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 Chapter Five Hundred and Fifty Six - Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus

Pu Yao and Wei looked at Zuo Mo like they were looking at a freak.

"What is with your gaze ... ..." Zuo Mo was unable to maintain his calm.

"You leveled up." Pu Yao's voice was as cold and indifferent as usual but Zuo Mo who had become familiar with him a long time go could hear the thread of unusualness in his voice.

"I know I levelled up," Zuo Mo muttered. He then asked in anticipation. "What mo physique do I have now? Is it powerful?"

Pu Yao's gaze was very strange.

"Very powerful," the one who spoke was Wei. Wei's expression was also very strange. "Your present mo physique is called Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus, a very rare mo physique, one even rarer than the White Fang mo physique."

"This powerful!" Zuo Mo was overjoyed. Then he bent down his neck and said uncertainly, "Are you sure? Wait, isn't the White Fang mo physique a general level mo physique?"

"You have not remembered it wrong." Pu Yao's gaze became even stranger.

Zuo Mo stilled. After a while, he said slowly, "General level? I levelled up to general level?"

Pu Yao and Wei did not speak and only looked at Zuo Mo strangely as though they could observe something from Zuo Mo's body.

Zuo Mo was stunned by the news.

General level!

He had moved into the general level!

This was ... ... too fantastical!

His Great Day mo physique had been a colonel level mo physique. Zuo Mo had thought it had encountered some problem when it hadn't had a breakthrough after all this time. He hadn't expect to actually go past the brigadier level and go straight into general level.

The difference between general level and brigadier level was the difference between yuanying and jindan. There were innate differences.

This was not rational ... ... this was not rational! Zuo Mo thought dazedly.

"It should be caused by the Sun Crystal Seed."

"And Greenvine Mystical Water and Soul Setting Divine Light!"

"What does Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus rank among the general level mo physiques? I don't quite remember it ... ..."


Hearing the discussion between Pu Yao and Wei, especially when he heard that Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus was ranked third, he shook and woke up. Zuo Mo grumbled, "Why isn't it second?"

Pu Yao and Wei turned, looking at him as though they were looking at an idiot.

"Great Day mo physique was second in colonel level!" Zuo Mo said righteously. "From second to third, this is a step back!"

"Idiot!" Pu Yao spat out a word.

"A person like this actually could cultivate the Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus ... ..." Wei's gaze was also as though he was looking at an idiot.

"I just said so, it was definitely because of the Sun crystal Seed. With a treasure like this, even an idiot can possess Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus."

"You are right ... ..."

Pu Yao and Wei's disdain-filled discussion passed into his ears. Zuo Mo really could not resist. "Hey hey hey, speak clearer!"

After Pu Yao and Wei's detailed explanation, Zuo Mo had a general understanding.

The leveling up of mo physiques would not have too much of a correlation with the initial rank. For example, while Great Day mo physique was second among colonel level, but there was more than one path it could level up through. The difference between each of the leveled up mo physiques was large, and Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus was the best level up path for Great Day mo physique.

According to Pu Yao and Wei, they felt that the reason he had reached Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus was directly connected to the Sun Crystal Seed inside of him, and also the Sun shen power he cultivated. Even the Greenvine Mystical Water and the Soul Setting Divine Light were hugely influential. Otherwise, with Zuo Mo's present power, the best outcome of leveling up would be the Light Manifestation mo physique that ranked seventh in the brigadier level.

After listening carefully, Zuo Mo understood.

However, he did not care if the cause was the Sun Crystal Seed. What he cared about was ranking third in general level!

Having seen the power of the White Fang mo physique that ranked sixteenth in general level, Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus that ranked third should be even stronger!

Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus?

Zuo Mo recited inside. His gaze looked unconsciously towards A Gui.

A Gui, I now have the Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus, I will become even stronger!

Gripping A Gui's hand, Zuo Mo went back to his cultivation.

He didn't want to waste one bit of time.

Ranking third in general level, Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus, if he could drag out all the power of such a powerful mo physique, the chances of surviving a trip to the Nether Spring Jie should grow much higher!

Zuo Mo pondered this. .

Watching the furiously cultivating Zuo Mo, Pu Yao and Wei were silent.

"He's working very hard," Wei suddenly said.

Pu Yao looked at Zuo Mo and seemed to be thinking. His bloody pupil was deep and his emotions were complex.

A moment later, he suddenly spoke, "I've decided to help him."

"In which way?" Wei raised his head.

"Using everything I can do." Pu Yao raised his head. "You were right last time, we have to settle our accounts!"


Gongsun Cha laid on the bed and his thoughts wandered as he stared at the ceiling.

Zuo Mo Shixiong had passed information on everything that happened recently back to Turtle Island. There was nothing concealed. Each of them had read all of it.

No one had ever thought that Shixiong's history was so wondrous and so tragic!

Even though they didn't have a complete picture but just the information they had now was enough for them, people who had been through many battles, to smell the thick tang of blood.

Shixiong's present mood was probably ... ...

No, he couldn't let Shixiong fight alone, he had to do something!

Gongsun Cha suddenly sat up straight! A moment later, a smile suddenly rose in the clear eyes of the neighbor's boy. In the depths, fighting spirit rose like flowers on the wind.

They had always fought side by side!

The Dark of Hundred Savage ... ... it really was a challenge!

His spirit burned and his blood was nearly boiling, but Lil' Miss' mind was unusually calm. He started to ponder how to actualize his intent.

He definitely could come up with the most suitable strategic plan!

