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 Chapter Five Hundred and Seventy Five - Kill

Sonic Boom, it referred to the explosion that occurred when the body broke free of the restraints of air.

Technically, this technique was not difficult and even someone in brigadier level could comprehend it, but in reality there were very few mo that comprehended this technique. This was because sonic booms required a solid foundation in the fundamentals and basic techniques. One had to be very balanced and outstanding at controlling every part of their body.

Yet for these people that started cultivating when they were children, there were rarely any that would cultivate the basic mo skills one by one. Every mo skill had their focus and being balanced meant that no one trait was outstanding. For mo that were highly competitive and lived in cruel environments, not many would choose this.

The mo that could achieve sonic booms may not be very strong but they were well rounded and good at controlling their body.

The benefits of the sonic boom could be seen. Breaking free of the restraint of air meant that one's movements could become faster and more nimble. The momentum behind their attacks could be stronger. The mo that could achieve sonic booms had the outstanding ability to balance their body and would have each action under their complete control-for example, Zuo Mo at this time!

His back was slightly arched like a cat about to pounce. His right hand that was drawn back at the side of his body and flashed with a serene blue light. His punch drew out a heart-shaking stream of light!

His movements were clearly lightning fast but every action was clear and crisp, perfectly coordinated. It carried a beauty that was pleasing to the eye.

Pang Chen definitely did not feel any sense of this beauty!

A thin layer of sweat had unconsciously appeared on his forehead. After blocking just one attack and retreating one step, he felt as though he had fought for a long time and was extremely exhausted.

His resilient mind that he was proud of started showing signs of instability.

All of this was because of the other's strong pressure!

A suffocating pressure that could crumble mountains!

It was just one punch ... ...

There was a gigantic battle arena but for some reason, he felt as though he was trapped with nowhere to escape. At the sonic boom just now, his expression changed. It was not the first time he had seen a sonic boom but now... ...

His gaze stared hard at the serene blue light that flowed and flashed in the air!

His body uncontrollably shivered, all the blood inside seemed to freeze, every muscle seemed to disobey. The other's murderousness seemed to wrap around him. No matter where he tried to flee, he would not be able to escape the other.

Time seemed to slow in his eyes. That mind-blowing serene blue light seemed to slow down.

He seemed to already see the result. He would not be able to dodge it! He would be destroyed!

Blood rose in Pang Chen's eyes. He was like a wild beast trapped in a cage and furiously fought back! He was a famous warrior who had fought through numerous battles. Fighting free of the terror, his fighting spirit exploded!

Dead ... ... then he will also die!

Pang Chen's expression was twisted. He glared angrily and ignored the streak of flowing light that was heading towards him. He charged forward rather than retreat, leaping directly at Zuo Mo!

The brown mo matrix was like the scales of a python, layer upon layer that covered Pang Chen's body. They seemed to come alive and wandered all over Pang Chen's body. His body became as flexible as a snake, each muscle like a cord made from numerous thin chains woven together.

Using his left foot as the pivot, his body twisted strangely!

Every piece of muscle tensed and suddenly contracted like a slender iron chain. Shocking power exploded the moment the muscles tensed!

The power was passed on in waves to his right fist!

The brown light seemed to be tangible as it shrouded his right fist. It seemed to be the head of a python, howling and shrieking as it swept the entire field like a galewind!

[Twisting Python Pounce]!

Lan Tian Long's eyes lit up on the stands. His hands dug into the stone handrails but he did not feel it.

Pang Chen's [Twisting Python Pounce] was much stronger than in the past!

All the power in his body gathered in Pang chen's right fist in this instant. This strange technique of gathering power was extremely powerful in its momentum. Even among Great Peace City that was filled with experts, it was an unique attack!

Just as Lan Tian Long was shocked, a change happened.

The brown ball of light that shrouding Pang Chen's right fist began to crumble from the top like a mold of dirt. The layer outside started to fall off!

A life-like brown python head appeared!

The cold pupils, the triangle-shaped head, the tongue that flickered about. It was still a brown light but it gave people a feeling of being alive!

The eyes of the brown python narrowed slightly. Its great mouth opened and its sharp teeth shot out.

Crack, Lan Tian Long's hand tensed and he ripped a large piece of stone off the handrails.

Lan Tian Long's eyes did not move away. He felt his blood boil when he saw Zuo Mo's punch and he hadn't expected for Pang Chen to have a breakthrough while standing at the gate of life and death. Seeing this, he wanted to get on the field as well.

Pang Chen was overjoyed. He hadn't thought he would have a breakthrough at such a crucial moment. A power he never felt before swelled up and filled every muscle in his body. He had never felt so powerful before!

He had confidence that anything, no matter what, would turn to dust in front of his punch! Even if it was a mountain!

"Go die!"

The howl of the brown snake was like a furious wave that covered all sound in the battle stadium!

