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 Chapter Four Hundred and Sixty Eight - Damn It!

Two hundred ling beasts crouched around Zuo Mo. They were extremely quiet and did not make any sounds.

The sound of the black gold seal soldier swallowing was clear to hear.

Zuo Mo's temples throbbed as he turned around with an unfriendly expression. He saw the black gold seal soldier look yearningly at the ling beast with a desirous and greedy gaze. He did not notice that Zuo Mo was staring at him, his dark gold Adam's apple bobbing. He was clearly swallowing rapidly.

Seeing its wretched state, Zuo Mo felt a burning anger!

You wasted so many of ge's good materials! Wasted so much of ge's emotions! Wasted so much of ge's time! Made ge be happy for nothing! You you you! Terrible history! Innumerable crimes!

Just as Zuo Mo's anger was about to erupt, the black gold seal soldier suddenly turned his face around , pointing at the ling beasts and asking weakly, "They look so delicious, can I eat one?"

Eat ... ...

Zuo Mo's expression instantly darkened. The corners of his eyes continuously jerked and it was like pouring oil onto the hot anger in his chest. But he suppressed the anger and gritted out, "If you can defeat this Five Element Fog Shield, you can eat all of them! If you can't ... ..."

Before he finished speaking, he was interrupted by the cheer of the black gold seal soldier. "Really, really?"

The black gold seal soldier's eyes lit up and the gulping sounds increased in volume. He completely disregarded Zuo Mo's furious gaze, turning his face and suddenly opening his mouth to face the five colored fog. He suddenly sucked in.


A shocking scene occurred!

The five element fog that covered the sky flew straight at the black gold seal soldier's mouth!

His mouth was like a bottomless hole. The five colored fog flooded in furiously like a whale sucking in water!

"You dare!"

Petrified from shock, Zuo Mo heard the shocked and furious shout of Gu Ming Gong come from above his head.


The fog twisted violently but no matter how it changed, it seemed to be caught tightly by a powerful and invisible hand, unable to escape!

Gu Ming Gong's expression changed greatly!

He found that no matter how he channeled the Five Element Fog Shield, he was unable to escape from this strong suction. In a blink, he actually felt that he was losing control of the Five Element Fog Shield!

This ... ... this was not possible!

Gu Ming Gong's face was ashen and he felt ice cold. His eyes were full of terror and disbelief. He had spent great effort on forging his Five Element Fog Shield, and used a whole decade to forge this talisman! From the day it was forged, it was connected to his mind and was almost a part of his body. There never had been a situation where he could not control it!

When his connection with the Five Element Fog Shield started to disappeared, he was unable to suppress the terror and hopelessness!

Blood climbed into his eyes. He furiously channeled ling power to drag back the Five Element Fog Shield.

Yet everything was futile!

No matter how he channeled ling power, no matter what spells he released, the Five Element Fog Shield was still being sucked at a speed that made him hopeless into the mouth of that ghastly thing!

What was that thing?

He looked with bloodshot eyes at the dark golden black gold seal soldier like a gambler that had just lost everything!


Zuo Mo was dumbstruck as he looked at the space around him that was emptied as though he was dreaming.

This ... ... this ... ...

The last thread of Five Element Fog was sucked into the mouth of the black gold seal soldier. His face was twisted as though he had eaten citrus peel. But when he turned around and looked at the ling beasts, he instantly turned into smiles. Without a second word, he opened his mouth and sucked again.

Like dumplings going into the pot, the ling beasts flew one after the last into his mouth!

In a blink, the two hundred ling beasts were cleared out.

The black gold seal soldier showed a contented expression, gave a burp and then a yawn. With drowsy eyes, he waved at Zuo Mo. "Big Bro, I'm so drowsy, going to sleep!"

He disappeared with a snap right after.

Zuo Mo had not recovered from his shock. Everything that just happened gave him a great blow to his confidence. The Five Element Fog Shield was the most powerful talisman he had ever seen, and was even more powerful than the Nine Turn Sky Earth Disk. Adding on that Gu Ming Gong was also very powerful, it was an extremely strong trap, and was not something that the present Zuo Mo could face.

He had realized this before.

The Five Element Fog Shield contained all five elements and was full of transformations. Gu Ming Gong was also skilled in formations and had added many formation transformations so it was even more wondrous!

Zuo Mo was certain that Gu Ming Gong still had many killing moves he had not used yet. How could the Five Element Fog Shield only have just these few changes?

But ... ...

The shock that the black gold seal soldier gave Zuo Mo had not faded. Thinking about the wretched black gold seal soldier, Zuo Mo felt as though he had seen a ghost!

The Five Element Fog Shield was a top sixth-grade talismans!

It had been defeated by this guy in an instant?

Was this a joke?

The entire situation reversed so abruptly it was hard to accept.

In Zuo Mo's sea of consciousness, Pu Yao and Wei were also greatly shocked by the black gold seal soldier and were robbed of speech momentarily.

"Give me my Five Element Fog Shield!"

Zuo Mo shook at Gu Ming Gong, but he instantly reacted and looked maliciously at Gu Ming Gong. That heart-wrenching cry of fury only drew attention to Gu Ming Gong. Without the Five Element Fog Shield, Gu Ming Gong in Zuo Mo's eyes was a chicken plucked of all feathers!

He also felt a similar feeling that the black gold seal soldier had felt when looking at the ling beasts!

