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 Chapter Sixty One Planning

Zuo Mo wiped river water off his face, his steps uneven as he climbed up the shores of the river. He hadn't thought that [Li Water Burning Heavens] would form into a flood and carry him, who had been in a weak state, a few hundred miles away. One [Li Water Burning Heaven], it had wrung out all the ling energy in his body. At that time, he didn't even have the energy to breathe, much less get out of the flood. He could only be like a piece of wood and try to stay afloat.

Rocks were dense along this Sky Shaking River. Zuo Mo had suffered much as he kept on banging into those stones. Not one part of his body was unharmed.

A few hundred miles. In terms of distance, it wasn't that far. But Zuo Mo didn't even have a paper crane. As to the female grey beaked goose, she couldn't be depended on. And his entire body, he only had his pants and no money at all.

Collapsing on a rock beside the shore, Zuo Mo weakly panted. But there was joy in his eyes.

Sword essence, Li water sword essence! He finally formed Li Water sword essence!

Even if he only just touched the surface of sword essence and wasn't in any way profound, but as long as he persisted, his skill with this sword scripture would naturally deepen with time.

What was even more of a joy to him was the water essence drop inside the ice crystal sword didn't disappear but actually became slightly bigger. It was now about the size of a pinky.

He didn't hesitate, struggling up, coiling his legs to meditate.

Four hours later, he opened his eyes and jumped up from the ground.

Controlling the ice crystal sword, he started to go through the moves of [Li Water Sword Scripture]. Previously, his moves had been smooth and connected, right now it seemed traceless. Yet a faint fire-like sword essence spread out, the temperature of the surroundings leaping up.

A new world was in front of him.

One move after another. His expression solemn, his moves following his thoughts. He could feel that with each move, with the ice crystal sword as the center, a faint water presence would spread. If one looked closely, they would find this water presence was formed from blossoms of extremely tiny water-like flames.

In Zuo Mo's consciousness, that ruler-straight ice river had completely transformed. The middle of the river split the river in half, one side full of icicles moving relentlessly, and the other side was countless water flames, silently burning.

Zuo Mo felt that he had improved. The Li Water sword essence he comprehended this time was completely different than the tidal sword essence he had comprehended before. With the tidal sword essence, rather than saying comprehension, it was more like mimicking. And for Li water sword essence, even though there was Pu Yao's guidance and advice, but he had gone through the entire process by himself bit by bit. The benefits he had received were much more than before.

The ice crystal sword flipped and flew, its trajectory traceless, the fire-like sword essence burning.

But gradually, Zuo Mo couldn't help but furrow his brows. The Li water sword essence was like fire. The heat that was released would logically increase the power of his sword moves but to the ice crystal sword, it was a kind of damage.

The ice crystal sword was yin and cold. It originally was very suited to water element sword scriptures. But what Zuo Mo picked had to be [Li Water Sword Scripture], which called for manipulating water like fire. Over time, the grade of this flying sword would probably drop.

It looked like that he needed a flying sword suited for him, Zuo Mo muttered inside. He quickly threw the problem to one side. Flying swords were expensive. They weren't something he could buy now. But now that he had comprehended sword essence, the sect, in any case, should give him a flying sword. With the sect's stores, to pick a flying sword suited for him, it shouldn't be too difficult.

Manipulating the sword, Zuo Mo didn't feel any tiredness at all but rather extremely refreshed. Even though he was bony and was just wearing some pants, but standing there, he did seem somewhat intimidating. However, the most pressing problem he faced was getting back to the sect. Luckily, it wasn't that far. Even if he had to walk, just a day was enough.

Wu Kong Sword Sect was a mess. In Wu Kong Hall, people came in and out, everyone was preparing for the sect assessment that was coming in a few days.

Inside Wu Kong Hall, Shi Feng Rong faced Xin Yan angrily: "You actually watched as he was swept away?"

There was none of the usual coldness on Xin Yan's face. He carefully said: "The circumstances at that time were outside my expectations. I didn't think he would be swept away by the water. When I managed to react, he was already gone."

"He's a ling plant farmer. If something happened... ... humph!" Shi Feng Rong's anger didn't decrease as she snorted icily.

"Shimei, don't worry too much." Xin Yan smiled as he comforted; "Now that he has comprehended sword essence, in this area around Dong Fu, where would there be any problems?"

Hearing this, Shi Feng Rong's anger finally decreased. She turned around: "Did he really comprehend sword essence? Three months, that's not bad. Which sword scripture did he choose? [Empty Sword Scripture] or [Shapeless Sword Scripture?]"

Xin Yan saw Shi Feng Rong's face relaxed and released a breath inside. Smiling, he responded: "He just entered the inner sect, how could he pick [Empty Sword Scripture] and [Shapeless Sword Scripture]? What he picked was [Li Water Sword Scripture]. I actually hadn't recognized it in the beginning."

Hearing this, Shi Feng Rong's features tensed again: "So what if he just entered the inner sect? How long has Wei Sheng entered the inner sect? Humph, Wei Sheng is able to enter the sword cave, why can't he choose [Empty Sword Scripture] and [Shapeless Sword Scripture]?"

Xin Yan grimaced inside but his mouth went: "Wei Sheng has outstanding talent......"

Shi Feng Rong broke through: "And Zuo Mo's talent isn't enough? Not good enough talent, in three months with no guidance and is able to comprehend sword essence? Go see if anyone else can do it. Even now, Luo Li hasn't comprehended sword essence!"

