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 Chapter Six Hundred and Twenty Six - A Sword Strike and A Block

The one who spoke was Zuo Mo.

One of his hands was pulling the Three Thousand Threads of Worry as his body hung from the Anti Dragon Claw. However, in the eyes of everyone else, his posture was very strange because they could not see the Three Thousand Threads of Worry in his hand.

Everyone on the battlefield turned to look at Zuo Mo.

Even Zhu Ke and the other two inside the sword wheel couldn't help but slow down.

But the one most shocked was Lin Qian. His heart jumped. Had Xiao Mo Ge tamed the Anti Dragon Claw?


Mo weapons like the Anti Dragon Claw were not something that general level mo could tame. However, why didn't the Anti Dragon Claw respond? The Anti Dragon Claw was famed for its savagery and viciousness, how could it tolerate someone close to it?

Lin Qian' expression was normal but he was shocked inside. His murderousness towards Xiao Mo Ge was so strong, even he was surprised about it. But he had forcibly suppressed the murderousness. The stone stele was the priority, and he had thought Xiao Mo Ge would turn to ash under the backlash of the Anti Dragon Claw.

But Xiao Mo Ge was untouched!

This was unexpected to him. He suddenly found that there were too many unexpected occurrences today. The group of people emerging from the pile of rubble was unexpected, the two women who cultivated shen power were unexpected.

Almost everything unexpected was related to Xiao Mo Ge.

Thinking about his thoughts of killing Xiao Mo Ge, Lin Qian grimaced. Had this been Heaven's will?

This thought only flashed through his mind and his eyes lit up again.

The dim Tai'a sword rose again. His blue and red eyes were unfathomably deep. The situation was disadvantageous to him. He was already uncertain he could defeat the two women in front of him. Now add on Xiao Mo Ge!

The sword wheel would not last for much longer, he did not have a lot of time left.

He took a deep breath. At this time, all words were a waste to him. Only two words could awaken his fighting spirits and motivation!

"Kun Lun!"

The light words were full of determination as it echoed.

The other Kun Lun sword xiu changed expression. Eldest Shixiong was going all out!

The dimmed Tai'a sword shook and suddenly released a blinding and burning light. The sparks flew off as the blade moved.

Lin Qian stood up straight. His usually gentle brow was fierce and determined, and his face pale.

He was like an unsheathed sword!

The ground continued to tremble. The vast sword essence was like a lead cloud that weighed down on people. The ground underneath Lin Qian cracked, split and crumbled to form a perfectly round pit. The edges of the round hole was rapidly spreading outwards.

It was unable to be stopped!

At the same time, the Tai'a sword that was like a firework sparkler; it gave off a grievous hum as it melted. A hint of sorrow flashed across Lin Qian's face but his movement did not stop. His sword arm decisively chopped into the air!

The grieving hum of the Tai'a sword echoed through Great Peace City.

The blinding light suddenly expanded and a terrifying sword essence immediately covered all of Great Peace City!

As though a sun was rising at Great Peace City!


A savage and vicious roar was like thunder. The ground shook as though it was being hammered, all of Great Peace City shook. The vast wave of air was like a hard wall that swept outwards. Those that were weak were thrown into the air as though they were hit by something! Even Zhu Ke and the other were almost unable to stay standing. All of them stumbled and had to use all their strength to steady themselves. The blood drained from their faces.

Even they couldn't help but feel fear in the face of such a terrifying sword essence.

The terrifying wave of air that was like a metal wall rolled through Great Peace City.

When the light dissipated and the scene appeared in front of them, all of them had ashen complexions. More than half of the soaring structures in Great Peace City had been been cut down.

But when they recovered from their shock, they immediately looked towards the stele forest.

Lin Qian stood upright like a sword.

Between himself and Xiao Mo Ge stood a dragon claw. Near the two, the ground had been erased. Only the ground under Xiao Mo Ge had not disappeared. It was like a slice of cake had been cut from the earth and stretched out behind him.

Zuo Mo used the Anti Dragon Claw to block this blow.

At the crucial moment, he channeled the Three Thousand Threads of Worry and pushed the Anti Dragon Claw in front of him to stop Lin Qian's sword strike!

The Anti Dragon Claw had shrank after enduring this blow and became Zuo Mo's height.

Zhu Ke and the others stared with wide eyes and looked in disbelief at Zuo Mo. Even they didn't dare to touch the power of that blow just now and Xiao Mo Ge had managed to stop it!

Xiao Mo Ge had really tamed the Anti Dragon Claw!

They had no more doubts. If he had not done so, Xiao Mo Ge would not be able to stop the power of that sword strike with his own power!

Lin Qian's strength shocked them but Xiao Mo Ge's display was even more unexpected.

A general level was able to subdue the Anti Dragon Claw. It was absurd to hear but it happened in front of them.

