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 Chapter Five Hundred and Sixty Five - Yao Summons Response

Pu Yao was in a complex mood. He walked very slowly.

Even though he entered the Ten Finger Prison like usual, there seemed to a different power that caused him to feel a rare nervousness. The past few thousands of years were like a vast river that divided the past and present. Some things had blurred in his memory, but some things were as clear as though he had saw them yesterday.

When a rebellious figure entered his vision, his nervous emotions suddenly calmed down.

Thousands of years, the glory had long dissipated and only left behind a sigh.

Already mentally prepared, Pu Yao did not feel demotivated. The light blue crystal that he seemed to recognize caused his thoughts to blur and felt slightly moved.

"You are a child of the Youqin Family?" Pu Yao's tone was indifferent.

The other examined Pu Yao from top to bottom, his voice filled with suspicion. "You left behind the news?"

He was not tall, and there was a irregular blue crystal on his forehead. His eyes were long and narrow, a rebellious smile at the corner of his mouth. The fiery red hair was like a burning ball of flame and gave people the feeling of disobedience.

"Yes, it was me," Pu Yao said indifferently.

"So pretentious!" The youth snorted. "Hey, Old Person, who are you really?"

Old Person?

Pu Yao's eyes narrowed slightly. There had never been a person that dared to call him this. He snorted and without visibly moving, countless chains of light erupted from under the youth and tied him up.

The youth's expression changed slightly but he did not surrender. "Old Guy, there's no accomplishment in bullying little children!"

"Are you the only one left in the Youqin family?" Pu Yao asked coldly.

"Just ye is left!" The youth widened his eyes and raised his head. "How about it? Don't think that you can pretend in front of ye with some conning yao arts!"

Then he seemed to say to himself, "If I knew this long ago, I wouldn't have listened to the old man. What stupid thing, what daren, is this an evil cult?"

Pu Yao did not seem to hear him. "What is your name?"

"Youqin Lie!" The youth rolled his eyes. The other person's power was beyond his predictions.

"A good name," Pu Yao said expressionlessly. He then asked, "Where are you living now?"

"Jail!" The youth snickered. "A Bei Ge Jail, maximum security, how about it? Very strong!"

"Why are you in jail?" Pu Yao asked.

"Ha, I killed a bastard from a prestigious family, motherf***er, I'll kill his entire family if I see them again!" Youqin Lie said hatefully.

"You have a grudge against him?"

"No!" Youqin Lie's head moved up, his eyes bloodshot and his hair seemed to burn. "Ha, that bastard raped my friend's younger sister. Ye spent three months before finding a chance to kill him!"

"Three months? You are really weak!" Pu Yao smirked coldly.

"You can try!" Youqin Lie looked disdainfully at Pu Yao. "He had at least twenty guards , and has two people guarding the door even when he is doing that thing! Please, it is a prestigious family, the yao arts they cultivate is much stronger than ye's. However, hee hee, got tricked by ye, I almost killed all of them."

Prestigious family! Pu Yao smirked inside and then asked, "You can come into the Ten Finger Prison from jail?"

"Ha, those idiots, they think putting jinzhi on ye will work, how can they know ye's skills? Getting into Ten Finger Prison is child's play!" Youqin Lie said smugly.

A thread of light flashed through Pu Yao's bloody pupil. He continued, "Has your father has spoken to you of your mission."

"That old man!" Youqin Lie's tone was unconcerned but his rebellious gaze suddenly became warmer. He shook his head. "Hey, it's not that ye wants to miss this, but ye is in jail and cannot help."

"Just escape the prison." Pu Yao said coldly.

"Escape the prison?" Youqin Lie seemed to hear the greatest joke and roared with laughter. "This is A Bei Ge Jail, maximum security prison. Haha, I've never heard of anyone escaping this prison!"

A ball of light suddenly appeared in Pu Yao's hand. He pressed his hand against Youqin Lie's forehead. The ball of light seemed to be soaked up by a sponge and entered Youqin Lie's head.

"Hey, what are you doing?" Youqin Lie's voice held a thread of panic. But his eyes suddenly widened as he said disbelievingly, "This is ... ..."

"You have ten days to escape the prison," Pu Yao said coldly.

"If you cannot escape, then die inside it."

Finishing, Pu Yao disappeared.

Youqin Lie didn't seem to hear him. His mouth was wide, his face shocked and his eyes unfocused as though he was possessed.


E De felt his heart was drumming.

He had always lived in Little Savage Jie. After Little Savage Jie changed hands, he entered Shi Dong Daren's battalion due to Shi Dong Daren's reputation. At the start, the days had been pretty good. Even though the cultivation was high intensity, no one complained. The more hardship they experienced when training, the easier it would be to survive when they fought on the battlefield.

There was nothing to say about Shi Dong Daren's skill. [Great Day Hardship Guard] was a mo skill on a level that they used to dream about and it stirred up everyone's desire to cultivate. There was no need for supervision. Everyone furiously cultivated. On the battlefield, Shi Dong Daren had been undefeated and taken down all of Little Savage Jie.

