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Chapter Sixty Five - Li Water Burning Heavens

"Should we call for an end?" Yan Le said with slight dissatisfaction, his brows furrowed as he looked at the sorry figure of Zuo Mo in the plaza. Before, he had felt that even though Luo Li had been somewhat arrogant, but overall, he had been very good. Today's battle had changed his impression of Luo Li to an extremely terrible one. He might not be as strong as Xin Yan but he was still a jindan xiuzhe. How could he not see? Luo Li clearly had the advantage, but like a cat catching a mouse, he was playing with the other.

The two were still disciples of the same sect, regardless of how serious the conflict. What was happening now was somewhat over the top.

Inside, he blamed Zuo Mo for trying to be brave. He had clearly given Zuo Mo a ling armour but Zuo Mo didn't wear it. What he didn't know was that when Zuo Mo had been practising in the river, he naturally had taken the armor off. After he returned, he forgot to put it on.

Glancing at the dark face of Shi Feng Rong, Pei Yuan Ran smiled, "No rush, no rush." Then he said in a heavy tone, "In the future, the rules need to be adjusted."

"Of course." Yan Le agreed, "In the past, the feelings between the disciples had been pretty good and nothing like this had happened. Right now, the situation in the sect is complicated. It's better to change the rules."

In the battlefield, Zuo Mo panted heavily. He blocked off all the outside noise. He stared fixedly at Luo Li only ten steps away from him.

He caught it!

Caught the barely perceptible ripple!

[Empty Sword Scripture] was like travelling through the void and that made it hard to detect the sword.

However, to humiliate Zuo Mo, Luo Li had purposefully let out a small flaw to give Zuo Mo time to dodge. He definitely wouldn't have thought that this flaw that he purposefully left behind let Zuo Mo find an unique characteristic of [Empty Sword Scripture]!

It had to be said that [Empty Sword Scripture] deserved to be the finest among the third grade sword scriptures. Up until now, Zuo Mo hadn't found Luo Li's flying sword. This was the speciality of [Empty Sword Scripture]. The flying sword could travel through space and pierce through it to wound others, giving others the feeling that it was non-existent.

However, Luo Li was far from the level of his sword essence becoming non-existent.

It was an extremely small ripple. Just before the flying sword would appear, there would be a very small ling energy ripple. This ling energy ripple, in the midst of the unsteady surroundings, could be easily overlooked.

However, as Luo Li repeatedly played, Zuo Mo who had been highly alert caught this sign!

Zuo Mo's cultivation was far from Luo Li, but his spiritual power was far above Luo Li. This was also the reason he could catch this small fluctuation.

As long as he could catch the fluctuation, Empty Sword, it wasn't untraceable any longer!

On a zombie face smeared with dirt and sweat, it seemed that there were two deep red flames jumping deep in his eyes!

The smugness on Luo Li's face gradually disappeared. Previously, every time he made a blow, Zuo Mo's sorry state caused a lot of laughter. But afterwards, the laughter decreased in number. Presently, the entire plaza was dead silent. No matter how dishevelled a figure Zuo Mo was, there wasn't any more noise.

This made Luo Li feel very uncomfortable. He decided to end this boring battle using the move he had just comprehended.

The mockery on his face disappeared. His expression turned grave, all the ling energy in his body moved.

The air seemed to have solidified, silent and deadly. The disciples that were spectating felt a heavy pressure form as though it was tangible and their expressions all changed. They could not dodge it!

Luo Li Shixiong, had he reached this kind of level?

Even those inner sect disciples couldn't help but show shock on their faces. Luo Li Shixiong's cultivation was stronger than them but they had not thought that Luo Li Shixiong would be this strong!

"Yi!" Light flashed through Yan Le's eyes. The others also looked down with solemn expressions.

"Shidi, pay attention, and get ready to interfere," Pei Yuan Ran said firmly to Xin Yan. His eyes were tightly locked on Luo Li, seemingly excited. With his experience, how could he not see that this was a move that combined [Empty Sword Scripture] and [Shapeless Sword Scripture]?

[Empty Sword Scripture] and [Shapeless Sword Scripture] were born from the same root. In the past, [Void Sword Scripture] was broken into two sword scriptures, [Empty Sword Scripture] and [Shapeless Sword Scripture]. All these years, many people had wanted to put the two sword scriptures back together but no one had succeeded.

In the past, if Xin Yan hadn't cultivated [Ice Dragon Sword Scripture], he would have certainly done this. Basically, any disciple of the sect that practised one of the two sword scriptures would try their best to combine the two sword scriptures.

So when they saw Luo Li's move, Pei Yuan Ran and the other three were instantly absorbed.

No one knew how to learn [Void Sword Scripture] but there were many records about this sword scripture. All the records would always have one word, "Essence moves and rises."

With Luo Li's cultivation, he wouldn't be able to exude this kind of presence unless he comprehended sword essence. Yet, in the eyes of experts like Xin Yan, whether Luo Li had comprehended sword essence or not could be seen with a glance. Then there was only one possibility - combining the sword scriptures!

How could they not be excited?

Zuo Mo didn't know any of this. In his eyes, there was only Luo Li, only that ripple! Luo Li's presence was extremely shocking, but in Zuo Mo's eyes, it was far less frightening than before -- the fluctuation was too strong!

He almost didn't need to try to locate the relative position of this ling energy fluctuation. It was clearer than any previous time.

