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 Chapter Six Hundred and Ninety Five - The Presence of Earth Level Mo Weapon

Streaks of blood coloured water rose in the vast and serene surface of the river. In a flash, the clear black color was completely overtaken by blood red. The calm surface also became restless and turbulent as though there was a terrifying monster hidden underneath surface of the river. The waves that rose gradually became higher and higher, and crashed against the shores.

The mo weapon masters floating above the river had never seen the Underground Nether River like this. All of them had panicked expressions.

"Look! Over there!"

Suddenly, a mo weapon master with keen eyes pointed at a mo weapon pool and shouted in shock. He attracted the attention of everyone else. They all turned to look in the direction eh was pointing.


Simultaneous inhales sounded above the river.

Thick black clouds had gathered above a mo weapon pool. The Underground Nether River was thirty li under the ground. How could clouds form from the forging?

But the thick clouds truly appeared in front of them.


Suddenly, deep thunder sounded from within the clouds.

The mo weapon masters above the river stared at each other. There was nothing dangerous from the sound of the thunder but they all knew what this meant. Tales of it had been passed down from a long time ago that when a great mo weapon appeared, it would cause a worldly apparition.

What was happening right now was undoubtedly ... ...

"It's the heaven tier pool! It's the heaven tier pool!" another mo weapon master shouted.

"It's him!"

"So it's him!"

The mo weapon masters all descended into noise. That mysterious person who had spent two and a half million mo bei and rented the heaven tier mo weapon pool. He had been the topic of discussion before. How could they not be shocked when they saw that the mo weapon pool was causing all this noise was the heaven tier pool?


The roars of thunder became more frequent. It was possible to see lightning flash among the thick cloud layer.

At this time, beads of blood slowly rose from the Underground Nether Pool. Each blood bead was glowing and perfect.

It was extremely stunning to see the dense layer of blood beads floating above the vast surface of the river. These blood beads were of various sizes but all of them were perfectly round. Detail-minded mo weapon masters immediately noticed that as the beads of blood rose, the Underground Nether River that had become blood-colored was recovering its original color.

Gradually the surface of the river recovered to its usual calm until there was no tinge of blood in the water.

These blood beads ... ...

Just as everyone was both puzzled and shocked, the blood beads floating above the river suddenly flew together towards the heaven tier mo weapon pool.

Almost at the same time, a great blinding bolt of lightning lit up the cloud and illuminated the Underground Nether River.

An unforgettable scene feel into everyone's field of view. In this moment, they unconsciously stopped breathing.

The sky full of blood beads drew out bright bloody arrows in the air!

The bloody arrows were like water and carved up the air above the river!

All of the blood arrows pointed towards the heaven tier mo weapon pool!

There were so many it stole their breath!

When the last blood bead entered the heaven tier mo weapon pool, a blood colored pillar of light thrust through the clouds like a sword.


The earth seemed to be trembling and vibrating violently.

All of them gaped at this blood colored light pierced the sky like a sword dozens of zhang thick.


The sword of light ... ... actually thrust through the rock and pierced the sky above their heads!

Thirty li! That pool was thirty li under the ground!

The spectacular soul-shaking scene caused all of the Underground Nether Pool to lose their power of speech and become completely silent.

And at this time, Bu Zhou City was in a furor.

The enormous blood colored sword of light suddenly erupted from the earth and charged into the clouds. It could be seen from far away.

Only someone that was blind could not see it.


Ji LI Yu looked at Feng Xin Zi who appeared idle and relaxed. She said coolly, "You seem to have free time. What, you didn't go out to drink today?"

Feng Xin Zi roared with laughter. "I have to rest occasionally."

"Just don't forget our mission." Ji Li Yu smiled coldly. "We still haven't found Xiao Mo Ge yet!"

"Don't be impatient." Feng Xin Zi waved his hand.

"Don't be impatient?" Ji Li Yu's voice suddenly rose. Anger showed on her peerlessly beautiful face. "You're telling me not to be impatient? How many days has it been? Didn't the intelligence say that Xiao Mo Ge is definitely taking this route? How come we haven't encountered him until now?"

Feng Xin Zi felt a slight headache. He knew that Ji Li Yu disliked this mission very much. He could only comfort, "There is no use in being impatient. This is the mo territories, not the yao realms."

"So we are just waiting like this?" Ji Li Yu looked hard to Feng Xin Zi and said.

Feng Xin Zi was slightly displeased but did not show it in his expression. "It would be best if you had a solution."

"What about those three? Weren't you suspicious of them?" Ji Li Yu changed the topic.

Feng Xin Zi did suspect that Zuo Mo's trio was Xiao Mo Ge's group. While the appearance was different, but the two women traveled with the man and fit the descriptions. That day, Zuo Mo had also used yao arts. Feng Xin Zi knew that Xiao Mo Ge was skilled in yao arts. Was a person that could beat a prison-breaking battle someone that could only be described as "skilled in yao arts?"

How could Feng Xin Zi not suspect someone that fit the description so well at such a critical time?

