skill was not affected. Actually, while the effects of their shen power on individual strength was limited, it was of significant help to one's ability direct in battle.

As more and more mo cultivated shen power, the construction of battalions silently changed.

Of the two mo marshal battalions that guarded Bright Mountain Jie, almost half of their members were strong in mo shen power.

In the mo territories, these two battalions were considered strong ones.

Bright Mountain Jie was a hard bone to chew.

The news the front lines had been defeated were passed back to Bright Mountain Jie and all of Bright Mountain Jie went on their guard.

When the identity of the commander-in-chief of this enormous Mo Cloud Sea battalion group was revealed, all of the Mo Marshal Alliance inhaled in shock! Bie Han. The tenth ranked battle general, a battle general the mo were familiar with.

They were unfamiliar with the majority of commanders under Bie Han's command but just the name Bie Han was enough for them to feel strong danger.

Sin Battalion Bie Han!

The two mo marshals of Bright Mountain Jie seemed to be facing a great enemy and did not dare to attack first.

A person's name, a tree's shadow, the infamy of Bie Han was something that people did not dare dismiss. The two mo marshals thought highly of themselves, but facing Bie Han, they still lacked confidence.

Fortunately, Bright Mountain Jie's defenses were outstanding, and they had both soldiers and supplies. If they persisted in not going out, the other would not have any other choice other than to attack.

The two planned. They carefully set up defenses to increase morale as they asked for help from the rear.

Bie Han who was leading multiple battalions had more than just Sin Battalion. If he did not care about the price and attacked, the two did not have the confidence to know how long they would last.

Fortunately, Bright Mountain Jie was very important to the alliance and they believed the higher-ups would not ignore this attack.


In the conference room.

Shi Dong's battalion had caught up and he arrived just in time for the strategy meeting.

The conference room was unusually silent. No one made a sound. Everyone had been used to Lil' Miss being at the front to lead the discussion. Now that it was Bie Han, people were slightly used to it. Also, Bie Han usually did not talk at all during discussions, like air, he didn't seem to exist at all.

There was also another layer of thinking that everyone had.

It had to be said that Lil' Miss had been the one to teach and train them. Many of them didn't have any fame before this. Usually, Lil' Miss had been in command at the center, and their trust of Lil' Miss was unconditional.

Bie Han was a reclusive person, and usually did not converse with them. He never said anything during a meeting. While they knew that Bie Han was strong, but was he as strong as Lil' Miss? Many people did not accept this.

However, under Lil' Miss' command, what was most important was following regulations. Bie Han had been personally appointed by Zuo Mo. While they had opinions, no one dared speak them.

They did not speak, and the discussion room was silent.

Who among them didn't have a bit of a temper?

Some people thought inside, if this was Lil' Miss, the atmosphere would be heated ... ...

At this time, Bie Han spoke, his voice just as icy as usual!

"A Zha Ge."

A Zha Ge whose thoughts had been wandering hurriedly stood up and said gravely, "This subordinate is here!"

"Your battalion will go to the area of East Nation Jie, Bright Home Jie, and West Mountain Jie. If you encounter battalions, you can either chose to fight or not."

"This subordinate's goal is?" A Zha Ge was confused. Before the campaign, he had familiarized himself with the jie map of this area. He knew where the three jie were but he didn't understand Bie Han Daren's intentions at all. That area was far from Hundred Energy Jie with many jie between them.

"Let them feel pressure." Bie Han treasured his words like gold.

"Yes!" While he did not understand, A Zha Ge still took his orders.

"Tang Fei." Bie Han turned around.

"Here!" Tang Fei stood up. Her expression was solemn. She had seen Bie Han fight before and was probably the one that trusted Bie Han's abilities the most.

"The goal of your battalion is East Spring Jie!"

The commanders present all had surprised expressions.

East Springs Jie was far from Hundred Energy Jie and they didn't seem to be related at all from the jie map. However, the people present were not normal people. They all frowned and thought hard to find Bie Han's intentions.

Bie Han did not seem to see the puzzlement on the commander's' faces. He had no intentions of explaining and continued to give out orders.

"Shi Dong."

Shi Dong hurriedly stood up. "Here!"

"Hide in the area of Puluo Jie and Mighty Moon Jie. Do not let anyone detect you, and wait for orders."

As the orders were given out, the commanders stared at the jie map trying to find clues and were frowning in thought.

Bie Han ignored them. He said, "Ma Fan Battalion will move with me. End of meeting, every battalion will move according to their orders."

They refocused and stood to acknowledge. "Yes!"

Finished, Bie Han walked out of the conference room first.

Once Bie Han walked out, the conference room immediately became noisy.

"Who sees something? Make speak up!"

"I can't' see it, this setup is very strange!"

"Yes! It isn't reasonable at all!"

Tang Fei did not make a sound. She suddenly lowered her head to ask Miao Jun. "Teacher, have you seen something?"

"I see a bit, but I cannot guess many of the steps." Miao Jun's expression was shocked as he said in a low voice. "As expected of a top battle general. Bie Han Daren doesn't usually show himself but when he does, it isn't ordinary! The Mo Marshal Alliance is going to have a huge defeat this time. Even we who know the goal cannot see through this plan, ha!"

The commanders here were not stupid and could find some hints. But even so, they found it bewildering. They could not determine what Bie Han Daren was going to do next.

This discovery caused everyone to become silent.

Bie Han Daren who was usually reclusive and did not have anything worthy of people to remark upon except his fierce offensive intimidated them with one move.

They finally understood that the difference in skill between them and top battle generals was bigger than they imagined!


Mo Cloud Sea was moving and Zuo Mo was not idle.

Someone had come from Xi Xuan!

In truth, Zuo Mo had not expected Xi Xuan to send an envoy. He was Gu Liang Dao's most faithful ally. What was Xi Xuan sending people here for?

To cause a discord between himself and Gu Liang Dao?

Zuo Mo did not understand but he still decided to meet the other.

The leader of the envoy was a middle-aged person called Jian Jun. He was of average power, but he was elegant and had presence.

"Mister Zuo is really accomplished at a young age. Having conquered so much at such a young age, it makes those like me sweat!" Jian Jun praised.

"Mister Jian is too complimentary. What have you come for?" Zuo Mo did not want to waste words and said directly."

Jian Jun stilled at Zuo Mo's directness but he was a person who could adapt. Seeing this, he said directly, "We have come to visit Mister Zuo this time for two matters."

Seeing Zuo Mo show a listening expression, he said, "The first is that we hope to order some shen equipment from you."

"Order shen equipment?" Zuo Mo stilled for a moment. He hadn't thought that Xi Xuan would order shen equipment from them.

"Yes. The Mo Cloud System shen equipment is stronger than any other," Jian Jun said with a friendly smile, "It will be best if you can design new shen equipment around our shen power. We are willing to pay the corresponding expenses."

"Design shen equipment?" Zuo Mo was seven more stunned. He looked suspiciously at the other. "Tailored shen equipment, you will need to provide your shen power cultivation method ... ..."

"This is not a problem." Jian Jun's expression was normal as though he was talking about a simple matter. "Other than the day of completion, everything else can be negotiated."

Zuo Mo felt as though he didn't have enough brainpower to use. Xi Xuan had come to order shen equipment, and were willing to provide their shen power cultivation method? This was clearly the secret of each sect that should not be told to anyone else!

What was going on with Xi Xuan?

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