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 Chapter Four Hundred and Seventy Seven - Danger

Soul Setting Divine Light!

The name would occasionally be referenced in some ancient records. It was said that it was made by the heroes of the Sky Pool Tribe, fantastical in its effects, enormously famed, and was ranked as one of the nine Great Divine Lights.

Pu Yao had never seen the Soul Setting Divine Light and did not know what it looked like or what abilities it had. It wasn't just the Soul Setting Divine Light, he had never seen any of the other divine lights before. The divine lights mostly appeared in the early stages of the ancient era, and then later disappeared from the records.

No one knew why the divine lights had gradually disappeared but this was not a strange occurrence. Throughout history it was the nine Divine Lights the only thing to be lost to time? Many secret methods and wondrous techniques had disappeared over the millennia, each were forever lost in the vast rivers of history.

"Sky Pool Tribe? What are you to Sky Pool Tribe?" Pu Yao stared at Wei.

For the first time today, Wei had a shocked expression. "As expected from the Encyclopedia of Yao Arts, you even know of my Sky Pool Tribe." He then nodded. "You are right, I am from the Sky Pool Tribe."

The amount of information Pu Yao had about the Sky Pool Tribe was pitifully little but within that pitiful amount, it was clear that Sky Pool Tribe had been a tribe with powerful people and had dominated for a time.

The two sank into silence, Pu Yao did not know what to say. His understanding of the Sky Pool Tribe was limited to this, and there was no meaning to knowing that Wei came from the Sky Pool Tribe. Wei seemed to be thinking of something and had an reminiscent expression on his face.

No matter how famed or powerful the tribe was, it could not stand against the ruthless advance of time. Just like those secret methods and techniques, it also had disappeared in the long river of history.


All kinds of colored dazzling light continuously changed and shifted in front of Zuo Mo, coming near and then jumping far away like swimming fish.

A bright green light swam in front of Zuo Mo. Reflexively, Zuo Mo reached out with a hand.

When the green light came into contact with Zuo Mo's hand, a slender flow burrowed into his mind. This slender flow contained great amounts of information that was hard to comprehend, profound and unpredictable. What was most wondrous was that thread of vitality within it!

This thread of vitality was weak, but the presence was powerful and ancient.

That wasn't right!

There seemed to be a voice in his mind. As though he was possessed, Zuo Mo relaxed his hand and that bright green light disappeared within the ocean of light like a fish.

Zuo Mo shook his head and wanted to clear his mind. This world of light was like a fantasy realm that he did not know what to do with.

Fortunately, he remembered everything that Wei had told him previously.

Soul Setting Divine Light!

He needed to find Soul Setting Divine Light. Was the Soul Setting Divine Light hidden among these lights?

Zuo Mo thought as he searched the lights. He saw a deep red light, and when his mind moved, that deep red light flew towards him. Zuo Mo reached out and touched the red light.

A burning and ferocious energy quickly spread up his arm. Zuo Mo felt as though his body was burning.

For some unknown reason, the feeling of wrongness increased. He released his hand and the red light instantly swam away.

Zuo Mo gradually started to understand. If he thought of any light in his mind, that light would fly into his hand. What he needed to do was to find the Soul Setting Divine Light among these numerous lights.

Zuo Mo's brow creased.

There were more than billions of lights in here. If he was to try them one by one, then it would be like finding a grain of sand in the ocean.

There had to be a way ... ...

Zuo Mo sank into thought. He did not notice the lights had changed.


"You feel he can comprehend Soul Setting Divine Light?" Pu Yao looked at Wei and asked, "Even if there is the imprint, the difficulty would not be low. You have such confidence in him?"

Wei shook his head and said, "I do not have confidence that he will succeed."

He then said, "The Soul Setting Divine Light is extremely hard to cultivate, and even within the tribe in the past, the number of those who had successfully learned it could be counted on the fingers. The decline of the Sky Pool Tribe was due to the loss of the Soul Setting Divine Light. None of the nine Great Divine Lights are easy to learn. The divine lights have stringent requirements even though we do not know what requirements there are."

"Then why do give him the imprint?" Pu Yao asked.

Wei said calmly, "In the past, its purpose was to leave behind a seed for the tribe. The Sky Pool Tribe has long been gone, and I am just the gravestone armor now. There is no meaning in keeping it. So why can't I give it to him?"

Pu Yao didn't know what to day.

"This isn't our world now," Wei smiled, his voice deep and calm, "the world belongs to him now."

"I smell danger from this," Pu Yao suddenly said.

Wei smiled slightly, "Of course, how can there not be any risk in learning such an ultimate skill?"


Just as Zuo Mo's brow was creased as he thought about what to do, the light in the surroundings suddenly moved.

Unguarded, Zuo Mo wailed. A red light swept his body. He felt as though he was being boiled in a dan cauldron, the fire burning every inch of muscle, the heart-boring pain came like a tide like a tide, swallowing him.

