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 Chapter Six Hundred and Ninety Three - A Complete Set of White Ridge Snake Bones

"Welcome, please, are you here to sell or purchase treasures?" the old person asked respectfully.

Zuo Mo nodded and said directly, "Does your store have White Ridge Snake Bones?"

"White Ridge Snake Bones?" A hint of surprise flashed across the unclear eyes of the old person. He raised his head and said, "Our store does have White Ridge Snake Bones. Please come with me."

Finishing, he turned and walked inside.

The trio followed behind the old man. The ceiling above their head was like the night sky. Light streaked across like meteors, reflecting on mo matrices. There were mo weapons floating in the sky above them like innumerable stars.

Threads of various colors fell from the mo weapons and swayed like a sea of grass.

Zuo Mo's thoughts shifted. He reached out a hand to grab a green thread in front of him. When his hand touched the thread of light, one of the mo weapons above his head lit up and then it appeared in Zuo Mo's palm.

Ceng Lian'er was extremely interested. She pulled on a silver thread of light. A pair of sickles appeared in her hands.

The old person did not hurry them and explained with a smile. "This is the Mo Weapon Firmament of the store. The mo weapons you are holding are not the real ones, but the presence is the exact same as the real article. You can examine them at your leisure. If you want one of them, you only need to pay the corresponding mobei and it will fly into your hands."

Zuo Mo was skilled in mo matrices. After standing and observing the Mo Weapon Firmament for a while, he had a general understanding of the mechanism. He smiled slightly and opened his hand. The mo weapon in his hand turned into a light that flew into the firmament above them.

He naturally did not have a desire for the mo weapons here.

A short time later, the old person took the trio to an elegant tea room. In the tea room, a white-faced and beardless middle-aged mo was idly drinking tea.

The middle-aged mo saw the trio and showed a smile. He motioned with his hand. "Please sit."

Then he filled three cups and handed them over. A pleasing fragrance spread in the tea room. The old person had an intoxicated expression. Seeing this, the middle-aged mo also handed the old person a cup.

The old person was overjoyed and carefully took the teacup. He said hurriedly, "Many thanks, Chief Steward!"

Ceng Lian'er suddenly spoke, "A pretty good tea, stone sprout."

The middle-aged mo showed surprise and joy. "I hadn't thought that Miss is also enjoys tea like me! Greetings!"

Ceng Lian'er took a sip. After savouring it for a moment, she said serenely, "I hear that your store has White Ridge Snake Bones?"

The middle-aged mo gave a small smile. "Yes, this small store has a complete set of White Ridge Snake Bones."

"Complete set of White Ridge Snake Bones?" Ceng Lian'er was unable to keep her composure or disguise her joy. The White Ridge Snake Bones were hard to find, and a complete set of White Ridge Snake Bones was much rarer.

The middle-aged mo smiled slightly and said, "Yes, this set of White Ridge Snake Bones is complete and flawless. Truthfully, it is the first time the store has encountered such a perfect set of White Ridge Snake Bones since it was founded."

"Name your price," Little Mo Ge said with bravado.

"Trade only." The middle-aged mo took a sip of tea before saying. "Materials of the same level. If it is a mo weapon, it has to be an earth mo weapon."

Earth mo weapon!

Zuo Mo was slightly shocked. A earth mo weapon was just one level below sky mo weapon. In all of the mo territories, there were just one hundred and eight of those. Ceng Lian'er's Green Cicada Sword and the previous Black-hearted Treasure Coins had all been earth mo weapons.

Zuo Mo had forged the Black-hearted Treasure Coins into the Little Mo Treasure Cup. If they brought out the Green Cicada Sword, it would undoubtedly expose their identities.

Ceng Lian'er put down the teacup without changing her expression. She shook her head and said, "It is too expensive."

"It is very expensive," the middle-aged mo nodded his head and said, "but it is worth this price."

Ceng Lian'er was silent. The other was right. A complete set of White Ridge Snake Bones was also a priceless treasure.

She stood and said to Zuo Mo. "Let's go."

Little Mo Ge didn't stand. He turned towards the middle-aged mo. "Does your store want earth mo weapons, or earth level mo weapons?"

The middle-aged mo was slightly surprised. He understood what Little Mo Ge was saying. Did the other have mo weapons that could match earth mo weapons?

There were one hundred and eight earth mo weapons and all of them had been observed and their characteristics recorded. It was possible to find information on everyone.

Mo weapons that could rival earth mo weapons.

Had some mo weapon grandmaster made a new work recently?

The middle-aged mo was puzzled but he still said with a smile, "If the level of the mo weapon can reach the level of an earth mo weapon, it is possible."

An earth level mo weapon that was not among the ranking of earth mo weapons could undoubtedly be sold for a higher price.

No one wanted their mo weapon to be one that other people knew everything about.

Zuo Mo stood. "Alright, we will return after a few days."

Seeing the certainty on Zuo Mo's face, the middle-aged mo felt some trust. He stood to see them off. "This one will respectfully wait for your visit."

Leaving the Rare Artifacts Hall, the trio walked on the street.

Ceng Lian'er serenely spoke, "Other than the Green Cicada Sword, we do not have any other earth mo weapons."

"We'll just forge one." Zuo Mo's words were filled with great confidence.

"Forge one?" Ceng Lian'er was astonished.

She had not expected such words.

