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 Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty Six - Clear Cloud Python

Kang De was closest to Wei Sheng. Wei Sheng's two thick eyebrows shifted. The slender and straight black sword appeared in his hand, drawing an arc and then a horizontal slash.

A faint black ripple spread.

When the blue light hit the black ripple, it disappeared without a trace.

Zong Ru's eyes were still half-lidded. His expression had not changed but at some time in the brief moment since the start of the attack, his right hand had formed a seal.


The Attainment Golden Body suddenly formed behind him, one hand raised high as though it was holding something up. In this instant, a dignified dhyana presence rippled outward and spread with the Attainment Golden Body as the center! Zuo Mo, A Gui and the others were enclosed within it.

When the blue lights came into contact with this intangible ripple, they exploded in the air beautifully like fireworks.

From beginning to end, Zuo Mo had not needed to act.

He stared at the roiling cloud river as though he was thinking of something.

Unlike Zuo Mo's group which remained uninjured, the fatalities and wounds of the other xiuzhe were extremely high. The blue light that the ice breath beasts exhaled was very domineering and normal ling armor could not block it.

If they were hit, they definitely would turn into ice statues.

The xiuzhe that could stop the attack either had great treasures or were very powerful. Zuo Mo's gaze landed on the four Xuan Kong Temple xiuzhe. They were the most-attention catching group.

None of the four moved.

The domineering blue lights seemed to be stopped by an invisible wall ten zhang away from them.

Zuo Mo was intimidated.

The other's move was revealed they were more skilled than their group. He was now one hundred percent sure that the leading dhyana xiu was a yuanying! Those that were not yuanying were not able to resist like this.


Ding Zhen's expression was unchanged but his heart had become slightly clouded. The abnormal change of the cloud river was abnormal.

"It is the ice breath beasts." Ming Jing's expression was not well as he continued, "Fifth-grade cloud beasts, their most powerful move is an ice breath attack. Ling armor below fifth-grade cannot stop it."

"Did they appear previously in this place?" Ding Zhen asked.

"Never," Ming Jing shook his head and responded, "At most third-grade cloud beasts would appear here. Even fourth-grade beasts were extremely rare, much less fifth-grade!"

The expressions of the other two disciples were not well. For them, fifth-grade cloud beasts were targets they had to face seriously. If the beast had the advantage and the benefit of the geography, they would have turned and fled without shishu's help.

Fortunately Shishu was present. For a yuanying xiuzhe, fifth-grade cloud beasts were easily dealt with.

"Shishu, should we save them?" Ming Jing looked at the terrible state on the shores. There was a hint of pity in his eyes as he spoke.

"We have more important things to do, do not stray," Ding Zhen looked towards the other side of the shore and said in a deep voice.

"Shishu, we are to cross the river?" Ming Jing probed. Even though he knew that they had an important mission, there was the cloud crystal mist flow that had appeared out of season and the ice breath beasts that should not have appeared in the cloud river. Everything implied that something was unusual here.

"En, stay behind me," Ding Zhen said faintly. He swept across Zuo Mo's group and then turned his eyes away.

Ding Zhen stepped out like usual and stepped onto the cloud river. Step by step, he walked as though he was on solid ground, steady and unhurried. The three disciples walked behind him and stepped exactly where he had.

The moment Ding Zhen stepped onto the cloud river, the cloud river suddenly started to boil. Countless cold blue lights shot out of the cloud river and rained down on the quartet.

Ding Zhen's expression was normal and did not change as though he did not see them.

The storm of blue lights created countless fragments of energy as they hit the invisible wall. Ding Zhen and the others were not affected, and seemed to stroll towards the other shore.


The xiuzhe who saw this all inhaled in shock.

"So powerful!" Zuo Mo swallowed. "This guy definitely is not the average yuanying!"

Admiration floated onto Wei Sheng's face. The power that Ding Zhen displayed far surpassed their own. However, the admiration was quickly replaced by motivation. He unconsciously gripped the black sword in his hand.

The black sword that had completely changed in appearance after swallowing great amounts of cloud essence seemed to feel Wei Sheng's battle spirit and lightly vibrated in Wei Sheng's palm.

Wei Sheng felt the slight tremor from the black sword, and lovingly caressed the sword that had become long and narrow.

Kang De had been rescued from the jaws of death. An experienced person, his ashen face gradually became normal again. "Daren is wise. The ice breath beasts are fifth-grade ling beasts. The ice breath they exhale is glacially cold. Normal ling armor cannot withstand it."

His gaze landed on the ice statues on the shore and couldn't help but feel some grief.

As they spoke, the ice crystals spilled out as the cloud river rose.

"Daren, let's return!" Kang De gathered his courage and urged. His voice was full of terror, "This subordinate has made a living for more than a decade in the cloud sea and has never seen ... ..."

Suddenly some of the xiuzhe which had fled successfully stumbled back with terrified faces.

"The Clear Cloud Python! Save us ... ..."

Kang De stopped. In this instant, his gaze became stunned.

