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 Chapter Four Hundred and Thirty One - Flower Slaves

The ambush of the Kun Lun sword xiu was very sudden!

After being continually suppressed, Ming Lie finally displayed the skill of a great battle general. His grasp of timing was very precise. Just as everyone was shocked by the domineering charge of the Black Horn Rhinoceros Mo, he unexpectedly chose to attack!

Hidden in the bloody mist, Liang Wei's expression changed. He hadn't expected that the sword xiu would suddenly attack.

The situation of the battlefield was always one where if a hair was being pulled and the whole body would move. Ming Lie's sudden attack caused slight chaos on the battlefield. The full frontal charge of the Black Horn Rhinoceros Mo was peerless, but their capability to resist charges was not strong. In terms of timing, the collision between Ming Lie's sword xiu and the Black Horn Rhinoceros Mo would be just after the Black Horn Rhinoceros Mo finished their frontal attack on this little ship.

The mo battle general had enough confidence to completely annihilate the other's troops in one charge, but the other sword xiu group's charge was vicious. That was exactly when they would be the weakest.

The expression of the mo battle general changed.

Seeing the danger, Liang Wei could not care for anything else. He instantly ordered, "Attack!"

The remaining two thousand battle yao suddenly released like a tense spring and shot out like arrows out of the bloody mist!

This string of changes happened in an extremely short amount of time but gave people the feeling that it was too much action for the eye to see.

The mo battle general's complexion was slightly pale. There were two troops hidden so close to him and he had not detected it at all!

But the present situation did not allow for him to hesitate in the slightest. The enemy was right in front of him. Any hesitation would cause their situation to become even more terrible.

Destroying this group of sword xiu with the fastest speed was most beneficial for them!

The battle intent rose in the chest of this mo battle general. As his presence grew, his body lit up with black green energy! The other Black Horn Rhinoceros mo beside him all copied him. A layer of black green energy instantly came onto the bodies of every Black Horn Rhinoceros Mo!

Their movements were slightly pulled inwards. Like they were pieces of granite, they charged at Gongsun Cha's group!

Victory was right in front of them!


Ming Lie and Liang Wei's troops were like two arrows that came from the rear from two different directions!

Most fatal was that the mo soldiers that were approaching had an unreasonable charge that was like a mountain thirty thousand catties heavy , and unable to be stopped! That lightning-like enormous green energy was almost right in front of them.

For some unknown reason, Lil' Miss gave a smile at the corner of his mouth!

He didn't make a move. A figure suddenly flew out from behind his back. A rainbow multi-colored light rose up from bottom to top, and flashed past!


Like strong cloth being torn, the mountain-like green energy and the shimmering sword rainbow collided like two bubbles and disappeared!

The mo battle general's pupils suddenly shrank!


The other's troops had a jindan!

This was not unexpected to him. How was it possible that a treasure ship like this didn't have an expert? He did not panic due to this. Jindan sword xiu was not enough to make him feel panic. Once the Black Horn Rhinoceros Mo started their charge, even a few jindan could not escape unharmed, much less just one!

The contact between the two we be in an instant!

Just at this time, a dot of purple energy lit up in his view!

What was this?

He suddenly had a strong feeling of danger, but before he could respond, his legs suddenly weakened, his entire body losing control as he tripped forward!

"Not good!"

The people beside him flipped over. In such a high speed charge, any slight loss of balance meant that their bodies would lose control. This came so suddenly that they tripped hard without having their guard up. The troop formation at the front instantly became chaotic. The mo soldiers at the back saw the situation and forcibly twisted their bodies to try to avoid their fellows that were unbalanced at the front. Some mo soldiers that were more skilled went with the flow and grabbed their fellows.

But what was fatal was their presence-the presence that had been gathered into one suddenly had a short burst of chaos.

And at this time, the flower yao, that were being guarded by the Vermillion Bird Camp sword xiu, had released a flood of yao arts they had prepared in their hands.

The yao arts they cast were very unique. Some were crisp green, some bright purple, some serene blue, all of different colors, but all of them held a presence that was strange and deep.

There was no sound, no intimidating presence, no blinding energy light. Even these energies of various colors were like candles that flew lightly.

These candle-like serene lights seemed to be the black daggers in the darkness.

The mo battle general suddenly smelt a faint sweet scent. His expression changed. He shouted urgently at the top of his lungs, "Careful! It's poison!"

His heart sank to the bottom.

Poison! It was poison! He had never expected the other to use this kind of move to resolve their charge! But he had to admire the skill of the other. This move grasped their weakness. Black Horn Rhinoceros Mo had powerful charges, outstanding defense. Normal methods could not defeat them at all, but using poison was a very effective method!

