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 Chapter Five Hundred and Sixty Two - Business

Tao Xing?

Zuo Mo beckoned at Shou Ping authoritatively, indicating for him to come over. In his eyes, Ceng Lian'er had come to him, so Shou Ping and the Celestial Planet Guard were like the bonus that one got after buying the main product. He felt nothing at ordering the other about.

Shou Ping's tendon pulsed. A youth that wasn't even twenty was ordering him about. If this was any other person, he would have smashed them into pieces! Even if you were a fierce man, even if your subordinates were powerful, even if you had a powerful background, you are not the jie master! But he saw Miss out of the corner of his eyes, and Miss was looking directly at him.

His heart jumped.

... ... I'll endure it!

Shou Ping obediently walked in front of Zuo Mo, "Sir, is there something you need?"

"Who is Tao Xing?" Zuo Mo did not waste words and directly asked.

"The city master of Endless City!" Shou Ping thought and felt that if they encountered any danger, they would not be able to escape so it was best to actually speak seriously of this matter. "Endless City is a very famous and large city in Dark Abyss Jie, which is far from here. Tao Xing is most famous for raising mo embryos. Supposedly, because he had raised dark mo embryo, he was given Endless City by the jie baster of Dark Abyss Jie."

"Mo embryos?" Zuo Mo noticed the flicker of yearning in Ye Ling's eyes. He suddenly recalled that Ye Ling cultivated the Mist Hand Seat and needed mo embryos. Being unable to cultivate a mo physique was one of his regrets.

"Yes! Tao Xing is a true mo embryo grandmaster and very famous." A thread of desire flashed through Shou Ping's eyes but he knew this was just a futile hope so his gaze quickly regained clarity.

Zuo Mo suddenly turned and shouted towards the battlefield, "Tao Xing, do you have mist mo embryo?"

Shou Ping was stunned. All of Celestial Planet Guard was speechless.

A small indiscernible smile appeared on Ceng Lian'er's lips.


"Grandmaster, will they help?" Tang Fei asked worriedly. Even though Tao Xing was the master of Endless City, but he was familiar with his people and liked being called Grandmaster.

Tao Xing was dressed in loose black robes. His face was wizened but his eyes were alert and gave people the feeling he was a scholar. The situation was urgent but his face was calm and indicated no panic.

He smiled slightly, his tone filled with nonchalance. "This is up to the Heavens."

Tang Fei bit down on her lips. She was filled with regret and hate. If she had stopped Grandmaster when they departed, Grandmaster would not be in such danger!

Tao Xing knew what Tang Fei was thinking. He said with a smile, "Do not blame yourself. This matter is not your fault, you have done very well. With just five hundred people you were able to stop one thousand and five hundred green yaksha. When word of this gets out, you will be famous."

Tang Fei was tall and the form fitting armor emphasized her body. The light green hair was up in a simple ponytail. Her right hand was on the mo weapon at her waist as she stood handsomely.

There was no pride on Tang Fei's face. Her fingers were white as she gripped her mo weapon.

Even though she was speaking to City Master, the majority of her attention was on the battlefield. She noticed that Cha Xiong's movement had slowed and instantly felt panic.

Tang Fei knew very well that she was able to stop this one thousand and five hundred green yaksha with five hundred people because Cha Xiong was a skilled fighter. Otherwise, they would have been defeated long ago.

If Cha Xiong ran out of energy, the balance would quickly tilt.

Suddenly, a voice rang out over the entire battlefield. "Tao Xing, do you have mist mo embryo?"

Tang Fei's eyes widened and her expression froze. She felt unspeakably uncomfortable. She had followed Tao Xing for many years, and seen many times that Grandmaster had asked other people for help. But she had never encountered a situation like this. Each of the personages that Grandmaster asked would usually complete the request without a second word. After the matter was dealt with, the Grandmaster would naturally give his thanks, mostly with mo embryos and the two would establish good relations.

She had never met someone who started out by stating conditions. Comparing this, she couldn't help but have a low opinion.

As expected, those personages were great and prestigious, their mannerisms were not anything that greenhorns could have.

If they saved Grandmaster, would they fear not having mo embryos?

And stating a price at such a crucial time, wasn't this just blackmail? Tang Fei was unhappy and her expression turned dark.

Tao Xing stilled. It was the first time he met such a direct person. However, he was usually open-minded and did not care too much. He said loudly, "Sir, what kind of mist mo embryo do you want?"

This time, it was Zuo Mo's turn to pause. What kind of mist mo embryo? He turned around and asked Ye Ling. "What kind of mist mo embryo do you need?"

The rims of Ye Ling's eyes turned red. When Zuo Mo asked about the mist mo embryos, his heart started beating wildly. When Zuo Mo asked him the direct question, a feeling he had never had before filled him. If Daren asked him to die right now, he would charge unhesitatingly.

My king ... ...

His lips trembled as he stammered out, "Ash Phase Mist mo embryo ... ..."

"Oh, it is Ash Phase Mist mo embryo." Zuo Mo nodded. He turned and shouted, "Old Man, Ash Phase Mist mo embryo!"

Old man!

