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 Chapter Six Hundred and Ninety Four Weapon Layering Craftsmanship

"He rented a mo weapon pool?" The chief steward was slightly surprised. The trio that visited the other day had attracted his interest and he had ordered his subordinates to pay attention to their movements.

"Yes, they rented the Heaven tier mo weapon pool." The subordinate had investigated thoroughly and hurried back to report.

"Heaven tier!" The middle-aged mo stilled. Of course he knew what this meant. Only those with some skill would dare to rent a heaven tier mo weapon pool. As the highest grade of mo weapon pool in Bu Zhou City, it was expensive to rent. The volume of water was astounding, and it was so difficult to control that almost nobody used it.

Was there a mo weapon master among them?

The face of the average-looking youth flashed across the mind of the middle-aged mo but he suddenly realized that, no matter how hard he thought back, he could not remember the details of the youth's appearance. The other two females were also so ordinary that he could not remember them.

He was experienced and he immediately realized the trio had probably disguised themselves.

But his thoughts did not linger on the question. There were many people in these chaotic times that did not like others knowing their identities. Those with power always had their own eccentricities. What he cared about were mo weapon masters, especially powerful mo weapon masters. Any strong mo weapon master meant an endless and steady profit for a business.

Mo weapon masters were a kind of resource, and a powerful mo weapon master was a resource that had to be fought over.

Thinking about the youth's cool and confident expression, the middle-aged mo's heart reflexively jumped.

Earth level mo weapon!

If he could really forge one ... ...

The mind of the middle-aged mo which he always prided himself on being unaffected by anything was immediately disturbed.

"Pay close attention, I need to know all the details! Do not be afraid of spending money, understand?" It was rare that the middle-aged mo tone was so serious.

"Yes! This subordinate understands!"

In Zuo Mo's view, of the three great cultivation systems, for forging, he had to admit that the xiuzhe far surpassed the other two races. Seal scripts were a vast and complex field that yao and mo could not compare to.

In comparison, while mo matrices were their own system, they were not as well-developed as seal scripts. But even so, those in the mo territories that understood mo matrices were considered well-learned and were few in number.

This was related to the attitude of mo towards their mo weapons.

The forging methods of mo weapons were usually simple and crude but there was something that the xiuzhe could not rival them in, materials. The materials that were used in mo weapons were usually a part of the mo themselves, for example, a feather, or nails. So while mo weapons were crudely made, but after being tempered daily and affinity granted by having come from a part of the owner's body, they were as a literal extension of their own bodies.

However, those were just average mo weapons.

Top level mo weapons such as the earth mo weapons were not so easy to make.

Of the one hundred and eight earth mo weapons, other than the extremely rare few that had been forged by the user, the great majority were forged by mo weapon masters.

For mo weapon masters, forging an earth level mo weapon was the highest goal of their lifetime. The makers of the twelve sky mo weapons were the most accomplished mo weapon masters of their era, and the best mo weapon masters in mo history. Each of their names represented a legend.

In Zuo Mo's view, forging earth level mo weapons were not a very difficult matter. He only needed the necessary materials. Even if he didn't have any, he could still accomplish it through unorthodox methods such as using weapon layering. But the creation of sky mo weapons was out of the range of his abilities.

There were many mo weapon masters gathered around the mo weapon pools of Bu Zhou City. Many people stayed here for many years to forge mo weapons. This city quarter had, long ago, developed into an area for mo weapon masters and provided a large group of residents a way to make a living. Meaning it was possible to buy most common materials from these suppliers.

This saved Zuo Mo a lot of time.

After spending two million mo bei on all kinds of materials, Zuo Mo had finished his preparations.

The monthly rent for the heaven tier mo weapon pool was about five hundred thousand mo bei. In other words, without even starting, Zuo Mo had paid two and a half million in mobei. The wealthy Zuo Mo did not feel anything regarding the expense.

Two and a half million mo bei was just the price of an above average general level mo weapon.

He had a whole pile of general level mo weapons in his ring. This relatively small expenditure was not enough to make him feel pain.

But while he did not feel pain, it did not mean that other people did not feel pain. The mo weapon masters around the Underground Nether River quickly learned that there was someone who had come and spent two million on materials in one go.

When they heard that this person had also rented the heaven teir mo weapon pool, it attracted their attention.

There were two guesses about this person. Either this person was a wastrel or he was someone accomplished!

Zuo Mo did not have the idle time to listen to the gossip. His time was tight. The sky shark would only stay here for a few days.

If he didn't have the weapon layering craftsmanship up his sleeve, and that the complete set of White Ridge Snake Bones being so important to Ceng Lian'er, Zuo Mo definitely would not waste his time on this.

But since he had started, he would naturally do his best!

