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 Chapter Fifty Eight Terror

Nine thousand four hundred and eleven!

After dazing around for three days, Zuo Mo started to furiously practice sword moves again. The picture in his sea of consciousness gave an unparalleled shock. He seemed to have understood something, but couldn't grasp it. Three days later, he suddenly woke and understood.

All kinds of comprehension, it wasn't a building in the sky. Without a solid base, even if you understood it, you could not produce it. Even more, Zuo Mo didn't understand sword essence completely. Wei Sheng Shixiong had sat in front of the waterfall for months, battled lots of times, before he had comprehended just those basic things. His talent at the sword was far from Wei Sheng Shixiong. How could it be so easy?

Finally knowing where the problem was, Zuo Mo controlled his panicking heart and started to practice the sword moves of [Li Water Sword Scripture].

When he was tired to his limits, his ling energy used up, he would meditate in the rock room.

Recovering, he would start again. Just like this, without a break in between.

Nineteen thousand and twenty two!

Zuo Mo's clothing was torn, his body a mess, his eyes sunk deep. Only that pair of eyes were lit up like a fire, burning relentlessly.

Seven moves. Each detail of each move, he had thought it over countless times. He was so familiar to a point that he couldn't even believe it. The ice crystal sword was like a part of his body. He could easily control it to do any move. That bit of consciousness, it was like a strong spider silk threat that held on to the sword.

In the air, the ice crystal sword slowly wavered like a fish waving its tail as it swam against the current. The rate at which the ice crystal sword wavered continuously increased. With the ice crystal sword as the center, large circles of transparent ripples appeared in the air.

Zuo Mo's eyes were slightly closed as he tasted the tiniest changes on the ice crystal sword.

Without a sound, the ice crystal sword suddenly disappeared from its spot, only leaving behind transparent ripples that shook in the air.


A sound that was the lightest possible!

The ice crystal sword entered into the rock face of the valley, leaving behind a small hole. After a while, the rock surrounding the tiny hole became covered in a dense yet thin layer of ice.

The sword was like water, illusory and shapeless.

Zuo Mo closed his eyes, reminiscing on the entire process. The path the ice crystal sword had taken was actually a curve. Like water flowing down a mountain, extremely natural and smooth. This move [Flowing Water], according to the words of [Li Water Sword Scripture], it was a small progress. But Zuo Mo was very dissatisfied. If this move had sword essence, the sword would have gone beyond the three feet into the rock.

There was someone in the valley. Zuo Mo felt it in his heart. In this amount of time, other than practice sword scripture, all his other time was put onto meditation. Other than the improvement of his sword scripture, his cultivation had increased ferociously!

"Shijie." Zuo Mo saw it was Li Ying Feng and got off his guard.

Li Ying Feng saw Zuo Mo's state and jumped. Then she frowned: "Shidi, fighting is important, but speed isn't everything. If you are too exhausted, it would have the opposite effect."

Zuo Mo: "I'm fine."

"For you." Li Ying Feng couldn't deal with Zuo Mo and handed over a jade scroll: "Xu Yi Xia Shijie came back. This is a jade scroll that she gave me. Recorded inside is one of the times that Luo Li Shixiong was fighting. If you have the time, you could take a look."

Zuo Mo stilled. He hadn't thought that there was this matter and couldn't help but be curious. Before Wei Sheng Shixiong had zhuji, Luo Li Shixiong had always been the genius of the sect. Even Wei Sheng Shixiong was just his sword servant. Zuo Mo was very curious what level he really was at. Looking at Li Ying Feng Shijie who looked slightly tired, he was grateful, and raised his hands. He said: "Many thanks, Shijie."

"It was just a coincidence that Xu Yi Xia Shijie returned." Li Ying Feng said: "Shidi needs to work hard. Not just Xu Yi Xia Shijie has returned. Supposedly, Eldest Shijie is also returning soon."

"En, I will!" Zuo Mo said resolutely.

Li Ying Feng added a few more cautions before leaving.

Returning to the valley, Zuo Mo impatiently added ling energy to the jade scroll.

It looked like the battlefield was a mine underground. The light was poor, and it was very dark. Zuo Mo couldn't help but furrow his brows. He didn't know if it was that he was used to sunlight but he really didn't like this kind of dark underground place. Suppressing the dislike inside, his head turned quickly.

This should be the mine that Luo Li governed.

Luo Li Shixiong's personality was cold and his relationship with the other shixiong wasn't very good. Supervising a sect was a hard duty. It was long term underground, dull and harsh. Other than Luo Li Shixiong, no one was willing to go.

Zuo Mo looked extremely carefully, afraid of missing a detail.

He saw a crowd of people facing Luo Li Shixiong.

"Brothers, since we can't even get full, it's just a death. Rather than starve to death, we should rather fight against him!" Someone shouted. But his shaking legs clearly betrayed the terror in his heart. The other people shook all over as well but their eyes were red.

Zuo Mo remembered that he had heard of xiu slaves from the sound tablet. These people should be xiu slaves.

Seeing these people's eyes, Zuo Mo suddenly thought, when a wild animal was in desperate straits, were they like this as well?

"Huang Ze, I promoted you to head, and you repay me like this?" Luo Li said coldly.

