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 Chapter Seven Hundred and Thirty Two - King's Forbidden Firmament!

"He is setting up jinzhi," the chief mo god said coolly.

The rhinoceros mo god stood silently next to him. The two did not have any attendants with them. After changing their appearance, no one recognized them. Having disguised themselves and ordering subordinates to act as body doubles to mislead their enemies, no one knew that they had secretly arrived.

"I already told Third to delay the old man and the Yao Council of Elders when we make our move," the rhinoceros mo god said gravely.

"We need to be fast and capture Xiao Mo Ge before they can react!" The chief mo god's eyes were cold. "The [Angel Device Raiment] is definitely on him. As long as Xiao Mo Ge is in our hands, we have the upper hand."

The rhinoceros mo god nodded. He glanced at the Grave Ghost Mound. "I will break the jinzhi."

His voice was hushed but his tone was filled with confidence. In his view, Xiao Mo Ge's idea of setting up jinzhi was laughable. The jinzhi might be strong, but it definitely could not stop them.

Only shen power jinzhi could stop shen power experts.

"Ceng Lian'er's shen power has not yet recovered, and she is not a threat," the chief mo god schemed, "Xiao Mo Ge is setting up jinzhi and has definitely used a great amount of energy. The only worry is that ugly servant of his."

The rhinoceros listened silently with a composed expression.

"Do not hold anything back." The chief mo god's gaze did not leave the Grave Ghost Mound. "This battle will determine the future of our Mo Shen Temple. If we succeed, we will not need to fear the Yao Council of Elders!

"I know," the rhinoceros mo god said gravely.

"Act now!" Before the words finished, the chief mo god's figure disappeared.

The figure of the rhinoceros mo god flashed and he silently appeared high above the periphery of the Grave Ghost Mound.

He took a deep breath. All the shen power in his body vibrated. He knew that with this attack, his identity would be exposed to everyone.

Victory and defeat was all in this blow!

He eliminated the stray thoughts in his mind, his hands slowly raised up high, and his eyes widened.


A stunning presence erupted like a volcano, and was no longer concealed!

It was as bright as the sun!

The powerful shen presence spread across all of the Grave Ghost Mound and the surrounding hundred li like a storm. The suffocating presence was like a roaring wasteland beast from the ancient era. Those mo of average power felt their legs weaken and almost give out.

Blood red hoops suddenly wrapped around the right arm of the rhinoceros mo god.

The rhinoceros mo god opened his eyes, the five fingers on his right hand spread out as he pressed his open palm downwards.


The yin energy that multiplied suddenly in ferocity had nearly caught Zuo Mo off-guard. However, his reaction was fast and he immediately adjusted, his hand movements changing.

The yin energy was like a coiling grey dragon that silently moved along the mo matrices and seal scripts already set up. Everywhere it passed, the mo matrices and seal scripts lit up. The yin energy was absorbed by the mo matrices and seal scripts and then turned into grey snowflakes.

The snow grew even heavier.

Even someone as strong as Zuo Mo couldn't help but show weariness after setting up jinzhi for such a long time. He threw a sun seed into his mouth and felt as the pure shen power continuously rejuvenated his body. When his strength returned, the light in his eyes grew brighter.

Looking at the mountains, rivers, and flowing earth fire within fifty li and the packed seal scripts and mo matrices, a smug expression appeared on his face.

Ge is really a genius!

However, he would only know the effect of the jinzhi after activating them.

The strange and heavy grey snow had already been noticed by the experts gathered outside. Numerous pairs of eyes focused on the Grave Ghost Mound behind the line of fire.

Zuo Mo took a deep breath. He looked down at the jinzhi below and his eyes flashed with a stunning light.

Since this was the case, then let it be activated!


At the sudden appearance of the rhinoceros mo god, the old man, Ming Yue Ye and the other people all changed expression.

The old man's hair flew up as his shen power reached a peak. His body was covered in a layer of terrifying black light, his muscles bulging. He suddenly grew in height, his figure multiplying in size, his body seemingly made from metal as it turned black. He stepped forward, his back arched as he threw a punch layered in black light at the rhinoceros mo god in the sky. He shouted thunderously, "Get down here!"

A cold light flashed through Ming Yue Ye's eyes. The light blue reeds in her hand danced at an unique rhythm and snapped. A blue butterfly flew out. Its beautiful wings flapped in the air and it disappeared.

"Old Elder, you really have a temper!" The young mo god giggled. Yet there was no humor on his face, only a stern expression at the gravity of the situation.

The bloody light on his body was thick, and his shen power was clearly being channeled to its limits. Within the bloody light, blood thorny vines flew out.

The bloody vines danced in the air like snakes with thorns. They criss-crossed in the air and covered the sky.

Dozens of blood vines twisted eerily as they gathered in one direction. They immediately formed a wall of vines that blocked the punch from the old man.


The blood vine wall immediately was penetrated.

The young mo god seemed to have expected this. A second and a third vine wall appeared at almost the same time.

The punch passed through the second blood vine wall, and smashed into the third, but it was halted.

At the same time, the blood vines suddenly bloomed with bright flowers. The flowers withered at a visible rate, the petals falling and dancing in the wind to form a mist surrounding the figure of the blue butterfly.

