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 Chapter Five Hundred and Five - Dark Void Fire

Zuo Mo looked in the direction of the sacrificial altar and his thoughts were turbulent.

At this time, no one noticed Zuo Mo's abnormality. Everyone's eyes were locked onto the transparent flame in Shen Wu Hai's hand.

Dark Void Fire!

The clear fire soundlessly burned and pulsed in Shen Wu Hai's hand. The air seemed to suddenly become sticky. An invisible ripple spread out from the flame and with each pulse, the heat could be felt.

Dark Void Fire!

Li Shu was alarmed. Elder Shen was going to go all out!

Shocked, he widened his eyes in fear of missing a detail of the fight. Dark Void Fire was the technique that Elder Shen was famous for. It was well-known in Tian Huan. This thread of Dark Void Fire contained what Elder Shen comprehended from studying seal scripts. It was named a fire but it was not actually within the five elements.

This thread of Dark Void Fire was the size of a pinky, but in reality, it was constructed of three hundred extremely small seal scripts layered together. It was exquisitely crafted.

The rumors were that the Dark Void Fire had reached the peak of seal fires. When Li Shu saw Elder Shen revealed his killing move, he became excited!

The Old Bamboo Staff Man's expression changed. He detected the power the moment the Dark Void Fire appeared.

The Old Bamboo Staff Man's expression became grave. He threw the Corpse Sea Bamboo into the air and chanted. The Corpse Sea Bamboo that was inky black started to melt and became a puddle of black water. A strange smelly odor spread that burrowed into everyone's hearts.

Shen Wu Hai smirked coldly. The thread of Dark Void Fire coiled on his palm like a transparent snake.

The Dark Void Fire was clear and colorless. If one did not look closely, it would be hard to detect it was there.

Shen Wu Hai's expression was proud but he did not dare to be careless. Wondrous objects like the Corpse Sea Bamboo usually had unexpected abilities. He did not want to trip up on flat ground.

The puddle of black water above the Old Bamboo Staff Man slowly moved. Suddenly, black bamboo shoots grew out of the black water at a visible rate.

The black bamboo grew very quickly. In a blink, it was a half-mu patch of black bamboo. Like a black cloud, it floated above the Old Bamboo Stall Man's head.

The mood suddenly became as heavy as lead.

The pressure produced when two yuanying went all out was a calamity for the surrounding jindan! Even Li Shu did not have the ability to interfere in this high level battle!

The intimidating pressure was suffocating. He felt even his breathing was becoming difficult!

Yuanying! This was yuanying!

Li Shu's gaze was reverent and burning. It was the first time he directly face such a great power. The shock and awe it gave him surpassed his expectations.

He carefully closed his mouth and nose. The strange stench that the Corpse Sea Bamboo exuded had a strong corrosive quality. He raised his foot and stone powder rose into the air. There was a clear footprint on the hard stone brick. Under the corrosive presence of the Corpse Sea Bamboo, the shen temple's hard stone tiles were as soft as bread.

The jindan activated their ling armor to defend against the corrosive presence of the Corpse Sea Bamboo.

If there were ningmai xiuzhe, just the presence of the Corpse Sea Bamboo would be enough to kill all of them.

The Old Bamboo Staff Man cast a spell. Above his head the leaves on the black bamboo sea started to fall. The black bamboo leaves formed all kinds of black poisonous insects or corpse insects that charged at Shen Wu Hai!

At this time, hair-raising hissing came like the tide!

The people felt the shen temple darken and felt as though it was inescapable.

Shen Wu Hai's expression was grave. He slowly raised his right hand and pushed forward without any finesse!

An enormous clear handprint left his hand and slammed at the black insects.

Pew pew pew!

Under the clear handprint, the black insects exploded like smoke and disappeared.

The Old Bamboo Staff Man snorted coldly. The number of black bamboo leaves falling increased. The number of insects had increased, and were packed together into a tide that completely surrounded Shen Wu Hai.

That clear handprint was unable to stand up by itself under the fearless attacks of the insects. In a blink, the black insects covered the entire handprint. It looked terrifying. The sound of the insects chewing and swallowing caused everyone's scalps to prick and feel shock.

If this was a person, even the bones would be eaten!

There were insects that exploded and disappeared but these insect did not know fear and furiously chewed the enormous hand.

The enormous handprint was becoming visibly smaller.

In a flash, the enormous hand that had been multiple zhang large was chewed to the size of a fist.

A thread of pride passed through the eyes of the Old Bamboo Staff Man. He had accidentally obtained this Corpse Sea Bamboo. From the day he obtained it, he spent almost all of his time refining it.

In order for the Corpse Sea Bamboo to reach its maximum power, the Old Bamboo Staff Man had used a corpse forging method.

It was strange to say, but after the bamboo formed, this Corpse Sea Bamboo was as green as jade and did not have a hint of death energy. The Old Bamboo Staff Man was of high status in Cloud Sea Jie. It had been many years since he had fought against someone else so the power of the Corpse Sea Bamboo had never been displayed.

That was, until today!

To use it against an elder of Tian Huan to baptize this talisman, it was enough!

A thread of viciousness flashed across this Old Bamboo Staff Man's eyes. If the two people did not die here today, then their own days in the future would only be spent escaping pursuit!

In order to get rid of all future obstacles, he had to kill them!

Murderousness brimming, the Old Bamboo Staff man unhesitatingly pointed at Shen Wu Hai and shouted, "Go!"

A sharp howl sounded in the air. Countless black worms charged at Shen Wu Hai from all directions.

