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 Chapter Five Hundred and Sixty Six - Bu Heng

"How was it?" Wei asked Pu Yao.

"A boy from the Youqing Family," Pu Yao said indifferently.

"Youqing Family," Wei nodded with a reminiscing expression. "A very powerful family but I think that their tempers are not good."

"The boy is the same." Pu Yao's tone softened greatly. "However, his talent is not bad."

"How do you plan on using him?" Wei asked.

"Let's see if he can pass the test." Pu Yao snorted coldly and suddenly asked, "How are your blood summons?"

"There are two responses," Wei said with a sigh, "It has been too long. The other families probably have died out."

"Two is enough," Pu Yao said indifferently.

"Yes." Wei smiled slightly. "Adding on the boy from the Youqing Family, three of them. It is time for the seed planted thousands of years ago to sprout."


"Trash is just trash! They cannot even accomplish such a small matter!"

In the hall, Bu Heng's cold voice echoed. He ignored the ugly expressions of the other people. He was not tall, but standing there, he was full of pride.

"That is Butcher Guard Camp! One hundred slaughtering three thousand, who can guarantee victory?" a green yaksha stood up and tried to defend.

"Trash do not need reasons," Bu Heng said indifferently. He didn't even look at this green yaksha as though the other was only air.

"What does A Heng think about this?" the clan leader slowly said. His face was dark.

"Regardless of Tao Xing, we must win this fight," Bu Heng did not dodge the gaze of the clan leader and said coldly. "The world is in chaos. Our green yaksha clan is not a strong one, and cannot afford to lose. Even this Guard Camp that popped out of nowhere was easily able to defeat us, sooner or later, we will become prey for other people."

The expressions of the other green yaksha became uglier. They knew that Bu Heng was right. There were many branches of yaksha, and the green yaksha were just one of those. The reason that people were wary of the green yaksha was not because their blood was noble, nor because they were strong, but because of their vicious conduct. People were afraid of being targeted.

"Yes," the clan leader slowly said, "our green yaksha clan is able to grow and prosper due to the fame of our viciousness. No one dares to offend us. If we do not defend our reputation, we will become a weak target in the eyes of other people. Then it will not be far from the day of our destruction."

"Bu Heng, you are the strongest battle general in the clan. This time, you will go! I only have one demand, come back with their heads, except for Tao Xing!" The clan leader's expression was filled with murderousness.

"Yes!" Bu Heng did not waste words. After bowing, he retreated from the hall.


"Bu Heng? Now this is interesting!" Ximen Ning played with the wine cup in his hand and said amusedly. His body was heavily-built, he had large eyes and thick bows. There was a necklace of bones hanging from his neck. He was half-naked and the curves of his muscles prominent, as if carved. People would not doubt that his body contained great power.

"Boss, what about us? Should we act first? Bu Heng has some skill!" one subordinate said urgently.

"Some skill? Your tone is so great!" Ximen Ning laughed. "He's a gold battle general, the strongest battle general of the green yaksha clan. Even in all of Hundred Savage Realm, he can rank in the charts."

"Boss, you are pushing others up and pushing yourself down. Bu Heng is a gold battle general but so are you! The green yaksha is scary to hear, but our Black Ghost Corps is not weka. In terms of rank, our Black Ghost Corps is in front of Heng Battalion," another subordinate inserted. He was called A Qing, deeply trusted by Ximen Ning and his right and left hands.

Ximen Ning smiled and said, "You are interested?"

"Boss, none of us have mo physiques," A Qing said.

Ximin Ning sat up. He was clearly persuaded by A Qing's words. Because there were no mo embryos, his closest subordinates were unable to obtain a mo physique. He said, "Then we have to plan well. Bu Heng is not easy to deal with. There probably are a lot of people targeting this fat piece of meat."

The people below had joyous expressions.


Tang Fei suppressed the displeasure she felt and walked in front of Zuo Mo. She said coldly, "Sir there are people watching us from the shadows."

Surprise flashed through Zuo Mo's eyes. He nodded and said, "I know."

Looking at the other's unconcerned expression, for some reason, the fire burning inside Tang Fei erupted but she managed to suppress it. "Sir, I suggest that it is best for us to increase our speed and pass through this area. It is very dangerous here."

"Speed up?" Zuo Mo shook his head. "The speed right now is very good."

It wasn't that Zuo Mo did not want to speed up. For Guard Camp, speed was their weakness. If they sped up, it would drastically increase the energy expenditure of Guard Camp. If they encountered danger, they would be left in a reactive position. Zuo Mo didn't dare to use anything like the nimbus clouds in a mo jie.

