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 Chapter Seven Hundred and Forty Five - New Era!

In this turbulent era, the changes of the world were so rapid they dazzled the eyes. In the span of a night, the world had completely changed.

In this period of time, some major events had occurred.

What was most attention-catching was the division of Xuan Kong Temple's territory. Countless factions leapt towards them like hungry wolves. The ones that benefited the most were Kun Lun and Tian Huan. The two's power grew enormously and they became two titans that were so large it was frightening.

The mo territories filled with its heroes entered an era of consolidation. In the Hundred Savage Realm, the Mo Shen Temple was the strongest, then it was the Mo Marshal Alliance led by Marshal Di, and the Heroes Alliance led by Marshal Hao.

In the distant and remote Nether Realm, the first king of the Nether Realm came to power- the Nether King, this shook all of the mo territories! The birth of the Nether King attracted the eyes of the entire world. This meant that the mo now had a faction that could rival Kun Lun, Tian Huan, and the yao.

Compared to the xiuzhe world and the mo territories, the yao were much quieter. Ming Yue Ye entered the highest power ranks of the Council of Elders, becoming the Thirteen Seat Inner Council, and became the youngest inner council elder in history. Already famous, Ming Yue Ye's prestige reached a whole new level.

Other than this, Gu Liang Dao's strength grew enormously after he obtained the [Angel Device Raiment]. His strongest expert, Shuang Yu, became famous after killing three mo marshals in a single battle. Many of the people under Gu Liang Dao's command were unknown before, but the other factions now lusted for them.

Under the talented Xiao who started as an accountant, the development of Gu Liang Dao's territory was fierce.

Gu Liang Dao, Shuang Yu, Xiao, these three disciples came from Xi Xuan. Their light was enough to make all of Xi Xuan seem dim in comparison. They had the name of the Xi Xuan's Talented Trio. Of course, Xi Xuan would never admit to this.

Other than this, there was one other faction that attracted attention from different powers: Mo Cloud Sea.

Mo Cloud Sea's growth had also been fueled by Xuan Kong Temple's downfall.

In a military blitz, Mo Cloud Sea had quickly taken fifty six jie in just six months. In the six months, they had defeated and forced back dozens of surrounding powers, defeating hundreds of battalions, including two from Kun Lun and Tian Huan.

Such a domineering and fierce power immediately caused the neighboring powers to fear it.

Just as everyone thought that another great power would take form, unexpected, after swallowing the fifty six jie, Mo Cloud Sea stopped expanding without any warning.

At this time, no one had the time to think about this.

The collapse of Xuan Kong Temple was an unparalleled feast. Its enormous size and richness of resources was definitely among the top of the factions who had collapsed in the last few thousand years. The fifty six jie was just a small piece of this great and grand banquet.

The eyes of the factions were on the territories that had not yet been divided.

The one that fought the hardest was Kun Lun, Tian Huan, and the last remaining nine great dhyana sects of the ten great dhyana sects. The powerful Kun Lun and Tian Huan took about one-fifth of Xuan Kong Temple each, the nine great dhyana sects took two-fifths of Xuan Kong Temple, and the last fifth had been split by the other powers.

The great Xuan Kong Temple that had once been one of the four great sects crushed and existed only in the records.

When this banquet gradually came to an end and people started to calculate their spoils, they found to their shock that the fifty six jie that Mo Cloud Sea took over made up some of the best parts of Xuan Kong Temple's territories.

Numerous factions wanted to move against Mo Cloud Sea. The factions that had been defeated did not dare, but other factions that thought they were strong enough were deeply tempted by the fifty six resource jies.

But when the battalions reached the fifty six jie they found, to their shock, that densely arrayed jinzhi forts had been built up at some unknown time. The layers of densely arranged jinzhi gave off blinding light that caused those to look to feel their scalp prickle and to inhale sharply.

Everyone was shocked by Mo Cloud Sea's wealth, manpower, and resources. They could not understand how they were able to set up such perfect jinzhi forts in such a short amount of time. They scouted around to probe, and could not find a weak point.

There were more experienced battle generals that spent a lot of time to investigate all the jinzhi on the borders. When they mapped out the positions of the forts, they found that these jinzhi forts connected together in a strong defensive formation.

The jinzhi forts were not simply to designed to guard the jie rivers. They connected to each other and were placed in a carefully planned and orderly fashion. The complexity almost surpassed a person's imagination. The forts formed layers of defenses that were so exquisitely planned that any factions that attacked it would become off bloody. Mo Cloud sea only needed to use a small number of battalions and the defense line would be stable.

If the enemy wanted to attack, there was no other methods than attacking the forts one by one.

The other's expansion plan had been planned in great detail! Those that paid attention read a strong desire to expand into the surrounding territories using this defense line.

However, what truly caused people to pay attention to Mo Cloud Sea was the return of Gongye Xiao Rong. When Gongye Xiao Rong returned to Tian Huan with the remnants of his battalion, with not even nine hundred people left, all of Tian Huan was overjoyed.

