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 Chapter Seven Hundred and Thirty Four - Ancient Shen Device

Zuo Mo was quick.

Just having gained comprehension of a new attack in the [King's Forbidden Firmament], Zuo Mo attacked with a killing move. A golden light suddenly appeared on his hand. He slightly reached out and pushed at the cow head monster.

A golden handprint left his hand.

If the rhinoceros mo god saw this handprint, he would be so stunned his eyes would bulge out in surprise. Other than being made out of gold coloured light and not blood coloured light, it was the exact same as his.

[Mo God's Brute Hand]!

No matter if it was the chief mo god or the rhinoceros mo god they would not expect that the core and the strongest part of the [King's Forbidden Firmament] was not the restraining aspect but the "king." Inside the jinzhi, Zuo Mo was the "king" of all. He was the strongest and the central part of the jinzhi.

All the changes of the jinzhi, every minuscule change or minute action would pass into his mind.

Zuo Mo had a general understanding of the restrained [Mo God Brute Hand]. His attack was at least eighty percent similar. However, he cultivated the sun shen power and what left his hand was a golden handprint. The vicious presence was lesser, but a strong and fierce presence was greater.

The yin energy underground was astoundingly thick, and Zuo Mo's sun shen power was both yang and strong. With this attack, it was like hot water in snow.

A hint of fear flashed through the eyes of the bull-headed monster. The terrifying power contained in the little golden handprint made him feel great shock. He retreated. But a purple hand suddenly penetrated through his head.

Zuo Mo and A Gui were in perfect coordination. Zuo Mo's attack was astounding and thunderous to shock the other's mind. A Gui was ghostly, and her one hit one kill, preference for attacking vital areas, was perfectly suited to coordinate with Zuo Mo.

Just like the previous bull-headed monster, Zuo Mo and A Gui finished the hawk-headed monster with a combo of gold and purple energy. After absorbing the shen power of the two monsters, the brutal purple energy in A Gui's eyes gradually dimmed, but a faint mark appeared on her forehead.

Zuo Mo's mind moved. Was this the Undying Shen Seal?

Thinking of the old man's words, Zuo Mo hurriedly took out the Scab Fragrance. A Gui seemed to smell the scent of the Scab Fragrance. And a hint of desire appeared in her eyes. Zuo Mo handed the Scab Fragrance to A Gui.

Each scab fragrance was about the size of a bean, each a different shape, and grey-white in color. When it was taken out, the entire place was filled with its fragrance. This was an unique and indescribable fragrance. Even Zuo Mo couldn't help but swallow.

The Black Gold Seal Soldier stretched out his neck and stared at the Scab Fragrance in A Gui's hand. He appeared as though he forgot about the sheep-headed monster in front of him, and it was possible to see drool glittering at the corner of his mouth.

The sheep-headed monster also stopped and stared at the Scab Fragrance in A Gui's hand.

A Gui directly swallowed the scab fragrance.

The Black Gold Seal Soldier wailed grievously with a pained expression. He turned and stared hatefully at the sheep-headed monster as he blasted out, "Mine, mine, mine, mine ... ..."

Not having recovered from the distraction, the sheep-headed monster was beaten down by the Black Gold Seal Soldier.

Zuo Mo watched for a while. He felt that the Black Gold Seal Soldier didn't need any help so he moved his gaze away. After A Gui swallowed the Scab Fragrance, she immediately sat down in lotus position, and her body occasionally flashed with purple light.

A Gui's expression was calm, and Zuo Mo's worries eased slightly. His gaze once again focused on the bone armor on the platform.

With a flash, he appeared above the bone armor.

Examining it up from close, he increasingly felt the extraordinary nature of the bone armor. This sacrificial altar was located at a special place. There was the mouth to a yin vein under the sacrificial altar. Even normal bone armor would be completely transformed after being immersed in yin energy for tens of thousands of years like this, and become outstanding.

The material of this armor itself was extraordinary, even though Zuo Mo could not recognize what kind of bone it was made from.

The sacrificial altar was a product of the ancient era and it was at least ten thousand years old. According to the golden leaf, the grade of a sacrificial altar was related to its size, but it was not an absolute rule. Many unique tribal sacrificial altars would not pursue grandness and vastness. However, there was one point that was always true, the guardian statues.

A sacrificial altar that had guardian statues meant that this altar was extremely important to its tribe.

The ancient era was too far removed from the present, and Zuo Mo's knowledge of the time mostly came from the gold leaf and the memories that Qing Lin had left him. The gold leaf was cryptic and many of Qing Ling's memories had become blurred through the passage of thousands of years.

The materials of the ancient era were very different from the present. That was the era where wasteland beasts rampaged, and rare materials littered the ground. This material that was able to remain until the present would be even more extraordinary.

Each bone was like a grey crystal, clear and glowing. This yin vein was clearly enormous and the amount of yin energy it contained was stunning. The sprouting yin energy was a flow that continuously washed the bone armor.

Zuo Mo was slightly unused to the dense yin energy.

Unlike the other objects of that time, the bone armor's design as unusually fine. The small bone pieces were ground thin, and layered together like feathers. What was most attention grabbing was the two short daggers inserted at the arms.

Unlike the crystal-like texture of the other bone pieces, the short bone knives were completely snowy white without any flaw. Even Zuo Mo felt a chill staring at the strange and eerie curves.