A tiny thread of blue smoke floated past his eyes like the willow branches blown up in the wind. Time seemed to slow down, his body that was usually filled with power started to become heavy.

Such powerful poison!

His mind started to blur.

They were going to lose ... ...


The mo soldiers were a complete mess. Their steps were unsteady, their eyes unfocused, their breathing panicked as they fell all over the place. Even more alarming was that marks of all colors started to appear on their hard black green armor. In a blink, these beautifully patterned armor were filled with all kinds of eerie multicolored marks.

The flower yao appeared in such a weird and terrifying manner on their first appearance on the battlefield.

The Flower Yao Coexistence Art!

This strange and special spell caused those high level ling flowers to gradually transform. The flower poison that each flower yao had cultivated were different. As they were tempered in the frighteningly abundant black fiendish energy of the Sealed Extinction battlefield, these flower poisons became even more toxic and could directly wound the soul.

No matter if it was yaomo or xiuzhe, the most troublesome situation was wounds to the soul.

In addition, their flower poisons were formed from cultivating [Flower Yao Coexistence Spell] and had some attributes of yao poisons. Their flower poisons each became an unique flower poison that was completely different from other flower poisons.

These flower slaves that had a constant smile on their faces, went barefoot and wore cloth were the true smiling assassins! It was the first time Gongsun Cha led the flower slaves into battle. He didn't have a complete grasp of their abilities. He had called out all the flower slaves, and not knowing their own effectiveness the flower slaves also released all of their flower poisons without holding anything back. It caused every inch of space to be filled with dozens of types of flower poisons.

The mo soldiers that had no defense took a hard fall.

The Vermillion Bird Camp sword xiu that were protecting the flower slaves also had unnatural expressions. The scene in front of them also frightened them. The strange yet powerful flower poisons caused them to show expressions of fear. The unstoppable flood instantly dissipated, and really shocked them.

If it was them who did not have any defenses up, their outcome would be the same as these mo soldiers.

They securely guarded the outside perimeter and didn't dare to take a step forward. Sword xiu with good vision were even able to see the tiny thread-like forms of flower poison that floated in the air three zhang away from them.

Everyone felt slightly intimidated.

There were no wails, no groans, only the chaotic sounds of impacts, falling and then everything gradually turned to a deathly silence.

A hair-raising deathly silence!

The flower slaves' slightly exhausted panting was clearly heard as though it was drawing the curtain to this hair-raising deathly silence.


The two troops that were shooting forward like arrows seemed to be pulled back by an invisible rope. Without any agreement, they both decelerated, and then stopped.

The two troops were silent.

Terror filled everyone's face, no matter if it was sword xiu or combat yao. The depths of their eyes were filled by those multi-colored beautiful lights!

Ming Lie and Song Yuan's faces were ashen. They dazedly looked at the scene in front of them that seemed to come from hell.

"Such ... ... such a powerful poison!" Song Yuan stammered out. It was not rare to see xiuzhe that cultivated poison. They were mostly roaming xiu. Song Yuan had seen many powerful poison-cultivating roaming xiu before, but like this, to poison several thousand at once, it was the first time he had seen it!

Ming Lie stared hard at those bare-foot and smiling people. He did not realize that he had almost bitten through his lips.

What were the origins of these people?

So many sword xiu, it had to be a sword cultivating sect! But which sword cultivating sect was this powerful? Able to destroy two thousand Black Horn Rhinoceros Mo with a wave of the hand, this was an attention-catching power. He had seen it clearly just now. From the moment those strange poison-cultivating roaming xiu appeared, the sword xiu that were guarding the perimeter were as steady as rock facing the charge of the Black Horn Rhinoceros Mo and didn't move at all.


The words popped up in his mind. Thinking back, even the usually proud Ming Lie had to admire the skill of the other battle general! From the beginning three section stab to suddenly using poison. It had to be said that this was a battle that suddenly occurred. To be able to find the other's weakness in an instant and find a method of defeating them, this was skill!

But ... ...

Who were these sword xiu? And so many roaming xiu. What was their goal in coming here?

Ming Lie's expression became uncertain.


Liang Wei's limbs were icy, his face slightly white. However, he did not retreat. He stared at the people that were being protected at the center. The scene just now filled his heart with terror, but at this moment, another discovery attracted his attention.

Yao poison!

Those flower poisons seemed very strange, but it was definitely a kind of yao poison!

Liang Wei firmly believed that he had not seen it wrong!

How come these xiuzhe could use yao poisons? Where those barefoot people yao? But they didn't look like it! Then why?

Countless riddles spun in his mind. These riddles caused him to suppress the urge to turn and flee and to maintain his distance to the other.

He had to get to the bottom of this!

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