"Daren!" The guard outside knocked on the door.

"What is it?" Interrupted, Lil' Miss frowned.

The guard came in and handed Lil' Miss a jade scroll. He reported, "Just now, Wei Sheng Daren came and delivered a jade scroll. He said to give it to Daren."

Eldest Shixiong? Lil' Miss stilled.

He picked up the jade scroll. A moment later, he wore a grimace.

Eldest Shixiong had gone by himself to search for Zuo Mo Shixiong!

"To Gongsun Shidi ... ... brotherhood and friendship, one needs to remain true, I am unable to stand by and watch ... ... heart of a sort, can safely strike and be safe ... ... know that this one's strength is not enough, so I bid farewell! I go to the mo world, using fighting to cultivate,kill mo to temper the sword ... ... if I am not dead, and reach the Nether Spring ... I will lend the strength of one sword!"

In the jade scroll, Wei Sheng's voice was indifferent and filled with decisiveness.

"Crazy!" Lil' Miss murmured.

Raising his head, his bangs swayed despite the lack of wind. A bashful smile hung on Lil' Miss' face.

"Hah, let's be crazy together!"


Turtle Island's atmosphere suddenly became tense.

The intensity of Vermillion Bird Camp's and Guard Camp's training was increased to unprecedented level. The tense atmosphere allowed everyone to understand, something had happened! It quickly spread in the two camps that Zuo Mo Daren had encountered trouble!

Vermillion Bird Camp and Guard Camp had followed Zuo Mo from Little Mountain Jie and their bond was deep. Hearing that Daren had encountered trouble, and there were no orders to move out, only orders telling them to train, the group understood that their current strength was not enough to resolve the trouble for Daren.

Without needing any urging, the two camps started to cultivate more furiously.

The large families in Cloud Sea Jie quickly received orders. A new camp, Green Dragon Camp, was going to be set up and was requesting each family to send outstanding disciples to the recruitment. The families with disciples selected would receive more benefits.

This order caused a great wave in Cloud Sea Jie. As the Great Thousand Island Formation expanded day by day, every family knew that Turtle Island's rule of Cloud Sea Jie was unbreakable. Only by responding to Turtle Island's orders would they receive more benefits in the future.

Countless accomplished youths flooded towards Turtle Island.


When Shi Dong received the order, he was slightly puzzled.

His progression speeded far surpassed his own expectations. However, he had not expected that Lil' Miss Daren was still unsatisfied and ordered him to speed up his advance.

Other than this, he was also shocked that Lil' Miss Daren allowed him the right to expand Grey Camp.

Someone major probably happened!

Shi Dong's temper was not the best but he was a smart person. The first he thought of was Zuo Mo Daren.

Zuo Mo Daren ... ... that daren that Ye Ling said could become king ... ...

He thought for a moment before sending down the order to expand the troops. He then ordered an increase in training intensity.

"Did something happen? Daren!" his subordinate asked suspiciously.

"Zuo Mo Daren might have encountered some trouble," Shi Dong explained.

"Ah! Our King Daren encountered trouble!" the subordinate paled and asked urgently, "Is it great trouble? Is there danger? Do we need to go reinforce him?"

Shi Dong was surprised by the subordinate's fierce response, "You are very rushed?"

The subordinate stilled and said unhesitatingly, "Of course, that is our king!"

"You feel that he can become king?" Shi Dong asked something that had puzzled him for a long time.

"Definitely!" the subordinate balled his fist and had a serious expression. "We all believe he can!"

"So it's like this ... ..." Shi Dong was thoughtful.

The subordinate charged outside without even bowing to Shi Dong. He had to pass along this news as fast as he could!

All hail the king!


"These are the mo matrixes that Daren has sent, as well as some of his own conclusions regarding the topic." Master Sun Bao looked at the people below and said gravely, "During this period of time, everyone will need to put aside all other work, and work on the mo matrixes!"

Everyone nodded but were slightly astounded. It had to be said that while the missions of Golden Crow Camp were difficult and demanding, the atmosphere was free. The two masters generally allowed everyone to explore their own projects and would only gather everyone's power during some special missions.

Had something happened?

Everyone was puzzled.

Master Ji Wei's expression was also very grave. He was handing out jade scrolls.

"Master, did something happen?" someone asked.

Everyone's gaze gathered on Master Sun Bao.

"Daren encountered some danger," Master Sun Bao said in a deep voice, "and needs our help."

It was deathly silent. A second later, it exploded!

"Daren encountered danger?"

"Damn it! Did the other groups go play and not fulfill their responsibilities? Where is Lil' Miss Daren?"

"Heavens! This isn't true ... ..."

These young production xiuzhe were furiously and wanted to charge out.

That was Daren! Daren who all of Golden Crow Camp had sworn an oath to forever follow. No one would forget who had passed on spells and techniques, who had given them Golden Crow Fire, Why they did not have to worry for the clothing on their back, and could even do whatever they wanted. They remembered who gave them all this!

Damn it!

"Shut up!" Master Ji Wei's shout caused everyone to stop talking.

Master Sun Bao didn't have any trace of a smile. There seemed to be fire flickering in his gaze. "Everyone, make use of the time and study the jade scrolls. Inside are the conclusion and studies Daren has relating to the mo matrixes. We need to understand all the problems in the shortest amount of time!"

There seemed to be a fire burning in everyone's eyes.

"And then, we will start engraving mo matrixes!"

"This is a war!"

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