How long has it been since he felt pain like this?

Ever since he possessed Golden Crow Fire, normal flames could not harm him at all. The Great Day Banded Flame was even more domineering and ferocious providing further protection, a rare flame even among sixth-grade flames. It had been too long since he felt the pain of being burned.

The pain of every part of his soul being burned had almost caused Zuo Mo to lose his consciousness.

At this time, a cold and serene white light fell on his body.

The burning pain suddenly became bone-aching cold like ice blades scraping against his bones. Zuo Mo's body uncontrollably trembled.

What the mother***ing was going on?

There was only this one question in his blank mind.


"The nine Great Divine Lights all have their wonders. The so-called divine lights are the lights that were born the instant the chaos formed. The Soul Setting Divine Light is one of them," Wei said conversationally.

Pu Yao was also deeply enticed by the secrets Wei was speaking of. He showed shock and disbelief, "Born accompanying the beginning of chaos! There are treasures like this?"

"It really is a treasure." Wei nodded, "The most precious part of the divine lights are related to this. Each thread of divine light contains various amounts of the information about the beginning of everything and the birth of chaos."

Pu Yao's pupils suddenly widened as he murmured, "Impossible ... ..."

He couldn't help but show an yearning expression. There were patterns contained in the manifestations of everything in the world, it was the path that the strong always pursued. No matter if it was xiuzhe, yao, or mo, once they had cultivated to a certain stage, their end goals were unusual in its agreement and similarity.

"En, that is the most precious part of the divine light." Wei did not explain and continued, "But this is also the hardest part of passing on the divine lights. The divine lights were born with the birth of sky and earth, and is hard to understand but it is also powerful. If the cultivator is not careful, they can turn to ash within the divine light."

Pu Yao's expression suddenly changed. His blood eye narrowed to a blade as he said harshly, "You want to harm him?"

He had thought there would be a possibility of danger, but hadn't expected it to be so dangerous!

"Harm him?" Wei smiled faintly, "Just some danger. Remember, you and I are also on the boat, if the boat flips, I also cannot escape."

Pu Yao's expression eased slightly. That was right, if Zuo Mo had an accident, Wei couldn't escape either. Right now, they were three ants on the same branch, no one could escape.

"How much of a grasp of it do you have?" Pu Yao asked in an unfriendly tone.

"No grasp at all." Wei seemed to not see Pu Yao's pot-black expression and said, "Right now, his three powers have merged to one, a state which is like those ancient forbearers. If I have to say who is most likely to succeed then it probably is him, even if the chance is small."

"Your actions are very dangerous! It has taken me into the danger as well!" Pu Yao stared coldly at Wei, looking as though he was going to fight the moment they had a disagreement.

"If the imprint was not used soon, it would have dissipated." Wei's voice carried sorrow. He raised his head and gazed at Pu Yao. "If it was you, would you take the gamble?"

Pu Yao was speechless.

Wei was right. If this was him, he would definitely gamble as well! He knew just how valuable this imprint was. If this imprint could be traded, a big sect like Kun Lun would be willing to pay any price!

It was a priceless pressure!

"As the ancient tribes have disappeared, the paths of cultivation have diverged. I do not know if the Soul Setting Divine Light is still usable, but I cannot sit idle and watch as it disappears." Wei sighed lightly, "This is probably the last of the divine lights in this world."

Pu Yao was still silent.

"Isn't it the same with your Archaic Wasteland Sacrificial Art? Could you bear for it to disappear? Didn't you think the same when you took him as your student?" Wei looked in the distance as he murmured, "This is not our world anymore, but it was once our world. Would you or I be willing to leave nothing behind?"

Pu Yao remained silent, as before.


Countless lights continuously swept across Zuo Mo's body.

Zuo Mo felt as though he was floating and sinking in hell, experiencing all kinds of feelings. Each destructive light ray almost destroyed him, and each vital life rays restored him; it was a cycle of life and death. At one moment, he felt at the top of the world, and then in the next felt worse than death.

All kinds and types of light energies, each ray was different in effect and the taste was naturally different!

Zuo Mo felt as though he was a chicken about to be roasted as he was rolled around in all kinds of spices.

Zuo Mo forgot about the Soul Setting Divine Light along the way.

These damned lights!

Zuo Mo gritted and wanted to cry. He was unable to move at all. These rays of light were not under his control and did not show any of the friendliness there was at the beginning.

What was worse was that no matter what ray was being shined on his body, his mind was always clear. This meant that he had a good "taste" of every ray of light.

No more!

Zuo Mo wanted to shout for aid. There were billions of light rays in here, if he went through all of them ... ...

Hell! This was definitely hell!

Save me!

Translator Ramblings: More background on Wei. He has a specific mindset that is important to keep in mind when you compare him to everyone else who is alive. He's moved past getting powerful for his own benefits into how to make sure that he doesn't disappear in history.