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 The sect makes decisions and Zuo Mo trains. I got really sick of typing "manipulate water like fire."

Chapter Fifty Four Fire

"One grade lingdan, contains a small amount of essence of the sun, effects warm, suited for long term consumption, a certain possibility of forming Golden Crow Fire. Those who consume it can become excited in the short term and can be used for emergencies."

When Li Ying Feng received this appraisal, she was shocked. There wasn't much about the other effects, but she was shocked still by "a certain possibility of forming Golden Crow Fire." After the appraisal, there was also an order form. The Medicine Institute was hoping to buy one hundred pills, price able to be discussed. The Medicine Institute also suggested changing the same to "Golden Crow Pill."

Clearly, everyone hated the bumpkin name that was Great Strength Pill.

Immediately, Li Ying Feng gave the appraisal to her Master.

Seeing the three words "Golden Crow Fire", Yan Le was shocked still. He took the appraisal, throwing down a : "I'm going out," before flying into the sky, heading straight for Wu Kong Mountain.

In Wu Kong Hall, all four elders of the Wu Kong Sword Sect were present.

Pei Yan Ran looked at the appraisal on his hand and had a serious expression. He said in a deep voice: "Golden Crow Fire, this is a fourth grade fire seed."

Xin Yan nodded: "Exactly, my Green Mulberry Fire, Shimei's Violet Flora Fire, they are all fourth grade. I had heard of this Golden Crow Fire before, it comes from the sun, extremely yang, extremely strong. It cannot be merged. In the fourth grade, it is a rare fine fire source."

Pei Yuan Ran smiled at Shi Feng Rong: "Shimei is really great. Zuo Mo had just studied with you and could make such a good thing as this."

Shi Feng Rong had a cold face: "This has nothing to do with me."

Pei Yuan Ran smiled, not minding. He lowered his head to think. The other people were also silent. Golden Crow Fire, fourth grade fire source. This caused this little dan's price to fly into the sky.

"Shixiong." Yan Le couldn't resist stating: "If it can form Golden Crow Fire, then its use for the sect would be gigantic. Doesn't Xu Yi still lack a good fire seed? And Zuo Mo himself, if he's learning dan-making, how can he not have a fire seed?"

What he was implying was that he wasn't very willing to sell it.

Pei Yuan Ran raised his head, responding: "I understand what you mean. That child, Xu Yi, I like him as well. And the forging branch of this sect would likely be passed on through him. He really does need Golden Crow Fire. But we still have to sell some. Right now, the outside probably has heard the news about this dan. If we don't sell any, it would enrage the public. That would only harm the sect without any benefit."

"Then Shixiong means......" Yan Le was hesitant.

"Just sell a small portion, we'll use the majority ourselves." Pei Yuan Ran gave a slight smile: "We'll give the market price to Zuo Mo, not one piece less."

"Market price?"

"Yes. Paper cannot hide fire. There are only just that many people in our Wu Kong Sword Sect that can make dan. There's no need to cause Zuo Mo to hate us in secret because of a few pieces of jingshi."

"Zuo Mo's past is unclear. There may be trouble in the future." Shi Feng Rong who had kept her cold face suddenly opened.

Wu Kong Hall became silent.

Zuo Mo's identity and origins was a question that everyone had been having a headache about. Before, Zuo Mo had only been an outer sect disciple. His origin hadn't been a big problem. But right now, he wasn't just an inner sect disciple. Based on the direction, he would certainly become one of the core members of the next generation of Wu Kong Sword Sect. His identity and origins became a problem that Pei Yuan Ran and the others had to face.

"His origins might not be a problem......" Yan Le said unconfidently.

Pei Yuan Ran waved his hand: "Since we don't know anything, then don't think too much about it. Regardless, just the fact that he is a ling plant farmer, that's enough that we cannot give him up. Even more, there's now this lingdan that could make Golden Crow Fire."

Hearing this, everyone didn't speak anymore. They all knew that sect leader Shixiong was right. If they suddenly expelled Zuo Mo right now out of the sect, it would be what countless people wanted.

Xin Yan suddenly asked: "Can Shimei make this kind of dan?"

"I don't know [Art of Crimson Flame]." Shi Feng Rong said coolly: "This dan needs to use [Art of Crimson Flame]."

Manipulate water like fire. It was easy to say, but for a ling plant farmer, it was very difficult, especially when it was in a sword scripture.

There were, in total, seven moves in [Li Water Sword Scripture]. Manipulate water like fire was the core but it was too far right now for Zuo Mo. What he needed to do was familiarize himself with the sword moves. Each move would always have a few dozens of transformations. And each transformation needed to be controlled by ling energy. Even more, the entire process had to be completed in a thought.

Based on the complexity of ling energy manipulation, these sword moves weren't as complex as [Little Art of Cloud and Rain], but they needed to be finished in a very short amount of time so the difficulty actually increased. When making the move, the attention needed to be focused. That was even truer during battle. The other usually wouldn't give you the chance to think. You needed to instinctively finish the complete move.

This was also why sword cultivators liked pure things. The purer something was, the less the disturbance it had.

Zuo Mo finally could use that ice crystal sword. It was certainly a painful thing to look at a good item yet be unable to use it.

The ice crystal sword turned into a flashing white light as it flew around Zuo Mo, coldness seeping out. It was silent, yet it gave the feeling of being able to explode.

