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 Chapter Five Hundred and Fifty Three - Fragments

Shu Long made multiple inspections to be certain there were no mistakes before he stopped.

Nan Yue, Cang Ze, and the others were slightly nervous. They were having such a big battle for their first engagement, it would be lying to say they were not nervous. However, Pu Yao's high-intensity training showed its effects. They were nervous but they still managed to maintain their calm.

The mission that Shu Long gave them was very simple. They were to follow up on the hardship guards attack.

On the top of the mountain, there were copper pillars inserted into the ground that were covered in rough and thick engravings, these were totem pillars. Shu Long had made according to Wei's teachings.

The Hardship Guard that had been under Wei's tutelage had completely changed their battle style compared to when they were under Pu Yao.

All of the masters that Wei had been with had all been top level geniuses. This allowed him to have a vast knowledge regarding mo battalions. In his hands, Guard Camp's battle methods had quietly changed. He also added on many ancient tribal combat methods and made the camp even stronger.

Using the totem pillars was one of the methods.

If it wasn't that Zuo Mo had gathered large numbers of totem fragments, they could not have made the totem pillars.

Guard Camp had a natural weakness, speed. In this era where speed was one of the ultimate factors, the clumsy Gurad Camp was innately disadvantaged. Wei did not use any methods to increase Guard Camp's speed, but used other methods to make them an unique heavy-armor battalion!

Ye Ling's heart gradually calmed because he found the entire battalion was well-organized. Even though there was only a hundred people, there wasn't any nervousness in their expressions. They were like precise instruments, their setup was crisp and efficient.

Such a powerful battalion!

Ye Ling who had seen many battalions before was filled with shock. The hardship guards had ease and calmness on their faces. There was no nervousness, no excitement. They seemed to move as though they were just training!

Shu Long Daren did not give any motivational speech. He only sent down orders like usual as if it was just another day.

This mountain peak was the tallest in the surrounding area. The peak reached into the clouds. The peak itself was a plateau about seventy or so mu.

One hundred and twenty totem pillars were securely embedded into the granite plateau so only half of the pillar was exposed. The hardship guards stood between the totem pillars and a certain kind of combat formation could be made out.

The bandits that had been following them did not understand what was happening so they did not attack immediately. The news about Mountain Dragon Corps had spread through all of Eminent Mountain Jie.

When the large formation was set up, Shu Long's eyes silently burned with heated fighting spirit.



Zuo Mo's head rang as though something inside had exploded. His mind went blank.

At this time, the young female under his finger made a sound.

Ceng Yi's expression became overjoyed as he unconsciously called, "Lian'er!"

The youth and the other two's expression sank. If they missed this chance, it would not be easy to persuade Ceng Yi. The three of them were at the general level, but they were still wary of Ceng Yi's White Fang mo physique.

The three exchanged a look, coldness flashing through their eyes as they moved at the same time.

The youth headed straight for Zuo Mo and the young female to try to take the young female as a hostage, while the thin and the fat men leapt at Ceng Yi.

The moment the three moved, Ceng Yi understood their intentions. He shouted furiously, "Die!"

The almond-yellow snake pupils turned grey-white as he charged fearlessly at the two people. His right hand was slightly raised and now shone with a grey-white light!

A small howl seemed to come from hell.

The fat one and the thin one changed expressions. The fat one shouted, and a brown-red mo matrix appeared. Layers of invisible ripples spread out. The thin one's fingers were like claws and flashed with a metallic sheen. His dark green mo matrix crept around his arms like countless branches of ivy.


Ceng Yi's raised right hand came into contact with the invisible ripples. Without any pause, it pierced through like a knife into water!

One layer after another!

The dozens of layers didn't manage to slow down Ceng Yi's grey-white hand at all!

The fat one's expression changed drastically. Ceng Yi's strength far surpassed his expectations. At such a dangerous moment, the thin man's fingers howled like ten sharp knifes as it moved to block!

There wasn't any emotion in Ceng Yi's grey-white pupils. They seemed to be lifeless as his right hand continued to push forward without any thought of dodging the thin man's attack.

A vicious look appeared on the thin one's face. His mo skill was ramped up to its limits. The dark green mo matrix suddenly brightened, and the green light drew out a blinding streak in the air!

The two sides crashed together without any finesse- a contest of strength!


The blinding green light instantly illuminated the yard. The burning light was piercing to the eyes!


A minuscule sound of something breaking occurred in the middle of this blinding ball of light.

The light disappeared without warning. Pain appeared on the face of the thin one. Three of the fingers on his right hand had been broken!

The fat one had a terrified expression but he reacted quickly and shouted loudly, "Stop!"

"Jie Master Ceng, your honored daughter!" the fat one said with his fastest speed in his life.

Ceng Yi's grey-white pupils suddenly moved.


The youth didn't even look at Zuo Mo once. There was only the young female in his eyes! The great sound of the explosion behind his back and the grunt from the fat one caused his nerves to tense.

