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The most important thing to take away from this chapter is golden crow fire. Of course, Zuo Mo is also important but GOLDEN CROW FIRE.

Chapter Fifty Three Great Strength Pill

Dong Fu.

"Master Yan, if there is snow foxtail grass next time, don't forget to notify me." An old person dressed grandly kept on adding.

Yan Le's round face was full of smiles: "Of course, of course. Master Wang, don't worry. I'll certainly leave it for you."

"That's good." Master Wang nodded in satisfaction and then said enviously: "Your sect really has many great talents. You even have a ling plant farmer now. In the future, you'll have more support!"

Yan Le was smug inside but didn't show it. He repeatedly shook his hands: "Master Wang exaggerates, our sect still needs your guidance."

The two exchanged a few more courtesies before Yan Le saw Master Wang out the door.

"Ling plant farmers are really ling plant farmers." Returning to the store, Yan Le sighed in satisfaction. He was extremely grateful that he had coincidentally encountered Zuo Mo that day. Otherwise, he might have been snatched away by another sect. If this kept on going, then the sect will have an additional source of wealth. More importantly, the sect's influence in Dong Fu will increase dramatically. In the future, Wu Kong Sword Sect would have an astonishing genius like Wei Sheng, a ling plant farmer like Zuo Mo and someone skilled at business like Li Ying Feng. The sect would pass on very well into their hands.

Li Ying Feng took in everything. Taking advantage of Master's good mood, she opened her mouth to help Zuo Mo: "Yes, Master, look, our business is much better than before. Zuo Mo Shixiong was a large part."

Yan Le was clever and understood what his disciple was saying. He chuckled: "You don't have to say things for your Zuo Shixiong. I know you two have a good relationship."

He said unconcernedly: "Young people, dampening the spirit, it isn't a bad thing. Your Zuo Shixiong looks easy to speak to, but in his bones, he is a very stubborn person. And he had to end up with an extremely competitive Master. Haha, it's so funny."

Yan Le thought of something and roared with laughter.

Li Ying Feng said furiously: "But Shixiong is a ling plant farmer. The sect assessment only tests the sword, why not [Little Art of Cloud and Rain]? Isn't this to bully people?"

"Haha, Disciple, don't be angry. Our sect is a sword sect. If we don't test the sword, what do we test? Don't worry, we're going to be there. Naturally, we wouldn't let him be humiliated too much. But if he isn't as good as others, it's hard to avoid suffering a bit." Yan Le's expression became stern: "Us sword cultivators, what we pursue is our hearts like a sword. What is a sword? That is win or lose, that's life or death, that's death if one does not advance! You have to remember, what sword cultivators walk is going against the heavens! He is a ling plant farmer but since he is in a sword sect, he needs to understand this."

Li Ying Feng was entranced by the words and became speechless, standing still at her spot. Seeing this, Yan Le smiled and didn't disturb her, heading inside the hall.

Suddenly, someone pushed open the door to enter.

"The great strength pill I wanted, is there any?" The person asked straightaway.

Li Ying Feng instantly shook and her thoughts returned. She hurriedly responded: "Yes, yes."

The other gave a joyful expression, asking: "How many?"


"Great! I'll take all of them!" The other instantly said.

Li Ying Feng reacted very quickly. She cleverly shook her head: "I can only sell fifteen to you."

The other asked dissatisfied: "Why can't you sell all of it to me?"

Li Ying Feng's expression was calm as she lied: "Someone reserved five."

"Alright." The other was helpless. He had only ordered ten in the beginning: "Then sell fifteen to me." He crisply paid the jingshi, took the great strength pill and rushed away.

Li Ying Feng looked at the remaining five great strength pills, her mind turning furiously. This person had put so much importance on this great strength pill, this great strength pill definitely had something that wasn't normal. If she could find what was unique, then the way to sell this great strength pill would open. Otherwise, she could only sell to this one person.

She decided to send the great strength pill to the Medical Institute to have an expert examination. Even though it needed a significant payment, she could finally figure out the use of this great strength pill that Shidi had made.

Wu Ming held the great strength pill he had just brought, his heart joyful.

He didn't know who made the name but it really wasn't pleasing. Such a good dan, but such a country bumpkin name. It really ruined the dan. He was smug inside. It was lucky that he was sensitive to fire-oriented ling energy. Otherwise last time, he would have brushed right past this dan.

Last time, he had accidentally found that this dan that was being sold had a faint flavor of fire. He had been born sensitive to the fire element. The fire element in this dan might be faint but it was extremely pure so he had unhesitatingly brought it.

After using it, to his joy and surprise, he found that fire energy in the dan was actually sun essence.

Fire, one of the five elements. In Sky Moon Jie, those that cultivated fire far surpassed the number of those that cultivated the four other elements added together. No matter if it was forging, or dan-making, or food-refining, it couldn't leave fire. The most common seen was Li Fire. It was also the most normal kind of fire. And what was chased after were all kinds of strange fire sources. Producing using high grade fire sources meant that the process was half done and what was created was even more pure.

Originating from the sun, Golden Crow Fire, it was a fire source of fourth grade!

Of course, golden crow fire came from the sun but how to assimilate it, how to nurture it, only a rare few of the biggest sects knew of the method. And it was always passed on secretly. Even more, the fourth grade golden crow fire was fiery and hard to control. It was easy to harm the body. So the people that could use golden crow fire were very rare.