People quickly learned that Gongye Xiao Rong had been defeated by Gongsun Cha. Gongsun Cha's reputation moved up a level.

As people paid attention, the secret that the master of Mo Cloud Sea, Zuo Mo, was Xiao Mo Ge also floated up. The other top level battle general, Bie Han, also started appearing.

Thinking about the two top battle generals holding the forts, no one dared to target them.

Even Kun Lun and Tian Hun didn't dare to move rashly, much less the other factions.

The battle to divide Xuan Kong Temple raged for two years before finally ending. There were many riddles in this time. The biggest riddle was the disappearance of Xuan Kong Temple's Sutra Library and the Dhyana Treasure Pavilion.

When the invading factions, with Kun Lun in the lead, hurriedly got to the main peak of Xuan Kong Temple, they found that someone else had gotten their first. Xuan Kong Temple's main peak was a sea of flames, the Sutra Library and the Dhyana Treasure Pavilion completely cleaned out.

The news shocked the world.

The Sutra Library collected all of the spells of Xuan Kong Temple. The Dhyana Treasure Pavilion contained all the treasures that a thousand generations had gathered. If Xuan Kong Temple was a feast, then the Sutra Library and the Dhynana Treasure Pavilion was the main course.

All of the factions that participated in the invasion were enraged. But even after many years, they hadn't found any clues.

The thieves seemed to have disappeared and not left behind one clue. Many masters skilled in divination tried to search but there was nothing obtained. The thieves had been skilled and used a special method to disguise everyone.

The xiuzhe world, the mo territories, and the yao, the entire world entered a temporary period of fragile peace.


The world situation was maintained for five years.

For Mo Cloud Sea, these five years were crucial, especially for development of shen methodologies.

Five years ago, shen power was a mysterious and distant thing for the average person, a field that only the top factions could touch. But right now, after five years of development, all kinds of shen power appeared like bamboo after a rain.

The most famous were the Kun Lun's Shen Power, the Tian Huan's Shen Glyphs. Xi Xuan had the Five Element Shen power, but the consensus was that the purer five element shen power was the reverse five element shen power created by Shuang Yu under Gu Liang Dao. This reinforced the belief that Xi Xuan's power and influence was in decline.

The nine great dhyana sects had many dhyana heart shen power, and dhyana thought shen power. There were many kinds, but not having inherited Xuan Kong Temple's scripture as well as the shen power they had created, these nine factions had not developed a shen method that could rank at the top shen powers.

Among the top shen powers in the xiuzhe world, Mo Cloud Sea's Mo Cloud shen power was the most attention-catching.

Unlike the other shen powers, Mo Cloud shen power was unique in cultivating with the three powers as the fundamentals. Of course, the reason for this was the master of Mo Cloud Sea, Zuo Mo.

The rumors among the common people was that Lin Qian had comprehended Kun Lun shen power after a fight against Zuo Mo.

Due to this, the other factions put a great focus on spying on Mo Cloud Sea and investigating their shen power. Many factions that had mastered shen power hoped to use their findings to breakthrough. Even though Zuo Mo and the others had thought of many ways to stop the shen methodology from being leaked, but the most fundamental shen methodology was still inevitably leaked in the end. With such large-scale practice, it was difficult to prevent the spread of the basic shen methodology.

But the people who got the Mo Cloud shen power method quickly found that, compared to the other powers, Mo Cloud shen power was the hardest to cultivate. It required cultivating all three powers and meant that the amount of time one had to spend was at least three times.

People quickly lost interest in Mo Cloud shen power. They turned their attention to the shen powers that had originated from ling power. They were more familiar with ling power and the shen power used ling power as the base was more fitting to their needs. No matter how good the Mo Cloud shen power was, they could only use it as an example.

The fundament shen methodology of Kun Lun and Tian Huan spread. These basic methods were not enough for people to actually reach shen power but it was of great inspiration to other sects. It allowed them to understand which direction they should develop in. The path that Kun Lun and Tian Huan tread on was what they needed.

Reality proved that not all genius were in the major sects.

All the talents of the major sects secluded themselves to create their own sect's shen power.

In this period of time, all kinds of shen power had been created. The great majority of them couldn't even reach the third rank, but there were shen powers that were unique among them.

For everyone, shen power was no longer going to be a term that was mysterious, unknown and distant.

As shen power continued to develop, the difference between the major sects quickly grew smaller. The xiuzhe world seemed to recover to a new equilibrium. However, some sects continued to struggle and many sects managed to capitalize on this opportunity.

There would be a new shen power being created every day. The shen power system of the xiuzhe world was being enriched and perfected. It was an exciting and vibrant era filled with life.

People enthusiastically created, cultivated shen power. Everyone was filled with curiosity and anticipation towards this completely new power.

This was a blooming era, this was an energetic era, this was an era where a hundred flowers bloomed, this was an era where opportunity and danger coexisted, this was an era of geniuses.

This was a completely new era.

The era of shen power.

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