An enormous snake's head suddenly shot out of the cloud mist and swallowed the xiuzhe who spoke in one gulp! The snake's head was enormous like a mountain that was hundreds of zhang tall. In front of it, xiuzhe were as minuscule as ants in comparison. It was made from the cloud mist, its two eyes grey-white and empty. Just this enormous snake head was enough to scatter some people's minds.

Now even Zuo Mo and the others could not keep their calm. Their expressions changed drastically!

Just the snake's head was so terrifying, so how large would the body of the snake be?

What was even more terrifying was the presence exuded by this enormous figure was almost enough to make them suffocate.

In this instant, Zuo Mo knew that they were not on the same level. Without hesitation, he grabbed A Gui and sprinted towards the cloud river.

"Let's go!"

Wei Sheng and Zong Ru were in sync with Zuo Mo. At the border of life and death, Wei Sheng grabbed Kang De who was trembling. Zong Ru started to move at the same time. Like arrows flying out of the bow, they shot towards the river. Silly Bird who always seemed to most unconcerned had the fastest reaction. With almost abnormal speed, she flew to the front of the group.

Compared with the titanic beast behind them, the ice breath beasts in the river were adorable like pets.

Blue lights flew like rain out of the river and shot at Zuo Mo and the others.

At this time, no one kept anything back. Even Zuo Mo seemed to go crazy, endless yao arts flying off his fingertips.

He dared to guarantee that he had reached a peak state in casting yao arts!

He didn't dare to keep anything back and he didn't even have the time to think as instinct took over his body.


The cloud sea behind him seemed to shake. Terrifying power swept across like a gust of wind! In front of this kind of power, the blue lights of the ice breath beasts were weak like candles in the wind, extinguishing easily!

"Archaic Wasteland Sacrificial Art!"

At this time, Zuo Mo didn't even look and threw the strongest yao art he knew out behind him!

The wasteland beast appeared!

The lantern-sized red eyes flashed with an eerie light. As the wasteland beast appeared, it destroyed the wave of power that came at them with a swipe!

Compared to the Clear Cloud Python, the wasteland beast was much smaller. However, the wasteland beast stared attentively at the other. Furious battle spirit that was rare to see rose up in its bloody pupils!

The Clear Cloud Python also detected the power of the wasteland beast. It stared at the wasteland beast as lightning gathered in its empty grey eyes.

The wasteland beast crouched and then leapt at the Clear Cloud Python!

The Archaic Wasteland Sacrificial Art had drawn out all the power in Zuo Mo's body. If it wasn't that the three powers could be changed into each other, Zuo Mo could not have cast the Archaic Wasteland Sacrificial Art after casting so many yao arts.

His body suddenly dropped down and just as he was about to fall into the cloud river, he suddenly felt his neck tighten.

It was Silly Bird that had grabbed onto him at this crucial time.

Zuo Mo threw a grateful look at Silly Bird but found to his shock that Silly Bird was rolling her eyes. He instantly became furious!

Zuo Mo's other hand was tightly gripping A Gui.

A Gui's face had not changed at all as though she did not know what a dangerous situation she was in. Zuo Mo couldn't help but reflect that it was not a bad thing to be like A Gui sometimes. Lil' Fire and Lil' Pagoda in A Gui's arms gave off terrified shrieks once in a while.

Grabbing onto two people, Silly Bird was still faster than Wei Sheng and Zong Ru. She kept a secure lead at the front.

The next scene caused Zuo Mo to gape. Silly Bird was extremely nimble even as she dragged the two of them through the rain of blue light. None of the blue lights managed to hit them.

Wei Sheng and Zong Ru were also dodging but they still hadto stop to defend against some of the the blue lights.

A true bird would not show their face!

Zuo Mo's mind moved quickly as he marveled. The bird seemed more powerful than he had imagined!

Such a good laborer, how had he forgotten it. Waste, such a waste ... ...

As though she detected that Zuo Mo was scheming something, Silly Bird's body suddenly dropped.

Zuo Mo who had been thinking of how to wring Silly Bird dry suddenly felt his vision turn blue. The surface of the cloud river was less than half a zhang away from him. He was even able to see the ice breath beasts that were hiding under the ice crystals.

Silly Bird's action was clearly a provocative one to the ice breath beasts in the cloud river. Countless blue lights headed for his face, their goal was Zuo Mo!

Zuo Mo's soul almost departed. He watched as blue lights took over his field of view.

Then his neck tightened again and all the blue lights disappeared instantly.

In that instant, Zuo Mo felt that his heart almost stopped breathing.

Zuo Mo instantly reacted and swore, "You dumb bird, fat bird, chubby bird, ge will roast you ... ... cough cough ... ... hiss!"

Seeing Zuo Mo disheveled in the air, Wei Sheng and Zong Ru had sympathetic expressions. They carefully maintained a distance from the raging Silly Bird.

Compared to the raging Silly Bird, the ice breath beasts couldn't even count as pets!

At this time, a great sound came from behind them.

Affected by the tremor, the cloud river seemed to boil and ice crystals shot out of the water.


With a muffled sound, Zuo Mo and the others found that the large cloud river under them seemed to be torn apart by several great forces. It broke apart!

They couldn't help but stop and look back.

Translator Ramblings: Silly Bird Rollercoaster ... ... the fastest and scariest ride you will ever be on!