He knew that his conduct was akin to breaking the peace. With Ceng Yi's temper, if he did not get even, he would not rest!

Ceng Yi was not famed, but the youth would not underestimate him. If Marshal Yu was not occupied and unable to come, it definitely would not be him that had come. Out of caution, he had taken along two general mo, but he had not thought that these two had crumbled so easily when facing Ceng Yi. In one attack, one was forced to retreat and the other was wounded!

The White Fang mo physique lived up to the rumors!

He had the bloodline of dragons, but he had just stepped into general level and definitely was not Ceng Yi's opponent.

The only chance right now was to capture Ceng Yi's daughter!

That unconscious woman!

If he could take her hostage before she woke, she would cause Ceng Yi to become wary, and he could easily get Ceng Yi to bow his head!

He used all his power, his figure was lightning fast. In this moment, his mind was abnormally clear.

When the face of the young female entered his eyes, when that exquisite and beautiful face entered his eyes, in this moment, he almost forgot to breathe!

The long eyelashes flickered lightly, the slightly creased brow as though she was enduring some pain. On this flawless face, it caused one to unconsciously feel tenderness.

A certain part of this proud youth's heart suddenly softened.

The shout from the fat one behind him cause the youth to shake and wake up from his trance. This beautiful and flawless face in front of him had a demonic bewitching power!

The youth suppressed the trembling of his heart. He gritted his teeth and used all his power to grab at the young female.

He was now even closer!

The youth was filled with joy. Success was right in front of him. If he captured the young female, he could turn defeat into victory!

His right hand touched the cheek of the young female, he could even feel the softness from his fingertips


Suddenly, the young female's long eyelashes fluttered and she slowly opened her eyes.

The young female's eyes were like polished onyx, deep and bottomless.

In that instant, the exquisite and beautiful face seemed to come alive! A beauty that was indescribable and a presence that was breathtaking. But it seemed like a poisonous snake in the dark had silently burrowed into the heart of the youth.

The youth's expression instantly became dazed and his hand unconsciously stopped on the young female's snowy face.

"I am Lian'er."

The young female's serene name was like a wisp that came with the wind.

"Act!" the fat one said panickedly.

The youth did not seem to hear him and remained motionless.

Pew pew pew pew!

Countless shots of blood sprouted out from the youth's body. The youth fell backwards.

The expressions of the thin one and the fat one froze. They looked in disbelief at the scene that they found hard to understand. They had not seen the youth make any movement, did not detect any power vibrations, they hadn't detected anything at all!

They knew the youth's power. He had risen to general level at a young age, and soon, he would be able to awaken his dragon bloodline. His potential was unlimited. Even now, the youth was stronger than the two of them.

He had actually ... ... actually ... ... died!

They seemed to have seen a ghost. The scene in front of them was too strange, and out of the limits of their understanding!

"I am Lian'er."

The young female said to Zuo Mo. That extremely beautiful face seemed to evoke tenderness.

Zuo Mo did not seem to hear it. He was motionless.

The young female's eyelashes lowered as she closed her eyes. In this instant, countless fragmented scene appeared in front of her mind.


The bead broke.

"... ... Do not forget ... ..."

The crisp young female's voice was full of panic and worry.

"... ... Never forget ... ..."

The young female seemed to repeatedly warn.

The voice was clearly in front of him but no matter how hard Zuo Mo tried, he could not see the face of the young female clearly. It seemed as though there was a layer of mist occluding his vision. Fragmented scenes flashed through his mind's eye. Every picture was fragmented, and only the young female's voice was clear.

Sorrow and hopelessness corroded Zuo Mo like a spreading mist.

Zuo Mo bit down on his lips. Having gone through many battles, he could see many things from these shattered scenes, blood, killing ... ...

The young female's voice came in and out, and was just as fragmented as the visions.

"... ... don't be afraid ... ..."

"Young ... ... quick, run ... ..."

There were even more broken-up sounds that he could not understand.

It seemed like something was blocking Zuo Mo's heart. Indescribable sorrow spread inside.

Suddenly, a scene caused Zuo Mo to shudder!

A young female was carrying a young male as she ran furiously through the woods. Branches continuously scratched and whipped past them. Their clothing was torn and was in pieces. Zuo Mo could even hear the heavy breathing of the young female and the beads of sweat falling from her face.

Zuo Mo dazedly looked towards the bottom of the scene as though he saw something unbelievable.

-A pair of perfect bare feet stepping over muddy soil, sharp branches as they continued to sprint.

Zuo Mo stared at the running pair of feet and could not move his eyes away.

"Young Master, don't be afraid, I will definitely come find you!"

At this time, Zuo Mo heard a complete sentence in the young female's determined yet young tone.

In this instant, it was as though Zuo Mo had been hit by something, and tears uncontrollably flowed.

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