Beautifully fat!



The Skanda staff in Yuan Xin's hand accurately struck a golden character. The golden character instantly turned to dots of golden light.

But there was no satisfaction on Yuan Xin's face, only wariness. He had originally assumed that since the other was so young, even with a profound dhyana scripture, the other would not be a match for him.

But in these rounds of fighting, the other was not at a disadvantage in the least.

Yuan Xin's eyes stared at the Crossed Prayer Wheel in Zong Ru's hands, and his pupils couldn't help but contract! His heart was instantly taken over by jealousy. The Skanda staff in his hand was not ordinary but was lacking compared to the other's prayer wheel!

A profound dhyana scripture, a powerful talisman, they are all mine!

With a large shout, Yuan Xin's Skanda staff suddenly exploded with light, the copper rings chimed rapidly.

Circles of golden light flew at Zong Ru!

Zong Ru did not dare to underestimate them. This dhyana xiu had deeper cultivation than him, and should be jindan third stratum. His cultivation was so deep it surpassed Zong Ru's imagination!

The Crossed Prayer Wheel shook slightly, sutra characters lighting up, falling and flying towards the golden circles of light.

Pop pop pop!

When they neared the golden circles of light, the sutra characters could not tolerate the enormous pressure and exploded into light.

The terrifying pressure flooded towards Zong Ru. The other had caught onto his shortcomings, his cultivation, and had decided to use the difference in cultivation to beat him down!

Zong Ru's expression was serious. If the other used this almost-savage and primitive method, he did not have many good solutions.

When the difference in power reached a certain degree, the advantages in other areas could not provide much help.

Zong Ru's days as a jindan were short and he had not even touched the peak of first stratum. Compared to the other's peak of third stratum cultivation, his was greatly lacking.

The two were only two stratums apart but the cultivation difference between the two was more than ten times!

It was 'One on the earth, and one in heaven'!

So when Yuan Xin decided to use ling power to defeat him, Zong Ru instantly sank into a dangerous situation. Even though he had a sixth-grade talisman like the crossed Prayer Wheel, he could not stop Yuan Xin's attack!

It was a pity. If he had forged the Crossed Prayer Wheel more to his wishes, he might have been able to stop these rings of light!

Zong Ru sighed inside, put away the Crossed Prayer Wheel and put his palms together!


A shadow about three zhang appeared behind him with three heads and six arms, it was the Attainment Golden Body!

The Attainment Buddha opened one palm and grabbed one of the rings of light.


The ring of light was crushed and the hand of the Attainment Buddha was also turned to powder!

Yuan Xin's eyes instantly became heated. He looked greedily at the enormous shadow at almost covered Zong Ru. He felt enormous power from this shadow!

If he could also cultivate this dhyana scripture ... ...

Unhesitatingly, he poured the ling power in his body into the Skanda staff!


Wei Sheng was very disheveled. It had been a long time since he was pushed so far!

After becoming jindan, his sword essence increased greatly by the day as though every barrier was fragile in front of him. It was today when he encountered Ning Yi that he felt the difference between him and truly powerful experts.

Compared to the three Ren Family Elders, Ning Yi was a xiuzhe of a different level!

In cultivation, Ning Yi's peak of third stratum cultivation was nine times that of Wei Sheng. It was only this small because Wei Sheng's progress was far beyond normal people and he had reached the peak of first stratum in this short period. In terms of talismans, the blood light that Ning Yi's Blood Fiend Asura Umbrella produced was enough to push Wei Sheng back continuously! Even in terms of battle experience, Ning Yi was far beyond Wei Sheng!

From the beginning, Wei Sheng was suppressed on all fields. The sword essence that he was always proud of was completely suppressed by the blood light released by the Blood Fiend Asura Umbrella! He didn't know what the Blood Fiend Asura Umbrella was made out of. It was even able to corrode the void!

Wei Sheng had not had the advantage once!

He didn't even had the chance to attack back. He knew that the other did not use all his might. Otherwise, he would have died already! Was this a game of cat and mouse? He didn't know!

He only had one though in his mind, sword strike! Sword strike! Sword strike!

Every one of his sword energies was a line of defense! Even though it could only stop the blood light for a minuscule amount of time, but he could only continuously release sword essence. One sword after the next to snatch a bit of time for himself!

The nauseating tang of blood burrowed into his nose as though it was constantly reminding him death was so close!

His ling power was being consumed at shocking speed. Wei Sheng quickly felt the burden!

Ning Yi's eyes floated with insuppressible excitement. The conditions were about right!

Ning Yi did not want to leave any flaw on such a perfect soul. He purposefully held his power back in order to press Wei Sheng to his limits. A soul at its limits would become more powerful and the asura forged would be stronger!

The time he had dreamt about appeared. Even a vicious person like Ning Yi couldn't help but feel excited.

The Blood Fiend Asura Umbrella suddenly brightened with its bloody light!

Already at the end of his strength, the last bit of sword essence in front of Wei Sheng collapsed like fragile glass!

The blood light broke through the last line of defense and struck the black sword in Wei Sheng's hand.

At this time, a change suddenly occurred!

This black sword that came with Wei Sheng from the Sealed Extinction Battlefield seemed to be awoken from its deep slumber!

Translator Ramblings: Zuo Mo got the easy fight ... ... but Wei Sheng is the author's pet favorite.