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 Chapter Five Hundred and Seventy Three - Pang Chen

"Daren, everything has been arranged." The subordinate reported to Bu Heng.

Bu Heng asked, "Who did you find?"

"Pang Chen, general level, he stepped into general level seven years ago and has a wealth of battle experience. His most famous battle was against Qi Diao Yu. He lost after thirty moves, even though he was defeated, it was a glorious battle, and his reputation rose as a result."

"Qi Diao Yu!" Bu Heng's expression shifted. "He really is strong to have fought Qi Diao Yu to thirty moves."

"Yes! After Pan Cheng lost to Qi Diao Yu, he came to the Great Peace Mo Skill Steles in search of a breakthrough. He has stayed in Great Peace City for more than three years, and has had more than twenty major and minor challenges. His strength has improved over this time."

"Not bad, not bad." Bu Heng had a satisfied expression.

A general level that was strong like this could accomplish his goal of probing the unknown youth's abilities.

"Where is that person from Guard Camp?" Bu Heng then asked.

"He's at the Mo Skill Steles," the subordinate instantly responded," Pang Chen has already gone ahead."

Bu Heng had an expression of anticipation. "Have you sent someone to observe?"

"It has been arranged."


Zuo Mo was deeply concentrated in reading. The content on the stone steles were the most basic of fundamentals and there were few, if any, mo that would read all of it. They would learn these fundamental concepts from a very young age and were extremely familiar with them. But Zuo Mo read all the paragraphs without skipping any, one stone stele after another.

He did not feel that any of these topics were troublesome. The words that Shi Zi Ming used were simple and easy to understand. The more Zuo Mo read, the clearer his mind was. It was like there had been a painting in his mind shrouded in mist that was now slowly becoming clearer. Many places that he had thought were blank were being added. This painting was becoming more complete.

This was not a strong feeling of pleasure but it still deeply enticed Zuo Mo. That happy feeling of the blanks being filled meant that he was progressing and could not stop his steps.

It was like he was possessed.

In the sea of consciousness, Pu Yao and Wei were also sighing in surprise.

"This Shi Zi Ming is a very powerful person!" A rare expression of shock appeared on Pu Yao's face. Wei understood more about mo cultivation than Pu Yao. Much of the content here, especially some of Shi Zi Ming's explanations seemed to hold a special power that enchanted people and caused them to sigh in wonderment.

"Is this guy really comprehending all of this." Pu Yao was slightly depressed. Zuo Mo's talent in mo cultivation was scary. It was like if a spark was given to him, he could immediately create a sea of flames.

In comparison, Zuo Mo's talent at cultivating the yao arts was not bad, but comparing the two... they were not on the same level. No wonder Pu Yao was slightly depressed.

"En?" Wei suddenly turned his face and said, surprised, "A Wen's talent isn't bad!"

Pu Yao snorted coldly, "Only he has a spark of talent in all of Guard Camp. The rest are just all poor people."

A Wen's talent was the brightest among Guard Camp. His comprehension ability was wondrous and even Shu Long was lacking in comparison. However, Shu Long's methodical and persistent personality was something people would have to consider when comparing the two. The Mo Skill Steles were in front of him, but Shu Long did not even read one character. He had kept a constant guard by watching the surroundings, and followed closely behind Zuo Mo.

"There's nothing wrong with being poor." Wei's mood was clearly very good. Guard Camp had a good seed in A Wen with his wondrous comprehension and had a reliable leader in Shu Long . Wei was naturally in a good mood.

At this time, a light flashed across Shu Long's eyes. A figure was walking directly towards them.

Shu Long's expression changed slightly as he stared closely at the other. His body unconsciously shifted to a defensive posture.

The other's steps seemed to have a certain mysterious rhythm. Each step seemed to fall on a strange beat. In this moment, Shu Long felt everything else in his view seemed to retreat like the tide. The only thing left in his vision was this male that was walking closer!

Suddenly, a hand was placed on his shoulder. Shu Long's body shook slightly and the parts of his view that had disappeared suddenly recovered. The strange power of the man that was coming towards them disappeared. Shu Long's mind suddenly relaxed.

"Daren!" Shu Long was full of shame.

"It's fine." Zuo Mo patted Shu Long's shoulder and said in a low voice, "Protect A Wen, do not let anyone disturb him."

"Yes." Shu Long bit down on his lips and felt even more ashamed. They encountered an enemy but they needed Daren to defend them. Shu Long, oh Shu Long, was there anything more shameful than this?

He swore inside that he had to work harder and cultivate!

Zuo Mo walked in front of Shu Long, his eyes flashing with a cold light. Truthfully, it was not a pleasing matter to be interrupted when he was reading in pleasure. The other was clearly targeting him and held enmity.

"It seems that even if you do not to find people to challenge someone has come to find you."Pu Yao's tone was that of a spectator.

The other stopped in his walk about three zhang away from Zuo Mo and said politely. "This one is Pang Chen, greetings to Brother!"

