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 Chapter Five Hundred and Fifty - Success!

There were still flows of power colliding and charging inside his body. Three completely different types of power continuously crashed together and what shocked him was that under such collisions, the three powers had continuously grown stronger.

The rate of increase far surpassed Zuo Mo's knowledge.

They seemed to become stronger by the hour. Any kind of cultivation speed compared to this was as slow as a turtle.

If he could have this kind of growth rate when cultivating, how fortunate would it be!

This thought flashed through Zuo Mo's mind before he threw it away. The danger associated with this abnormal growth was enough for any xiuzhe to die multiple times.

If Zuo Mo wasn't cultivating shen power and the three powers were connected, if it wasn't that he had the Soul Setting Divine Light inside his body as the counterbalance, if he didn't have the Greenvine Mystical Water healing his body inside, he would have died a few hundred times already.

Zuo Mo gradually grasped some patterns to the movements of the power. This kind of crazy growth was because the powers were mutually stimulating each other. Right now, the three powers inside his body were like three factions of equal power. Any expansion of one faction would cause the expansion of the other two.

And this kind of growth was at a tricky equilibrium.

It was this tricky equilibrium that was why Zuo Mo's body had not been destroyed. But these rampaging flows of power continuously attacked Zuo Mo's body. This was also the reason that Zuo Mo was unable to move.

Zuo Mo's way of thinking was not complex. He was to guide the chaotic flows into his right hand to lessen the burden on his body and allow his body to recover the ability to move.

But it was not easy to do all this.

Pu Yao had taught the yao art to Zuo Mo but Zuo Mo's consciousness was also scattered and not in his control. Without his consciousness, he was unable to cast the yao art.

What Zuo Mo needed to do now was to control a small part of his consciousness.

This was the most difficult and most important step.

Zuo Mo's only chance would occur during the short period of time the Ten Thousand Layer Iron Cowrie formation and his hand's flesh was merging together. The equilibrium in his hand would be broken! The flesh would merge with the mo matrix, and leave behind the ling power and consciousness. What Zuo Mo needed to do was to split the two remaining powers, taking out the ling power that was tangled with the consciousness!

The consciousness that remained would be enough to cast the yao art.

Zuo Mo was like a hunter waiting for an opportunity, patiently waiting for the best time.

Suddenly, the mo matrix gave off a serene blue light. The connection between his hand and the Ten Thousand Layer Iron Cowrie had increased, and the physical power among the three powers in his hand was decreasing dramatically.

The balance was broken!

Highly focused, Zuo Mo acted in this instant!

His nimble five fingers on his right hand bloomed, flickering and pointing at a rapid rate!

Finger movements!

The finger movements that he had practiced so much on back at Wu Kong Mountain once again appeared!

"Finger movements?" Pu Yao was slightly surprised. Wei who was nearby was also left surprised. None of them had thought that Zuo Mo would use finger movements.

But these two were extremely smart and quickly understood. They said at the same time, "This is a good solution!"

Any beginner xiuzhe had a common knowledge that the finger movements were the surface guides and ling power was the core for control. In other words, the finger movements were just an assistive method and ling power control was actually what was effective. But this also meant that there was a special connection between finger movements and ling power.

Since his ling power had gone out of his control, he would use finger movements to guide the ling power.

This was something easy to say, but the number of people who could think of this was pitifully little. Everyone would think that the core controlled the surface, but in the eyes of many people, using the surface to control the core was mostly ineffectual. Even Pu Yao and Wei hadn't thought of this, so when the two of them saw Zuo Mo using this method, they instantly complimented him.

Ka Zhuo gaped with wide eyes. He had never seen such nimble fingers before, and never such fantastical finger movements!

The dancing five fingers smoothly went through the finger movements.

Zuo Mo quickly felt the change in his palm. The ling power that was tangled with his consciousness was affected by the finger movements and gradually broke free as though it was attracted to something else. It flowed out through Zuo Mo's five fingers.

Zuo Mo's fingers gradually lit up. At the beginning, it was a light indiscernible from the light of his palm but as his five fingers moved, it became brighter!

His five fingers were like five bright dots of light that drew out streams of bright light as he moved.

[Little Art of Cloud and Rain]!

The spell that Zuo Mo was most familiar with!

A faint ball of mist slowly spread through the intersection of the bright lights. The mist gradually spread and the flickering fingers danced in and out of view with its streaks of light beautifully through the mist.

Zuo Mo did not have the attention to spare and admire this beautiful scene. His attention was focused because he had to perfectly finish the guiding yao art!

He had to split his mind on two tasks!

The benefits of shen power appeared now. If this was in the past, he definitely did not have the ability to cast a yao art when he was also maintaining a spell.