The blue butterfly lightly flapped its wings. The bright blood mist was unable to move forward. Yet the blood mist thickened and surrounded the blue butterfly.

Pop pop pop!

A rattle of explosions came from within the bloody mist and, abruptly, the bloody mist exploded.

Ming Yue Ye's expression changed slightly. She unhesitatingly cut off her connection to the butterfly. The blood mist in the air exploded, a ring of bloody light spreading ferociously into the surroundings like a storm!

All of the people who had approached were caught off guard and were thrown into the air as though they were hit by a rampaging bull.

Eerie blood colored patterns suddenly appeared on the face of the young mo god. Blood seeped out of these beautiful patterns. He looked both eerie and terrifying. His face was pale, his clothing tattered, and his figure wavering and about to fall. He had managed to stop these two users of shen power but it had cost him greatly.

"Aiyaya, being cannon fodder isn't a great feeling."

He muttered to himself as his thin body floated weakly in the air.

At the same time, a stunning yet familiar wave of air came towards his back.

An accomplished smile appeared at the corner of his lips. Of the three, the chief mo god was the strongest, but in terms of how domineering one's power was, the rhinoceros mo god was the best.

Nothing could stand to the [Mo God's Brute Hand]!

He had completed his mission... ...

The young mo god seemed relieved of a great burden. He relaxed his body and allowed it to drift with the furious flow shockwaves power like a falling leaf. He did not care about the blood that was seeping out of the patterns on his face.

Yet his relaxed body suddenly froze.

In the next moment, the young mo god forcibly twisted his body and turned back to gaze at the Grave Ghost Mound.

His eyes widened and he paled!


The Grave Ghost Mound that had been dark and shrouded in grey snow suddenly lit up as though there were ten thousand lanterns. The mo matrices and seal scripts continuously lit up at a stunning rate as though water was flowing through them.

In a flash, the Grave Ghost Mound seemed to appear illuminated as though it was day. The exquisite and complex seal scripts and mo matrices lit up in succession. The land within fifty li seemed to be covered with a bright and fine spider-web. The endless bright seal scripts illuminated the curves of the landscape.

The grey snowflakes floating in the air were dissonant to the beauty below but no one could ignore them.

Yet at this time, no one was attracted by the beauty of the Grave Ghost Mound. Everyone's gaze could not move away from the godly figure in the air as they unconsciously stopped breathing.

[Mo God's Brute Hand]!

Everyone seemed to see a great mountain crashing down from the sky! A brutal and suffocating power that smashed down as it robbed people of hope!

Under the suffocating pressure of the [Mo God Brute Hand], the beautiful Grave Ghost Mound was like a beautiful but fragile work of art.

This hand was enough to flatten all of the Grave Ghost Mound!

Among the grey snowflakes, Zuo Mo suddenly raised his head. He only just detected the approaching furious and intimidating power after he activated the jinzhi!

Zuo Mo had jumped in fright.

This attack had given up on all technique and skill, it was just pure power! This was the first time he saw such an unique shen technique. While most shen techniques were simple and utilized little skill, he had never heard of such a simple and direct method!

He had once seen the rhinoceros mo god during the fight against the Xuan Kong Temple elder corps. He had estimates of the rhinoceros mo god's power, but his mind still wavered at the power of this hand.

But in the next moment, he suddenly reacted and knew the other's intentions

-the other wanted to break his jinzhi!

Zuo Mo's little heart immediately stopped wavering, and his expression became vicious. The gaze he threw up was one of scorn, as he spat out a disdainful sound. It was as though he was displeased that he was being challenged in his most accomplished field.

Ever since ge started learning seal formation, the Turtle Formation Defense style had never been defeated. It had great accomplishments, and you definitely hadn't lived in Sky Moon Jie before ... ...

If there were people inside the Grave Ghost Mound, people would be shocked to find that the scene inside was completely different than what they saw outside. The seal scripts and mo matrices on the ground were not stationary but moved as though they were alive.

The light from the ground suddenly grew. Zuo Mo's eyes grew brighter, all of the humor on his face disappearing and leaving behind only focus and concentration.

Floating in the air, Zuo Mo's face that was not handsome flashed with an indescribable light.

Even the suffocating pressure [Mo God Brute Hand] that was howling down at the ground could not steal his glory at this moment!


He suddenly spread his arms!

The light under his feet brightened. The flowing seal scripts and mo matrices stilled. And then they seemed to have received a summons, each of them leaving the ground and floating in the air.

There were eighteen thousand parts, and more than tens of thousands of seal scripts and mo matrices involved.

The combined seal scripts and mo matrices that numbered in the hundreds of thousands and of various colors and shapes all flew into the sky.

Looking from afar, in that moment, there were millions of dots of light above the Grave Ghost Mound. They were bright and like a mist. The scene was so spectacular that words could only describe a tiny part of it!

Some stopped and floating in the air, others continued to rise, moving up and down in a staggered fashion.

The grey snowflakes did not continue to fall but floated silently.

Time seemed to be frozen by this indescribable beauty.

What also stopped was the sky of the Grave Ghost Mound.

[King's Forbidden Firmament]!

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