Zuo Mo reached out to the bone armor. Just as he was about to touch the armor, there was a woosh, and a great pain came from his fingertip.

Zuo Mo's eyes widened and his expression was shocked. He put his finger in front of his eyes. There was an extremely thin wound at the tip of his finger. Zuo Mo's shock increased. He knew just how strong his current body was. Even normal flying swords would shatter if they stuck him, and they wouldn't even manage to wound him.

It was an energy blade made from yin energy.

Yet what shocked Zuo Mo was not the yin energy blade but he realized why the bone armor was placed at the sacrificial altar.

It was a Shen device!

This was a shen device left behind from the ancient era!

This was a true shen device!

Zuo Mo could not suppress the joy on his face. He actually had managed to encounter such a fortuitous matter. The bone armor was pure yin in quality and not suited to him, but very suited to A Gui. The Undying shen power that A Gui had was a kind of death energy. The bone armor also contained death energy, and the two were a match for each other.

Having woken up, A Gui silently appeared next to Zuo Mo, her eyes focused on the bone armor.

Zuo Mo felt her move and turned around. The mark on A Gui's forehead had become clearer. It was a knotted mark. The faint purple chains formed an unique knot.

Hmm ... ...

A Gui seemed to have become prettier!

Zuo Mo stilled and examined her seriously. Upon close inspection, it was as he had thought. The marks on A Gui's face were almost gone, and the new skin on her face was fine and white. She had a delicate and gentle face with a pointed chin. Zuo Mo could see the young female that was restrained in the voice. Instinctively, Zuo Mo reached out towards A Gui's face.

A Gui stood motionless and did not avoid his hand.

A strange and fine feeling came from his fingertips. Zuo Mo's heart jumped. A Gui's face suddenly leaned towards Zuo Mo's hand, and she buried her face in Zuo Mo's hand.

Zuo Mo's heart beat even faster but he didn't bear to pull his hand away.

Compared to the stopping of time by the [King's Forbidden Firmament], time really did stop in this moment.

"Haha! This taste! This is the taste! It is wonderful!"

The laughter of the Black Gold Seal Soldier came over. He had just killed the sheep-headed monster and sucked in its shen power. Zuo Mo was startled and pulled his hand away. His face immediately burned red. He hurriedly dropped his hand, grabbed A Gui's hand and pretended to inspect her.

However, he quickly stopped pretending. Zuo Mo's expression became serious.

Compared to previously, A Gui's shen power was multiple times stronger. The vastness of the shen power caused Zuo Mo's heart to beat rapidly. Fortunately, the shen power inside A Gui's body seemed to recognize Zuo Mo and did not try to hinder his sun shen power, happily welcoming him instead.

Yet Zuo Mo's expression became even more serious.

The purple chains that restrained A Gui had become thinner, but the patterns on the chains became even more dense and fine. There were purple flames that would occasionally rise from the chains.

The stronger Undying shen power restrained A Gui's soul even more. However, what eased Zuo Mo's worries slightly was that A Gui's soul seemed to have become much more solid. The Nether Reincarnation Lotus and the Scab Fragrance had helped her greatly. The young female dressed in white robes had a calm expression, and there was a similar purple knotted mark on her forehead.

This time, A Gui's soul did not detect Zuo Mo.

Yet when his gaze saw the slightly bashful smile on the white-robed A Gui's face, Zuo Mo's heart jumped strangely.

At this time, his brow suddenly moved.

Yi An had come!


On the other side of the line of fire, Yi An had never felt like this. Behind him, countless gazes focused on him. He felt as though there was a blade pointed at his back, but right now, he had to persist.

He had seen the Mo Shen Temple being rebuffed. The last bit of hope he felt dissipated. Yi An did not fear powers such as the Mo Weapon Master Association, however, the Rare Artifact Hall wouldn't have a chance against a titan like the Yao Council of Elder.

The only chance was grab onto Xiao Yun Hai, oh no, it was Xiao Mo Ge!

These two names meant two completely different things. Xiao Yun Hai was a mo weapon grandmaster, and represented profit! Xiao Mo Ge was a shen power expert, a warlord, and represented survival.

No matter when, survival was far more valuable than profit.

Yi An was a businessperson. He knew that he had to prove his own value for the other to accept him, prove the value of Rare Artifact Hall. Kuai An now was at odds with the Yao Council of Elders because of Xiao Mo Ge, but if the Xiao Mo Ge didn't want to cause trouble with the Yao Council, he could always ignore their plight.

Right now, the only thing that Xiao Mo Ge would pay attention to was the Reverse Shadow Soul Silkgrass!

Xiao Mo Ge was willing to use earth mo weapons to trade for Reverse Shadow Soul Silkgrass. This was enough to show the importance that Xiao Mo Ge placed on the Reverse Shadow Soul Silkgrass.

He stood silently outside the line of fire and waited for Xiao Mo Ge's summons.

Expressing himself like this under the eyes of everyone meant that he left himself no other paths to take. The unfriendly gazes of the Yao Council Elders behind him caused him to grit his teeth and persist.

Yet he had stood for so long outside the line of fire and the yao elders hadn't done a thing. This was enough to show how wary they were of Xiao Mo Ge.

This increased Yi An's confidence.

However, more of his confidence was in the contents of the box in his hand.

Translator Ramblings: Yes, a shen device just pops out of nowhere ... ... I think this is one of those things where Fang Xiang had a sideplot and then gave up.