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 Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty One - Shifting Star Sand

Zuo Mo was immersed in reading. Shi Zi Ming was an uncanny genius. He had never cultivated but his knowledge of power was exceptionally accurate. In his descriptions, the fundamentals of each system were clearly described and Zuo Mo gained a lot.

It was the first time that the three power systems were so clear in Zuo Mo's mind. In the past, he had spent a lot of effort training the three powers but had never put them together. The three formed their own systems, and there were many branches in technique to each. Spells, yao arts, mo skills, which one did not have millions of techniques?

Not to mention identifying the roots of all three powers, just identifying the roots of one system was difficult. The variations of each system were like the branching veins of the leaf, there was the primary branch and the secondary branches within that system. Those that could gain perspective and identify the primary branches were the top experts.

And to understand this with all three powers, who could do that?

Looking at the soaring stone steles, Zuo Mo couldn't help but feel as though he was staring at a tall mountain. If this was written by someone unparalleled in strength, Zuo Mo would not be so shocked.

But a mo that did not cultivate any mo skill could see all the profound mysteries. This talent, even three hundred years later, was something that was astounding.

Zuo Mo had the deepest impression of Shi Zi Ming's description of the three powers.

Because he cultivated shen power, the three powers in his body were merged into one and were connected to each other. He already had a slight understanding of the connection between the three.

His understanding was very vague. When he saw Shi Zi Ming's description of the connection, it was like a great bell and he understood many things.

Great joy came from the bottom of his heart.

He stared at the stone tablet, his mind was unusually clear. The three powers inside his body flowed and moved.

It was midnight now. The firmament above his head was filled with a sea of stars.

In the corner, the purple haired man's face was filled with incredulity as he murmured to himself. "The thirty second stele! The thirty second stele ... ...

He turned his face to look at the deepest part of the stele forest. He suddenly had a thought. The two people that had advanced the fasted through the Great Peace Mo Skill Steles had appeared at the same time. Was there fate involved?

That year, he had watched as Qi Diao Yu walked into the Mo Skill Steles. Now, there was another youth that broke Qi Diao Yu's record. Many memories surged up and he sighed.

But he knew, this was a night without rest for all the powers of Great Peace City!

No faction would not act to try and recruit such a talented genius!

At this time, a ray of starlight suddenly came down from the sea of stars and landed on Xiao Mo Ge in front of the stone stele!

The ray of light was thick and dots of light sand fell down.

Golden light suddenly came from Xiao Mo Ge's body that flickered like fire. Even from far away, the purple haired man could feel the scorching heat.

The star sand's light was not blinding, but among the shine of the stars, it was pretty to look at.

The golden light was like a whirlpool that continuously pulled in the star sand.

A worldly apparition!

The purple haired man looked in shock at the sky. The vast number of stars were slowly spinning, threads of light forming a ray of light. Such a spectacular scene caused his mind to almost lose control.

An unfamiliar and distant term jumped into his mind-Shifting Star Sand!


In a deep part of the Stele forest, Qi Diao Yu was like an old monk meditating in front of a stone forest. He had maintained this position for more than twelve hours. The indifference on his face had disappeared and what had replaced it was concentration. That proud genius that was unable to be touched had disappeared. Qi Diao Yu at this time was like a normal mo youth, less of the indifference and more of a gentleness.

He suddenly raised his head and his face, one that rarely showed any expression, changed.

A ray of light fell from the vast expanse of stars and landed somewhere nearby in the stele forest.

"Shifting Star Sand ... ..."

His eyes lit up and he lightly jumped onto the top of the stone stele. He was instantly able to get a clear view.

It was him!

A thread of surprise flashed across Qi Diao Yu's eyes. He had some impression of Zuo Mo. It was the first one to break free from his sound of enchantment when he had entered the city. It was this youth!

Gazing for a long time, he was silent.

Shifting Star Sand ... ...


When Zuo Mo had reached the twenty sixth mo skill stele, all the major factions in Great Peace City had started to secretly pay attention. As time went on and Zuo Mo advanced, every faction's nerves tightened.

When Zuo Mo broke Qi Diao Yu's past record, Great Peace City was deathly silent but the gazes of the major factions all gathered here.

Another peerless genius had appeared!

But when the worldly apparition appeared, the Great Peace City which had been having turbulent underflows instantly turned into chaos.

Countless people flew into the sky and stared in shock at the pillar of light that came from the sky into the stele forest!

A worldly apparition!

The mo that were familiar with this event couldn't help but shouting the unfamiliar words "Shifting Star Sand." Excitement, shock, astonishment, puzzlement mixed on the faces of the mo.

