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 Chapter Six Hundred and Twenty Eight - Water Curtain

"We are not far from Gu Liang Dao's forces."

Gongsun Cha was off in a daze as he stared at the jie map.

They had been very fast. The string of hard battles at the start had cause their reputation to spread. The major factions along the way had learned to fear them. Also, with A Zha Ge Battalion at the front and many mo members in Vermillion Bird Camp, no one suspected that they were xiuzhe. The resistance they encountered was much less than Gu Liang Dao.

Also, as the people in front of them moved to clear out the way, the factions further up ahead copied them. As Gongsun Cha's battalion continued to advance, their goal gradually became clear.

The factions all noticed that if Gongsun Cha's battalions continued to advance on this path, there was a high possibility that they would end up fighting Gu Liang Dao!

Was this unknown elite force targeting Gu Liang Dao?

Many people felt excited at this speculation! The power of Gu Liang Dao had caused fear in the mo in this area. Some factions that were daring and were closer to Gu Liang Dao's forces had their entire families flee.

Gu Liang Dao's advance was so persistent it robbed people of hope.

If this elite battalion's target was really Gu Liang Dao ... ...

When the mo factions along the way let out the path, they kept a close watch on Gongsun Cha Battalion with anticipation.

It had to be said that Gu Liang Dao was extremely lucky. The entry point he had picked was very good and there were no powerful factions in the area.

Just as everyone felt hopeless, suddenly a powerful battalion appeared and had went on a long journey heading straight for Gu Liang Dao. How could these mo in the area not feel hope?

What really made Gongsun Cha wanted to laugh was that some factions even sent messengers to ask and say that they were willing to offer reinforcements and supplies!

Gongsun Cha also felt wonderment at having becoming the savior that the mo looked towards. He naturally refused them.

But these mo thought that Gongsun Cha had refused because this elite battalion was too proud. They deliberately left out supplies along the road without anyone guarded them and permitted Gongsun Cha and the others to take as they pleased. The factions further along the way copied them in unspoken agreement.

This incorrect speculation didn't just increase the speed of the advance, it also greatly decreased the battalion's exhaustion.

Gongsun Cha's group was like a sharp dagger that flashed through one jie after another.

Until they were almost at the destination!

What they were about to face was Gu Liang Dao's battalion!

Gu Liang Dao might have encountered more resistance but he had more manpower than Lil' Miss. With the colossus that was Xi Xuan behind him, he slowly pushed forward. His method was slow but no one could stop his momentum.

Old Field Jie, this little unknown jie was Lil' Miss' goal this time.

According to the path that Gu Liang Dao's advance was taking, Old Field Jie was to be his next target.

Gongsun Cha raised his head and his gaze swept across his commanders. Even though they had undergone a long journey, did not rest at all along the way, and exhaustion could be seen, their morale was high and they were brimming with fighting spirit!

Xi Xuan's Tiger General Gu Liang Dao!

Gongsun Cha suddenly smiled. That pair of clear eyes like that of the neighbor's boy burned with fire.

The commanders became alert. They knew that the true battle was about to begin.

"We need to win this battle." Lil' Miss' tone was gentle as though he was describing something ordinary but every word caused the people to tremble as though electricity was sparking across their skin. Everyone stopped breathing and stood up straight!

"Only victory!"


The damaged Great Peace City was filled with rubble. The flat ground was now pitted and looked like a ruin.

From the center of Great Peace Palace, a bright mo matrix lit up under Shi Yue Yi's feet.

Shi Yue Yi's wrinkled face carried deep sorrow. Starting slowly greyish-white spread from the roots of his hair and eyebrows turned a dull greyish-white.

He did not speak. The mo matrix that lit up under his feet was like a creeper vine that had woken from a hundred year deep sleep and started to spread into the surroundings.

Soon, all of the Great Peace Palace was as brightly lit by this mo matrix, as though it was day.

The light of the mo matrix did not stop. It spread along the damaged walls, and continued to spread outwards.

The mo matrixes on the streets lit up, the mo matrixes at the corners of walls lit up, the mo matrixes of the buildings lit up.

In a blink, all of Great Peace City was covered in the bright mo matrixes.

People suddenly found to their amazement that every corner of Great Peace City was engraved with mo matrixes!

Zuo Mo also jumped in surprise. He looked at the mo matrixes that almost covered all of Great Peace City and gaped. He could not imagine how they had carved so many mo matrixes when they had constructed the city.

Such a vast undertaking!

The Ming Bandits in the air were also surprised and scared by this scene. They retreated.


Shi Yue Yi cried, the tears falling on the mo matrixes below him. The mo matrixes seemed to hear his sorrow. The light shook and then spread.

He looked at the ruins of Great Peace City, looked at the Ming Bandits at its borders. In a flash, the glorious Great Peace City had reached its end.