Zuo Mo had not been joking.

For a person who was knowledgeable in mo matrices, skilled in forging, that possessed the Sun Shen Fire, and was wealthy, it was not very difficult to forge a mo weapon.

However, Zuo Mo would have to do all he could to make an earth mo weapon. But it wasn't that Zuo Mo didn't have any confidence. He had studied the Black-heart Treasure Coins and the Green Carp Tongue Sword.

Naturally, they could not trade the Green Carp Tongue Sword. All of the mo territories knew that Marshal Yu had died by Zuo Mo's hand. If this thing was made public, it would definitely draw a tsunami of attention.

The next problem was that Zuo Mo needed to forge an earth mo weapon using the materials he had on hand.

He had a lot of good things. As the quality of materials increased, their uses became more general. In terms of low level materials, talismans and mo weapons used completely different materials. But when it came to the higher grades, the two overlapped.

Zuo Mo had a lot of high level materials, especially what he had taken from Ji Zheng's body. Those were all top materials.

Zuo Mo also had an advantage. He had large numbers of general level mo weapons. In that fight against Marshal Yu, almost all the general level mo under Marshal Yu's command had been killed. Their mo weapons naturally landed in Zuo Mo's hand. Other than the mo weapons he had given his soldiers, Zuo Mo still had a large number of mo weapons.

These remaining mo weapons were not of great use to the present Zuo Mo. He didn't lack mobei at this time so there was no point in selling them. Also, the materials that he had to use now were all precious treasures that almost couldn't be bought with mobei.

Zuo Mo's idea was based on these mo weapons.

Before the thousand year war, there had been many mo weapon forging methods but that were now lost. In Wei's words, it was called "craftsmanship." Wei was experienced and the ultimate authority in this area. He could trace any kind of mo weapon forging method back to the ancient era.

Ever since Zuo Mo took the gravestone oath, Wei's attitude was so good it was frightening. He was completely different from his previous half-living state. After enjoying the meticulous concern, Zuo Mo quickly found a nightmare had begun.

-Wei was actually a chatterbox!

Heavens! After knowing this guy for so long, Zuo Mo only now found that Wei was a chatterbox. Even Pu Yao, who ghosts and monsters avoided, chose the path of avoidance when facing the maddening nattering.

Zuo Mo finally understood what it was like to be haunted.

"A Zuo, you want to use the Weapon Layering Craftsmanship? This idea is good. However, I'm not sure about many of the details. It has been too long. You need to try it yourself. Oh, I remember. I've never introduced the history of the Weapon Layering Craftsmanship to you. Aiyaya, I've actually missed such an important matter. I'm old, my memory is failing. Oh oh oh, speaking of the Weapon Layering Craftsmanship, I have to start from thirty five thousand years ago. At that time ... ..."

Zuo Mo felt as though a bunch of flies were buzzing around him.

So terrifying!

"Stop!" Zuo Mo yelled at Wei.

Wei immediately closed his mouth. His eyes were wide and his expression innocent.

Zuo Mo reflexively rubbed his head. He knew that ever since he had swore the gravestone oath, there was a connection between him and wei. All of Wei's hidden personality was now exposed.

Calmed down, Zuo Mo started to think.

He did plan on using the Weapon Layering Craftsmanship. This was the best choice at the moment. The Weapon Layering Craftsmanship was to layer many mo weapons to forge one mo weapon. Zuo Mo had learned of craftsmanship methods that had been lost after the thousand year war from Wei.

The quality of the mo weapons he had was very good. If he used the Weapon Layering Craftsmanship, and he was lucky, he might obtain an earth mo weapon.

However, while Wei had done some mo weapon forging, he was not a proper mo weapon forger. Zuo Mo had to explore many things by himself.

Fortunately, there were mo weapon pools in Bu Zhou City specifically for forging mo weapons.

The forging of talismans mostly used fire, so what resulted were all kinds of cauldrons.

Forging mo weapons occurred in mo weapon pools.

Bu Zhou City had an Underground Nether River that was very suitable for forging mo weapons. Most of the mo weapon pools were constructed by the Underground Nether River.

The Underground Nether River was silent. It was about twenty li wide and spectacular to see. The river water of the Underground Nether River was as sticky as glue, black yet clear, and silent as it flowed.

When one walked along the river, there were mo weapon pools of various sizes along the banks that seemed to stretch out endlessly.

There were also countless caverns that had been dug out along the banks. People frequently used mo skills to guide the water into their caves. The lower the cave was, the more mo weapon pool water there was, and the better the quality. It was also more expensive. The caverns higher up were much cheaper and it required people to get their own water.

There were two kinds of mo weapon pools here. One kind was the mo weapon pools owned by the local prominent families. These mo weapon pools were not open to the outside and were private property of these families. The other kind of mo weapon pools were open to everyone. Anyone that could pay the mobei could use them. These mo weapon pools were managed by the Tang Family.

An old male mo came up. He was wearing the insignia of the Tang Family.

"Is there something you need?"

"I need a mo weapon pool," Zuo Mo said.

"What quality?" the other asked.

"The highest quality," Zuo Mo said without hesitation.

The old man was slightly surprised. The highest quality mo weapon pools wasn't just very expensive to use, the water was turbulent and abundant. If one did not have enough power, they would not be able to control the power.

Was this person a famous mo weapon master?

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