Other than the starlight, the sky above Great Peace City was almost completely black. Almost all the mo flew into the sky.


Lan Tian Long looked at the ray of starlight with a complex expression. He had more avenues of information than normal people and he knew who was causing the worldly apparition.

He suddenly felt relieved that he had retreated at the city gates. Before this, he had the idea of recruiting the other, but when the news that the other had broken Qi Diao Yu's record, he sighed inside. A genius of this level was not one that the Lan Family could recruit.

But when he personally saw Zuo Mo cause the Shifting Star Sands, while shocked, he couldn't help but snicker.

He knew that tomorrow, Great Peace City was going to be busy!

Those factions that wanted to recruit this person, tonight ... ...

This really was interesting!


Ye Ling looked at the stars with an excited expression.

All Hail The King!

Even though he always believed that Daren was someone strong that could become the king, when he personally saw Daren cause a worldly apparition, his body uncontrollably trembled!

He raised his head to look at the vast expanse of stars that was slowly spinning with devoutness on his face.

In the compound, everyone was gaping. And Zuo Mo's subordinates all had ecstatic expressions and could not suppress their excitement.

Tao Xing, Tang Fei, and the others were stuck dumb where they were with wide gaping mouths.

But if one had to be said to be the most shocked, it would be Ceng Lian'er

No one knew better than she did what the power Zuo Mo cultivated inside his body was, but ... ...

She looked at the ray of starlight that was coming down from the sky with shock in her eyes.

He clearly cultivated Sun Shen Power, how could he attract the power of the stars?

This was not possible!

She had originally thought she had seen through Zuo Mo. She had even seen all of his memory fragments and she also knew of the chaotic power flows inside his body.

The Sun Shen Power was peerless in its dominance!

But this also meant that Sun Shen power strongly rejected other types of power.

How could he cause an apparition of the stars?


The moment that Zuo Mo caused the Shifting Stars Sand, Pu Yao jumped up as though his behind was on fire. And Wei who was usually composed abruptly stood up.

"Shifting Star Sand!"

The two of them exclaimed at the same time.

Pu Yao's bloody pupil was extremely wide as though he was seeing a ghost. The indifference on Wei's face had disappeared to be replaced by shock.

"This is not possible!"

"How is he doing it?"

The two exclaimed again. They exchanged a look and found the disbelief in each other's eyes.

The two raised their faces. In the sea of consciousness, the star sand fell like snow. When a particle of star sand entered their bodies, their figures would grow a sliver more clear.

After a moment of silence, their shock gradually faded from their faces.

Pu Yao suddenly thought of the Stars in Daytime that had appeared in the past. That first worldly apparition had changed Zuo Mo's fate. If it was not for that first Stars in Daytime, Zuo Mo would have never left Wu Kong Sword Sect.

Wei's eyes grew brighter like the stars in night. "He really is a genius!"

Looking at Wei's expression, Pu Yao became wary. He said coldly, "Don't even think about it! Humph, what your set is, in the end, it is just sending him to die!"

Wei's expression suddenly changed as he exclaimed, "Not good! The three seeds!"

Pu Yao stilled and then his expression changed drastically!

The master of the three was Zuo Mo!


The yao art house was empty of people in the deep of night.

In a corner of the yao art house, there was countless dots of star sand that floated like fireflies around the stele.

The stele suddenly produced a suction force and the star sand entered the stele.

The damaged stele gradually lit up.

A weak presence was like ripples in the water, faintly discernable.


In a deep cave in a mountain valley.

The star sand suddenly travelled through the layers of granite and shrouded the entire black pool

The silent black pool seemed to be awakened from a deep sleep and slowly shifted. Droplets of black liquid continuously broke free of the pool, floated up and accurately caught the star sand like little black insects.

The moving black liquid consumed the star sand and dropped back into the black pool.

As time passed, a layer of serene starlight flashed on the black pond.

In the black pond, a figure slowly floated up.

The serene star light was like a thin membrane that tightly covered the surface of this figure.

A presence like that of the water and the moon filled the cave.


At a sacrificial altar in the desert.

The star sand seemed to be caught by the fierce wind that continuously spun around the sacrificial altar. Dots of star sand entered the sacrificial altar and the patterns of the sacrificial altar started to slowly shift.

The sacrificial altar flashed with light. In this black and remote desert, it was blindingly bright like an enormous star.

At the center of the sacrificial altar, black figures roiled. Threads of starlight flashed in and out. The star light seemed to melt into the black shadows like threads of ice. The black shadows were dyed with a slight layer of star light.

A deep roar came out of the black shadows.

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