Pang Chen was in his thirties and his body had an extremely well-balanced build. The muscles exposed was not in bulky, but were well toned. Each muscle seemed to wrapped around him like coils of wire. People would not doubt the astounding power contained within.

Zuo Mo looked coldly at the other. They had just arrived in Great Peace City and didn't know anyone in the city. This middle-aged man called Pang Chen had directly approached them and disrupted their comprehension. He clearly did not have any good intentions.

Fortunately, Zuo Mo was only immersed in reading, and was not having an epiphany like A Wen. The state of epiphany was something of luck. If it was disrupted, no one knew when it would be the next time it occurred.

No matter if it was xiuzhe or yaomo, this kind of interruption was something that was almost forbidden.

"Say what you want!" Zuo Mo said coldly. Since the other clearly did not have good intentions, Zuo Mo had no intentions on wasting effort being polite. Also, in Pu Yao's plan, he had to challenge some people to increase his fame. Since someone had come to him, that was good.

Zuo Mo started to push up his sleeves.

Pang Chen was slightly shocked. It was the first time he had seen someone like Zuo Mo.

He suddenly found it was interesting. Did the other not know this was Great Peace City? In Great Peace City, someone that conducted themselves with this kind of attitude would not survive for long. This really was an arrogant greenhorn!

He should finish this quickly.

Pang Chen thought and did not waste words. "This one wants to spar with Sir."

"Spar? You are challenging me?" Zuo Mo raised an eyebrow.

The mo in the surroundings instantly started to discuss. Pang Chen had been in Great Peace City for more than three years. Anyone who had spent some time in Great Peace City knew of him. People also quickly recognized that Zuo Mo was the person that had challenged Lan Tian Long at the city gates.

The crowd instantly became excited. What people enjoyed the most in Great Peace City were the challenges. In this place, it was very easy to become famous, they just had to challenge others.

Of course, there were unspoken rules about challenges. For example, if an unknown mo challenged a mo that was well-established, the other could completely dismiss the challenge. Otherwise, those experts would not have time to do anything else.

In the words of Great Peace City, those that just arrived in Great Peace City were nobodies. If new people wanted to become famous, there were battle stadiums where they could gain a little fame. Those that won in the battle stadiums would have the chance to challenge the famous warriors.

For example, no one laughed at Lan Tian Long for refusing to fight Zuo Mo when Zuo Mo directly challenged him. They would feel that Zuo Mo was a new person who didn't know anything. Lan Tian Long's actions had people admiring his composure and mannerisms.

But Pang Chen?

Pang Chen was definitely someone of renowned skill in Great Peace City. He was able to withstand thirty moves from Qi Diao Yu. This kind of strength was enough to stun others. And in these years in Great Peace City, he had never lost a challenge. People admired and respected him.

If it wasn't that Pang Chen did not have any intentions of being recruited into a faction, many families would have sent him an invitations already.

But a famous warrior who had been famous for so long challenged a newcomer.

It was not common to see something like this in Great Peace City.

Pang Chen felt slightly discontent at Zuo Mo's gaze. He had been famous for a long time. When had a junior ever looked at him with a gaze like that?

He smiled coldly and exposed his white teeth. "Exactly!"

The crowd instantly became excited. Even the stupidest person could see that something else was causing this challenge but no one cared. They were excited that they could see Pang Chen fight.

A famous warrior!

How long had it been since a famous warrior had fought!


The news that Pang Chen challenged Zuo Mo quickly spread throughout Great Peace City.

Due to the Sky-Splitting Calamity, war rose in all areas, and everyone's attentions turned to the state of the world. Great Peace City had been calm for a long time.

Those families instantly smelled the unusualness of this challenge. Their intelligence gathering was faster and more accurate than the average person. The intelligence about Guard Camp, their conflict with the green yaksha was quickly delivered to their desks.

The name Guard Camp started to enter their eyes starting from this moment.

Connecting this to Bu Heng entering Great Peace City recently, they instantly knew who was behind this. However, the great majority of them just smiled. They felt that Bu Heng was too cautious. He had definitely paid a significant price to have Pang Chen act.

Using Pang Chen to deal with a newcomer, wasn't that bullying?

Many people felt that Bu Heng's reputation was overstated and they were even too lazy to go spectate.

Lan Tian Long was one exception.

When he heard his subordinate report the news, light flashed out of his eyes. He recalled that indiscernible feeling of danger that day. A deep meaningful smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

Famous warrior... ... Pang Chen ... ...

Lan Tian Long unhesitatingly stood and sprinted outside.

"Go! Let's go watch!"

When he flew onto the street, he saw the people moving like the tide.

A famed warrior was fighting. It caused Great Peace City which had been peaceful for too long to finally get busy.

Hearing the people below excitedly discussing Pang Chen's ultimate skills, his famous fights, and the rumors about him, Lan Tian Long suddenly felt great anticipation for this fight.

Translator Ramblings: Enlightenment doesn't come easily to Zuo Mo. First, he needed to learn some math before he actually pretends to solve cold fusion.