Just as Shen Wu Hai seemed to be swallowed by the black insects, a smile passed at the corner of his lips.

"Good move!"

The enormous palm that was whittled down until it was a fist-sized ball suddenly exploded in dazzlingly light. The black insects on the enormous hand burned up in the clear flame. They were burned to ash before they could make a sound.

A thread of transparent flame once again appeared in everyone's view.

It silently burned in the air.

Under the flame, densely packed seal scripts appeared like an enormous spider web that spread and shrouded everyone.

No one knew when this formation had been set up.

The Old Bamboo Staff Man's expression changed. Even though he did not know what formation this was, he knew he has now at a disadvantage. All of his moves were predicted and had been part of the other's plan.

As he expected, the transparent flame silently pulsed. The formation lit up. Woosh, flames exploded around Shen Wu Hai and the black insects were all consumed by the flames.

In a blink, the tide of battle flipped!

Shen Wu Hai looked around with a proud expression. "With just you lot, and you dare to steal from my Tian Huan? You do not know your limits! Today, this old man will give you a taste of the Dark Void Fire!"

The seal scripts spun. Everyone found that their feet were glued to the ground. No matter how they tried, they were unable to break free!

The Dark Void Fire silently pulsed.

Boom, two threads of flames suddenly shot out under the feet of two xiuzhe and swallowed them.

The flames dissipated and nothing was left where the two people had been.

Shock and hopelessness filled everyone's faces. They used all kinds of methods to struggle but they were all ineffective.

Li Shu's gaze was deeply attracted to the silently pulsing Dark Void Fire. He was filled with reverence and respect. Elder's Dark Void Fire lived up to the rumors! It was an enormous formation but the thing truly effective was the Dark Void Fire, made from three hundred seal scripts!

Li Shu felt greatly reverent about Elder's skill with seal formations. Compared to his Skyring Blood Chime that seemed to make great noise, Elder's move was multiple times more skilled.

The Old Bamboo Staff Man and Ge Hai all had distressed expressions. The two of them exchanged a look and found intentions of fighting to the death.

The two of them were yuanying and were the only two people among all of these people that could move.

Shen Wu Hai, who had been paying attention to the Old Bamboo Staff Man, felt his heart tighten. This Dark Void Fire Formation was powerful but it was not easy to kill two yuanying at the same time. He had planned on getting rid of these cannon fodder before gathering all his power to deal with these two people.

Yet there was no time for him to regret how things had turned out.

The half-mu of black bamboo above the Old Bamboo Staff Man's head turned back into the Corpse Sea Bamboo. The Old Bamboo Staff Man sliced at his wrist with a fingernail. Blood spurted out. The Corpse Sea Bamboo seemed to drink in all the blood that had poured out.

The Old Bamboo Staff Man instantly seemed to age by two decades and his hair turned completely white.

Ge Hai's expression was grave. He carefully took out a Supreme Polarity Bead that was black and white. This bad was about the size of a pigeon's egg and did not look eye-catching.

But Shen Wu Hai who saw this Supreme Polarity Bead changed expression as he shouted, "Yinyang Null Polarity Bead ... ..."

Li Shu's expression turned white.

The Yinyang Null Polarity Bead was a very mysterious treasure. It was unknown who forged it, or why it was forged. It had mysterious origins. In the beginning, this bead was unknown but it had become famous after only one incident.

A sect that possessed three yuanying and sixteen jindan was massacred in one night.

The culprit was just one person.

When news of this incident spread, it shocked all of Four Realm Heaven, and the Yinyang Null Polarity Bead became famed.

The Yinyang Null Polarity Bead had stringent requirements on who could consumed it, the user had to be one above yuanying. It would cause the xiuhe's primal spirit to burn and produce terrifying power so the user could destroy enemies multiple times more powerful than they were. However, the user would die.

This was one of the rare treasures that could cause terror in large sects!

The Corpse Sea Bamboo that drank enough blood was suddenly inserted into the ground. The body of the bamboo started to slowly shift. In the span of a few breaths, it formed something similar to a face.

A short while later, the Corpse Sea Bamboo finished its manifestation.

A monster with a green face and fangs appeared. It stood like a man with long limbs. Its needle-like black hairs which grew from the head continued to the tailbone.

It stood expressionlessly. There were no eyes, only two balls of shifting black energy.

Time seemed to freeze.

Shen Wu Hai was frightened by the Yinyang Null Polarity Bead and the Corpse Sea Bamboo monster.

"Kill him!" the aged Old Bamboo Staff Man pointed at Shen Wu hai and shouted harshly.

Shen Wu Hai prepared to fight. This vicious monster did not look easy.

The Corpse Sea Bamboo monster did not move.

"Quick, kill him!" the Old Bamboo Staff Man couldn't help but shout again.

The Corpse Sea Bamboo monster remained motionless.

At this time, people detected that the Corpse Sea Bamboo monster seemed to be looking at someone ... ...

Following the gaze of the Corpse Sea Bamboo monster, everyone found that his gaze was tightly locked onto the person wearing a mask.

This sudden occurrence caused everyone to freeze.

It was him?

It was him!

Everyone now found that they had neglected this mysterious person wearing the bronze mask from the beginning.

At this moment, Zuo Mo's heart suddenly jumped. He figured it out!

The ripple of the sacrificial altar! He figured it out!

Boom, countless things flooded into his mind!

Unconsciously, amidst everyone's suspicious, puzzled, and speculator gazes, Zuo Mo lifted his arms.

-It was like tens of thousands of years ago.

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