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 Chapter Seven Hundred and Forty Four - The Identity of the Old Man

Seeing Ming Yue Ye and the yao elders leave with their tails between their legs, Zuo Mo was lost in thought and did not seem to notice them. The mo in the surroundings looked at him with awe and respect. Any person that managed to extort a top treasure, the [Death Thought Bead], from the yao elders were worthy of respect.

Ming Yue Ye had been decisive. It was worth it to trade the [Death Thought Bead] for Elder Ye, one of the Ten Yao. Elder Ye now owed her a favor, this was a good thing. Also, she had obtained a much stronger Feng Xin Zi.

As to the [Death Thought Bead], that was the public property of the Council of Elders and she did not care as it was not her personal loss. While her mission had failed this time, her individual strength had grown greatly. The most valuable gain from this trip was their experience in fighting with shen power which would be of great help in helping them perfect shen power.

Both Elder Ye and Feng Xin Zi were the ones that had benefited directly and the most. They had a deeper comprehension of shen power.

Ming Yue Ye knew that these two people were crucial and they were in her camp, and would greatly increase her status in the Council of Elders. If she could advance the yao shen power system, no one would be able to shake her position, and she was likely to ascend to the position of chief elder.

No one knew Ming Yue Ye's thoughts. All of the yao elders had dispirited expressions. Everything they had endured today in their view was a humiliation.

A grudge had undoubtedly been created between Zuo Mo and the Yao Council of Elders. However, both Ming Yue Ye and Zuo Mo did not care too much about this.

For Ming Yue Ye, her goal was the seat of chief elder. Before she took power, she did not have any direct conflict with Xiao Mo Ge. It was the opposite. After seeing Xiao Mo Ge's great strength, she had even thought of allying with Xiao Mo Ge.

If she had such a strong helper outside the Council of Elders, it would be beneficial for her faction. There were many rules the Council of Elders had to abide by, she was restrained. Her influence outside the Council of Elders would not be affected and there would be many convenient uses for such an ally.

Ming Yue Ye had smiled as though there had been no conflict at all as she briskly agreed to Zuo Mo's request. Even Zuo Mo had been surprised.

However, this increased Zuo Mo's wariness of her.

This woman was very strong!

Little Mo Ge felt that he definitely could not be like her, going from fighting in a life and death battle in one moment to chatting with a smile the next. She was also decisive and did not hesitate once she made a decision.

While he did not like this type of person, Zuo Mo had to admire Ming Yue Ye's strength. He also had a feeling. This woman would definitely have great power and influence in the future!

Shaking his head, Zuo Mo turned his head and laughed at himself. That had nothing to do with him.

Zuo Mo decided to ignore Ming Yue Ye's hidden intention to establish a good relationship at the end. You had to guard against an ally like this, someone who might stab you in the back at any time.

"We also have to go." Gu Liang Dao came over and had a hug with Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo noticed the gazes that had gathered on them. He couldn't help but ask, "Do you want us to accompany you?"

Gu Liang Dao laughed brightly. "Haha, no need, there's Xiao Yu, and now there is the birdman suit, it will crush anyone that comes!"

Birdman suit ... ...

Zuo Mo's temple throbbed.

"I will protect Big Brother!" Shuang Yu weakly guarantee from the side.

"Alright, be careful during your travel!" Zuo Mo could only say.

'"Don't worry! Work hard! Us brothers will meet again in the future!" Gu Liang Dao took a wineskin from his waist and, after taking a great swallow, handed it to Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo took the wineskin and also took a deep gulp. He felt as though there was a fire burning in his chest. "Yes! Us brothers will meet in the future!"

"Haha! Xiao Yu, let's go!" Gu Liang Dao laughed and walked out with his head up high. Shuang Yu waved at Zuo Mo and then followed closely.

The two flew out of the King's Forbidden City. A troop flew out of the crowd and formed a protective perimeter with them in the middle. It was Gu Liang Dao's personal guard!

Zuo Mo's worries were finally put to rest and then he laughed. Gu Liang Dao looked simple-minded but he was a daring and detail-minded person. How could he not have any plans?

"Everyone, the spectacle is over, you may do as you please."

Zuo Mo glanced over the other people and then ignored them. He was preparing to go back to Cloud Sea Jie, oh, it was now called Mo Cloud Sea. He needed a safe place to have A Gui use the [Five Element Soul Dan] and the [Death Thought Bead]. The mo territories were clearly not a good place. He also needed time to go through his memories in detail. He hoped he would get back to Mo Cloud Sea in time for the fighting and see if there were any places he could help.

But before leaving, he still had some problems to resolve.

He turned to walk towards the old man in the corner. The old man did not seem to be surprised to see him coming.

"Who are you? Why did I not find you in my memories." Zuo Mo asked directly.

The old man grinned but his gaze was cold. "Of course, how can the Zuo Family's young master's memories have an impression of a little person like me?"

Zuo Mo frowned. The old man's tone showed his friendlessness.

"There is enmity between us?"

"Not really, but your grandmother exiled me," the old man said coolly.

Zuo Mo was shocked. "Exiled?"