This yao art that was called "Other Life Art" not difficult but was very obscure. Pu Yao had said proudly that even in his era, there were pitifully few that knew of this yao art.

Zuo Mo found it hard to understand Pu Yao's smugness. He really could not think of anyone who would use this yao art in a situation unlike this one. But in order to protect the stability of his sea of consciousness, he did not voice his thoughts.

At this time, Zuo Mo had thrown these random thoughts to the back of his mind. His consciousness which was disentangled from the ling power had begun merging together again.

Zuo Mo effortlessly cast [Other Life Art]!

The moment the yao art was completed, Zuo Mo's body suddenly shook. The rampaging chaotic flows inside his body completely stopped.

What was going on?

Zuo Mo had a bad feeling. Why did it stop, this was completely different than what they had expected!

Before he could think more, the flows that had stopped then exploded without warning!


The chaotic flows present in every part of his body were like sharks that smelt blood and flooded towards Zuo Mo's right hand.

Zuo Mo's body violently shook and he grunted.

The usual collisions of the chaotic flows were extremely painful. But these new crazy collisions were like countless blades sawing back and forth on Zuo Mo's body.

The Ten Thousand Layer Iron Cowrie mo matrix on his right hand was affected and suddenly released a blinding blue light.

The blue light given off this time was brighter than any other time. The entire room became dyed in blue light and Zuo Mo's right hand was like a blinding ball of light.

The blue light was increasing in strength!

It was so bright that Ka Zhuo had to close his eyes. He was shocked inside. As expected of Teacher, this was wondrous! Even though he didn't really understand what Zuo Mo was doing, it did not stop him from marveling at it.

His right hand was like a bottomless hole. As the power flooded in, other than the mo matrix brightening, there wasn't any other response.

As the chaotic flows entered his right hand, the feeling of pain decreased drastically and his paralyzed body quickly recovered its mobility.

Zuo Mo was overjoyed!


He truly succeeded!

When the last chaotic flow burrowed into Zuo Mo's right hand, Zuo Mo's battered body quickly recovered under the nurturing of the Greenvine Mystical Water.

Such a marvelous Greenvine Mystical Water!

Zuo Mo suppressed his joy and tried to move. His left arm was able to move!

But due to his position, his left hand was placed on A Gui's chest. With this movement, it caused a serious consequence

-So soft!

Zuo Mo's face was red. That ... ... he couldn't always eat soft rice!

After warning himself, Zuo Mo carefully got of A Gui. It had been too long since he moved and his movements were clumsy and stiff. Fortunately, A Gui seemed to understand that he had recovered and did not try to stop him.

The moment his feet landed on the ground, Zuo Mo almost cried!


His body was completely empty of power, and even his mo physique was unable to be used. But just having recovered his ability to move was enough for him to be ecstatic!

Zuo Mo quickly found an unpredicted situation-the blue light on his hand did not show any signs of dimming.

He quickly understood after thinking. After taking in so much power, these powers would continuously charge at the Ten Thousand Layer Iron Cowrie mo matrix. The mo matrix that was being stimulated would naturally light up.

While he understood, Zuo Mo was troubled. Was he going to have to go outside with this ball of light?

After more thought, Zuo Mo found a length of cloth and carefully wrapped up his right hand. After wrapping more than ten layers, the blue light was finally covered.

Without the blinding blue light, Ka Zhuo's vision cleared up. When he saw Zuo Mo standing, he was shocked and stammered, "Teacher, you ... ... you have recovered completely?"

Zuo Mo smiled slightly. "Recovered in part."

Then his gaze landed on A Gui and instantly became much gentler. "A Gui, sorry for burdening you!"

A Gui did not react as though she did not hear the words.

Zuo Mo did not care. He said lightly, "I will definitely take you and leave! I will heal you, recover you memories, I want to know your name."

A Gui stood woodenly.

"I can definitely do it!" Lowering his head, Zuo Mo looked at his palm, so resolved as though he was announcing his oath to himself.

He started to exercise his body. A short while later, he found his coordination again.

After achieving this step, he sat down again and started to study his right hand that he had wrapped in many layers.

All of the chaotic power flows had been sucked into his right hand. These chaotic flows had formed a whirlpool.

No matter what kind of power it was, it would always search for balance!

Zuo Mo seemed to understand something.

All of the chaotic flows were compressed in his little hand. The entanglement between the three powers had increased. Having lost the comparatively vast space to rampage, they were more tightly packed and the collisions between them were even more violent. Zuo Mo could feel the powerful strength contained in the collision!

However, he had expected this.

But his next discovery caused his expression to change drastically!

Translator Ramblings: I know that it is super exciting and all for Zuo Mo to figure out his stuff but it must look so boring from the outside. The guy is just staring at a glowing hand.