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 Chapter Four Hundred and Twenty Three - The Thoughts of A Genius

The moment the wind and sand hit his body, Zuo Mo's body reacted.

Countless little yao arts suddenly appeared around him without any warning. These little yao arts were of different colors and varieties. It looked as though multicolored lights were surrounding Zuo Mo.

The same time as the little yao arts appeared, the faint sword essence present was like a flying sword slowly coming out of its sheath and showing is edges.

Flame Seal Armor, Midday Sword, Day Script Palm, Light Void Wings, Golden Crow Feet, Great Day!

Zuo Mo hadn't even reacted and the six transformations of the Great Day mo physique had started on their own. He was instantly fully armored.

At this moment, Zuo Mo was unusually grand. The complete Great Day mo physique was flashing with golden light. The sharp style of mo was murderous, and caused everyone to feel fear. He held his hands in the air in front of his chest as though he was holding an invisible and enormous sword. Faint sword essence brimmed but did not erupt. Slow and rapid little yao arts glowed. Light blue water energy, dots of red flames ... ...

No wonder the people inside the defensive formation were left dumbstruck.

The destructive sandstorm seemed to especially treasure this beauty, as it was calm within three zhang of Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo was also filled with curiosity. It was the first time he had encountered the three powers of his body acting all at once. He could feel that the vast well of power in his body was like an ocean. Compared to the power inside, the power that as active now was not a lot. It was like a single wave stirred when the wind swept by the ocean. But this wave was enough to make Zuo Mo's heart jump in fright.

The ocean was so vast he felt terror.

This power was double edged. It could tear the enemy into pieces but also swallow him.

Zuo Mo suppressed the terror inside. He did not try to control the power inside his body, but started a close examination like he was an outsider. He observed as the great power inside him reacted after feeling a threat.

Immersed in his discovery, Zuo Mo completely forgot the existence of the sandstorm. The sandstorm had given him a rare one in a thousand chance. This was an attack that came from every angle and could stimulate all kinds of reactions from his body. Zuo Mo coincidentally needed to observe these reactions.

Focused, Zuo Mo was so perceptive that it was like he was a whole other person. The changes of his body were dazzling, but they did not dazzle his eyes. He was as calm as ice.

He quickly found the ailment.

On the surface, it seemed the reason that his actions were faster than his mind was that his reaction speed had become even faster. In other words, his mental reactions were too slow! The two used to be in sync, but the changes of his body had caused his body's reaction speed to increase greatly. The increase in his mental reactions were not as significant as his physical changes, so the two were out of sync.

From the root, this change came from the merging of the three types of power.

The three powers of the xiu, yao, and mo systems had merged into one. I am in you and you are in me. Using one power would pull the other two along. These three powers were not at the same level, there were great differences. Of the three, his mo body was the strongest, the second was his yao consciousness, and the weakest was his xiuzhe ling power.

This was the true reason for the loss of balance.

Finding the cause, Zuo Mo could only grimace. Was it easy to grow his spiritual and ling power? What he had cultivated first was ling power. He only cultivated the consciousness after he encountered Pu Yao. The mo physique had been started last, but this latecomer was the one that advanced far ahead and left the other two behind. Who knew that he would encounter a rare event in which the three powers merging together!

What made him even more dejected was that, with the three powers as one, even if all those spells were placed in front of him, he could not cultivate them.

Right now, continuing to cultivate the mo physique was the easiest!

But he knew that he could not cultivate the mo physique at this time. Of the three, the mo physique far surpassed the other two. If he continued to cultivate the mo physique, the imbalance between the three would become even greater.

Thinking about how he would be reduced to instinctual reactions like a wild beast, Zuo Mo shivered!


He couldn't be like that!

As Zuo Mo gritted his teeth and made the decision, he suddenly noticed a strange scene.

The golden light on the surface of the thirty six blood beads had lit up. Threads of golden light quickly swam between the muscles and blood as the blood beads spat out golden light.

Seeing these hair-like golden lights, he suddenly realized he had missed the most crucial thing!

Great Day Banded Flame!

It was the Great Day Banded Flame! The culprit of this change! A fire seed of sixth-grade that rampaged in Zuo Mo's body but was now tamed and harmless.

He tried to control a blood bead. The blood bead wavered.

Zuo Mo was joyed. He hurriedly channeled his consciousness. The situation inside his body was very messy at the moment. Great Day mo physique, little yao art, sword essence, all of them were on their own. The amount of consciousness he could use was small. Under the control of this tiny bit of consciousness, the blood bead moved a thread towards the side.

This fraction of distance let Zuo Mo see the light of success. He gritted his teeth and continued to channel his consciousness to move the blood bead.

In the presence that Zuo Mo released, the Great Day mo physique held the definite advantage. The absolute power of the Great Day mo physique forced the other two powers to go along.

Among this mess, Zuo Mo seemed to walk a tightrope and carefully control the little bit of consciousness that he could.

