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Chapter Forty Eight The Black Hearted Records Room

"Our sect is a sword sect, our strongest sword scripture is the [Void Sword Scripture] that our founder created. But our sect had gradually declined. This sword scripture that had been ranked sixth grade could not be learned by anyone in the sect. Somehow, after that, it was split into [Shapeless Sword Scripture] and [Empty Sword Scripture]. The one that Luo Li Shidi practices is [Empty Sword Scripture]. But these two scriptures that were split only reached third grade. Other than this, the other one of importance is Master's [Ice Dragon Sword Scripture]. This sword scripture is a fourth grade sword scripture. In the hands of Master, it blossomed and managed to enter the ranks of fifth grade. In the past, it was with this sword scripture that Master had killed countless yaomo in Yao Hunt and received the title of Ice Dragon Sword.

As he talked about his master Xin Yan, Xu Yi wandered away in his thoughts.

A fourth grade sword scripture that was able to elevate into fifth grade, it was enough to show that Xin Yan Shishu's abilities with [Ice Dragon Sword Scripture] didn't just reach deeply, but that he had improved this sword scripture. No one who was able to do this was ordinary.

"Other than this, the ancestors of our sect were also skilled. [Cloud Sword Scripture], [Red Flame Sword Scripture], [Emerald Sword Scripture], they are all fourth grade. Haha, Shidi, don't just think that our sect doesn't have any reputation in Dong Fu. But in Dong Fu, other than Dong Fu Hall, only we have a sixth grade sword scripture. Even fourth grade scriptures, not just any sect in Dong Fu has one.

Zuo Mo's eyes widened. He had never thought that the sect was so strong.

Xu Yi noticed Zuo Mo's eyes and smiled: "Shidi, don't think too optimistically. Sword Scriptures above fourth level, the sect wouldn't easily pass it on to the disciples. What the sect leader and the shishu believe is better to have nothing than accept a shoddy choice. In the past, Luo Li Shidi was unparalleled in the second generation but even so, he was only passed on the third grade sword scripture [Empty Sword Scripture]."

Seeing the disappointment in Zuo Mo's eyes, he comforted: "Shidi, don't be too disappointed. There are very fine ones among the third grade sword scriptures. Like the [Empty Sword Scripture] that Luo Li Shidi learnt, and that [Shapeless Sword Scripture] that also came from [Void Sword Scripture], they are the extreme best among third grade sword sects. Shidi, you have to pay attention. They might all be third grade sword scriptures, but there are still differences."

Zuo Mo instantly raised his ears. It was too hard to pursue those good ones, but he shouldn't pick the worst ones. He was very practical. The item less a bit, but the jingshi difference wouldn't just be a bit.

"Usually, five elements sword scriptures are the worst. Shidi is a ling plant farmer and your understanding of the five elements definitely is deeper than mine. The five elements encompass millions of changes yet lose their purity. To cultivate the sword, what cannot be lost is purity. But the five elements birth and defeat each other, and are difficult to make pure. I had never heard of a five elements sword scripture that went above third grade. Shidi, don't try to pick this kind of sword scripture. The other sword scriptures, they all have their attributes. Some are fierce and powerful, good for killing and battle, some are strange and unpredictable, good for ambushing, some nurture the mind and increase cultivation."

"Nurture the mind? Aren't sword scriptures primarily for killing? How can it nurture the mind?" Zuo Mo couldn't help asking.

"Ha ha, cultivation is long and difficult. If there isn't a strong and resolute heart, how can one achieve the path? To use the sword to nurture the heart, to harden the core. Many people practice this kind of sword scripture. Like me, I have [Heaven Heart Sword Scripture]. This kind of sword scripture, it doesn't have much power but to nurture and fix the mind, it's pretty good." Xu Yi smiled as he explained.

"The sect records at River Sight Peak. You are an inner sect disciple now and can go in to read. But it requires contribution points each time. If Shidi has spare time, remember to earn more sect contribution points. In the future, you'll need to use them." Xu Yi emphasized.

Bidding farewell to Xu Yi Shixiong, Zuo Mo headed straight for River Sight Peak. There was a river below River Sight Peak, the mountain was steep and so the records room was built against the cliff. It wasn't big, just a small compound. There were some thin bamboo stalks planted beside the walls, the outer wall slightly crumbling. Zuo Mo was somewhat disappointed. He had never been here before. This place was only open to inner sect disciples.

The person guarding the door was an old one. At the beginning, Zuo Mo fantasized that the other was some high master but he was quickly disappointed. This old man guarding the door only had a cultivation of lianqi ninth level. However, Zuo Mo didn't dare to disrespect him. The common saying was good, the existing official wasn't as good as the existing manager. Don't just look at how bad the old man's cultivation was but he guarded the records room. If he wanted to make trouble, it was a very easy thing to do.

Respectfully handing over his medal, the old man scanned it and lowered down his face, saying: "Two hours on the first level is two contribution points, two hours on the second floor is four contribution points. The jade scrolls in the first level can be copied. The second level is restricted from copying. Go in." He threw the medal back to Zuo Mo.

So black!

Zuo Mo swore inside. The contribution points of inner sect disciples were not the same as outer sect disciples and they could not be converted. Zuo Mo only had in total ten contribution points. Five of them had been the reward the sect leader gave him for receiving the jade medal. The other five were from last time when he let Yan Le Shishu sell his plants.

Ten contribution points. It was enough for him to stay ten hours on the first floor and five on the second.

