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 Chapter Five Hundred and Forty Six - A Daring Idea

Uncle An Ya stared at the twenty zhang long cut in front of Dong Zi. His expression changed rapidly and he was astounded.

Captain level!

Dong Zi's Shattered Stone Strike had reached the skill level of captain level!

Uncle An Ya was captain level himself and was very familiar with this move's power. If he used all his power, he could produce the same effect.

Uncle An Ya knew Dong Zi's strength very well. He was the most talented among the youths of Shattered Stone Town, but he was far from reaching the captain level.

But now ... ... captain level!

Uncle An Ya couldn't help but turn to look at Zuo Mo in A Gui's arms. There wasn't any expression on Zuo Mo's face. His gaze was also normal and there didn't seem to be any change.

Wasn't he shocked?

Uncle An Ya almost didn't believe his eyes. However, he had gone into the world and seen more, and he knew more than the people here.

A Zuo's origins were not simple!

Thinking back to it, A Zuo and A Gui had walked out of the Gobi Desert. In the past, he had felt that these two had great luck but thinking carefully now, how could they not have any strength and still managed to survive weeks in the Gobi Desert? How could they be simple people?

Uncle An Ya grimaced inside. It seemed that he was getting old, and actually had misjudged these two young people.

His gaze landed back on Dong Zi. Dong Zi clearly was frightened by his own move. His face was panicked and he didn't know what to do. Uncle An Ya laughed.

Captain level, Dong Zi was in captain level now, his future would be even brighter. If Shattered Stone Town could produce an expert, then everyone's lives would be much better. Uncle An Ya suddenly felt the heavy burden on his shoulders instantly became lighter.

Uncle An Ya walked next to A Gui and said emotionally, "A Zuo, thank you."

Zuo Mo said with a smile, "Ah, ah, Uncle, don't be courteous, this is something I should do!"

"I hadn't thought that Dong Zi would level up to captain level directly, it really is ... ..." Uncle An Ya couldn't keep the wonder out of his tone.

"Captain level?" Hearing this, Zuo Mo paused and then said to himself, "No wonder I felt it was slightly weak, so it is only captain level!"

Finishing, he ran into his sea of consciousness and started to discuss with Wei.

"Alpine Gorilla matrix is a colonel level mo matrix, why is Dong Zi only at the captain level?" Zuo Mo asked Wei.

"The change is a process. The mo matrix will continuously refine his flesh and blood until his body and the matrix truly become one and then his strength can break into colonel level," Wei explained.

Zuo Mo finally understood.

Talking to Wei, Zuo Mo did not notice that Uncle An Ya's expression had froze.

Slightly weak ... ... captain level ... ...

A beat later, Uncle An Ya refocused. He increasingly felt that Zuo Mo was even more mysterious. Where did A Zuo come from?

Those with captain level strength were unable to enter those elite battalions but definitely had no problem being admitted to those normal battalions. In little places like Shattered Stone Town, people at the captain level were the strongest.

As expected, they came from big places!

Uncle An Ya reflected inside.

"Uncle, Uncle, I'm very strong now, very strong!" Dong Zi charged over excitedly.

"Very powerful?" Zuo Mo heard this and spoke, "Just captain level."

Just captain level ... ...

Uncle An Ya perceptively closed his mouth.

"Your body has not been completely tempered, the mo matrix has not merged into your flesh, you do not have a mo physique and the mo skills you practice ... ... oh" Zuo Mo finally remembered that the one teaching Dong Zi was Uncle An Ya. Uncle An Ya was right beside him.

Uncle An Ya laughed freely. "A Zuo, don't be polite, Uncle knows his skill, and it really isn't anything." Immediately after, An Ya turned and said sternly to Dong Zi, "Listen carefully to A Zuo, remember everything that A Zuo tells you!"

Uncle An Ya was clear that this was a one-in-a-thousand chance for Dong Zi!

Dong Zi clearly did not understand. He said blankly, "I will listen to A Zuo, he's so strong!"

This boy... but even a stupid mo has stupid good fortune! Uncle An Ya did not state it explicitly. He felt very happy inside and then said, "En, listen carefully to A Zuo. I will first take care of them." Finishing, he pulled Dong Zi's parents away.

"A Zuo, tell me, I'll listen to you!" Dong Zi patted his chest and said in a loud voice.

Zuo Mo looked at Dong Zi's face filled with sincerity and felt a thread of guilt.

Ge is really too evil! Seducing such an innocent youth to nurture him into a strong sidekick ... ...

He felt guilt but when the words reached his mouth, it became, "Hm hm, I have a very high-intensity cultivation plan here. If you can finish it, you might rise to colonel level!"

"Really?" Dong Zi's eyes were bright and filled with desire.

"If you can complete it."

"I will definitely complete it!" Dong Zi said in a loud voice as though he was swearing an oath. His face was filled with determination.

"Such a brave youth!" Wei praised. "You are becoming more and more devious."

Zuo Mo ignored Wei and said, "However, Dong Zi, you have to promise me something."