'Waste' was not a word in Little Mo Ge's vocabulary.

Ceng Lian'er and A Gui stood guard outside the mo weapon pool to prevent others from disturbing Zuo Mo.

The heaven tier mo weapon pool was about half a mu large. The thick and black pool water flowed in from the Underground Nether River and formed a natural whirlpool in the pool .The whirlpool spun at a stunning speed like thousands of horses racing. A thick, dark, and cold presence emanated from it. Those with slightly weaker constitutions would feel cold all over, and would suffer internal injuries if exposed for long periods of time.

But Zuo Mo's mo physique was yang and domineering so he didn't feel any discomfort at all.

He made a circle around the mo weapon pool and nodded in satisfaction. The riverwater of the Underground Nether River was pure and yin in attribute. There were large amounts of mo matrices set up around the heaven tier mo weapon pool. The vast amount of water would be able to completely wash and temper the materials.

When he thought of this, Zuo Mo added many new mo matrices on the foundation of the original mo matrices. The roaring whirlpool suddenly became quiet. However, the center of the whirlpool deepened and ripples spread from the center of the whirlpool.

Zuo Mo started to throw materials into the mo weapon pool.

The black yet clear water started to become opaque. The whirlpool seemed to be able to swallow everything. The materials he threw in disappeared without a trace.

When the last article was thrown into the water, the pool water actually became a dark red.

The dark red whirlpool was like an enormous blood eye continuously spinning and would cause people to focus their attention on it.

Zuo Mo closed his eyes. A general level mo weapon appeared on his hand. This was a copper spear that flashed with a blue light that would shock people's souls.

Zuo Mo threw the little copper spear into the dark red whirlpool.

Eleven general level mo weapons were thrown in a stream into the mo weapon pool. The dark red whirlpool became even more red until it became the color of blood.

When the last general level mo weapon was thrown into the mo weapon pool, the moving whirlpool suddenly stopped.

Zuo Mo did not dare to be careless. Multicolored lights flashed on his hands. As his fingers changed, lights shot into the mo weapon pool.

If xiuzhe skilled in forging saw this, they would gape at everything that was happening here!

Zuo Mo was actually using the methods of talisman forging!

Yes, Zuo Mo was using the methods for forging talismans. However, what he used was different from the average talisman forging methods. The lights that lit up on his hands were not spells but mo matrices!

In other words, he was using methods of seal formations on mo matrices.

This took twelve hours.

Even a person as resilient as Zuo Mo showed slight exhaustion.

Twelve hours passed.

Pop-splish, pop-splish!

The blood like mo weapon pool seemed to be boiling and bubbles surfaced and popped.

Zuo Mo's attention was focused and he did not dare to relax at all. The blood red mo weapon pool by his feet was quickly becoming orange, and he could see the mo weapons at the bottom of the pool. However, each mo weapon was now a size smaller than it had been before while the light they gave off was even brighter than before. After the cleansing and tempering of the mo weapon pool, all of the impurities had been washed away and they were even higher in quality.

The bright mo matrices flowed on the surface of these objects.

Zuo Mo released a breath. Up until now, he had not made a mistake.

There were twelve general level mo weapons in the pool. They stood upright in the water.

Zuo Mo did not immediately start the next step but instead sat down in the lotus position to meditate.

Six hours later, he opened his eyes. The exhaustion on his face had disappeared. His eyes flashed. He had recovered to his peak condition.

He suddenly raised his hands.

One of the mo weapons at the bottom of the mo weapon pool shook. An extremely minuscule ripple appeared on the smooth mirror-like surface of the pool.

That mo weapon slowly melted. One hour later, it had turned into a pile of metal liquid with countless mo matrices flowing on the surface.

Then another mo weapon flew over. This metal liquid seemed to come alive and wrapped around the incoming mo weapon. Then the bright red metal water seemed to slowly and persistently swallow the other mo weapon like a monster.

A hour later, the metal water was twice as big and the mo matrices on its surface had turned brighter and even more complex.

Then it started to consume another mo weapon!

Time slowly flowed by like this.

The pool water of the mo weapon pool slowly became clear and glittering. Any small speck of water seemed to be attracted by an invisible force. It rose up from the mo weapon pool.

Then, mist started to form on top of the pool. The mist seemed to be alive and started to merge together.

The combined mist ball slowly danced on top of the pool like a dragon.

It became more and more nimble and its presence continued to increase.

What Zuo Mo did not know was that an astounding transformation was happening to the Underground Nether River outside of his mo weapon pool.

Mo weapon master after mo weapon master continued to fly out of their mo weapon pools. There were numerous mo weapon masters that were floating above the banks of the Underground Nether River.

They were staring in shock at the vast surface of the Underground Nether River!

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