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 Chapter Four Hundred and Nineteen - Forced to the Precipice

Zuo Mo's mind suddenly cleared. It was the five element glass bead inside his body!

Faint water element power flowed along his channels and nurtured his dry and bright red channels. But pitted against the Great Day Banded Flame, this portion of water element power was like a cup of water, and consumed by the strong flame instantly.

But this weak water element power had allowed Zuo Mo, who had entered an unusual state, a very brief moment of clarity. It was this brief clarity that pulled Zuo Mo from the edge of the cliff.

He instantly detected danger, great danger!

He did not know where the danger was. In fact, the expanding power inside his body was intoxicating. Yet at this time, he displayed shocking calmness, because he smelt that the great danger lingered under the great power!

But he quickly found he did not know how to get out this unusual state.

He wanted to ask for help from Pu Yao, but no matter how he shouted inside, he could not feel the existence of Pu Yao. There seemed to be a power that separated him and Pu Yao.

This was going to be fatal ... ...

He didn't have to time to groan before he was swallowed once again by the bursting flame.

At this moment, a faint blue light once again came from the five element glass bead in his body. As it slowly spun, faint water element power erupted again.

The water element power this time was thicker than previously.

The Great Day Banded Flame was rampaging in Zuo Mo's body. It was created from the Great Day mo physique, and the sixth-grade Great Day Banded Flame was filled with destructiveness. It hadn't been tamed by Zuo Mo to start with. Stimulated by the outside environment, it started to resist.

It was like a furious wild beast, power in angry waves!

The Great Day mo physique that had just finished the first maturation was fragile in front of this terrifying power as though it would be consumed at any moment. The golden Great Day Banded Flame permeated every fiber of muscle, every bone. The Great Mo Physique of the Great Day Mo physique that had completed the first maturation was unable to withstand the tyrannical Great Day Banded Flame.

Flesh and blood that had not matured perfectly instantly burned to dust. Even the strong flesh and blood that had completed the maturation perfectly were slowly melting under the heat of the Great Day Banded Flame.

The process seemed akin to tempering. If it could be completed, Zuo Mo's body would reach terrifying new heights in power!

The water element power that had just been released by the five element glass bead was instantly surrounded by the Great Day Banded Flame, and a strong collision occurred!

Hiss hiss hiss!

The light blue stream and the golden flame crossed, but the water element power quickly was defeated. The ferocious Great Day Banded Flame was like a savage beast that easily burnt the water element power until there wasn't a drop left. It seemed to be still unsatisfied and immediately leap at the five element glass bead!

This conflict that appeared to have no meaning once again allowed Zuo Mo to receive a brief moment of clarity.

As though he had been scooped out of lava, Zuo Mo's vision was still completely red. If it was said that last time he had just smelt the scent of danger, then this time, he truly realized just how dangerous his situation was!

He panted heavily as every nerve burned in pain.

Savagery and insanity furiously attack his nervous. He suppressed the demonic impulse to destroy everything.

No! He could not keep going like this!

Zuo Mo wring his brains and tried to think. Zuo Mo was locked inside a cauldron. He didn't know what was going on with Pu Yao, did not what was happening to the others. He didn't have the time or the energy to spare thinking about others.

Forced to the precipice, there was only one thought in his mind. Stop the Great Day Banded Flame!

Uncontrolled tempering that would not submit to control!

The five element glass bead was obviously the loser of the battle with the Great Day Banded Flame. The grade difference between the two was too great. The Great Day Banded Flame had completely surrounded the five element glass bead and was furiously pressing in!

The five element glass bead was starting to spin slower and slower.

What ... ... what to do?

The Great Day Banded Flame did not listen to Zuo Mo's orders at all. It was like a bloodthirsty monster that rampaged in his body. All the techniques used in cultivating the Great Day mo physique were useless. The Great Day Banded Flame that had been coincidentally formed far surpassed the limits of what his Great Day mo physique could control.

This great leap of progress finally caused Zuo Mo trouble for the first time.

Damn it! What to do?

Almost forced into insanity, Zuo Mo used all the powers that he could use!

Ling power, spiritual power ... ...

These were not strong powers but he channeled them as though he was completely crazy. It was the first time that he used ling power, spiritual power, and the mo physique simultaneously without holding anything back!