Tang Fei finally could not suppress herself from mocking, "I think that Sir, you do not understand the habits of the green yaksha. They will send people to attack again and again, they will not rest. The green yahsha will send their trump card, Bu Heng!"

"Bu Heng? Who is that? Are they strong?" Zuo Mo asked interestedly. The people around him were unfamiliar with this area. Even Shou Ping was not familiar.

Tang Fei's brow creased. "Sir, do not joke! How can you not know the name of Bu Heng?"

"I don't know." Zuo Mo spread his hands with an innocent expression.

"You!" Tang Fei's brows arched. At this time, a light cough came from behind her. It was Tao Xing. "Lil' Tang, let's talk. Mister Zuo does not understand the situation around here, so you should give an explanation."

Tang Fei had opinions about Zuo Mo but since Tao Xing spoke, she could not do a thing. She said irritably, "Bu Heng, the most famous genius of the Green Yaksha Clan. He didn't just enter general level when he was twenty, he is also a gold battle general."

"General level, gold battle general!" Zuo Mo couldn't help but pay attention. These two phrases allowed him to understand how strong this Bu Heng was.

Did he really not know? Tang Fei saw that Zuo Mo did not seem to pretend and was puzzled. She continued, "Bu Heng's battalion is called the Heng Battalion. It is ranked ninety third of all battalions in Hundred Savage Realm and has never been defeated before!"

"A battalion ranked ninety third in Hundred Savage Realm!" Zuo Mo inhaled sharply and his expression grew grave.

A battalion that ranked ninety third in Hundred Savage Realm was a terrifying ranking. It intimidated Zuo Mo more than the terms of general level and gold battle general.

It had to be said that even Zuo Mo's Vermillion Bird Camp could not rank in the top one hundred of any realm in the Four Realms. Any battalion that could rank in the top one hundred of any realm was an extremely powerful battalion.

Were there only one hundred jie in one realm? The factions were numerous and the number of battalions were just as innumerable. A battalion that could reach the top hundred of thousands of battalions was definitely a powerful existence.

Even though his own strength had grown recently, the power of a battalion was not something that could be defeated by his individual power.

A strong feeling of danger surrounded Zuo Mo.

"What solution do you have?" Zuo Mo asked directly.

"It will be best for us to hurry to Great Peace City." Tang Fei's tone was confident. "No battalion dares to offend Great Peace City."

"Great Peace City?" Zuo Mo's expression was blank.

Tang Fei was extremely depressed. Did this strong person in front of her not know anything? He didn't even know Great Peace City?

"It is a city near us. The biggest primary town in the surrounding nine jie."

"How do we get there?"

"In the direction we are going," Tang Fei said. She reminded, "But we need to speed up."

When Zuo Mo explained why they could not increase their speed, Tang Fei's expression instantly became strange.


In Middle Granary Jie.

Vermillion Bird Camp that had been unstoppable all this time finally met its match. This mo battalion was exceptionally troublesome. After a few hundred rounds of contact, no one had gained the advantage.

The two faced off in the air.

Lil' Miss examined the other battalion. After fighting for a few days, he had a direct understanding of this mo battalion.

The other's formation was not organized but their average strength was very strong. A battalion of not even one thousand people had an average of one brigadier per twenty people. Just this number far surpassed Vermillion Bird Camp. The other's tactics were very nimble and rapid.

This was the strongest battalion that Lil' Miss had ever encountered!

Just like Lil' Miss, the battle general of this battalion was examining Vermillion Bird Camp.

A Zha Ge closely examined this xiuzhe battalion. After he led the battalion across the chaos rift, he had been undefeated and had not expended any effort until he encountered this battalion in front of him.

In the three days of fighting, he hadn't gained any advantage.

This shocked him. The other battalion's average strength was a whole level lower but they were well-matched in combat.

A Zha Ge was clear that this meant he had actually lost.

The other's tactical skill was higher than his. This was the only way they could make up for the lack of strength in the battalion.

A Zha Ge couldn't help but feel respect. He suddenly flew in front of the formation and said loudly, "In these three days, we have had a good fight. Sir's tactics are high-leveled and A Zha Ge feels admiration! May you tell your name so A Zha Ge can remember it!"

A weak-looking youth walked to the front of the battalion. "Turtle Island, Gongsun Cha."

A Zha Ge's face was filled with shock. He hadn't expected the one that was a match for him was such a weak-looking youth!

"As expected, heroes come from those young! A Zha Ge admires you!" A Zha Ge said sincerely. He suddenly said, "A Zha Ge is willing to retreat from this jie and hopes to become friends with Little Brother Gongsun!"

The other's words surprised Gongsun Cha. He did not immediately answer and asked, "How shall we be 'friends'?"

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