[Li Water Sword Scripture] wasn't a sword scripture that used sword moves to win. It only had seven sword moves and they were relatively simple. As he practiced, Zuo Mo increasingly felt that the person who created this sword scripture probably was a ling plant farmer. Many of the ways that the ling energy moved in the scripture was similar to the five element spells of a ling plant farmer.

Receiving the benefit of that, Zuo Mo quickly familiarized himself with the sword moves.

But familiarity was familiarity, so when he moved, there was still a feeling of rawness. Even Zuo Mo could see that his sword moves only had the appearance but not the substance of the move. But he had no solution for that. He might have comprehended a bit of sword essence but he didn't know at all how to merge sword essence with sword moves.

Right now, he was just swallowing it all and hoping to digest some. The manipulation of water like fire that Pu Yao had said, Zuo Mo couldn't make heads or tails of it. According to Pu Yao, the power of this [Li Water Sword Scripture] wasn't strong originally. If he couldn't manipulate water like fire, this sword scripture didn't have any value.

Manipulate water like fire!

Damn it, how could he manipulate water like fire?

His fundamentals were really too weak despite that he had touched the door to sword essence. Wei Sheng was obsessed with the sword, the number of sword scriptures and research that he had encountered couldn't be counted. Even though it wasn't anything high quality, but he had already killed and with his wealthy battle experience, his fundamentals were extremely deep and no average sect disciple could compare. And inner sect disciples like Luo Li, they were taught from little by their Master, they could read everything in the records. In comparison, their fundamentals were much thicker than Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo, he barely managed to get a Master, but she only taught him dan-making. When he had been lianqi, he had only roughly studied those basic sword scriptures that Wei Sheng had given him. He truly had a weak base.

Pu Yao had lectured for two hours but it was all theoretical guidance, none of it practical.

But the time Zuo Mo had was only three months, how could he not be panicked?

Inside, he cursed the adulterous couple of Luo Li and Hao Min countless times. Zuo Mo tried to remain calm. He had practiced [Little Art of Cloud and Rain] to the fourth level, but had never found anything that connected it to fire.

Don't panic, don't panic......

Closing his eyes, Zuo Mo recited to himself over and over.

When he opened his eyes again, his gaze had recovered its clarity, but deeply hidden was a touch of stubbornness.

Pu Yao said, wasn't it just sword essence? Sliced a few thousand times, naturally you will learn.

Zuo Mo said to himself, wasn't it just a sword scripture? Ge will slice it ten thousand times, if it fails, then a few dozen more, don't believe it won't work! If it doesn't, then slice one million times! Slice until it works!

Having decided, Zuo Mo wasn't panicked anymore and raised up his sword.

I slice!

Little West Wind Yard, the sword energy flew, coldness spread!

A storefront on the West Street of Dong Fu, many people had already gathered. These people gathered together and chattered and argued.

"Why hasn't it opened yet? I've already waited an entire night." Someone grouched.

"What's a night? I've been guarding for two days and nights." A person on the side followed up.

"Is this store going to open? Are they playing with us?"

"What can we do? It's their dan, if they want to sell, they sell, if they don't, you don't have a choice."

"That's true. Do you really think that Golden Crow Pill can really form Golden Crow Fire?" Someone couldn't resist asking: "Fourth grade Golden Crow Fire, does anyone in Dong Fu have it?"

"Haven't heard that anyone had it. But it was an appraisal from the Medicine Institute so it shouldn't be far off. Nothing else, essence of the sun, it would be beneficial if it's added to a fire source." The person who spoke was brawny and tall with a square face and large ears. He sighed: "The kind of thing that is fire seed, especially good fire source, is it something people like us can buy?"

"Bro, what do you do?"

"Me?" The square faced man said: "I make food."

At this time, an old man suddenly greeted him: "Hey, Master Shao, you came too!"

The crowd suddenly stirred. The person who had been speaking with the square faced man instantly had a very interesting expression. No one would have thought that this large and brawny man was actually the best ling food chef in Dong Fu. The Food Pavilion of Master Shao, it was the most famous ling food restaurant in Dong Fu. He was especially skilled at making marvelous combinations of all kinds of ling food. The ling food he made, it didn't only increased cultivation but the flavor was incomparable. Just ling grains, he could make over thirty six dishes.

The square faced man raised his hands: "Shopkeeper Wang, are you also here for the golden crow pill?"

The crowd stirred again. Some people had already guessed the old man's origins. Master Shao's Food Pavilion, Wang Sou Wine. The food pavilion sold all kinds of ling food, and Old Man Wang was skilled at fermenting all kinds of ling wine.

"Exactly." The person was a thin old man, his spine slightly bent but his beady eyes were extremely bright. His expression was slightly helpless: "I'm here for my precious granddaughter."

Master Shao chucked: "What's the little girl learning?"

"Forging." Old Man Wang was clearly unsatisfied with his granddaughter choosing to learn forging. He couldn't help complaining; "My son learnt dan-making, my granddaughter learns forging. My handicraft, it seems I'm taking it into the ground.

"Don't panic, don't panic. If you ask for disciples, there would be countless people trying to get in." Master Shao hurriedly comforted.

"Oh!" Evidently having thought of something, Old Man Wang sighed. He looked at the surroundings. Seeing that more and more people were coming, his brow furrowed: "This Wu Kong Sword Sect looks like it's going to rise."

"En" Master Shao agreed: "But they do have the ability."


At this time, the tightly closed store door suddenly opened.