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 Chapter Four Hundred and Seventy One - Perfect Execution

The sharp howls were like the wails of ghost that tore through the air.

The hum unique to the three section wave killing charge caused people's scalps to tingle!

The dense pack of sword xiu were like a barrage of arrows that charged out. They struck as quick as lightning!

Tian Heng Bo paled greatly. He opened his mouth and wanted to remind everyone but before he could make a sound, the sword xiu of Turtle Island had reached them.


Near by a Tian Family disciple's ling armor shattered into countless pieces, the sword energy flashed across this disciple's neck with its remaining power, like a knife slicing tofu. A head flew into the sky!

Tian Heng Bo even saw the shock on the face of the Tian Family disciple.

Pia pia pia!

Caught off guard, the combat xiu of the Tian Familiy were struck by the sword lights! The third-grade ling armor they wore was as fragile as paper mache in front of the other's sharp sword energies and shattered, blood to spray everywhere.

In what seemed like a blink of the eye, hundreds of Tian Family disciples were slaughtered by the sword lights!

The troops instantly became chaotic. The other was like a burning blade slicing through butter and created a vast corridor of blood among the ranks of the Tian Family!

In this bloody passage of twenty zhang wide, the blood and flesh of the Tian Family disciples sprayed and they all died standing where they were!

Seeing the Tian Family disciples die in front of him, Tian Heng Bo's eyes filled with blood. The murderousness and viciousness in his chest was like a burning flame.

"Kill them!" He seemed like furious lion that charged first at the sword xiu!

The other five jindan beside him also let out angry shouts at the same time and charged with Tian Heng Bo!

In this chaotic battlefield, the six jindan were like six dazzling suns. The presence they gave off was intimidating and the presence of the six together overtook the Turtle Island sword xiu!

The disciples of the Tian Family roared. Their morale that had been dampened, by the sudden assault by Ma Fan's group, now rose!

The six jindan were like six sharp arrows that were unstoppable. The other combat xiu followed behind them, forming six streams that leapt at Ma Fan's group!

The expressions of Ma Fan and the others changed slightly. They hadn't expected the other to have deployed six jindan! For the present Turtle Island, six jindan was enough to be fatal!

If it was only the six jindan, then he wasn't afraid. Their strength was enough to grind the jindan to death! But the jindan had so many normal combat xiu as well, and these six jindan were fearlessly charging at the very front, the situation had become troublesome!

Ma Fan and the others knew if they allowed the other jindan to charge like this, the other side would be in a frenzy. Even if they won, their side would be wounded heavily.

But Daren and the others were not here ... ...

Wei Ran was the one best at maintaining his composure. Even though the situation was extremely urgent, his voice did not change at all. "Withdraw inwards! Stretch the distance between their forces!"

Everyone was quick-witted, instantly reacting. They did not fight, instead they turned and ran into the island!

Seeing the Turtle Island sword xiu running away, the morale of the Tian Family combat increased and they howled as they chased! The fierce blow that they had just suffered was forgotten and all of them showed extreme excitement.

One side was furiously feeling, and the other was furious pursuing!

No one noticed that below them, a pair of eyes that flashed with purple energy and a vicious large bird was watching them!

Ma Fan and the others were exceptionally fast. As the troop that had followed Zuo Mo the longest, retreat and escape was a class they had to take! In the past, when Zuo Mo and the other jindan were present, they would help get rid of the jindan, so Ma Fan and the others did not have many opportunities to face the jindan head on.

Having six jindan on their tail for the first time, they put all of their energy into running!

Their sword lights were even faster than when they had just charged.

But the other was still tightly following behind them especially the six jindan who were quickly closing the distance between them! The six jindan gradually separated from the combat xiu but this distance was not enough. If they turned around and charged now, then they would be entangled in battle with the jindan, and the combat xiu would charge and tear them apart!

"Kill jindan first! All divisions, spread out! Lead them out and circle around, ensure they pull away from all the damned cannon fodder!" Ma Fan gritted out.

The teamwork between these people showed at this time. The entire troop suddenly scattered like a flower blooming!

This time, the Tian Family combat xiu were stunned.

Who do they chase?

Tian Heng Bo's eyes were filled with blood as he chased the people at the very front, they looked like the leaders. Those sword xiu had the highest cultivation of those he saw and should be the leaders of this group!

The jindan beside him hesitated and charged with Tian Heng Bo. Tian Heng Bo was Tian Yong Qing's full-blooded brother, and ensuring Tian Heng Bo's safety was one of their duties.

The Tian Family disciples behind them lacked orders and their ranks instantly became a mess. Many people scattered into small groups to chase the Turtle Island sword xiu that were fleeing.

The sky about Turtle Island instantly became a mess.

"Idiot!" Tian Ye who had not charged into Turtle Island couldn't help but curse.