His wrinkles became visibly deeper and he was rapidly ageing at a visible rate.

"Teacher, this student is useless!"

The teary eyes suddenly became determined. He raised his arms as though he was about to embrace the sky.


The mo matrix light that covered Great Peace City suddenly brightened. The blinding light shot into the sky.

This Great Peace City that Shi Zi Ming had constructed himself opened its eyes like a monster that woke from its slumber.

The black sea surrounding Great Peace City started to rise at an astounding rate. It furiously rippled like there was something shaking deep down.

The black curtain of water quickly rose from the black sea to form an enormous black water shield in the air which covered all of Great Peace City.

The Ming Bandits were shocked by this suddenly retreated. Everyone was experienced and sensitive to danger. This water curtain looked thin but they could smell the scent of danger.

The people inside Great Peace City sighed in relief. Many people even cheer. At least they were safe for now.

"City Master! City Master!"

The alarmed shout startled everyone. When they looked towards City Master, all of them were stunned.

Shi Yue Yi stood motionless. His entire body was a pale grey-white, he seemed to be made out of rock and was entirely lifeless.

He had turned into a statue!

Princess Xia and the others were frightened by this scene. They covered their mouths with tears in their eyes. Many of the Great Peace City mo started to sob. Shi Yue Yi had been intelligent and gentle, authoritative and was deeply loved by the people of Great Peace City.

Zuo Mo looked deeply at Shi Yue Yi and sighed inside. He had gotten a good feeling from Shi Yue Yi.

But he was not sad. The two had not had a deep relationship and this was not the time to grieve.

He flowed the mo matrix and looked around. He immediately had a grasp on the situation.

Of the people present, he was not the most powerful but he definitely understood the most about mo matrixes.

Shi Zi Ming was as powerful as expected!

Zuo Mo was full of admiration. When he returned, he called everyone over.

"The water curtain will stand for three days." Zuo Mo lowered his voice and everyone's hearts shook.

But the people seated here were not normal people. Even though they were afraid, they still maintained calmness on their faces. For them, this was good. Three days was a precious time to breathe and rest. It was enough for them to recover the strength to fight.

Even though in the eyes of some people, their combined fighting strength was still nothing in front of the Ming Bandits.

"Everyone, take the time to recover." Zuo Mo turned to Miao Jun, "Miao Jun, spend some time to organize these guards and train them."

Miao Jun wanted to speak.

"Tempering before the fight, even if it isn't sharp, it looks good." Zuo Mo glanced at Miao Jun and then said, "If someone disobeys, execute them!"

"I understand!" Miao Jun nodded and turned to leave.

Zuo Mo called over the Lan Brothers.

Lan Tian Long looked at Zuo Mo and said, "Brother Xiao, if there is something you need us brothers to do, tell us. Even if I have to put my life on the line, it is alright!"

Lan Rong also nodded. "Brother Xiao, speak!"

Zuo Mo said in a low voice, "Three days, we can't just sit around and wait. There are so many people in Great Peace City and they can fight. Even though there is no time to train a battle formation, having more people is useful."

The Lan Brothers were thoughtful.

"We need to recruit more people before everyone else can react. The more people, the better!" Zuo Mo said.

The Lan Brothers were smart people and immediately understood when they heard this. When the other factions started to react, it would not be so easy to recruit people.

The two exchanged a look and nodded in unison, "Alright!"

Finishing, the two did not waste words and silently left.

The three princesses looked at Zuo Mo and felt admiration. When everyone else was dazed and clueless, Xiao Mo Ge had sent out a string of orders. His way of thinking was clear, his attitude decisive and without hesitation.

The people around were infected by Zuo Mo's composure and they recovered from their panic. Without detecting it, they seemed to have gained some confidence.

Even Zhu Ke and the others looked at Zuo Mo under a new light. They had originally thought that Zuo Mo was only talented in cultivation and hadn't expected that he was also outstanding as a battle general.

Zuo Mo did not know what these people were thinking. He was in a mess on the inside.

Three days!

Three days, what could he do?

Zuo Mo thought hard. The possibility of breaking through just with the manpower he had now was not high.

He had to think of a solution!


"Your Highness!" Fu Feng's expression was worried.

"En?" BIe Han turned his head slightly.

"No matter what, you have to break through!" Fu FEng suddenly said.

Bie Han was silent until he suddenly asked, "Are the Ming Bandits very strong?"

Fu Feng stilled and reflexively answered, "Very strong, they are the strongest bandits!"

"Oh." Bie Han nodded and became silent again.

"Your Highness!" Fu Feng was urgent. "You have to promise this subordinate! No matter what, you have ... ..."

Bie Han raised his hand as he turned around, he interrupted Fu Feng's words.

"I will show them why they are only bandits."

Translator Ramblings: Would a person build a city without any defenses at all? Even Zuo Mo's Golden Crow City had defenses.