"Yes yes yes!" Xin Yan was so regretful his intestines were green.

Suddenly, the two heard someone come near and they resumed their usual cold composure.

Pei Yuan Ran walked in. Seeing the two, the corners of his mouth rose slightly but then resumed normal. He said: "What are Second Shidi and Shimei discussing here?"

"Nothing, Shimei's disciple Zuo Mo just comprehended sword essence." Xin Yan's face was cool as he replied, no trace remaining of his carefulness just a moment ago.

"Oh." Pei Yuan Ran was slightly surprised: "He comprehended sword essence? I didn't think he had talent for cultivating the sword. Not bad, not bad. Where is he now? This should be rewarded."

"He was practicing in the river. When he comprehended sword essence, he was swept away by the water. I didn't pay attention and couldn't rescue him." Xin Yan said.

"That's fine. If Zuo Mo could comprehend sword essence then he doesn't need to worry about safety around Dong Fu." Pei Yuan Ran mused and then said: "En, arrange for some outer sect disciples to search along the river. Make sure he doesn't miss the time of the sect assessment."

"Yes." Xin Yan answered.

"Sect Leader Shixiong." Shi Feng Rong opened coolly.

"What?" Pei Yuan Ran smiled.

"Zuo Mo could comprehend sword essence in three months, it's enough to show he has talent in the sword. " Shi Feng Rong said as she stared at Pei Yaun Ran: "If that's the case, the sect should pass on a higher grade sword scripture."

Pei Yuan Ran said: "There's no rush, let's discuss this later."

"Why?" Shi Feng Rong took a step forwards, demanding.

At the side, Xin Yan saw Pei Yuan Ran being pressured and sympathy formed in his eyes.

"Um." Pei Yuan Ran said helplessly: "Wasn't Shimei also worried about his birth?"

Shi Feng Rong was silent for a beat. Then she raised her head, saying: "When he was entering the inner sect, I was worried about his birth and history. But he is now my disciple. No matter how he was before, I would do my best to guide him."

Pei Yuan Ran and Xin Yan exchanged a look. Both of them were very helpless.

"Shimei is reasonable." Pei Yuan Ran said: "But this is really not the time to discuss this matter. I came today to find Shidi and Shimei for another matter to discuss."

Shi Feng Rong and Xin Yan waited for him to continue.

"You have already been informed about the matter of the Dong Fu Sword Test Conference." Pei Yuan Ran's face was grave: "This is one point. I hadn't thought that Zuo Mo would do well before but now that he has comprehended sword essence, we should nurture him well. The other matter, Tian Song Zi has sent a message. A group of strong cultivators are coming to our jie to investigate the stars in daytime. Dong Fu is one of the thirteen primary towns of Sky Moon. We cannot avoid people coming to investigate. We have to control our sect and stop them from getting into trouble in the next while."

"How many are coming?" XIn Yan heard that there were strong people and his pupils shrunk to a needlepoint, his sword essence vibrating.

"Shidi, don't make a mess. This group is coming down from the upper levels." Pei Yuan Ran said solemnly.

Xin Yan's features moved: "Coming from the upper levels?" He then grimaced: "Looks like this matter has made a really big furor."

"Everyone knows what's going on." Pei Yuan Ran said: "What Tian Song Zi can see, many other people can also clearly see. But right now, the yaomo are rising. Who touches first, that's the one that's unfortunate." Speaking, his tone became cold.

Luo Li's expression was calm as he stood. In front of him, Qin Cheng's face as serious: "Shidi, careful."

As the words landed, he swept his hand and a dark light shot towards Luo Li. There was a sliver of lightning contained in the dark light, the aura extremely intimidating, with the sound of thunder! What Qin Cheng practiced was [Wind and Thunder Sword Scripture]. The sword was like wind and thunder, the power frightening. He didn't have as outstanding a talent as Luo Li but after practicing for a long time, he was extremely solid. When he attacked, the wind and thunder formed!

His flying sword was a third grade black thunder sword. The sword body was thick, containing thunder ore, extremely suited for [Wind and Thunder Sword Scripture]. Due to the weight of the flying sword, Qin Cheng's [Wind and Thunder Sword Scripture] lost a bit of nimbleness and had an additional kind of weight and heaviness. Adding on the lightning flickering, the power actually increased.

Luo Li stared at the black light, not dodging and then the light in his eyes flashed.


A clear sound. The thousand cattie heavy black thunder sword actually stopped right in the air!

Without any warning, without any decrease in speed, it was like that someone suddenly cast a body paralysis curse on the black thunder sword, pinning it in the air!

Qin Cheng's expression changed. He snorted coldly and the paralyzed black thunder sword suddenly jumped, like a fish leaping out of the water. The lightning that had been on the surface of the sword suddenly gathered into a ball and left the sword. As it left the black thunder sword, it turned into a lightning sword. The lightning sword suddenly grew in size in the air, transforming into a gigantic lightning sword that was several feet as it sliced towards Luo LI!

Luo Li's expression was serene as he pointed with a finger and swiped gently at the air.

Right in front of the gigantic lightning sword, a crack suddenly appeared. It was as though Luo Li's action had broken through space! Without any time for adjustments, the lightning sword ran into the crack. Qin Cheng's face suddenly changed. He lost his connection with the gigantic lightning sword!

He was dumbstruck for a few moments. Refocusing, he could not keep his usual calm composure and asked in a trembling voice: "Void Sword Scripture... ... this ... ... this is void sword scripture?"