Suddenly, he saw a pair of eyes, a pair of clear and determined eyes!

He stilled slightly.

The serene blue light rippled as it suddenly jumped into his field of view.

This ... ... this was ... ...

The other did not dodge, did not hesitate or pause. It was as though the other did not see anything. That fist that was covered in the serene blue mo matrix collided with the python!

Haha! Idiot!

Pang Chen wanted to laugh out loud. He had not imagined the other to be so confident to such a level. Even seeing that he had had a breakthrough, the other still tried to overpower him!

Such an idiot!

Did he not know that the [Twisting Python Pounce] after his breakthrough was ten times as powerful as before!

Ten times!

Such intoxicating power!

Come, have a taste of ten times the power!

Pang Chen's smile suddenly became vicious.

Yet his smile suddenly froze on his face. The scene in front of him seemed to play out in slow motion, delayed and crystal clear. He watched as the brown snake started to crumble, from the teeth, and then turn to dust!

Why ... ... was it like this ... ...

He did not have the time to think before the python turned to a ball of powder and dissipated. The sharp howl abruptly stopped!

Ten times ... ...

The blue light filled every corner of his vision.


Zuo Mo did not take a second look at the pile of blood and flesh. He panted. The punch just now had used up almost all the power in his body. He took a few deep breaths and he recovered some strength. He raised his right fist. The serene blue mo matrix on his hand had diminished in intensity.

Zuo Mo was savoring the feeling of that punch just now.

If it was just pure physical power, the attack definitely would not be so destructive. The moment he came into contact with the other's fist, a thread of shen power inside the right fist suddenly came out. This was what caused such a terrifying [Sky Glass Wave]!

Shen power ... ...

Zuo Mo was contemplating this occurrence.

Zuo Mo quickly recovered. The stands were completely silent. Everyone was gaping, their faces pale and had terrified expressions.

Among this death like silence, Zuo Mo walked back to his starting position, back straight,picking up his bandage, and started to rewrap his hand.

His movements were slow and his expression serious as though no one else was around.

There was no joy from his victory. Even though he had gain understanding on many things from this fight, even though he had successfully completed a step in Pu Yao's plan ... ... but if none of this had ever happened, if he was still on Wu Kong Mountain, then how good would that be ... ...

This absurd thought flashed in his mind and then disappeared just like the warm memory fragments.

He grimaced inside. His eyes became clear again, and determination set in.

"Hey, what are you called?" On the stands, Hua Ning suddenly shouted loudly. The guards around her instantly became nervous. From Zuo Mo's display just now, they knew he was a very dangerous person.

Zuo Mo was slightly surprised. Just now, he had heard what Hua Ning had said to Pang Chen.

This woman was really heartless!

He couldn't help but glance at Pang Chen on the ground in sympathy. He did not stop to respond and continued to walk back outside. My A Gui is so much better!

Shu Long had an expression of relief and hurried over. He had been very nervous just now.

"Hey hey hey, I asked you a question!" Hua Ning still chased after him.

Zuo Mo was too lazy to pay attention to a girl with such a bad heart. He left.

"You you you ... ..." Hua Ning had not expected that someone would ignore her. She instantly burst into tears and her guards hurried to comfort her.

In the stands, Lan Tian Long did not call out to Zuo Mo. However, his eyes flashed. His intuition that day had not been wrong!

Only when Zuo Mo's figure disappeared from the battle stadium did the deathly silent stands lose all restraint and explode. The roaring crowd made it so that people could not even hear what the person next to them said.

Everyone's expressions turned from an ashen white to an excited red.

The fight just now was brief but it was mind-blowing and unexpected. Everyone was immersed in the fight just now. That unparalleled and domineering punch. The promise of ten moves that Pang Chen had declared, his breakthrough at the cusp of life and death.

The famous warrior Pang Chen had been killed in two moves and his opponent was an unknown newcomer. This fight would shake the entire city!


Feng Yue hurried with her army. She had disobeyed military orders and had secretly taken an army troop with her but she knew what was most important. She had followed Jiang Zhe for a long time and her judgment was not bad. She knew that this period of time was the prelude to a large battle. After a brief respite, the counterattack from the mo would come.

She had to take revenge for Ding Zhen Shishu before the mo retaliated.

So while travelling, she did not rest for one moment. She desired to reach Cloud Sea Jie at the fastest possible speed.

After they crossed this jie river, they would be in Cloud Sea Jie.

"Everyone is tired. There is just a bit of road left. Everyone, put one last effort in. We will rest when he get to Cloud Sea Jie!" Feng Yue motivated the group.

The subordinates could not disguise their exhaustion but they nodded. Feng Yue held great weight among them and they were well-trained. It was difficult to travel fast like this, but there was still a distance until it reached their limits.

"Let's cross the river!" Feng Yue gritted out.

Ding Zhen Shishu, I will definitely get revenge for you!

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