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 Chapter Four Hundred and Thirty Two - Kun Lun

Having tried for a while, Zuo Mo had not made any breakthroughs. This was extremely dispiriting for him. Was he not suited to be a battle general? He furrowed his brow and frowned.

Their troop looked very powerful, but in reality, Gongsun Cha was the only qualified battle general. Shu Long was studied and work hard, but as a commander, he was just average. If Gongsun Shidi became entangled in battle, then their situation would become extremely dangerous.

But the cultivation method of Guard Camp had caused them to be unsuitable for use under Lil' Miss' command. This was a problem that Zuo Mo had kept in mind this whole time. Without a suitable battle general, the Guard Camp's offensive capabilities could not be fully expressed. In this chaotic time, combat strength was the safety net of survival. Having combat abilities but unable to use them, how could Zuo Mo be content?

Only today when he saw the mo battle general's fighting methods did Zuo Mo finally realize. No wonder Lil' Miss did not like to command Guard Camp. The cultivation method of Guard Camp meant that they were meant to battle in a different way than Vermillion Bird Camp.

Zuo Mo also found that this straightforward battle method of mo battle generals was very suited for him. He couldn't help but think, if he could express the combat abilities of Guard Camp ... ...

Yet while the idea was beautiful, reality was cruel.

According to Wei, the first step was to feel the power of his fellows, so he had found A Wen to be his practice partner. But no matter how hard he tried, there wasn't a response.

Mo battle generals required strong bodies. This wasn't a problem for him at all. His Great Day mo physique had gone through its second maturation, his body was as hard as steel and hard to damage with a flying sword.

But no matter how he tried, he could not feel A Wen's power.

Was it that the three powers in his body had merged into one and was preventing him from feeling A Wen's power? He couldn't help but furrow his brow. He was helpless about the situation inside his body as well. Even though it had reached a new equilibrium, but even Pu Yao and Wei could not offer anything about this once in a thousand year circumstance. He needed to explore everything by himself, and what was most fatal was that Pu Yao and Wei's experiences were mostly ineffective.

This was the greatest loss for Zuo Mo.

But the situation was beyond his control since long ago. He could only endure it.

Was he fated to always explore on his own throughout his life? A thread of bitterness rose in Zuo Mo's heart. At Wu Kong Mountain, he had to explore by himself. He finally encountered Pu Yao, the spells and yao arts had come to him as easily as water flowing. But just after being able to smoothly sailing for a short while, the change inside his body had caused Pu Yao and Wei's experiences to lose effectiveness in one night.

Those powerful yao arts and spells casually waved goodbye to him, disregarding his lingering gaze and flew away.

In the period of one night, he had returned to where he started.

What sort of world was this ... ...

Zuo Mo grimaced. However, he could only grimace. He was not demotivated. Fate was like those yao art problems. You could not choose which problem it would give you. Your choice was either to work on solving it, or wait for death.

As to whether or not it could be solved, that was the next problem.

It seemed ge is fated to walk the high-difficulty path!

Aye, really no way about it, experts are always like ge ... ...

Comforting himself like this, Zuo Mo rubbed his face and tried to keep his mind alert. He sat down and started a new round of thought and experiment.


"This one is Kun Lun's disciple Ming Lie, responsible for defending this area. Elders, please forgive me for coming late to the rescue!" Ming Lie said loudly, and bowed towards the distant Black Turtle. He put his attitude extremely low.

Kun Lun disciple!

When the people of Vermillion Bird Camp heard these words, their expressions suddenly changed.

"Kun Lun disciple ... ..." Lil' Miss narrowed his eyes, the smile on his bashful face increasing as he said to himself, "such a coincidence, didn't think we really would encounter people of Kun Lun."

Cold snorts sounded around him. Everyone's expressions darkened.

If they had to choose a sect that was most unwelcome among Zuo Mo's group, then it was undoubtedly Kun Lun! Now people from the sect of Kun Lun were right in front of them. No one would have good faces.

Song Yuan's eyes were keen and noticed the fury and murderousness on the faces of the Vermillion Bird Camp sword xiu. "They don't seem to be very friendly towards us." His heart shook and he said in a low voice.

Ming Lie's heart jumped but his expression instantly resumed normality. He said in a similarly light tone, "No matter how at unfriendly they are with us, they can't be in agreement with yaomo."

"That's true." Song Yuan thought from another direction and released the thought. No matter what grievances this group of people had with Kun Lun, everyone was xiuzhe and belonged to the same camp against the yaomo.

Ming Lie said loudly, "Seeing your honored division's style today, it really causes admiration. But this place is the territory of the mo, extremely dangerous. Gentlemen do not say at dangerous places, everyone ... ..."

"You are a disciple of Kun Lun?" a male voice came from the black ship and interrupted Ming Lie.

Ming Lie said, "Yes. Your honored division ... ..."

The voice inside the boat once again interrupted him, "Who is Lin Qian to you?"

Ming Lie was shocked. He said in surprise, "Sir knows Eldest Shixiong?" At the side, Song Yuan also showed shock.

Inside the Black Turtle, the faces of Wei Sheng and the others changed again.

