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The battle finally has come. Luo Li vs. Zuo Mo. Place your bets!

Chapter Sixty Three The Sect Assessment

Returning to the mountain, Zuo Mo was called over to Shi Feng Rong immediately and was severely scolded. Zuo Mo knew that his master was worried for him and he was very agreeable. Inside, his heart felt warm. Master might not have a good temper, her personality might be a bit cold, but she was still not bad for a master.

After he was scolded over by Master, he returned to the little yard. He had too many things to digest. These few days, he needed to relax. After heavy practice the past three months, his mind had reached its limits. The few days until the sect assessment were perfect for him to rest. He needed to organize the things he had comprehended.

Just as Zuo Mo was resting in the Little West Wind Yard, a white clothed male was standing on a mountain peak not far from Wu Kong Mountain. He muttered: "Should be around here."

If Zuo Mo saw this person, he would be shocked. This white clothed male, it was the person he met on the road, Lin Qian!

Lin Qian's face was solemn. On that peerlessly handsome face, he looked up at the sky, muttering softly: "Stars in daytime......"

As the sect assessment neared, the entire Wu Kong Sword Sect started to become busy. The annual sect assessment was the most important matter for all disciples. It was directly connected to each person's benefits in the upcoming year.

The exams were very broad. For example, Zuo Mo was one of the examiners, he was testing the outer sect disciples on their skill with the five element spells.

But the most important test of the sect was sword scriptures!

The disciples that shone brightly in the assessment, their position and benefits in the sect would improve afterwards. Every disciple, no matter inner or outer sect, had practiced with all their power for the sect assessment.

Compared to past years, this year's sect assessment was more interesting. Like the disagreement between Luo Li Shixiong and Zuo Mo Shixiong. And what everyone really wanted to see was if Wei Sheng Shixiong was going to come out of the Sword Cave before the sect assessment. If Wei Sheng Shixiong could get out in time, he would definitely attend the assessment. Wei Sheng Shixiong and Zuo Mo Shixiong had a good relationship, and he certainly wouldn't watch. Then it would be interesting.

As to the fight between Luo Li and Zuo Mo, in the eyes of everyone, it was a fight with a pre-determined outcome. The value in its existence was to lure out Wei Sheng Shixiong. Now that it seemed that Wei Sheng Shixiong wasn't going to come, the value of the fight was much smaller. Everyone was guessing how Luo Li Shixiong would humiliate Zuo Mo.

The annual sect assessment of Wu Kong Sword Sect finally started.

All the disciples were gathered at the plaza outside Wu Kong Hall.

Pei Yuan Ran stood at the very front. Looking at the outer sect disciples and inner sect disciples below him, he couldn't help but sigh. This year, it was especially important for Wu Kong Sword Sect. A ling plant farmer like Zuo Mo had appeared and also a genius sword cultivator like Wei Sheng!

"Shixiong, let's start." Yan Le reminded Pei Yuan Ran. For the sect assessment, he had especially rushed back from Dong Fu.

Pei Yuan Ran came back from his wanderings and nodded his head. Facing everyone else, he slowly opened: "This year, the sect has had many outstanding people. I am very comforted. Cultivation is like swimming against the current. If one doesn't progress, it is falling behind. You can't slack off."

"Yes!" The disciples under answered synchronously.

"Start the assessment!"

The first to undergo the tests were the sect's outer sect disciples. And the ones responsible for testing them were all the inner sect disciples. Zuo Mo was responsible for ling farming. Xu Yi was responsible for forging. Like so, everyone was responsible for a certain area. This was the first time that Zuo Mo saw the Eldest Shijie, Gongsun Qing.

Eldest Shijie's appearance was proper, mature and extremely dignified. She didn't say very much. Most of her words were gentle and tactful, but everyone was still very respectful of her. Supposedly, Eldest Shijie was going to marry soon. Her fiancé was a disciple from a large sect. She was the only one of the inner sect disciples that wasn't responsible for an exam. Her duty was to patrol the entire location. From this, it could be seen the trust the sect leader and the other shishu had in her.

Seeing the familiar faces now filled with awe, Zuo Mo was reminded of himself. Last year's sect assessment, he was still among them. Now, he was their examiner. His heart felt slightly strange.

Compared to the other disciples, Zuo Mo was much more familiar with these outer sect disciples. He was clear to each one's cultivation. As a result, he was very efficient.

He was the first inner sect disciple to finish his examination.

Carefully sealing the results in a jade scroll, he then handed it to the sect leader.

"Oh, Little Mo's speed is very quick." The sect leader smiled at Zuo Mo as he took the jade scroll.

"This disciple is very familiar with all the shidi so it was a bit faster." Zuo Mo carefully answered.

"En, not bad." The sect leader scanned the results and then nodded in confirmation. He turned and gave the jade stick to Yan Le who was at the side and smiled at Zuo Mo: "Little Mo, I heard you were swept away by the river when you were practicing?"

If Zuo Mo didn't have a zombie face, he would certainly have been very red at the moment. Being asked by the sect leader in front of the shishu, even though Zuo Mo's skin was thick, he still found it hard to deal with.

