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 Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty Eight - Cloud Messenger

Kang De lead Zuo Mo and the others out of the mist, as expected from someone who had made a living in the Cloud Sea for over a decade.

However, before they could be happy about leaving the mists, they detected the signs of a battle. It was clear that a fierce battle had just occurred here.

Kang De squatted down and carefully examined the marks left on the ground.

He quickly stood up. His face was slightly pale but relatively calm compared to before. "Daren, it is the cloud messengers!"

"Cloud messengers?" Zuo Mo's face was confused.

Kang De explained, "Cloud messengers are a kind of cloud beast unique to the Cloud Sea. They are fifth-grade and are extremely fast. Their territorial instincts are strong and they react with great enmity towards those who trespass in their territory."

He had a serious expression. "Daren, there were not any cloud messengers here in the past!"

At this time, Zuo Mo felt a strong sense of danger. A streak of flowing light sudden shot out of the cloud mist and appeared in front of Zuo Mo.

At this time, Zuo Mo's hand had just started to rise!

This streak of light came so quickly it was like lightning!

Fortunately, Zuo Mo had been on guard when he saw the marks on the ground. The shen power in his body had turned into the three powers. Zuo Mo was shocked but not panicked. His reaction was extremely rapid. Seeing he did not have the time to raise his arm to block, instead his hand turned over and he slapped up in a backhand!

The bright script appeared!

Day Script Palm!


Zuo Mo's Day Script Palm accurately hit the flowing light. The unexpectedly the light did not shatter. The flowing light was like a rebounding ball that used the power of the Day Script Palm to escape. Being thrown back by the strike, it increased in speed and went back into the cloud mist.

Zuo Mo's hairs suddenly stood up. An expression of disbelief was on his face!

The Day Script Palm that had always dominated his enemies was unable to even harm this thing.

This wasn't possible!

The battle occurred in a flash, but Zuo Mo, Wei Sheng, and the others had keen eyes and saw its appearance.

The cloud messenger was extremely strange in form. Four tentacles came out of a flattened body. Each tentacle had a ball of light at the end which shrouded its body in light. When it flew, its entire body was rotating at high speed, its four tentacles extended out to a point. This caused the space shield to also flatten and appear like a dart.

Wei Sheng and Zong Ru's faces changed slightly. They understood just how powerful Zuo Mo's Day Script Palm was. The cloud messenger was able to withstand a full-on blow and not be damaged. Both of them were shocked. The cloud messenger was also lightning fast!

They were xiuzhe with a great amount of battle experience and instantly recognized the danger.

The thick, almost tangible cloud mist was a great hindrance to their vision but for the cloud beasts it was the best camouflage.

The tip of Wei Sheng's black sword rose lightly. Zong Ru's Cross Prayer Wheel appeared in his hand as the two prepared to face a great enemy!

Kang De's heart was also in the air. Cloud messengers were the cloud beasts that xiuzhe who hunted in the Cloud Sea, like himself, dreaded encountering the most. Ice Breath beasts only lived in the cloud river. As long as they did not go near the cloud river, they would not be encountered. But cloud messengers would be commonly encountered once people went deeper into the Cloud Sea. There were an innumerable number of xiuzhe that had died due to cloud messengers each year.

Even though cloud messengers were only fifth-grade, but with its terrifying speed and in this environment covered in mist, it was impossible to always defend against.

However, cloud messengers rarely left their territories. There hadn't been cloud messengers here before, what was going on with the Cloud Sea this year ... ...

Kang De was full of bewilderment.

"Careful, this thing's space shield is strange," Zuo Mo was the first to react and shouted a warning.

Before Zuo Mo finished saying this, countless flowing lights shot out of the cloud mist like a barrage!

The sound was like a vast bell. It was not loud and arousing but it rang out like thunder echoing within the clouds. With Zong Ru as the center, the cloud mist within five li suddenly stopped flowing in this instant.

Abhinna: [Truth Speech]!

Zong Ru's first attack was the killing move he rarely used, the abhinna: [Truth Speech]!

Compared to the time he used it at Nan Sheng Village, the present [Truth Speech] was completely different in terms of power.

The strange space shield of the cloud messengers could not stop Zong Ru's [Truth Speech]. The flowing lights suddenly stilled. Even though they were not completely stopped, but the murderousness intent had dissipated.

Zuo Mo, Wei Sheng and Zong Ru knew each other well. Zuo Mo and Wei Sheng acted at the same time.

What was the cloud mist most afraid of? Fire!

The cloud mist was formed from water moisture. When the sun rose, the cloud mist would quickly dissipate!

Zuo Mo's control of fire had reached the level comparable to yuanying. He had formed the Great Day Banded Flame from the Great Day mo physique and combined with the Sun Crystal Seed, he had even been bathed in the shen fire back at the Sun Shen Temple. His skill level in controlling fire was something he could dominate jindan xiuzhe with!

Bringing his hands together, the golden flames engulfed his hands. As he spread his hands apart, the flames suddenly spilled out like a golden piece of cloth thrown into the air and covering all of the cloud messengers!

Wei Sheng's coordination with Zong Ru was also exquisite. The black sword swung out in a circle. Intimidating sword essence smashed out like a twister! The thick cloud mist was blown away by the sword essence and instantly cleared out an empty space dozens of zhang in diameter!

Dozens of cloud messengers were instantly exposed.