Tang Fei almost drew the mo weapon at her waist. Her face was full of fury. This was the first time she had encountered someone so disrespectful towards the City Master! She was not the only one. The mo guards around her were also angry.

The Celestial Planet Guard, with Shou Ping as the leader, all looked reverently at Zuo Mo.

Heavens! This person was probably the first one that dared to call Tao Xing Old Man!

Tao Xing chuckled. He felt this person was very interesting. He shouted, "Boy, how many do you want?"

He had originally thought the other would ask a great price. He had not imagined that the other just wanted a Grey Phase Mist mo embryo. This wasn't anything to him. It seemed the other was truly a greenhorn.

He had made a mistake!

Zuo Mo instantly realized that his opening price was too low. He only knew a bit about mo embryos so it was hard to avoid making mistakes. For Zuo Mo who had greediness engraved into his bones, it was harder for him to accept making a mistaken quote than for him to cut off his own flesh. He wanted ask Ye Ling but when he saw the other's teary state, Zuo Mo felt it would be a waste of time to ask. He decided to just go in.

"One hundred!"

Shou Ping almost fell to the ground. Ye Ling's tears froze in his eyes. He opened his mouth and did not know what to say.

Even the green yaksha stilled.

One hundred!

Mo embryos!

When were mo embryos counted in units of one hundred?

Woosh, Tang Fei unsheathed the mo weapon at her waist and prepared to fight to the death. Truthfully, she was more willing to go up and chop up that greenhorn. In her eyes, this person was even more horrid than the ugly green yaksha.

One hundred!

It was Tao Xing's turn to be stunned. He didn't know what to say.

Heavens, one hundred mo embryos. Even if it was the Grey Phase Mist mo embryos that were not high level, this number was outrageous. Mo embryos, these were mo embryos!

Was that person really a mo?

This absurd thought rose in Tao Xin's mind. What he did not know was that his thought was so close to the truth.

"Sorry, I only have three Grey Phase Mist mo embryos with me!" For some reason, when Tao Xing said this, even he felt slightly embarrassed. "Sire, can you consider changing the request to to other mo embryos?"

"Just three ... ..." Zuo Mo rubbed his chin and pretended to be deep in thought. He hurriedly asked Pu Yao and Wei. "Quick quick quick, what mo embryos should we get?"

Pu Yao's thin lips were like blades that drew blood with each swipe, "Gold Phase mo embryo, Day mo embryo, Nether Shadow mo embryo, Cold Blade Mantis mo embryo, Hundred Night mo embryo."

Wei had a warm and harmonious smile as he added, "And Nether Water Clear Moon mo embryo, Magnetism mo embryo, Falling Star mo embryo, Flashing Spirit mo embryo."

Zuo Mo repeated without missing a word. His voice spread through the entire battlefield.

The entire battlefield was completely silent. Everyone was shocked by this mo embryo list.

The eyes of all the mo gathered on Zuo Mo. In this moment, Zuo Mo was the center of attention of thousands. Even the green yaksha were gaping as they looked at Zuo Mo like they were seeing a ghost.

The eyes of the green yaksha Leader turned red. If it wasn't an absolute order this time, he wanted to shout, give them to me, give them to me and I will immediately turn around and leave! No, just half, we only want half and we will leave immediately!

He suspected when he returned and reported to his superiors, those daren would also regret not giving him the power to make such a transaction ... ...

Tao Xing was like a statue. He was completely stunned.

Oh, Heavens, how could I have had such a stupid thought just now. How could this person not be a mo? A mo that could list so many mo physique names, he had never encountered one like this.

The pitiful Tao Xing was still immersed in the other's familiarity of mo embryos. He had not comprehended the mobei that was represented by this string of mo embryos.

"This is extortion!" Tang Fei shouted, unable to bear it any longer.

Zuo Mo stilled and then said unconcernedly, "This is a transaction done willingly on both sides. It's fine if you are not willing. I do not feel that there is anything more valuable than life. You will not make a loss on this transaction."

All the mo admired Zuo Mo's shamelessness.

Tang Fei was unable to respond. Fire burned in her eyes as she wanted to burn Zuo Mo into dust.

Tao Xing stopped Tang Fei. Even though there was pain on his face, he shouted, "This little brother is right, there is nothing more important than life. Alright, I agree. However, the mo embryos are at Endless City. Sir, you will have to send someone to pick them up."

"Are we going to pass through Dark Abyss Jie?" Zuo Mo asked Shu Long in a low voice.

Shu Long had been very calm all this time. In reality, other than Ye Ling, Nan Yue and the few others, all of the other people in the troop didn't feel anything. They actually felt that Daren was correct. What was more valuable than life.

Shu Long nodded. "Daren, we will pass through it."

Zuo Mo had a happy expression as he shouted, "Alright, agreed!"

The leader of the green yaksha instantly felt his heart was empty. Endless disappointment filled his body. This almost drove him insane.

So many mo embryos ... ...

He suddenly raised his head, his eyes bloody red as he shrieked, "Kill them!"

"Kill them!" All the green yaksha had red eyes and vicious expressions.

A troop of just one hundred dared to dismiss them!

Kill them!

Translator Ramblings: Best bargaining technique, start low, and then multiply by one hundred to throw the other side off.