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 Chapter Five Hundred and Nine - Inventory II

The brightly burning earth fire continuously sparked as the temperature of Turtle Island quickly increased. Waves of high heat spread into the surroundings.

When the dragon of fire covered the entire red line, the Yingyang Thunder Cloud Formation suddenly activated. Lightning flashed and thunder roared among the cloud layers in an intimidating display.

Just as everyone had released a breath, a bright red cloud of fire suddenly rose out of the little mountain with a muffled bang.

Pia pia pia!

Red clouds rose up from the little mountain and seemed to fly and merge into the cloud layers of the Yinyang Thunder Cloud Formation.

If one looked from the outside, they would find the thick clouds that never dissipated around Turtle Island were becoming red.

Zuo Mo released a breath and so did the other people. The burning waves of heat disappeared and the temperature of the island slowly returned to normal.

The fire clouds were still being produced.

What Zuo Mo did not know was that after his actions, the Yinyang Thunder Cloud Formation was completely transformed. The power of the sonic lightning walnut could not compare to the Sun Shen Tree. Fortunately, thunder and fire were not in conflict so the sonic lightning walnut was not subdued by the Sun Shen Tree. However, the walnut now only made up a very small portion of power in the formation.

Zuo Mo wiped away the sweat from his forehead with lingering fear. From the beginning, he didn't dare to underestimate the power of the Sun Shen Tree but he hadn't thought that he would make such a great mistake. He almost created a great problem.

But they were past it!

Seeing the situation resolved, the people quickly left. No one came over to ask, even Wei Sheng left directly. Zuo Mo would always cause all kinds of situations. People were now used to it. If there was a peaceful period, people couldn't help but wonder how Daren had been so peaceful recently.

The production of the fire clouds slowed but did not stop.

Zuo Mo estimated that the entire process would take several days. Even he did not know what the Yinyang Thunder Formation would look like in the end.

He ended up waiting by the little mountain for the entire process to finish. Bored, he could not resist the temptation and started to inspect his other spoils.

He didn't dare to mess around with the ink jade bones. If he made another ruckus, it wouldn't be enough even if he had another life. However, he found something strange. These ink jade bones were unable to be pieced together into a complete skeleton.

There were three bones missing.

Had he missed one? Zuo Mo was puzzled. He had searched with great care and theoretically, he shouldn't have missed them. Zuo Mo might not know whose bones these were and what they were used for but he had a strong suspicion that these bones, carved from ink black jade, were anything but ordinary.

Zuo Mo quickly threw this riddle to one side and started to inspect his other spoils.

What he got the most of was the Sun Seed from the Sun Shen Temple. Zuo Mo knew they could help him cultivate shen power and also could be forged into "Crow Thorn" which was supposedly extremely powerful. Even Big Brother Qing Lin had been wounded by it, but the problem was Zuo Mo did not know how to use the Sun Seed or how to forge the Crow Thorn.

After flipping for a while, Zuo Mo found to his sorrow that while these ancient treasures were good, but Zuo Mo had no inkling how to use them.

In comparison to those ancient talismans of the Sun Shen Temple that were not useful, what Shen Wu Hai and the others "gave" Zuo Mo could be used immediately. There were many high-quality talismans. Even Zuo Mo who was used to seeing good talismans brightened up when he saw them.

Jade Hook Tree, Blood Script Bell, Corpse Sea Bamboo ... ...

Any one of these if they were sold on to the market would be priceless!

However, what moved Zuo Mo the most was what he had taken from Shen Wu Hai, who was of Yuanying cultivation, and a Tian Huan Elder. These two qualities meant that his wealth was something that the Old Bamboo Staff Man and others could not rival.

Shen Wu Hai did not have any talisman that was below sixth-grade. Even though they were of different types, all of them were very fine. What Shen Wu Hai felt the most pain over losing was his ring. Inside were the treasures and materials that he had scrounged together over many years and with great effort. They all benefited Zuo Mo now.

Of course, Zuo Mo had his own troubles.

These numerous talismans dazzled his eyes but he could not take them out and use them directly. These were dirty. If someone got even a hint of where they came from, it would be a great calamity to him, much less using them in the open! He also did not dare to sell them. There probably were an unknown number of eyes staring at him. Any trace connection to the Sun Shen Temple would be fatal.

Tian Huan was a titan. It only needed to breathe and he would turn to dust.

Could not use them directly, could not sell them, then there was only one solution-forge them all into new talismans.

Such a vast task!

Zuo Mo gazed at the mountain of spoils and grimaced. Did he profit or lose this time after getting in so much trouble?


Just as Cloud Sea Jie's xiuzhe were immersed in the incident of the Sun Shen Temple, in a deep region of the cloud sea, there was a fissure about ten zhang wide. The inside of the fissure was pitch black without any light.

Suddenly, a tall figure stepped out of the fissure.

After a while, other figures successively walked out.