So that was why Wu Ming was so happy when he found that strand of essence of the sun in this Great Strength Pill. What made him even more exhilarated was that this essence of the sun was extremely yang, but warm and harmless. Nurturing it inside the body, he actually didn't feel any ill effects.

Like a treasure, he grew this strand of sun essence in his body. Even though it was an extremely thin strand and very far from becoming golden crow fire, but if he could buy more great strength pills, and as the sun essence accumulated, there would be hope of the golden crow fire. Even if it would not form golden crow fire, this extremely pure and yang sun essence could increase the grade of other fire sources if it was merged.

Golden crow fire wasn't something that could be bought with jingshi.

His mood was very good after buying fifteen great strength pills. After absorbing all fifteen, the sun essence in his body would dramatically increase. It was still very far from forming golden crow energy but it was a start. Right now, he was hoping that no one else had found the benefit of this great strength pill

However, he knew his thoughts were slightly unrealistic. Other people weren't dumb. Great strength pill should be a new kind of dan that just came out. As a result, he got a bargain. But he guessed that other people would quickly ascertain its effects. If he wanted to buy it in the future, it wouldn't be at this price.

That strand of sun essence, it was worth far more than its present price.

But he was already walking in front of everyone else. Adding on that his financial situation was well-off, he wasn't afraid.

Zuo Mo felt his sea of consciousness was slightly unfamiliar. He hadn't come for a certain period of time and the changes inside were pretty big. The area of the consciousness of much larger than before. The alluring deep red fire was like a furiously growing weed, now a section taller. The star in the void seemed even further away but it was even more brighter. The temperature of the ice river was even lower, the icicles inside were even finer, the movement of the tides more powerful than before.

"Well, at least you weren't dumb to the end and picked a sword scripture suited to you." Pu Yao said lazily.

Zuo Mo listened extremely attentively.

"Honestly speaking, your talents at cultivating the sword really aren't anything. If it was your Shixiong, if he had been sliced ten times by sword essence, he probably would have comprehended it. Twenty times, he could reach where you are now. You were sliced thousands of times to reach this progress, hee hee." Pu Yao wasn't courteous.

Zuo Mo wasn't moved.

"However, your talents with the five elements are not bad." Pu Yao's voice suddenly became distant and deep: "In this word, there is only appropriate or not, never the strongest."

"This [Li Water Sword Scripture] can't be considered anything good but it is appropriate for you." Pu Yao gave a rare compliment.

Zuo Mo opened his ears, fearful of losing a word. Every word that Pu Yao said was automatically converted by him into jingshi.

"Li, in the eight trigrams, it belongs to fire, creating the saying Li Fire. Anything in the world is sorted into yin and yang. Yang as fire, yin as water. Li Water, the person who made this sword scripture is an interesting one." It was probably because he had received enough jingshi that Pu Yao showed patience he never had before.

"This sword scripture, it still goes along the road of water. However, manipulate water as fire." Pu Yao evaluated: "The idea isn't bad but it's pretty unprofessional. No wonder it's only third grade."

Then Pu Yao raised his head and glanced at Zuo Mo, adding: "But for you to learn, it's more than enough."

Very quickly, Zuo Mo felt that the six pieces of third grade jingshi were worth it.

This profound and cryptic sword scripture, under Pu Yao's explanations, became clear and easy to understand.

Two hours later, Pu Yao started his conclusions: "Alright, this is about it. All that's needed to be said has been said. If you still can't learn it, then it's you who's too dumb."

"This is the end?" Zuo Mo who was entranced asked unconsciously.


"Didn't you say that it had many flaws?" Zuo Mo persistently asked.

Pu Yao gave his enchanting smile: "The service of changing the sword scripture, you need to pay otherwise. Looking on the fact that we are familiar, I'll give you a discount. Only one hundred pieces of third grade jingshi. I'll change it to fourth grade. Fifth grade, one thousand pieces of third grade jingshi."

One hundred pieces of third grade jingshi......

Zuo Mo unhesitatingly turned and left the sea of consciousness. Behind him, Pu Yao laughed cheerfully.

Leaving the sea of consciousness, Zuo Mo found an empty space in the mountain valley. He took care to pick a place far from the ling fields.

Pu Yao had clearly stated the rationale. In conclusion, it was one sentence: manipulate water like fire. Basically, it was using the methods for manipulating fire to control water. Zuo Mo increasingly found that this sword scripture was suited for him. His only flying sword was the third grade ice crystal sword. Ice, the basic attribute was water. The sword essence he comprehended, it was the tidal sword essence of Xin Yan Shishu, that was also related to water.

And the core of this [Li Water Sword Scripture] was also water!

Was it even the heavens found Luo Li an eyesore?

Zuo Mo snickered darkly.

He quickly took himself out of his thoughts. No matter how much of the rationale he understood, sword scriptures had to be practiced. How to manipulate water like fire, he didn't know.

Three months!

He only had a time of three months!

The vision of Hao Min's arrogant attitude and Luo Li's disdainful gaze floated up in his head. Zuo Mo unconsciousness tightened his fist!

If he couldn't overcome this step, how could he pursue the answers?