"Head?" The leader of the crowd smiled bitterly: "Can't even live, what's the use in being the head? The jingshi under is becoming rare, the rules didn't chance. One piece of jingshi exchanged for that little bit of food. We've continuous to dig down. The corrosion from the earth energy is even stronger. The month before last, ten of us died. Last month, thirty of us died! It's only been half of this month, but thirty five have already died!"

The crowd was very excited. The people that had been trembling were not trembling any longer. Their eyes didn't have any more terror, only rage!

Luo Li looked indifferently at these people

"Hope! Since there isn't a f-ing hope!" The person's eyes were bloodshot as he howled: "We'll just ask for an enjoyment!"

"Enjoyment?" Luo Li suddenly opened coldly: "Then I will give you enjoyment!"

As his words landed, without a warning, a blood line appeared on the people's necks. The excited and uncontrolled people didn't detect it.

Pew pew pew!

Blood sprayed out from their neck. Dozens of blood pillars sprayed at the same time, the warm blood being sprayed everywhere onto the top and sides of the cavern. Large sections of red, alarming to the eye.

Between the sounds of blood spraying, there was the sound of rolling. The heads of these xiu slaves rolled beside the feet of their corpses. Dozens of corpses were standing as they sprayed blood. The heads by the feet were perfect and untouched, the features clear. It was even possible to see the expression and large eyes of these xiu slaves before their death. After a while, these headless corpses finally fell down.

"Argh......" Seeing this, Zuo Mo's chest started to roil. He couldn't contain it and crouching on the ground, he started to throw up.

He had never thought that one day, he would see such a terrifying and bloody picture!

His body tightened. Was that person, like a monster, uncaring of other people's live, was that Luo Li Shixiong? A long time ago, he had heard that Luo Li Shixiong's temper wasn't good but now he understood that Luo Li Shixiong's "bad temper" was very different than the one he understood.

Xiu slaves, were they xiu slaves? But why did xiu slaves seem no different than him?

This thought only flashed in his mind. Zuo Mo had never thought he was a person that bemoaned the state of the universe and pitied others. In his perspective, he had no qualification to pity others. He himself was struggling at the lowest level of society. Even though he was now an inner sect disciple, a ling plant farmer, but he was still only a little person.

His gaze landed on those corpses, the heads and the fresh blood that had sprayed everywhere......

Shixiong's gave was cold, indifferent. The picture in front of his eyes, it seemed to be a very normal thing in the eyes of Shixiong.

Zuo Mo felt that he was shuddering, trembling, unable to control his fear.

In these two years, he spent every day in the ling fields. He had never thought that one day, he would face fresh blood and corpses.

Would Luo Li, during the sect assessment, kill him off?

Or take off one of his limbs?

Zuo Mo's brain turned to a mess. Terror spread through his entire body like the red-black fire in his sea of consciousness. He was afraid......

Heavy Sword Hall was the place that Qin Cheng resided in normally. Even though he had left for a time, but someone still had taken care of it. Inside the hall, everyone was in a pile, extremely lively.

Qin Cheng smiled,: "Us brothers, it's been so long since we gathered. Being able to gather today, we should drink."

Xu Yi hurriedly waved his hand: "Tea, tea, we're not drinking wine."

A green-clad female sat beside Xu Yi, delicate and adorable. She was Xu Yi Xia. She mischievously poked out her tongue: "Second Shixiong is still this weak, no improvement!"

Xu Yi was helpless against his shimei. Xu Yie Xia was naughty and adorable, her personality cheerful, and understood how to gain the affections of the elders. She was the most favored one of the disciples. Xu Yi had suffered on her hands and could only grimace.

Luo Li sat on the side, unconcernedly drinking tea, his face cold. Hao Min sat beside him. At this time, she couldn't help say: "It's great that everyone has returned. If you haven't returned, those bastards would have climbed onto our heads!"

Hearing Hao Min's unpleasant words, Xu Yi and Xu Yi Xia's expression became slightly irritated.

"Shimei shall not speak nonsense. We are all disciples of the same sect. If the sect leader heard, you will be punished again." Qin Cheng berated. He had always been authoritative. Hearing this, Hao Min could only stay quiet.

"However," Qin Cheng's tone turned as he looked at everyone else: "we know each other and grew up together, We are like brothers. Helping each other, that's reasonable." He continued: "The elders have their own ideas, but we have our own feelings."

Everyone nodded. They had grown up together from little. Having someone else entering, they naturally were unwilling.

"Hee hee." Xu Yie Xia said naughtily: "Exactly. Even though Luo Li Shixiong has a cold face all the time, but I will still help you. I gave that jade stick where Shixiong killed thirty xiu slaves with one sword to Li Ying Feng. It must be on the little zombie's hands by now."

"How can you reveal your Shixiong's sword moves!" Hearing this, Hao Min was enraged.

Xu Yi Xia wasn't scared of Hao Min at all. She helplessly rolled her eyes: "This is called a mental attack! That little zombie, he just farms, where would he have seen something like that? Even I was scared half to death seeing it! I'm guessing that he'll just faint! Putting down a seed of fear in his hear, he will......"

Luo Li suddenly stood up. His face dark, he said in a cold voice: "Against a ling plant farmer, do I, Luo Li, need such cheap tricks?"

Finishing, his head not turning back, he left.