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 Chapter Five Hundred and Fifty Two - White Fang Mo Matrix

Murderous intent flashed through A Wen's eyes. He had, long ago, noticed the group of people nearby. It was clear that the group was targeting them and it could be seen that the other had a very low opinion of them. Unrestrained laughter could occasionally be heard from the groups.

One two three four ... ... seven!

A Wen counted inside. There were seven groups of mo, each of unknown origins surrounding them. They were clearly being targeted.

Right now, A Wen was not the same naïve youth that relied on only his talent to survive in the arena. He had fought in large scale battles, seen rivers of blood. Both Pu Yao and Wei had great affection for him and his talent, putting great effort into teaching him.

He was the strongest hardship guard in Guard Camp, even stronger than Shu Long!

A the only shadow mo guard his abilities were completely different from the other hardship guards. He had unparalleled speed so he had always acted as the scout.

Even though the troop was only barely more than one hundred people, Shu Long still methodically sent out scouts.

A Wen had quickly discovered these groups of bandits. The other's unrestrained nature caused murderousness to rise but A Wen did not act by himself, instead he reported the information to Shu Long.

"Seven groups of bandits ... ..." Shu Long made a thoughtful sound.

"Yes, all the groups have different head counts. The largest is about five to six hundred people, and the smallest is two to three hundred people," A Wen reported in detail, "There are about three thousand people in total."

Hearing this, Ye Ling's expression changed slightly.

Nan Yue, Cang Ze, and the others stared at each other. They were completely shocked at this news. Three thousand people! When they looked at the hundred or so people around them, they felt a wave of coldness rise.

Three thousand against one hundred. In other words, each one of them had to defeat thirty bandits.

This was a ratio that seemed hopeless!

They suddenly felt great admiration for Shu Long, as his expression was unchanged after hearing the news and there was no trace of panic.

As expected of the leader of Guard Camp, he had the mannerisms of a great general!

"Ye Ling, what do you think?" Shu Long suddenly asked Ye Ling.

Ye Ling's expression had changed but he forced himself to maintain calmness. "Daren what we need to do now is increase our speed and charge out of this jie before they finish surrounding us!"

Shu Long did not nod. He was thinking.

He quickly shook his head and refused Ye Ling's suggestion. "Our speed is not fast. They are bandits and are skilled in quick raids. They have an advantage of speed and there probably are more people waiting for us ahead ."

Ye Ling's face was white. Shu Long's analysis was to the point. "Then what do we do?"

"Fight!" Shu Long's eyes were filled with murderousness as he said in a deep voice, "We mustn't just fight, we need to fight them until their forces are crippled! Only then will we have a chance to charge out of this jie."

Everyone, including Ye Ling and Nan Yue, was stunned. One hundred against three thousand, how did Shu Long Daren want them to fight?

Wasn't that just seeking death.

One hundred against three thousand, there wasn't any chance of victory!

Shu Long seemed to know their thoughts and said sternly, "We are a trained battalion group, they are just a bunch of bandits. No matter how many there are, they are just rabble, there is nothing to fear."

Ye Ling gritted his teeth. "How does Daren want to fight?"

"We will only have one chance. If we cannot destroy them in one strike, and they scatter, we will be harassed the entire way and then be in a reactive position, "Shu Long said gravely.


Zuo Mo inspected the mo matrix on the young female's body. Now that he was half recovered, he didn't need Ka Zhuo to help him examine her.

His movements were very slow, and his expression was grave.

When the mo matrix's maturation was interrupted, it actually had caused irreparable damage. The mo matrix on the female's body was unusually complex, the White Fang mo matrix was unique to the White Fang Snake mo. If it had complete maturation, she would enter general level and her mo physique would naturally form.

So young and she had touched the door to the general level. This young female was astoundingly talented.

The White Fang mo matrix was extremely unique. It could absorb power continuously and compress it to become more condensed. When it was cultivated to the extreme, one could compress all the power in the body to a point smaller than the point of a needle. This needle point was so powerful it could penetrate anything. Zuo Mo guessed that it could even penetrate a mature "Domain."

Pu Yao and Wei examined the White Fang mo matrix curiously. None of them had ever seen the White Fang mo matrix before.

"It is slightly interesting. No wonder the White Fang mo matrix ranks sixteenth among the general rank mo physiques," Pu Yao said interestedly. He was an expert in mo matrixes and with a glance, he understood the core fundamentals.

Wei looked at the young lady and then took his gaze away. He wasn't too interested in mo matrixes but he had not seen this one before. Now that he saw the real thing, he was satisfied.

"Sixteenth among general level mo physiques?" Zuo Mo said in shock.

"En, a very strong mo physique. However what its greatest feature is that if one reaches general level, the mo physique automatically forms!" Pu Yao suddenly said, "How about you get some of this girl's blood. Her blood is probably strange."

Wei who had been silent suddenly opened, "This idea is pretty good. I know some methods of blood sacrifice, maybe you can possess this bloodline as well."

Zuo Mo thought and then shook his head. "No I feel that my Great Day mo physique will soon have a breakthrough, the feeling is very strong."