The leading figure suddenly turned.

"I smell the scent of xiuzhe."


Shen Wu Hai crushed the paper crane in his hand with a dark face. Below him, Li Shu hesitated and then carefully asked, "Elder ... ..."

Li Shu recognized the paper crane. It was a paper crane unique to the sect. Had the sect given them a punishment sentence? Had they said ugly words? Why was the elder so furious?

Shen Wu Hai was a yuanying in the end and good at keeping his composure. With a long exhale, he recovered his normal composure.

"We're returning!"

"Return?" Li Shu stilled and said with disbelief, "We have not found ... ..."

"There is not time to investigate!" Shen Wu Hai was slightly impatient but still relaxed his tone. "The sect leader is urging us to return! Do not ask this old man the reason, this old man does not know!"

Shen Wu Hai's tone was filled with unwillingness. He had tripped up so greatly this time, and under the eyes of so many people.

How could he accept this?

In these days, he had used all the influence and power that Tian Huan had in Cloud Sea Jie to investigate this matter. What almost drove him crazy was that they had not discovered anything even now. There wasn't a trace to found!

How could he be willing to return, when the sect suddenly ordered them to?

However, Shen Wu Hai was slightly puzzled. The upper management of the sect would rarely interfere with missions. It was the first time he had seen such an nonnegotiable order.

Was it ... ... that something happened to the sect?

When this thought formed, he erased it. What could happen to the sect? The sect leader had been in his position for over two decades and his position was rock-solid. The other parts of the management occasionally fought for power, but compared to other sects, it was very gentle. They were more willing to immerse themselves into seal scripts.

Even Shen Wu Hai was like this usually. Otherwise, he would not have been able to form the Dark Void Fire.

He always felt that Tian Huan was the best sect in the Four Realm Heavens. Li Shu had the same thought.

As to outside enemies, what was that? Shen Wu Hai had never encountered someone who dared to be enemies with Tian Huan. Even Kun Lun that was called the strongest in fighting had to purchase large amounts of talismans and seals from Tian Huan. The other sects naturally did the same.

So why were they pressing so urgently for them to return?

Shen Wu Hai was confused.

Many people speculated the masked-wearing guy had escaped as far as he could. However, Li Shu and Shen Wu Hai felt that the other might not have even left Cloud Sea Jie. He had already sent people to seal the jie river. Even though this caused discontent in some people, no one dared to provoke an angry Tian Huan elder.

Yet up until now, there was no news of someone breaking through the jie river.

That guy had to be in Cloud Sea Jie!

But ... ...

He really was unwilling!


When the last fire cloud rose, the burning red little mountain gradually dimmed and the surrounding temperature decreased. The little mountain quickly returned to normal but the fauna around it had been burned clean so there were only black stones left.

Zuo Mo went into the cavern. The Sun Shen Tree was untouched and looked healthier than before.

Stepping out of the cave, Zuo Mo flew into the sky. He looked over. The colors of the clouds above Turtle Island were like dusk, orange and red, beautiful and spectacular!

The new formation had formed!

The previous Yinyang Thunder Cloud Formation had been completely changed by the earth fire and formed a new formation. Zuo Mo decided to change its name to the [Flowing Fire Cloud Thunder Formation].

The new formation was much stronger than the previous one.

As to that Jade Hook Tree, Zuo Mo planted it into the center of the Meridional Azure Aether Formation. The wood element power that the Jade Hook Wood released would continuously feed the Meridional Azure Aether Formation and greatly increase the power of the large formation.

Zuo Mo buried three Sun Seeds under the Jade Hook Tree. If the Jade Hook Tree could absorb the power inside the Sun Seeds, it could definitely go up a level and form the Celestial Green Jade Hook Tree.

With the protection of these two formations, the present Turtle Island was almost impenetrable.

Zuo Mo's heart which had been in the air all this time lowered greatly. Even if Shen Wu Hai came, it would be impossible for him to force his way into Turtle Island!

Heehee, after ge digests these treasures, cultivates shen power, no one will know who will win if ge encounters Shen Wu Hai again!

Zuo Mo was full of ambition and resolve!

At this time, the sky above his head suddenly darkened.

Zuo Mo made a sound of surprise and raised his head to look. His body suddenly froze!

The sky that had been clear just now seemed to appear as though it was dusk. The sun that had been burning in the sky seemed to be veiled by a layer of black mist and became weak and wavering. The scene looked as though it was the end of the world.

A gust of wind blew past. Zuo Mo couldn't help but shudder. His expression changed again!

This gust of wind was filled with a very powerful yin and cold energy as though it blew from the underworld. Even Zuo Mo couldn't help but shudder in the cold.

Woosh woosh woosh!

Wei Sheng, Zong Ru, Xie Shan and the others all flew into the sky and appeared next to Zuo Mo. All of them could not disguise their expressions of terror.

What was happening?

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