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 Chapter Four Hundred and Seventy Nine - Triumphant Progress

Frightened out of his wits, Gu Ming Gong did not struggle as Zuo Mo put on the jinzhi. His worries gone, Zuo Mo went with Gu Ming Gong to his home, scalped the inside and out to get a small sum of wealth.

There wasn't any blood in the pitiful Gu Ming Gong's face. In reality, he had not recovered from his shock.

The other's cultivation was clearly not in jindan but was able to put jinzhi on his body. This upended all the conventions he knew. He also did not resist the series of what could be called complex missions that Zuo Mo sent down.

Teaching forging, forging, preparing materials ... ...

Gu Ming Gong was an old-timer and had seen everything. He was clear to his situation.

Captives never had the right to bargain. If the other was not desiring his skill in forging, his bones would probably be cold right now. He was not unfamiliar with teaching. Due to his title of "Seal Immortal," many people would frequently come to his home and ask for guidance. As to forging, that was his profession.

However, when he entered Golden Crow Camp for the first time and looked at the densely packed crowd of forging xiuzhe below, he couldn't help but be shocked. Only now did he readjust his judgement of Turtle Island's power. There were only rare factions that could possess such a large number of forging xiuzhe, even the big sects did not have them.

Feeling shock, Gu Ming Gong was shocked again!

When he had taught to a point and told them they could try it out, the crowd below simultaneously showed their Golden Crow Fire.

In a flash, his eyes were dazzled by two thousand Golden Crow Fire flames, and the blood in his body froze.

The spectacular scene in front of him surpassed the limits of his imagination. When was fourth-grade Golden Crow Fire an essential part of people's equipment? What joke was this?

He muddled through the first class.

He felt that he was an experienced and worldly person but ... ...

When he finally managed to recover from the shock from the first class and sorted his emotions out to start his second class, he received another blow!

Many students came with the talismans they had just forged in search of guidance.

Gu Ming Gong instantly felt better. Eager and hard-working students would always be preferred by teachers.

But when he saw several of the talismans that came from the forge, the expression on his face froze.

What formation was this? Hadn't seen it before!

Didn't see this one either!

This one ... ... still hadn't seen it before!

Embarrassment! Great embarrassment! The pitiful Gu Ming Gong's face was completely red and he wanted to find a hole to bury himself in. If the teacher was unable to solve a question from a student, he could generously praise the student for being very creative. But if he was unable to solve a number of student problems so early on, then that definitely was very awkward and shameful.

Heavens, Earth, spare me!

He didn't know if they heard the wail in his heart, but the two masters came over to rescue him.

Another muddled class.

However, Gu Ming Gong found the two masters after class and asked them about those unfamiliar and strange formations he had encountered today. He was a smart person. Even though he felt very embarrassed by what happened today, he did not have an avenue of retreat.

If he just retreated the slightest bit, what was waiting for him was a chop.

No one would keep a captive that was useless, especially his exceptionally frugal master.

No matter what, he needed to show his value to the best of his abilities. The more value he showed, the better his situation would be and the further away from death he was.

He was quickly immersed and enchanted by these strange and wondrous formations.

These formations were completely different than any formation he had learned before but they held an unusual attraction that caused him to be greatly obsessed.

And when he saw the true form of these formations, those beautiful yet eerie mo matrixes, he was uncontrollably addicted and unable to pull himself away!

With the addition of Gu Ming Gong, the deconstruction rate of the mo matrix progressed just as fast as the forging skill level of Golden Crow Camp.


The situation of Turtle Island grew increasingly better.

As Ma Fan, Lie Peng, and Nian Lu had completed their core formations successfully, it meant that Turtle Island started to enter the era of jindan. With them, Turtle Island had more than six jindan. The two masters of Golden Crow Camp because of the benefits they had received from communicating and discussing with Gu Ming Gong felt the signs and entered seclusion to aim for jindan.

What was most unexpected was Chun Yu Cheng. When he had been raising ling beasts used for ling plant farming, he coincidentally comprehended a completely new husbandry spell called the [Ten Thousand Beast Body Rearing Spell]. His ling power exploded in a short time and he started his seclusion without a sound.

Guard Camp was in a complete transformation.

Ever since Pu had lost the bet with Wei, Guard Camp that had been once directed by Pu Yao had landed in Wei's hand. In terms of mo cultivation, Pu Yao really wasn't Wei's opponent.

The [Great Day Hardship Guard] that Pu Yao put so much effort to change was taken by Wei. He changed a few places and that caused the power of the scripture to grow. In addition, Wei's greatest accomplishment was to successfully changed Shu Long and A Wen into battle generals.

The methods of mo battle generals were completely different than the other two races. Wei's previous owner was a very powerful mo battle general, yet what was unexpected to everyone was Zuo Mo was the best mo battle general.