He wasn't on good terms with Tian Heng Bo. In his eyes, Tian Heng Bo was a brute with courage but had no cunning! What made him the most discontent was that Tian Yong Qing had assigned six jindan to Tian Heng Bo! His battalion only had two jindan. This was something that the prideful Tian Ye could not accept.

After swearing, Tian Ye smiled coldly and did not move.

In reality, from the beginning to now, the enemy troops were undamaged. The seemingly chaotic scene was an illusion that they purposefully orchestrated! Watching the battle up until now, Tian Ye had a preliminary judgement.

This was a troop that was very strong. Their charging strength was extremely strong, they had practiced tactics, and they were high cooperative! They could rival his own battalion!

If there had to be a shortcoming, it was experts! He had not seen any of the experts in this troop, this caused him puzzlement.

Tian Yong Qing did not tell Tian Ye the battle plan. He had sent Tian Heng Bo in hopes he could take the chance to get some service merit.

Yet the development of events was not as smooth as Tian Yong Qing and Tian Heng Bo had expected.

Tian Ye was not in a hurry. In his view, Tian Heng Bo was a jindan and had five jindan protecting him so safety was not a problem. As to losses, Tian Ye wanted Tian Heng Bo to suffer as many casualties as possible. This could show just how strong he, Tian Ye, was!

With the skill level of this battalion, they most likely had planned follow-up moves.

The xiuzhe following behind Ma Fan and the others decreased. Even three jindan had felt that chasing like this was not as satisfactory as going to kill enemies so they went in search of other targets. These guys were not very powerful, but were very slippery when fleeing.

After chasing for only a few moments, there were only two people left by Tian Heng Bo.

No one noticed the sword xiu that were flying in all directions in the sky drew out long and strange curved paths. And the other end of these paths intersected at a place hidden from view.

It was like the bloomed flower that was closing.

Watching from a distance, Tian Ye seemed to detect something. His brow creased slightly. His eyes suddenly widened and his eyes showed shock!

Heavens, how did they do it?

Those complex curved lines only had one destination! How had they done this in such a complex environment? It was hard to imagine!

But Tian Ye's face quickly changed. Not good!

Tian Heng Bo was in danger!

In his field of vision, Tian Heng Bo was lured by the other continuously closer to the intersection point!

Tian Ye was instantly panicked and shouted, "Advance!"

The xiuzhe of Tian Ye Battalion all paused. Didn't Boss say they were going to wait here? Why were they advancing so suddenly? Tian Heng Bo's side clearly had the advantage!

"Do you not have ears?" Tian Ye shouted angrily!

Everyone seemed to wake up and flew towards Turtle Island.

Seeing Tian Heng Bo rushing nearer to the intersection point, Tian Ye felt great panic! He had conflict with Tian Heng Bo but if Tian Heng Bo died here, and he only looked on, then there would be great trouble when he returned to the clan!

The present leader of the Tian Family was Tian Yong Qing!

It was alright to get Tian Heng Bo to lose face, but to have Tian Heng Bo to lose his life ... ...

Yet from when Tian Heng Bo had passed through the formation, Tian Ye Battalion had stayed at the back. When Tian Heng Bo had charged into Turtle Island, Tian Ye Battalion had not moved a step forward.

For the first time of his life, Tian Ye hoped his prediction would not become reality!


Ma Fan and the others raised their speed to the limits, the howling in the ears drowning out all other noise.

They were fleeing for their lives!

Jindan, what was chasing them were jindan! Even if they were half a step into jindan, when they were facing true jindan xiuzhe, they still felt a great pressure!

Fortunately, they were not fighting by themselves ... ...

They were familiar with every inch of Turtle Island. The scenes rushing past underneath their feet indicated to them their position and their eyes became bright!

The howling was still in their ears!

Yet at this time, their attention was unprecedentedly focused!

A non-descript little hill passed by their feet. The eyes of Ma Fan's group lit up, all the ling power in their bodies vibrating, their extreme speed increasing slightly!

This was the moment!

Light suddenly rose in the sky above them!

The blinding light caused everything they saw to be a white daze. They forced themselves to tolerate the blinding light, their speed maintained as they continued to fly!

A sword energy the width of a door brushed dangerously past Ma Fan's body and caused his hairs to stand!

This was a signal!

Ma Fan seemed to be suddenly situated inside a storm of enormous sword energies. The hum of sword energies filled his ears! The intimidating sword essences flashed past and he would shake every time!

This was the large sword energies that the three section wave killing charge used to face large scale targets and experts!

Each sword energy was made from the combined power of three sword xiu!

One hundred large sword energies came from all directions and were as packed together as rain as they smashed into an area of three zhang around Tian Heng Bo and the two jindan.


One hundred large sword essences with unstoppable presence collided together!

Collision, crumbling, fragmentation, explosion!

A light even brighter than the one before exploded forth. The enormous wave of sound carried countless fragmented sword essences. Everywhere it passed, it caused people's minds to blank just like their vision!

The entire battlefield became deathly silent!

Translator ramblings: Perfect teamwork.