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 Chapter Five Hundred and Eleven - Hope

"Did you hear? Turtle Island is not fleeing!"

"Are they crazy? Are they waiting for their deaths?"

"Waiting for their death? They want to fight against the mo army! These are true men!"

"But can they win? Look at Wind Element Sect and Beautiful Water Sect, there wasn't even one survivor. No matter how powerful Turtle Island is, are they stronger than Wind Element Sect and Beautiful Water Sect?"

"An doesn't know if they are strong or not but an knows everyone is fleeing and only they dare to fight. They are true men, an respects them! No, an has to also participate in this fight. Even if an dies, an will accept it!"

"Don't do stupid things ... ..." his friend urged him out of concern.

The news that Turtle Island was preparing to fight was like throwing a pebble into a pool of boiling water. The reactions were laughter, scorn, and indifference. But it also attracted many people's attention. Many Cloud Sea Jie xiuzhe that grew up here were not willing to flee Cloud Sea Jie like this. There were also people like Liao Qi Chang who had many illiquid assets and properties in Cloud Sea Jie so their faction would have a difficult time leaving. At the beginning, everyone was panicking, clueless, and disorganized like a pile of scattered sand. They soon calmed down and found reasons to fight.

When the news that Turtle Island was preparing a resistance spread, they seemed to have found their spines.

Large amounts of xiuzhe flooded from all directions towards Turtle Island. In the span of a few days, an astounding number of xiuzhe gathered near Turtle Island.

When Zuo Mo discovered this situation, he had a great headache. Turtle Island was small in number but they were well-trained. They were familiar with battle formations and directing them was as easy as controlling limbs. They had great combat capabilities. These xiuzhe that came now were varied in strength and had no training in battle formations. If they were put onto the battlefield, they couldn't even count as roaming warriors.

But if he did not pay attention to them, and someone caused them to stir, they would be a great threat towards Turtle Island.

Liao Qi Chang hurriedly said, "Island Master, morale is useful! Everyone's blood is boiling, Island Master, do not cool their hearts. I see that there are famed ones among them. This is an enormous power. If Island Master can recruit them, after this event, no one will be a rival for Island Master in Cloud Sea Jie!"

Zuo Mo grimaced inside. He did not say what he worried him to Liao Qi Chang. This guy was an amateur in war and couldn't understand.

He thought for a while. The arrival of these people wasn't completely a bad thing. Turtle Island wasn't small in scale but their numbers were too few. The majority of them were also low-level production xiuzhe. The composition of their members was not rational. If they wanted to survive in Cloud Sea Jie, they had to have enough combat xiuzhe. Otherwise, if the people of Vermillion Bird Camp and Guard Camp fell and could not be replenished, then they would only weaken the more they fought.

As long as that chaos rift existed, Cloud Sea Jie was akin to being on the front lines.

Zuo Mo gritted his teeth and said, "Get them to come in!"

Compared to Liao Qi Chang's excitement, the other people had serious expressions. They knew that Zuo Mo would have instructions following this statement.

Zuo Mo wasn't courteous and said directly, "Pick the strong ones from these people and set up a another camp, Black Turtle Camp. They are unskilled right now so they need to train in battle formations. Ma Fan, you caused this mess so you will do this."

Ma Fan was filled with regret. Getting him to train this group of greenhorns was worse than killing him!

At the side, Nian Lu and Lei Peng had expressions of schadenfreude. They would willingly go onto the battlefield to kill enemies rather than interact with a group of greenhorns everyday. They knew very well how difficult it was for Vermillion Bird Camp to go from nothing to something respectable. It definitely was not an easy task to bring a group of ignorant greenhorns to Vermillion Bird Camp's skill level.

Glancing at the duo's expressions, Ma Fan asked Zuo Mo without changing his expression, "Daren, I won't be able to do it by myself. Can I get a few brothers to help?"

Lei Peng and NIan Lu's expressions instantly changed.

Zuo Mo waved his hand and crisply agreed, "Yes!"

This matter was finalized like this.


Bu Si Dong looked at the red fire clouds on top of Turtle Island. His thoughts wandered. He was one of the people in the first group allowed onto Turtle Island. He was born and raised in Cloud Sea Jie and was naturally unwilling to see Cloud Sea Jie become the backyard of the yaomo. When he heard Turtle Island was preparing to have a great battle with the mo army, he ran over in hopes of joining Turtle Island.

But unexpected to him, Turtle Island did not immediately accept anyone. The island-protecting formation was securely closed. Other than xiuzhe that entered and left everyday, no one spoke to them.

He personally saw how Turtle Island had gone from empty to being completely filled. All of the xiuzhe that came here only had one goal: they hoped to join Turtle Island and fight against the mo army.

Yet no one paid attention to the people.

Several fiery-tempered people were so angry they charged at the formation. Then they were burned to ash by the formation. Those beautiful dusky red clouds were fatal.

This scene caused the heads of the surrounding people to calm down.

Another batch of xiuzhe rode on roaring nimbus clouds and headed into the fire clouds. Every time this happened, Bu Si Dong's eyes turned around. This Turtle Island was really rich!