"This disciple wasn't attentive and will be careful next time." Zuo Mo could only answer.

"En. Pay attention, otherwise, your master will worry." The sect leader said.

"Have a clean death." Shi Feng Rong coldly took over.

Zuo Mo knew what kind of temper his master had and wasn't concerned.

After that, the other exams were also completed, the seal jade sticks handed over to the sect leader. Here, the sect assessment was put on hold. All the disciples were quietly waiting for the sect leader to announce the rewards. The first three of each year's sect assessment would always get prizes.

The sect leader scanned all the jade scrolls before raising his head.

"Not bad, everyone improved this year. I'm very comforted." The sect leader's voice wasn't loud but could be heard across the plaza.

"The person that improved the most this year really surprised me, Yu Xiao Guo!" As the sect leader announced it, the female disciples of the Eastern Peak cheered.

Zuo Mo was surprised. He hadn't thought that Xiao Guo would make such big improvement. His eyes found Xiao Guo in the crowd. Xiao Guo didn't seem to have thought that she would be first in the sect assessment this year. Her face instantly turned red like an apple, her head almost touching her chest. The female disciples surrounding her were very excited.

A happy expression also came onto Li Ying Feng's face. She had always liked Xiao Guo.

Xiao Guo suddenly raised her flushed face, her eyes searching among the inner sect disciples on the stage. When she saw Li Ying Feng smiling at her, the smile on her own face became even brighter. When her gaze swept towards Zuo Mo, and saw Zuo Mo Shixiong give her a thumbs up, her nose suddenly went sour, her eyes misty. At this crucial time, she actually started to cry!

Zuo Mo's thumbs-up was paralyzed. He hadn't thought that his action would make Xiao Guo cry. This little girl, she really was a headache! Zuo Mo muttered inside.

Second place was Guo Lu. After he had recovered, he had rapidly improved. The third place was a disciple that Zuo Mo had never heard of before. He was called Zhu Peng.

These three people were going to receive a heavy reward from the sect.

Some were disappointed, some were happy. All the possible expressions of people could be seen.

For the outer sect disciples, the annual sect assessment had passed. No matter the outcome, it was like a load off their chests. Thinking of the inner sect disciple assessment that was next, they instantly became excited. Each year's inner sect disciple assessment was always spectacular.

There were the fights between the shixiong and the explanations from the sect's shishu. Usually, this was something they couldn't see or hear. If they could digest even a bit, it was more than enough for them to benefit.

And this year, they had something else to look forward to - how would Luo Li Shixiong torment Zuo Mo?

The outer sect disciples instinctively stepped back, empting out the plaza for the inner sect disciple battle and waited for the fireworks.

"Alright, usual rules." The sect leader didn't waste words: "Start."

Luo Li was the first to stand out. Entering the sect, he faced Zuo Mo and said coldly: "Zuo Mo Shidi should have prepared already."

As expected, what was supposed to come did come!

Zuo Mo wasn't timid. He stood up and entered the plaza, his mouth not showing weakness: "Shixiong is still as chatty as usual!"

The people below instantly started to murmur.


Zuo Mo and Luo Li's power completely were on different levels. Yet Zuo Mo was still so arrogant. Wasn't he just asking for Luo Li Shixiong to humiliate him?

Luo Li's face instantly turned green. Having been taunted by Zuo Mo in front of this many people, he laughed angrily: "I hope that Shidi's sword is half as sharp as your words!"

"Shixiong will know if he tries." Zuo Mo found that he wasn't nervous at all.

"Humph!" Luo Li said: "You first."

Zuo Mo was eager for Luo Li to underestimate him. It fit his desire that the other let him attack first. Without hesitation, the ice crystal sword disappeared in front of him, leaving behind a clear ripple.

[Flowing Water]!

The crux of this move was for the sword to act as though it was falling like water from a high altitude, the water essence was smooth without a hint of presence!

"It seems that Shidi has worked hard recently!" Luo LI smirked. Since he was planning to humiliate Zuo Mo, naturally, he wouldn't let this battle end so quickly. He wanted Zuo Mo to understand just how great the gap was between them. He wanted Zuo Mo to realize that the two wasn't on the same level, that he could kill Zuo Mo as easily as killing an ant!


The sound of impact was as clear as glass.

Ten steps in front of Luo Li, invisible vibrations spread out!

Luo Li acted as though no one was present as he started to walk towards Zuo Mo. His face smiling coldly: "What? Does Shidi only have these little moves?"

Zuo Mo's entire mind was on controlling the ice crystal sword and didn't hear the words.

The sword suddenly changed as though it became countless little flows, wrapping around in layers as dense as cloth. The little flows spun quicker and quick, producing soft hissing sounds. Just two steps from Luo Li, these revolving small flows multiplied in size and started to ring!

Seven whirlpools suddenly appeared around Luo Li!

The sword was soft yet sticky, the seven whirlpools trapping Luo Li in the middle like a cage made out of whirlpools. Luo Li had no place to escape! Each whirlpool was made up of countless tiny sword energies. These hair-thin, weak looking sword energies were full of a silent danger!

[Li Water Sword Scripture]'s [Seven Whirlpools]!