"That's true. You cultivate the Great Day mo physique. The other mo physiques cannot compare to it in terms of their foundations," Pu Yao nodded and said in agreement.

Wei asked Zuo Mo, "You plan on saving her?"

"Save her?" Zuo Mo shook his head. "I do not have such great ability. This damage caused by the mo matrix has also damaged her blood and flesh. I cannot save her."

Wei became silent.

Zuo Mo did not speak more and continued to examine the mo matrix of this young female.

He didn't have any plans of saving her whatsoever. He couldn't do it, but even if he could, he didn't plan too. He was planning on making trouble for Ceng Yi once he had his breakthrough to get even over the matter of being forced against his will.

He didn't have the habit of showing someone the right side of his face after they slapped the left.

But this White Fang mo matrix was really profound. Even Pu Yao didn't have many general level mo matrixes.

This was a rare chance!

Zuo Mo's fingertip moved along the mo matrix. The unusually profound White Snake mo matrix caused him to sink into an immersed state.

Without knowing it, a thread of shen power was drawn out of his finger.

When his finger traced the mo matrix to the forehead of the young female, something happened!

A great suction force suddenly formed at the forehead of the young female. Zuo Mo's shen power broke free of his control and furiously flooded towards the young female's forehead.

Zuo Mo was astounded!

What was this?

But no matter how hard he tried, the shen power did not listen to his orders and furiously flooded into the forehead of the young female.

Zuo Mo instantly panicked. If this kept on going, wasn't he going to be drained dry?

Zuo Mo who had just recovered half of his strength could not accept a fate of being drained dry again.

In a panic, Zuo Mo's right hand pushed against the young female's body trying to push her away.


The mo matrix on the young female's body suddenly lit up. The blinding light broke through the room and a faint shadow of a white snake appeared in the sky!

It could be seen from far away!


"Jie master Ceng, you really will not reconsider it?" the youth in front of Ceng Yi asked coldly.

The youth had two slight bumps on his forehead. This was a trait unique to those with the bloodline of dragons and this trait would only appear in those that had reached the general level. The youth's face was white as jade, his body tall, but his expression was cold and proud.

His gaze was filled with haughtiness.

There were two mo, one thin and one fat, standing next to the youth. The fat one had a jolly smile on his face and looked extremely welcoming. The thin one had a cold expression and his eyes were half-lidded.

"I do not need to consider it!" Ceng Yi's expression was unreadable. He slowly said, "This one is nothing special as a jie master but it is a free existence. This one will have to reject Marshal Yu's favor!"

At this time, Ceng Yi's expression suddenly changed. At the same moment, the thin one next to the youth suddenly opened his eyes, and the fatty's smile disappeared.

Without any words, all of them flew out of the room at almost the same time.

A building in the distance was giving off great light. Amongst the light, the white shadow of a snake flickered in and out of view.

"Lian'er!" Ceng Yi's expression changed dramatically as he shouted. Before the shout ended , he disappeared.

"Ceng Yi as a White Fang snake mo as expected!" The youth snorted and then joy came onto his face. "This is a good chance! His daughter is at such a crucial moment, he won't dare refuse. Otherwise, hmph hmph, he can't blame us for being vicious!"

Finishing, the trio disappeared.


Zuo Mo had never expected the other's mo matrix to be so strange. He was extremely panicked. When he discovered the light given off by the young female's mo matrix was so bright, he knew it was not good.

How could such a big disturbance not be noticed by Ceng Yi?

Damn it!

This was not a good time to face Ceng Yi but Zuo Mo didn't have the time to regret it. He already detected Ceng Yi's presence. No, there were also three more generals!

Zuo Mo was shocked. Four generals, even if he had a breakthrough, he definitely was not a match!

"Lian'er!" Ceng Yi called out panickedly. His eyes were filled with worry and held none of the cruelness and indifference he usually had.

"Jie Master Ceng, I feel you should consider what I just said," the youth said in a strange tone from behind Ceng Yi.

Ceng Yi was infuriated. "You ... ..."

"Ha ha, Jie Master Ceng, this is for your own good," the fat one spoke with a smile, "as long as Jie Master makes a decision, we three are willing to help your daughter mature the mo matrix at the price of expending our own mo skills."

Ceng Yi wavered.

Zuo Mo knew that it was not good. If Ceng Yi really agreed, then the one with the most terrible outcome would definitely be him.

But Zuo Mo didn't have the power to speak at this time. All of the shen power in his body was flowing towards the brow of the young female.

At this time, the suction at the young female's brow suddenly disappeared. Zuo Mo didn't even have the time to be happy before a strange shen power erupted out of the young female's forehead, and flowed into Zuo Mo's body along his finger.

This burst of shen power was extremely strange. When he looked inside his body, he could clearly see that the returning shen power was silvery white.

Once the silvery white shen power entered Zuo Mo's body, it was like a spark that ignited all the remaining shen power in Zuo Mo's body!


It felt as though something exploded inside Zuo Mo's head.

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