He wasn't the only one to think this. The admiring words of the surrounding people entered his ears. They were not ignorant country bumpkins but every time they saw this, they couldn't resist sighing in praise.

Wearing intermediate fourth-grade Blue Soul Cold Light Armor, ethereal Cloud Wings on their backs, Tiger-Style Flowing Light Boots on their feet, Serene Heart Intelligence Hats on their head, and the nimbus cloud that left trails behind them!

It was a complete set of fourth-grade attire!

With the Cloud Wings, why did they drag nimbus clouds along? Could they be any more wasteful?

Countless people wanted to charge up and strip these people clean. At the beginning, people were envious but they felt that it was acceptable that Turtle Island would outfit their elite with this level of equipment given Turtle Island's strength.

Which power did not have a few hundred elite that were completely loyal?

But they quickly found to their shock that this was their standard equipment. Anyone that came out of there wore this!

Many people cried. These were real tycoons! Their heated hearts were stirred up further to the point that they almost burned themselves.

Bu Si Dong did not lose his calm. He looked around and thought. Turtle Island was still maintaining its silence. He suddenly had a feeling that Turtle Island was not so easy to join. When this thought appeared, it did not demotivate him. It increased his confidence. All of Turtle Island's actions showed how they were different from other factions.

Maybe they could really defeat the mo army?

Bu Si Dong jumped in fright at the thought that popped up.

At this time, the large formation of Turtle Island suddenly opened and the dusky fire clouds split apart. A troop of about two hundred xiuzhe appeared in people's view.

All fourth-grade attire, all golden flying swords, unusually regular!

Sword xiu?

Shocked, people thought inside, so many sword xiu, was Turtle Island a sword cultivating sect?

They did not give people the time to digest this. The Cloud Wings on the back of the leading xiuzhe moved and then the Cloud Wings on the back of the two hundred sword xiu moved in unison. The entire troop disappeared from people's view!

All of them were shocked!

Such quick speed! Such great cooperation!

"They are up over there!" someone shouted in shock.

Everyone raised their heads. They saw the two hundred sword xiu who were like an unsheathed sword at this moment giving off rampant murderousness and battle spirit. They took over the entire sky! They looked down at them, the cold and murderous presence silently pervading!

People suddenly had the feeling they were trapped in dark and cold bog. Any kind of struggle would cause them to move closer to death.

So powerful ... ...

Bu Si Dong's eyes were unfocused as he murmured to himself.

Suddenly, his pupils contracted, and his body shook.

In the sky, a cold voice sounded.


Two hundred people shouted, "Kill!"

The killing essence that took over the sky rained down like a typhoon. The ice cold presence that was omnipresent filled every inch of space like sharp-edged daggers! Bu Si Dong felt as though he was standing in a space filled with sword essence. The howling of the sword essence tearing through the air was like countless wails and caused him to lose any intentions of resisting.

The vast sword essences were like an unstoppable flood that carried killing intent as it came down from the sky!

All of the xiuzhe present paled in front of such a powerful attack and shook!

No one dared to move!

They feared that the tiniest move would cause the other's sword to change direction.

These xiuzhe that were used to fighting one-on-one suddenly discovered, in front of such a tsunami like attack from the battle formation, just how laughable their so-called rich experience was! Individual bravery was as minuscule as an ant in front of such powerful attack.

The sword energies disappeared into the distance. Echoes carried back. Turtle Island's surroundings were deathly silent.

Ma Fan was very satisfied with the effects of the demonstration. But when he recalled how these people had been so scared they didn't even dare to move and how they were going to become his subordinates, he became discontent again.

But he did not show it on his face. He said solemnly, "I come with orders from Daren to set up Black Turtle Camp. Those that are confident in their strength can come try. From today onwards until the time of the battle, Turtle Island is open. Everyone, Turtle Island has strict rules and requirements, take care of yourselves!"

With the lingering effects of that sword strike, no one dared to make a sound.

Ma Fan did not speak more. He turned and led the troop back into Turtle Island.

Bu Si Dong quickly recovered from his shock. Turtle Island was open? Setting up Black Turtle Camp? He instantly started to think and was overjoyed. Without any hesitation, he flew towards Turtle Island.

He was filled with confidence. Turtle Island's battalions were more powerful than the rumors said!

He didn't know if this kind of battalion could defeat the mo army but he knew this was the battalion of Cloud Sea Jie that had the highest probability of succeeding.

He was very curious. What was Turtle Island really like?

On this day, the news that Turtle Island had opened quickly spread through Cloud Sea Jie. Ma Fan's group attack was also exaggerated to a great degree.

Those scornful still snorted, those feeling afraid still rushed to escape.

Only those that had a glimmer of hope remaining flew day and night towards Turtle Island!

Translator Ramblings: The pains of being a leader ... ... Also, Ma Fan is really learning from Lil' Miss on being evil.

The other thing is that this war has been foreshadowed for a long time. The first chaos rift was in the first two hundred chapters or so, and stirrings of war were foreshadowed a long time ago. Zuo Mo is just unable to run away any longer. He was able to run in Little Mountain Jie, away from the war in Bloody Sky Metropolis Jie and also slipped out of participating in the overall war as part of the yao. But now he really doesn't have a place to flee to considering everywhere can have a chaos rift.