This control was very mentally taxing. After a while, Zuo Mo's head was covered in sweat.

He didn't dare to have a stray thought. If he relaxed even slightly, the blood bead that had just moved would automatically return to its original position. That meant the loss of all his effort.

Concentrating on slowly moving the blood bead, he didn't even detect the end of the sandstorm.

The strange corpse stopped the other people from disturbing Zuo Mo. He could see Zuo Mo was at an extremely crucial time. He wasn't the only one who saw it. Wei Sheng and the others also could see. They even did not attend to what they gained this time and patiently waited.

Zuo Mo's mind was immersed completely in his body.

As the sandstorm finished, he felt the pressure explode!

The power of the mo physique finished resisting the sandstorm and was no longer active. For Zuo Mo, the situation instantly became terrible. The power of the mo physique was the core of the three. It returning to silence meant the other two powers instantly also quieted.

Zuo Mo didn't have any more opportunities.

But Zuo Mo was not demotivated. He was greatly encouraged because he understood his idea was not wrong!

The blood beads that contained Great Day Banded Flame gave Zuo Mo inspiration. The mo power was stronger than the other two powers. It was like a balance, the mo physique on one side with the consciousness and ling power on the other. It would tilt automatically towards the mo physique.

But if he used the Great Day mo physique as the counterweight?

The Great Day Banded Flame that was sixth-grade and was more powerful than the twice-matured Great Day mo physique. It was even stronger than the mo physique, the consciousness, and the ling power added together. The life threatening situation that during the first sandstorm had proven this. It only was when the three had combined together that the flame was suppressed.

But the Great Day Banded Flame was enough to subdue any one of the powers.

Even more importantly, the Great Day Banded Flame had been split evenly among the thirty six blood beads. They were like little weights that could allow Zuo Mo to balance the difference between the three as he wished.

Of course, while this idea could be called perfect, there still were many problems.

The most important one was how to add the power of the Great Day Banded Flame to the other three powers.

Zuo Mo thought of another clever idea, dan cauldron!

Exactly! The first thing he thought of was a dan cauldron!

The mo physique was powerful and able to tolerate the fire seed. The other two powers could create and destroy each other. The thirty six blood beads were enough for him to set up several fire formations. Once the fire formations were completed, the Great Day Banded Flame could be added to every power, and this power balance would form!

This daring idea caused him to feel excitement!

He did not know if this idea was right, because all of the ideas had come from him! He had not received any guidance, or suggestions. He had used only his power and found a solution! It seemed to have a hope of success, but that was enough!

A situation that even the strange corpse, Pu Yao, and Wei could not solve, he found the breakthrough, how could he not be excited?

The mental excitement caused him to work even easier.

Six hours later.

When the last blood bead moved that thread, and reached the wanted position, a change suddenly occurred!

Zuo Mo felt the surroundings suddenly become deathly silent. He seemed to be in a patch of dark void.

Suddenly, a bit of golden light shined in the void. The golden light grew. It was like sharp golden spears that pierced the void. The golden light quickly enlarged in Zuo Mo's eyes until it took up all of his vision.


Something seemed to burst into Zuo Mo's brain. His mind instantly became blank.


A light sound. A ball of Great Day Banded Flame shot out of Zuo Mo's left foot and cover his entire foot. Soon after, another light sound. His right foot also sprouted Great Day Banded Flame.

Pah pah pah!

A string of light sounds, and balls of Great Day Banded Flame came from all parts of Zuo Mo, knee, stomach, arm ... ...

The thirty six balls of flame were clearly divided as they burned silently.

Covered in flame, Zuo Mo did not show any expression of pain.

His pupils did not have panic, they were empty of everything.

In the sea of consciousness, Pu Yao and Wei gaped, dumbstruck.

A moment later, light gathered slowly in the depths of the eyes, and his eyes resumed their usual light.

Refocusing, Zuo Mo jumped in fright at the Great Day Banded Flame that entered his eyes. He quickly reacted. He had succeeded!

He grinned and laughed!


He had really succeeded!

The messed up body had returned to normal. He relished in the the feeling of regaining freedom of movement again.

This feeling was great!

He suddenly jumped and his figure charged into the sky. Feeling the strong incoming wind, he felt unspeakably comfortable! As though he was a child, he flew around the sky without exhaustion.

The laughter of the youth spread out far among the sand dunes.

He only stopped when he felt a thread of tiredness. Like a person made out of fire, fire was sprouting from all parts of his body.

Zuo Mo snickered as he raised his hand towards the sand dune. A ball of Golden Crystal sand shot into his hand.

The Great Day Banded Flame quickly wrapped around these Golden Crystal sands. The grains softened at a rate visible to the eye and turned into a handful of golden liquid. The other impurities had disappeared into the flame.

The smile on Zuo Mo's face was unable to be controlled any longer. He couldn't help but laugh up into the sky!

Forging, ge likes it too much!

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