If it was copying a jade scroll, even the most basic would be two or so hours. And if it couldn't be copied then it had to be memorized. That wasn't something that could be accomplished in a few hours.

Now he understood why Xu Yi Shixiong reminded him to earn more contribution points. So the big cost was here! He was suddenly grateful that the dan-making records room of his Master didn't require contribution points. Otherwise, he could only cry. Zuo Mo guessed that Xin Yan Shishu definitely would have a private forging records room. Otherwise, Xu Yi Shixiong would be in a terrible bind.

Time was tight, and didn't allow Zuo Mo to think. He ran straight into the first floor.

He saw rows of jade scrolls, organized neatly. Zuo Mo couldn't help twist his mouth. From what he saw, this was much worse than Master's records room. A layer of dust had accumulated on the wooden boards. It looked like there usually weren't many people. Even though it lacked care, but the arrangement of the jade scrolls was easy to follow.

There were all kinds of jade scrolls. Sword scriptures, five elements, cultivation scriptures, forging. These were the jade scrolls that the elders of the sect that searched and gathered over the generations. The grade of these jade scrolls weren't high, didn't have much practical value but it would have been a pity to throw them out so the sect had created a records room to support the inner sect members to study. This kind of jade scrolls were only useful to those who had just become an inner sect disciple. As they spent longer with their Master, the worth of these jade scrolls would decrease.

It had been a long time since Wu Kong Sword Sect had new inner sect disciples come in. After Li Ying Feng became an inner sect disciple, she spent each day with Yan Le Shishu taking care of all the different business. And after Wei Sheng Shixiong became an inner sect disciple, he received Xin Yan Shishu's meticulous teachings and then entered the sword cave, therefore, he naturally didn't come here.

So when Zuo Mo came in, he saw this dusty scene.

Even though there wasn't high level spells but the roomful of jade scrolls still made Zuo Mo's eyes turn dizzy and drool. Don't just think that these jade scrolls weren't important. If they were thrown onto the market, each one could be sold for a pretty good price. For lianqi disciples, each jade scroll would be a treasure.

Zuo Mo headed straight for the sword scriptures. It was also the largest topic on the first floor. Wu Kong Sword Sect was a sword sect, so naturally, it would put all possible effort into gathering sword scriptures. There were large numbers of second and third grade sword scriptures on the first floor. Naturally, they weren't of high quality. After making a cursory examination, he quickly put them down. As expected, there was nothing really good. It wasn't bad as a reference but for a primary method, it wasn't really good.

Looking at the stars for the second floor, he hesitated a second and then decided to go up to see.

The second floor was slightly smaller and there was a dramatically smaller number of jade scroll. But the scene was very similar to Master's records room. The jade scrolls were all floating in midair, each jade scroll surrounding by differently colored whirlpools.

Having had a similar experience, Zuo Mo naturally knew what to do.

He scanned through the jade scrolls about sword scriptures one by one. Even now, he still hadn't decided what kind of sword scripture to cultivate. If it had been before, he might have chosen to be like Xu Yi Shixiong and practice something like [Sky Heart Sword Scripture]. This kind of sword scripture cultivated the resolve of the cultivator, something that was crucial. However, for him that was pursuing strength, finding those sword scriptures that had greater power was more realistic.

Undecided, Zuo Mo flipped and read through them one by one.

He had never seen so many jade scrolls at the same time. The jade scrolls from the second level, if it had been in the past, they would all have been treasures that he would have dreamed about. He couldn't help but feel as though he was in a dream.

As expected, the sword scriptures that Xu Yi Shixiong had mentioned were all absent. The second floor were entirely third grade sword scriptures but were distinctively of higher quality than the jade scrolls downstairs. They should be the finest of the third grade.

There was a set of [Wind and Thunder Sword Scripture]. After cultivating it, one would float like the wind, power like thunder, the effectiveness shocking. Supposedly it had originally been a fifth grade sword scripture but after continuous loss over thousands of years, its power declined and it was demoted to third grade.

And another even stranger was [Autumn Rain Sword Scripture]. It required a set of one hundred and eight swords. The moves were like rain, extremely difficult to block. But just like [Wind and Thunder Sword Scripture], much of its contents had been lost, especially the method of making the swords. The power of each individual sword dropped dramatically and it entered an awkward state. But its manipulations were very exquisite so it was put on the second floor.

Each sword scripture had its unique strengths but similarly, they all had a great flaw.

Seeing that the jade scrolls he hadn't read become less and less, Zuo Mo started to become panicked.

Was he unable to find an appropriate sword scripture for himself?

He completely forgot that time was flowing away. As the number of the jade scrolls decreased one by one, his heart started to sink to the bottom bit by bit.

At last, he was facing the last jade scroll.

[Li Water Sword Scripture]. Li Water, these two characters clearly connected to the five elements caused Zuo Mo's heart to jump.

Xu Yi Shixiong's words were by his hears. Shixiong had kept reminding him of the weak nature of five element sword scriptures.

Zuo Mo, who had a rough understanding of the five elements, was very clear just how correct Shixiong was. The five elements had many transformations but it was hard to purify. If the sword essence was not pure, then the power would decrease.

Completely disheartened, Zuo Mo unconsciously read [Li Water Sword Scripture].

"Eh!" He suddenly found something and his mind roused itself. Just as he wanted to take a closer look, his eyes suddenly flashed and then he found himself standing in the yard.

"Time has ended. You have used all your contribution points." The old man's eyelids didn't even raise as he gave a dismissal.

Zuo Mo wanted to cry.