Yet what had happened later surprised Feng Xin Zi.

The trio first went to the Rare Artifacts Hall and then to the Underground Nether River. Feng Xin Zi even knew that they had rented the heaven tier mo weapon pool and spent two and a half million mo bei.

All the signs indicated that this person was a mo weapon master, and a skilled one at that.

Feng Xin Zi was slightly depressed but did not show it. "He is a probable suspect. His yao art skill is very high. While he is making mo weapons, it might be a kind of disguise."

"Disguise?" Ji LI Yu snorted. "Why does he have to disguise himself?"

Feng Xin Zi was silent.

This was also something that Feng Xin Zi did not understand. Xiao Mo Ge had a great reputation in the mo territories and had two top level generals in his command. The mo territories factions didn't dare to offend him and even the Council of Elder's opinion was that Xiao Mo Ge's faction was one of the strongest.

In a situation like this, Xiao Mo Ge didn't need to hide himself. No one would dare to provoke him.

Just at this time, a vast and intimidating presence suddenly shot into the sky suddenly.

Feng Xin Zi's expression changed slightly. Such a powerful presence. His mind moved and his figure disappeared!

In the next moment, he appeared in the sky. He saw the straight pillar of blood light that pierced the sky and inhaled suddenly. His eyes even became dazed for a brief moment.

Earth mo weapon!

These three words flashed through his mind.

Feng Xin Zi was one of the most accomplished geniuses among the younger yao generation. He had been educated by an orthodox yao art house and his knowledge was something that the average yao did not have. Without any hesitation, he judged the origin of this terrifying presence!

Only earth mo weapons could have such a terrifying presence!

He had once heard that Xiao Mo Ge had a sky mo weapon, the infamous Anti Dragon Claw. However, that was just a rumor and he had not seen it with his own eyes. But he had experienced the presence of an earth mo weapon before. The unique presence of an earth mo weapon that filled the air and seemed to take over the world was suffocating.

Earth mo weapon, it really was an earth mo weapon!

Had someone forged an earth mo weapon?

Feng Xin Zi looked in disbelief at the blood colored pillar of light that connected earth and sky.


When the bloody pillar of light erupted out of the earth, the expression of the middle-aged mo that was idly drinking tea inside the Rare Artifacts Hall changed. His body suddenly disappeared from his spot.

"Earth mo weapon!"

When he saw the bloody pillar of light that thrust into the sky, he shouted in shock.

From his experience of interacting with countless mo weapons, he recognized it at first glance of the bloody pillar of light. He was thoroughly familiar with all one hundred and eight earth mo weapons. While he had not seen them all in person, he knew the unique traits and presence of each earth mo weapon.

The strange presence given off by this thick blood colored pillar of light was completely different than any earth mo weapon he knew of.

He had lived for twenty years in Bu Zhou City and was familiar with everything here. When he noticed the position of the bloody pillar of light, he immediately stilled.

Wasn't it the Underground Nether River there?

Suddenly, he thought of that normal looking youth with that confident expression. A thought flashed through his mind. He gaped with an expression of disbelief.

Had ... ... had that guy really forged an earth level mo weapon?


As the masters of Bu Zhou City, the Tang Family was also alerted.

That bloody pillar of light was truly too eye-catching, too stunning! Almost all the experts of the Tang Family flew into the air. Each person paled in shock when they saw the spectacular color of blood.

"Earth mo weapon! Such a presence can only be an earth mo weapon!" A Tang Family elder was so excited his lips were trembling. "Is there an earth mo weapon buried under our Tang Family land?"

"Someone has forged an earth mo weapon!" Tang Chen suddenly spoke. His figure was tall and broad but his eyes were long and narrow. His eyes were bright as he narrowed them.

"Forged an earth mo weapon?"

All of the Tang Family elders were shocked.

The Tang Family were not country bumpkins. The Tang Family had their own earth mo weapon, [Fire Rain Meteor Hammer] ranked forty first! This great mo weapon was owned by the family patriarch Tang Chen. In Tang Chen's most famous battle, he had used the [Fire Rain Meteor Hammer] to defeat the famed patriarch of the Ma Family, Ma Yuan Qi who had also been marshal level.

It had been that battle that established Tang Chen's fame. It was also that battle that had caused the great Ma Family to quickly decline. They had almost died out now.

No one knew better than they did the value of an earth mo weapon!

Earth mo weapons were the weapons most suited to marshals. Only earth mo weapons could completely tolerate the terrifying power of a marshal!

One hundred and eight earth mo weapons existed, although this number did not refering to all the mo weapons that still existed, but from the past to present. These were all the earth mo weapons that had ever existed. Many of the one hundred and eight had disappeared a long time ago. No one knew where they were. Right now, there were just about twenty or so that people knew of.

Sky mo weapons were things of myths and legends, and many people even though they were fanciful tales.

Earth mo weapons were the best mo weapons that almost all the mo recognized!

Someone had actually created an earth mo weapon!

Everyone's eyes turned covetous.

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