These cloud messengers were also affected by Zong Ru's Truth Speech but were not visible in the mist. Facing such targets, how could Wei Sheng miss them?

The black void that represented hundreds of years of Wu Kong Sword Sect's history showed its power as Wei Sheng swung his sword! Power that was hard to detect with the naked eye pushed and pulled, and caused the space shield of the cloud messengers to creak.

At the same time, one of Zuo Mo's hands circled as another twisted!

The cloth of flame that had spread and trapped the cloud messengers suddenly tightened!

The cloud messengers gave strong and powerful chirps. They had managed to struggle out of the Truth Speech effects but the domineering Great Day Banded Flame was glued onto their space shields and would not stop burning.

Great Day Banded Flame was a sixth-grade flame!

The cloud messengers were terrified. They furiously struggled in the circle of Great Day Banded Flame and tried to escape!

Yet the tyranny of the Great Day Banded Flame far surpassed their imagination. It tore apart the space shields of the cloud messengers. As the space shields were penetrated, the Great Day Banded Flame started to burn the cloud messengers. The body of the cloud messengers disappeared at a visible rate no matter how they struggled.

In a short span of a few breaths, all of the cloud messengers around Zuo Mo were cleared out!

Wei Sheng was not lacking in comparison. His sword essence had broken through to the peak of sword essence manifestation and was at the door step of "boundary"! This was a level that normally only yuanying sword xiu reached!

The black and empty sword essence was like the endless void, deep and without boundaries.

The space shields of the cloud messengers covered by the sword essence started to corrode and thin at a visible rate until they disappeared. Their bodies also disappeared at the same speed.

The combined attacks of the trio had killed hundreds of cloud messengers. Kang De's eyes were left wide in awe!

Clink clink, many disks the size of a thumb fell from the air. The trio did not move and maintained their defensive state to carefully examine the surroundings.

Looking at the experienced and crisp teamwork between the three, Kang De had a strange feeling. He had this feeling that Daren and the others seemed very familiar with the dangers in the Cloud Sea. With the three working together, hundreds of cloud messengers had turned to dust with the flick of a finger and was a great blow to Kang De's expectations!

The cloud messengers were fifth-grade cloud beasts and did not have a true ranking among the cloud beasts in the Cloud Sea. However, their lightning fast speed, and their numbers had caused countless xiuzhe to die in the Cloud Sea. Daren and the others were coming into contact for the first time but had found the cloud messenger's weakness in such a short amount of time in order to kill them. Were Daren and the others really entering the Cloud Sea for the first time?

Of course, Kang De did not know that Zuo Mo and the other two had experienced a place far more terrifying than the Cloud Sea. On the Sealed Extinction battlefield, Zuo Mo and the others had long become used to the fiend souls that could appear at any time. The number of fiend souls they killed were innumerable.

"What is that?" Zuo Mo picked up a disk and asked.

The disk was the size of a thumb and the material felt like ivory. It was clean white and warm, the surface covered with natural patterns.

"It is a messenger seal, Daren." Kang De's tone was even more respectful. "Every cloud messenger would form a messenger seal in their body. The messenger seal has naturally forming seal formations. Many seal xiu will buy them. Other than to study the formations, they are good materials to forge cloud-type talismans."

Natural seal formations?

Zuo Mo made a small sound of surprise, he brought the messenger seal in front of his eyes and closely examined it.

He quickly discovered something. These patterns that looked chaotic were actually seal formations. So interesting! Zuo Mo's interest was stirred. It was not the first time he saw a natural formation but every time, they would give him surprises.

Where did the formations of xiuzhe originate?

From nature!

Actually, no matter if it was xiuzhe or yaomo, everyone's cultivation method was different but they all were derived from nature, from the world, from copying and mimicking.

Things that had natural formations were among the best materials for forging. Zuo Mo instantly knew the value of the messenger seals.

"Ah, such a pity, we are in a hurry this time." Zuo Mo picked up the messenger seals on the ground as he muttered, "They are easy to kill, the materials are good, where else would we find something as profitable as this?"

Cold sweat poured down Kang De's head. Easy to kill? Cloud messengers were easy to kill? The cloud messengers that were the top thing people did not want to encounter had become the most profitable prey to hunt in Daren's mouth. Kang De was speechless, but thinking about how Daren and the others killed hundreds in a brief moment, he chose to close his mouth.

Zuo Mo was planning to get Vermillion Bird Camp to come hunt cloud messengers. This was definitely a good business!

The cloud messengers in the cloud mist might have been scared by the attacks of Zuo Mo's group and not one other cloud messenger ever popped out again.

Zuo Mo picked up the messenger seals on the ground and then started moving again. Finding a water cloud embryo was the most important matter.

Kang De once again led the way.

Zuo Mo could feel that they were continuously descending because the ambient temperature was gradually decreasing. The cloud mist became even thicker, and Zuo Mo suddenly found that the patch of cloud mist were formed from tiny ice droplets.

Kang De's expression became even more grave and his speed slowed down.

Zuo Mo and the others tried to be more aware as they carefully followed behind Kang De. They were prepared to fight at any moment. They may have appeared to kill off all the cloud messengers easily but all of them were wary since the cloud messenger which was just fifth-grade had been able to take Zuo Mo's Day Script Palm and come out undamaged.

Yet even so, an accident still happened!

Translator Ramblings: Weird jellyfish for a weird sea which is more like that of a sky.