Just now, Wei Sheng suddenly recalled the riddle of Lin Qian's identity and suddenly made an inquiry. Wei Sheng had been suspicious of Lin Qian's identity long ago. He had speculated that Lin Qian would have a connection to Kun Lun but he never thought that the slightly mysterious young person that was not at all eye-catching was the Eldest Shixiong of Kun Lun Sect!

Gongsun Cha's expression also couldn't help but change. The two exchanged a look and saw the shock in each other's eyes.

Kun Lun was the real ruler of the entire Kun Lun Realm. The Eldest Shixiong of Kun Lun Sect, the future sect leader of Kun Lun, his rank was so venerable, his identity so noble that other than the present sect leader of Kun Lun, no one could rival him!

What secret did Wu Kong Sword Sect have that caused the future Kun Lun sect leader to come in person?

Gongsun Cha was alright. He had entered Wu Kong Sword Sect relatively late and his feelings towards Wu Kong Sword Sect was not deep. But Wei Sheng had grown up in Wu Kong Sword Sect and held deep feelings. Shocked, he couldn't help but show deep worry.

A little sect like Wu Kong Sword Sect would not have any power to resist under the influence of Kun Lun.

Ming Lie saw the other had become silent again and confusion rose. "Can Sir give your name. A friend of Eldest Shixiong is a friend of our Kun Lun! We will act as hosts!"

"Where's Shixiong?" Gongsun Cha asked Zong Ru beside him in a low voice.

Zong Ru closed his eyes and opened them a moment later. He said, bewildered, "Daren seems to be meditating."

"Meditating?" Gongsun Cha raised an eyebrow. He turned to look at Wei Sheng. "What does Eldest Shixiong think? They are most likely starting to suspect our origins now."

"What do you think?" Wei Sheng asked warily.

Gongsun Cha gave a shy smile and did not answer. "It is not suitable for us to be targeted by Kun Lun at present."

"You mean ... ..." Wei Sheng had a shocked expression.

Gongsun Cha raised his white hand and lightly sketched a chop.

"Hiss!" Wei Sheng inhaled sharply, and the people around them also showed shock. But in a moment, everyone's shock turned to excitement and eagerness.

Kun Lun! That was Kun Lun!

For every sword xiu, Kun Lun was akin to a holy ground! And in reality, Kun Lun was the holy ground of sword xiu! Of the Four Realm Heaven, Kun Lun was the most honored! This honor was not borne out of thin air, but fought for by Kun Lun sword xiu using the flying sword of their heart in that great war three thousand years ago!

Even the subordinate sects of Kun Lun had no weak people, much less true Kun Lun disciples!

Wei Sheng hadn't expected Gongsun Cha to be so daring to know that the other was a Kun Lun disciples and still dare to kill!

However, Wei Sheng was not a stupid person. He knew that he had exposed their identities when he had asked for Lin Qian's identity. Ming Lie only needed to pass this information back. With Lin Qian's intelligence, he would most likely guess it was them! Gongsun Cha was correct. If they were targeted by Kun Lun now, then they would be in danger!

He also thought about Wu Kong Sword Sect ... ...

Strength flashed through his eyes. He nodded heavily. "Okay!"

That heavy word was like a vase that broke. Thick killing intent spread out!


Liang Wei heard the exchange between the two and his heart continued to sink. The two seemed to be old acquaintances. He suddenly found his thinking just now was truly absurd. How could xiuzhe cultivate yao poisons?

It probably was a ling poison that the other had made that was similar to yao poison!

Thinking about this, he prepared to take his subordinates and retreat. If these two troops allied together, then it would no longer be so easy for them to retreat. Fortunately, he had acted the latest. So even though his attacking position was not good, it was very suited for retreat!

At this time, a change suddenly occurred!

The little black ship suddenly lit up in his vision.


Like fireworks exploding, sword energies shot out!

Liang Wei's expression changed. Was the other attacking? He was so frightened he almost shouted, but he perceptively caught a detail out of the corner of his eye. His figure instantly stilled.

Those sword energies ... ...

They were ... ... all heading towards the Kun Lun sword xiu!

What was going on? Inner conflict?

Liang Wei was stunned where he stood with bewilderment on his face. The combat yao beside him were all dumbstruck.

The other's attack had occurred so suddenly without a hint of warning that the Kun Lun sword xiu did not react immediately. Their ranks shifted. The sword xiu first had astonishment on their faces, and then they showed fury.

Ming Lie was both shocked and angry. "You cowards dare!"

When was Kun Lun ever attacked by other sects first? Just the two words Kun Lun had crushed countless sects before. Today, there was someone that knew their origins and dared to attack them!

This was the first time Ming Lie had encountered such a thing!

Fury burned in his heart. He unhesitatingly went forward and shouted angrily, "Kun Lun! Kill!"

The sword lights of the Kun Lun sword xiu lit up!

Watching from a distance, Liang Wei started tightly at the sword lights that drew out beautiful curves. There was only one phrase echoing in his mind.

Surround! Tactical surround!

The other's intentions suddenly became clear

-they intended to not leave even one alive!

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