From the moment Xiao Mo Ge had appeared in Great Peace City, a string of impossible events had continued to occur. The worldly apparition Shifting Star Stands, surpassing Qi Diao Yu's record, defeating Shen Yu who had comprehended the [Peacock King Plume], causing the Great Peace Treasure Pavilion to appear, and now subduing the Anti Dragon Claw and blocking that stunning blow.

He was not favored each time but he would always achieve victory.

Xiao Mo Ge seemed like a freak and there seemed to be a group of freaks around him.

This guy ... ...


Lin Qian's eyes were stunned and his complexion was ashen white.

He had not expected that Xiao Mo Ge could stop his blow!

He had gambled everything on this blow. At a cost of wounding himself, and the Tai'a sword being destroyed, he had used a secret method to temporarily increase his cultivation in order to use such great power.

He had never fought so hard, never.

In past battles, he had always been untouched and at ease. He had never lost before, he was always full of confidence in himself. From a very long time ago, he did not participate in the tournaments between the third generation disciples because his strength had even surpassed majority of elders in the sect.

At his age, he stood as one of the most outstanding geniuses in Kun Lun's history.

Even deep in the mo territories, he was not afraid. He had absolute confidence in himself.

The sect leader had also been full of confidence in their mission. Everyone believed that Lin Qian would not have a match below marshal level.

Yet the reality in front of him allowed him to discover that his pride was laughable.

A general rank youth that was younger than him had easily stopped his most powerful sword strike.

Anti Dragon Claw!

Looking at the almost-living dragon claw, for a moment, Lin Qian's eyes were dazed.

The power of the mo weapon?

The Tai'a sword was lacking greatly compared to the Anti Dragon Claw. He knew this well. It was not that Kun Lun did not have better flying swords but the Tai'a sword was the most powerful sword that he could currently use. He did not have enough cultivation for the ancient and great flying swords sealed in the Sword Pavilion.

But this guy who was just general level had tamed the Anti Dragon Claw.

This completely upended his knowledge of the world.

No wonder he felt murderousness towards the other, was this a fated enemy?

Lin Qian smiled. He was not an ordinary person and quickly recovered his calm. But he knew that he did not have any more power to fight. He had truly failed in his mission.

He quickly recovered his confidence and the red and blue retreated from his eyes. He looked at Zuo Mo and suddenly said in a loud voice, "This one is the first seated disciple of Kun Lun, Lin Qian. Xiao Mo Ge, if you and I ever meet, let us fight again!"

Finishing, Lin Qian turned and walked away.

Pew, the stone stele behind Zuo Mo turned to powder.

Yet at this time, no one dared to speak. Everyone was deeply attracted to this figure of extraordinary presence. Many people showed realization. The first seated disciple of Kun Lun, no wonder he was so extraordinary!

No one dared to stop him.

The remaining Kun Lun sword xiu silently flew next to Lin Qian and formed a defensive perimeter around him.

Everyone in Great Peace City would remember the name Lin Qian.

But then everyone turned to look at Zuo Mo. If it wasn't for Xiao Mo Ge, all of the mo in Great Peace City would have ended up as side-acts to Lin Qian. Many people felt great pity that the Mo Skill Stele had been destroyed but compared to it being stolen by Lin Qian, everyone could accept the present result.

This battle was fated to shake all of the mo territories. They were undoubtedly a minor accompaniment in a battle like this, and it was a humiliation for them.

In the eyes of the world, Xiao Mo Ge who had stopped Lin Qian was the hero of the mo.

This youth that had come out of nowhere and was of unknown origins.

Along with this battle, his name would spread throughout the mo territories!

Yet no one realized that an even greater danger was silently marching towards them.


Zuo Mo was completely void of strength and unable to move. His eyes were filled with shock and fear.

Lin Qian's blow had managed to force himself out of his icy state. If he hadn't used the Three Thousand Threads of Worry to pull the Anti Dragon Claw in front of him at the crucial moment, he wouldn't have been able to survive.

Terrifying and unparalleled strength!

Even if Zuo Mo had a deep hatred of Kun Lun, he couldn't help but feel terror at Lin Qian's power. He was unable to imagine how this person had cultivated.

He had never underestimated Kun Lun's power but when he truly fought against Kun Lun, he found that Kun Lun's strength was even greater than he had predicted!

Just one Lin Qian was so powerful ... ...

He really couldn't imagine it!

Zuo Mo laughed. His thoughts of finding Kun Lun and getting revenge seemed so laughable and out of his reach.

But no matter how laughable and distant it was, so what?

Who made it so that we had a grievance to settle?

Fighting spirit flashed through Zuo Mo's eyes and he became motivated again! His expression suddenly changed and he wailed, "A Gui, A Gui, help me, my feet are trembling, I can't stand up, can't stand up!"

When his gaze casually looked into the sky, he froze.

There was a dense group of black dots in the air like a black cloud coming at a rapid speed.

Zuo Mo's eyes were keen and his expression changed. That was a charging formation!

He suddenly used all the strength he had and shouted at the top of his lungs, "Shu Long!"

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