Everyone was filled with hope about the future.

Yet at this time, they had suddenly received Shi Dong Daren's order. They needed to go to a place called Turtle Island and receive special training.

Special training?

No one had heard this before. He had asked everyone, including the people that had followed Daren for a long time. Special Training? They all shook their heads and spoke of their ignorance on the matter. Everyone desired to go to Turtle Island because the old-timers of the battalion would tell them how great that place was. Most importantly, the king was there.

Yes, right now, everyone knew that Shi Dong Daren and Ye Ling Daren had sworn allegiance to a daren. This daren was called the one that was most likely to become king.

King, for the mo of Little Mountain Jie was a far away term.

But no one doubted Shi Dong Daren and Ye Ling Daren's judgment. Almost everyone believed that they were following a powerful person that could possibly become king!

Turtle Island was completely different than what E De had imagined. This place was filled with xiuzhe.

This mo army that entered Turtle Island for the first time almost turned and ran. Fortunately, everyone later found that Turtle Island didn't just have xiuzhe. There were mo and also yao.

Thinking back to everyone's expressions at that time, E De found it was humorous. Actually, he hadn't been much better. He quickly found that no matter if it was yaomo or xiuzhe, they could all coexist peacefully here. Even though there would be unfriendly gazes, but no one would fight you just because you were mo.

Only now did E De completely believe in the power of the king!

Before this, no one was able to do this.

As expected of the man that was most likely to become king!

E De quickly started to like this place, and liked the atmosphere. However, as they became familiar with Turtle Island, the special training that had been spoken of for so long finally arrived.

E De carefully entered the room as instructed, and seven to eight pairs of eyes instantly stared at him.

E De instantly became nervous. What made him even more nervous was that these people were all xiuzhe! Even though there was no fighting between yaomo and xiuzhe on Turtle Island, he couldn't help but feel unsafe being stared at by a group of xiuzhe.

"Don't be nervous, a question first, your bloodline?"

"Some of Shell Crocodile mo, but just a little bit," E De hurriedly said.

"Shell Crocodile, not a bad bloodline, colonel level. We can engrave the Shell Crocodile mo matrix for you and awaken the Shell Crocodile blood inside of you to increase your combat strength about two times. Of course, the specific effects will only be seen afterwards. Also, the choice is in your hands." The one who was speaking was Master Sun Bao.

"Engrave a mo matrix?" E De's face was puzzled.

"Do you know matrix awakening masters?"


"A bit more high level than that."

E De finally understood some of this. His heart couldn't help but move. He asked, "I have awakened my mo matrix already? Can I still get a mo matrix engraved?"


"I'm willing!" E De was afraid the other would withdraw the offer knowing he had already been awakened. He finally understood what special training was.

E De's quick and decisive responsive surprised Sun Bao and the others. They had originally thought that the other would hesitate. They had even prepared a great deal of methods of persuasion but the other didn't even think before agreeing.

Xiuzhe could not understand the desire mo had towards strength.

But since E De agreed, then engraving the mo matrix naturally started.

When they learned that Zuo Mo had encountered danger and needed help, Sun Bao and Ji Wei had started to discuss how they could help Daren. Coincidentally, Zuo Mo had sent back some information on the matrix awakening methods he had learned. The duo's eyes lit up and then found that the mo matrix could help Daren.

Mo were most suited to move in the mo realms.

Therefore, they organized all the power of Golden Crow Camp and started to study the content that Zuo Mo had sent back about mo matrixes.

The present Golden Crow Camp were not the greenhorns of the past. No matter if it was individual strength or collective strength, they had multiplied many times. Adding on that everyone was unprecedentedly united, the entire plan progressed rapidly.

Pu Yao and Wei also helped out in this process.

Zuo Mo had pioneered the process of engraving mo matrixes on Dong Zi. Golden Crow Camp quickly familiarized themselves, and compared to the mo matrix Zuo Mo carved on Dong Zi, Golden Crow Camp had more skill. Their methods were more developed and effective.

But because engraving could not escape the basic requirement of bloodlines, Guard Camp was temporarily unable to undergo the process. The two masters put their focus on the other mo battalion, Grey Camp.

Lil' Miss approved their mo engraving plan on the spot.

Therefore, there was the special training order.

E De did not hesitate. He never dreamt that something good like this would land on his head. He had once heard that hose matrix awakening masters could activate the blood in people's bodies to the greatest extent, but there were no outstanding matrix awakening masters in Little Savage Jie. The effects of E De's matrix awakening had been very terrible.

Otherwise, he believed that he would not just be the strength he had now.

No one had expected that a completely new era had started like this.

In the name of war!

Translator Ramblings: Pu Yao really likes the "reach xx level ... ... or you will be killed." I wonder if this is just how he motivates people to learn or maybe his teacher taught him in this way.