Zuo Mo seemed to innately understand how to merge everyone's power together. Shu Long and A Wen were far lacking compared to him in this area. Everyone collectively opposed the idea of Zuo Mo's leading the charge at the front lines. Shu Long and A Wen were furiously cultivating so they could prevent Zuo Mo from being at the front.

Benefiting from the explosion of income on the island, Zuo Mo waved his hand and got all the materials and jingshi that Guard Camp needed to make mo weapons.

The present Guard Camp had exchanged their muskets for cannons.


Wei was feeling very good so naturally Pu Yao was extremely discontent.

The proud Pu could not accept losing Guard Camp! But he stood by his bet and he definitely could not do something as demanding to take it back. In his mind, Guard Camp wasn't anything but he could not let go of losing to Wei.

When Wei changed [Great Day Hardship Guard] and made mo battle general cultivation as his first accomplishments, Pu Yao was furious. In the past, Wei had said with a straight face that he did not understand.

So this guy had nefarious aims long ago!

Knowing he had been tricked, Pu Yao did not show it, but held the hatred inside.

Pu Yao quickly found a solution.

"Go to Ten Finger Prison?" Zuo Mo was slightly puzzled but when he thought it had been a long time since he saw Nan Yue, Cang Ze, Ming Jue Zi, and the others, he happily agreed. "Okay, let's go see!"

The human and the yao came to Ten Finger Prison.

The Wasteland Beast Chessboard was just like before but there seemed to be less people and it seemed quiet.

Zuo Mo quickly found the trio of Nan Yue, Cang Ze and Ming Jue Zi.

When the three saw Zuo Mo, they were overjoyed and came over to greet him. However, their eyes were more curious about Pu Yao. The strong presence of Pu Yao was really too obvious and made the trio's hearts shake.

Zuo Mo was slightly shocked. Pu Yao had shown his true self, this was unlike his usual behaviour. What did this guy want to do?

But pushing aside his puzzlement, he introduced, "This is Pu."

"Pu Daren, good day!" The three said as they bowed together.

Pu Yao smiled slightly, "Greetings to you three."

Pu Yao was peerlessly handsome with a thread of evilness. With this slight smile, he was like the rose that bloomed in the dark night, scary but enchanting.

The three had never seen such a smile before and couldn't help but be stunned. Nan Yue also showed a rare blush.

Zuo Mo felt even more puzzled. Pu Yao wasn't normal today.

But Zuo Mo quickly threw this thought to the back of his mind and asked how the trio was doing lately.

The three had been doing very well lately, especially in the area of yao arts where they improved rapidly. In order to increase their ability to help each other, Nan Yue and Ming Jue Zi all moved their clans to the lands of the Grey Clan so they could help and support each other.

The three thought of themselves as the students of Xiao Mo Ge, advancing and moving together. As the trio increased in strength, the strength of their clans also increased. The lands of the Grey Clan was remote and there were no other factions. Their lives were becoming better.

However, the three could not disguise their worries.

Upon closer inquiry, Zuo Mo finally learned that the state of the yao was not very good recently.

After two major corps, Fierce Fire and Ice Frost, were destroyed, Bloody Sky Metropolis Jie truly became a meat-grinder that was soaked in blood everywhere. The three factions continuously fought, continuously changing the territorial boundaries, see-sawing back and forth. The battles were fierce and the losses on the three sides were huge.

Just a few days ago, a troop of xiuzhe had appeared without any warning in the innermost area of the yao territory and caused great damage. Even though this troop was killed in the end, but they had done great damage. They had found after the fact that these xiuzhe had made their way through an unknown chaos rift.

But this incident caused great terror in the yao world. Even though the battle at the front lines had never stopped, for most yao this did not affect their lives. The cruel truth had smashed their naïve thinking into smithereens. They found, in shock, that war was so close to them and could appear next to them at any moment.

What was even more scary was that another small xiuzhe battalion had appeared in another yao jie not long after. It was fortunate that this was a large jie so the troops stationed there were very strong and not a great deal of damage was done.

But this caused the normal yao that were already feeling unsafe to become even more scared.

They could not even guarantee the smallest yao jie had been searched all over. No one knew if there were chaos rifts in the unexplored areas around them, leaving them insecure.

Many families sent out people to search their surroundings and started a web-like search to destroy weaknesses that could exist.

Very quickly, there was a clan that found an extremely hidden chaos rift fifty li from the family base. All the people of the clan were frightened out of their bodies, and moved their clan away that night.

Incidents like this occurred continuously in the recent days and a mood of terror spread.

The three also had the same worries. The area they resided in was remote and no real powers in the area so their living was very easy. Due to this, if xiuzhe really invaded, they also lacked the ability to protect themselves.

After the three finished speaking, Zuo Mo couldn't help but worry for them. Even though Nan Yue and the others were yaomo but they were much closer to Zuo Mo than normal xiuzhe. Naturally, he did not want anything to happen to them.

At this time, Pu Yao's enchanting voice sounded, "I have a solution."

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