The old man narrowed his eyes and said humorously, "In the Zuo Family, practicing shen power is restricted. However, I had the duty of guarding the shen device, and I managed to get a few hints. A secret will never remain hidden forever. Your grandmother discovered I had learned it. I hadn't expected the old woman's shen power to be greater than mine. There was no way about it. But the old woman still thought of my past service, and only excited me to a desolate jie."

Zuo Mo felt his mind was a mess. There was too much information contained in the old man's words.

"This old man's entire life could be said to be in the old woman's hands. She probably knew that she didn't have much time left back then, so she brought her to you and nurtured her to be your person. This way, this old man could not stand by and ignore what happened afterwards. She really was cunning!" the old man said coldly.

"You are A Gui's ... ..." Zuo Mo's eyes widened and he threw all his other questions to the back of his head.

"A Gui ... ..." The old man stilled and his eyes suddenly narrowed and flashed coldly. "She's your ghost?"

Some memory fragments flashed across Zuo Mo's mind. He nodded. "En."

"The old woman really schemed well. Even in death, she does not let others rest!" The old man turned to look at A Gui with pity and guilt. His tone was filled with unfriendliness. "No wonder she is loyal to you, and turned herself into this ghastly state. My pitiful granddaughter."

Zuo Mo's body shook. The old man was A Gui's grandfather!

The old man suddenly lost interest. "Let's go and talk more on the road."

When Zuo Mo's group finished packing up and left Bu Zhou City, a figure carrying a sword covered in dust appeared on the horizon nearby.

Zuo Mo was overjoyed.

Eldest Shixiong!

Wei Sheng smiled as he carried his sword.


Liang Wei's face was dark.

In front of him was an order telling him to stop working and reflect on his actions. The cause of this was very simple. He had captured a Kun Lun scout and managed to extract an extremely valuable piece of information. Kun Lun was busy swallowing Xuan Kong Temple, and most of the battalions on that region's defense line had been moved towards Xuan Kong Realm except for a few.

He thought this was a rare chance and reported the situation.

Yet his report seemed to have dissolved in the ocean. Nothing came back. This was not unexpected. As the battle on the front lines was in a stalemate, he had been reassigned and was now under the banner of An Shi Corps. Corps Commander An Shi was old and experienced with a great reputation among the yao that normal corp commanders could not rival.

Theoretically, this was not a disservice to him. However Corp Commander An Shi favoured defensive tactics over offensive ones and seemed overly conservative to Liang Wei. No matter what kind of battle plan he suggested, they were never accepted.

Without fighting, Liang Wei's days passed as though they were years. Corp Commander An Shi was dissatisfied with his restlessness, and moved him to a position of no real power. If he hadn't had an accomplished record of service, he would probably have been kicked out already.

Unwilling to waste his days, Liang Wei lead a few guards and sneaked into the front lines alone to act as scouts. The secret was hard to keep, especially after Liang Wei had suggested attacking to Corp Commander An Shi based on the gathered intel. The anger of Corp Commander An Shi could be imagined.

So the order to be relieved of his duties and reflect appeared in front of him.

Feeling depressed, Liang Wei rang into the Ten Finger Prison and wanted to vent himself through war chess. With his skill level, he naturally won in war chess.

He quickly found himself bored.

Coming out of war chess, he dazedly roamed about. He suddenly saw someone familiar and he became alert. "A Xiao!"

The person who had a hurried expression immediately stopped. When he saw Liang Wei, a smile bloomed on his face. "Wei Wei! Long time no see. Hm, aren't you at the front lines, how come you have the time to come to the Ten Finger Prison?"

Hearing the slightly feminine name "Wei Wei," Liang Wei felt slightly helpless but also warm. A Xiao was a good friend of his from the yao art house but unlike him who entered the military, A Xiao's marks were not good enough to enter the military.

"Don't mention it. I did something wrong. I've been relieved of my duties and ordered to reflect," Liang Wei said, pretending to be unconcerned.

A Xiao's expression was surprised. Liang Wei had been outstanding in the yao art house and been tasked with great responsibility after entering the military corps. His achievements from last time had been broadcast far and wide and he had been called the next upcoming star of the yao.

Why was he relieved of his duties and ordered to reflect?

But A Xiao perceptively did not press. He smiled and said, "Haha, then relax. Come with me to a place."

Liang Wei who had nothing to do naturally agreed.

The two quickly came to a place with a sign "Pu Pu's Home for Battle Generals."

"What place is this? A battle general club?" Liang Wei looked around curiously.

"You'll know when you go in." A Xiao kept it a secret.

They saw several people along the way, but there wasn't even one silver battle general. Liang Wei felt dismissive of this establishment. This was probably another place for low level battle generals to boast.

"Do you want to become a top battle general? Pu Pu's Home for Battle Generals will give you the wings to fly!"

"There will be a famed teacher every week, simulations every day. As long as you persist, you can become a battle general!"

Liang Wei's disdain grew with the ads. This was the advertising of those training courses that were used to defraud people of money. A Xiao would actually believe something like this.

He was just about to speak when he suddenly saw a phrase out of the corner of his eye. He stopped walking, and lightning seemed to explode in his mind.

"Battle is changing, have you detected it?"

Translator Ramblings: And we're reaching the end of an arc. Once again, Fang Xiang leaves certain things to the imagination.