"Something? A Zuo, speak." Dong Zi asked curiously.

"You can see that my present state is not good and A Gui is very soft and weak. My family has already sent people to get us but they are too far away. They will probably arrive after a long time. During this time, you have to protect A Gui and I." Zuo Mo's tone was serious.

"Of course, you and A Gui are so weak. A Zuo, you might understand a lot but your body is too weak." Dong Zi's face was matter-of-fact. Suddenly, his expression became nervous. "A Zuo, is someone targeting you?"

"Uh, no, this is just in case."

"That's good, that's good!"


Dong Zi becoming captain level caused a ruckus in Shattered Stone Town and Ka Zhuo's reputation had become unrivalled. Countless parents came with their children to find Ka Zhuo and Ka Zhuo was in a sorry state dealing with them.

No one came to bother Zuo Mo. Zuo Mo's sickly looking appearance caused people to not bear to disturb him.

In the sea of consciousness.

"I have an idea," Zuo Mo said seriously, "what if I also engrave a mo matrix into myself?"

Pu Yao and Wei were shocked by Zuo Mo's idea.

"You are not a mo," Pu Yao was the first to object.

"But I have achieved the Great Day mo physique," Zuo Mo said unhesitatingly.

Pu Yao was silent. He finally remembered that this freak had made it to the Great Da mo physique even though he was not a mo.

"What kind of mo matrix do you want to engrave?" Wei asked gravely.

"My body right now is like a volcano that is about to erupt. The power inside is increasing, and the collisions are becoming more violent. The end result is exploding." Zuo Mo was calm as though he was describing something unrelated to him. His tone was calm and composed. "The best method is to reorganize the powers in my body back to their state from before, but it is too difficult and I do not know where to start. The other way is to strengthen the volcano by making the mountain stronger and harder to break through."

"Interesting! Even though it cannot solve the root problem, we can try," Wei said. "But the effect of low level mo matrixes will not be strong with your present state. Your physical powers are also in chaos so you probably cannot activate high level mo matrixes."

Zuo Mo nodded and said, "Yes, I want to engrave a portion of a mo matrix on my arm. When the mo matrix is engraved, the blood and flesh there would recover. It would be like a strong barrel. I will then try to direct the powers into the barrel. This way, the other parts of my body would not contain these chaotic powers, and can recover more quickly."

He turned around and said to Pu Yao, "You said last time you had a yao art that could guide the powers in the body out? Since it can guided out, then it definitely can be used to guide the powers to my arm."

Pu Yao and Wei sank into deep thought.

But quickly, the two raised their head simultaneously and their eyes flashed with an excited light.

"The yao art needs to be changed slightly, en, but not by very much."

"The mo matrix has to be strong, but only has to be strong. With this kind of requirement, a mo matrix is easy to find!"

Once the direction was confirmed, the rest of the matter was not very hard for experts like Pu Yao and wei.

Zuo Mo was slightly excited. He finally had hope of bidding farewell to this paralyzed state.


"This is the mo matrix for the Thousand Layer Iron Cowrie, colonel level mo matrix, very suited to you. The mo matrix is not complex. This is a mollusc that lives deep in the sea, each is the size of a fist. Its outer shell is one of the hardest materials in the world and can tolerate shocking amounts of power."

Wei quickly found a suitable mo matrix. The mo matrixes that Pu Yao collected were mostly powerful and great mo matrixes, but in terms of how much he knew, he could not compare to Wei, especially in obscure areas.

"It really isn't complex." Zuo Mo examined it for a long time.

Pu Yao also produced the recipe needed. He had studied mo matrixes for a long time, even longer than Zuo Mo. This was not hard for him.

But when Zuo Mo gave the recipe to Ka Zhuo, Ka Zhuo's expression became strange.

"Is there a problem?" Zuo Mo saw something was not right.

"Teacher, the materials on here ... ..." Ka Zhuo said slowly, "are very expensive ... ..."

"Very expensive?" Zuo Mo blanked.

"Yes, Teacher, very expensive! Like this, Date Fish Bone Powder, this student has only heard of this, and has never seen it before. This Blood Gelatin, this student has never seen it before, and it is definitely not sold in most shops ... ..." Ka Zhuo stammered out.

Zuo Mo became depressed.

He finally got a plan with some hope but found that his jingshi, oh, mo bei, wasn't enough!

Even more depressing was that it wasn't that Zuo Mo didn't have the wealth, but that he couldn't take the jingshi out!

Was there anything more tragic than this?

Zuo Mo cried inside.

An unfamiliar voice suddenly interrupted Zuo Mo's grieving.

"Hello, Mister Zuo."

The one who spoke had a very deep voice with a unique resonance.

Zuo Mo looked up and examined the person. A tall and proportional figure wrapped in dark green armor. Dark red eyes looked at Zuo Mo without any hint of warmth.

Colonel level!

Zuo Mo instantly discovered the other's strength from the presence the other exuded.

Zuo Mo's heart shook and felt a thread of danger.

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