The previous sword moves might not have been as strong in terms of presence but that fluctuation was extremely small. If it wasn't that Zuo Mo's consciousness was strong, he wouldn't have been able to detect it.


Laboriously waiting for a chance, Zuo Mo's pupils shrunk and the ice crystal sword that had been floating landed in his hand.

Stepping forward in a half crouch, his body slightly bent, the sword tip pointing to the ground, the eyes half closed. All the fire, all the desire for battle, all the resolve, all of it started to retreat inside.

Zuo Mo was like a dirty stone statue, motionless.

Luo Li saw Zuo Mo's posture and a faint icy smile floated on the corner of his mouth.

In front of absolute power, any kind of rebellion was useless! He wanted the sect leader and the others to see his potential, see that he was more exceptional than Wei Sheng. He needed to take back what belonged to him!

He didn't notice that at this time, Xin Yan Shishu's attention moved from his body to Zuo Mo's body. Xin Yan's usually stone-cold face was in a rare state of surprise.

Luo Li didn't notice. If he had noticed, maybe he would think of what was behind it.

He raised his right hand, his fingers forming a sword, the ling energy revolving!

Some meticulous outer sect disciples instantly noticed that a layer of faint white mist had formed and surrounded Zuo Mo's lowered ice crystal sword. It looked like Zuo Mo was holding a ball of mist.

Luo Li felt that the time was right, without hesitation, he attacked, his fingers lightly swiping at Zuo Mo!

All the accumulated anger, it seemed to have found a place to vent and furiously flooded following Luo Li's fingers.

Just at this moment, Zuo Mo suddenly opened his eyes!

It was like a dead motionless statue had suddenly come alive. Zuo Mo's clear bright eyes were entirely red like bloody eyes, but also like a roaring fire, burning like his desire to fight and his resolve! The moment he opened his eyes, all the energy that had retreated suddenly exploded.

Using all the power in his body, he swung the sword against the current viciously upwards!


The raspy voice was explosive, like a fireball suddenly exploding!

Biding his time for so long, it was all for this move. All the ling energy, all the spiritual energy, Zuo Mo didn't keep any of it back. All of it was poured into this [Li Water Burning Heavens]!

His eyes glared furiously almost as though they were going to pop out. That zombie face that was eternally expressionless was twisted like a dancing flame!

Luo Li's expression changed. What was that?

He clearly saw countless jumping flames, countless flames filled with explosiveness, but why? They clearly were just water!


That was impossible!

That damned zombie had clearly been using a water element sword scripture! How could it transform into fire?

It had to be said that [Li Water Sword Scripture] was a very unique sword scripture. The uniqueness wasn't just found in manipulating water like fire. Even its sword moves were very unique. In the seven moves, the first six moves, they were all classical water element sword moves, they walked the path of water. Anyone who encountered it would naturally classify it as a classical water element sword scripture, But only up till the very last move. That one took a huge curve. Manipulate water like fire.

Without having learned the last move [Li Water Burning Heavens], it wasn't possible to really comprehend [Li Water Sword Scripture]. All the essence of [Li Water Sword Scripture] was in this final move. Even the people who practiced it had a hard time finding it, to say nothing of the people facing it.

Additionally, while the sword moves that Zuo Mo had previously used were skilled and smooth, but in each move, not one bit of sword essence was revealed.

Zuo Mo had thought it through. Sword essence was the only place that he could win. If the other was alert against it, he didn't even have the tiniest bit of hope. So in the beginning, no matter if it was [Flowing Water], [Seven Whirlpools] or [Layered Tides], he didn't use sword essence.

Only now!

In front of Zuo Mo, a crack suddenly appeared. It gave off a terrifying presence like an ancient monster that would eat people!

Joy made its way onto the faces of Pei Yuan Ran and the others. Only Xin Yan's gaze was tightly locked on Zuo Mo.

What was going to come out of the crack? The flying sword!

Zuo Mo seemed to be combusting. His eyes were blood red and he roared, not dodging in the slightest. The ice crystal sword, swung with all his power, went up against the flow as a layer of strange and clear water flames appeared.

All the disciples, no matter inner sect or outer, no one could keep their composure! Even the steady Qin Cheng's expression changed dramatically!

Sword essence!

That was sword essence!

In their eyes, Zuo Mo was like a ball of fire, a strange and clear water flame!

Presence! A vicious and brutal presence suddenly spread out with Zuo Mo as the center.

Luo Li finally was shocked. Not caring about anything else, all the ling energy in his body started to revolve!

The ice crystal sword suddenly lightened. The strange water flame left the sword, transforming into a silently burning fire sword formed out of water, accurately hitting that crack!

Everyone could only see a patch of white and nothing else. Their ears rang, they couldn't hear anything. The disciples that had been closer felt that someone had pushed them heavily, forcing them to move six or seven steps behind before they could steady themselves.

Only a long while later did everyone's eyes recovered. When they looked at the battlefield, everyone truly was dumbstruck.

There was a gigantic and deep hole in the plaza. Inside the plaza, Zuo Mo's upper half was naked, his clothing having disappeared. He was still locked in his position of swinging the sword. The light in his eyes retreated. He was like a statue.

At the edge of the deep pit, blood seeped out of the corner of Luo Li Shixiong's mouth. His hair was a mess, not much of his clothing had remained. His eyes were fixed on Zuo Mo.


Luo Li Shixiong suddenly spat out blood and fell down backwards!

At the same time, Zuo Mo still maintained his attack position as he silently dropped to the ground.