Just to resist the sixth-grade Great Day Banded Flame!

They were completely different but these unconnected powers were fighting together. They started a fierce conflict around the five element glass bead.

Zuo Mo's ling power was sent into the five element glass bead, and the sealed five element glass bead detected danger. It greedily absorbed Zuo Mo's ling power. The five element glass bead that almost stopped spinning started to gradually spin faster. The dim light lit up again and the water element power released was multiple times greater than what it had been before.

And Zuo Mo's consciousness was furiously releasing water yao arts. Inside Zuo Mo's body, the manipulation of his consciousness was even easier. The rate that these water yao arts were released was so fast it was frightening.

Facing the five element glass bead's water element power and the water yao arts, the Great Day Banded Flame was still dominating. The enormous difference in grade was not something that could be filled just by numbers. If the water element power tried to push forward, it would be forced back by the Great Day Banded Flame. When those astounding numbers of water yao arts flew into the Great Day Banded Flame, it was like they were being thrown into a bottomless pit. There was no response.

Zuo Mo controlled the mo physique and tried to vent the power of the Great Day Banded Flame to the outside. It was also ineffective. The Great Day Banded Flame inside his body was like a beast that lost control. All the methods to control it in the past had completely lost effectiveness now.

The situation was still slowly and persistently developing in a dangerous direction.

The only thing worth celebrating was that while the Great Day Banded Flame raged it also blocked the hard wind and the Golden Crystal sand.


Zuo Mo's terrible situation caused Pu Yao and Wei to wear grave expressions and show the utmost concern. The power of the Great Day Banded Flame had completely cut off their connection to Zuo Mo. They could only stare and were unable to do anything. Due to the fact the Great Day Banded Flame was born from the Great Day mo physique and was strongly yang, it was extremely fatal to existences like Pu Yao and Wei.

Pu Yao and Wei's power had been too greatly expended. Even if they had received reinforcement from the Golden Souls and recovered slightly, but facing a natural enemy like the Great Day Banded Flame, they still couldn't do a thing!

"That guy still isn't acting?" Pu Yao's bloody pupil flashed with a cold light.

"He's really composed," Wei said emotionally. His expression was also terrible. This event originally had been a chance for him. If Zuo Mo was willing to take up his succession, he could have easily resolved the complications. But he had not expected that the Great Day Banded Flame was so domineering that it had forcibly blocked the connection between Zuo Mo and themselves.

Right now, they couldn't even help, much less pass anything on.

Their only hope was the strange corpse. On the way here, the strange corpse had not showed any enmity towards Zuo Mo, and was instead very friendly. With the strange corpse's power, it would only take a flick of the finger to solve Zuo Mo's trouble.

Yet, even though the situation was now so dangerous, the strange corpse still showed no signs of moving.

For Pu Yao and Wei, Zuo Mo's situation was directly connected to their future. If the Great Day Banded Flame's power was completely released inside Zuo Mo's body, Zuo Mo would be directly burned to dust, and they could not avoid the same fate.

The duo's gazes as they stared at the strange corpse were very unfriendly.


Zuo Mo understood his dangerous situation. He forcibly fought off the influence of the Great Day Banded Flame even though the power was so seductive.

Who was strong and weak could be seen with a glance. Zuo Mo understood that if he could not immediately figure out an effective method, his outcome would definitely be very terrible!

If he had the time to think, he would have definitely regretted cultivating the Great Day mo physique!

But he didn't have the time to think. All of his attention was focused on the battle inside his body. After the brief pause was a one way advance. It caused him to have a deep understanding of the deep abyss between grades.

He realized that normal methods were basically useless!

The strong feeling of burning and exhilaration attacked his mind like the tide. But at this time, Zuo Mo completely calmed down.

He had put in all the power that he could use from his body, but he still was not a match for the Great Day Banded Flame ... ...

Zuo Mo's mind moved quickly.

How could he get his power to become stronger?

A bolt of lightning suddenly flashed through Zuo Mo's mind. A daring yet matter-of-fact idea floated up in his mind.

His three types of powers were fighting for themselves, and were not a match for the Great Day Banded Flame. What about merging them together?

Would it become more powerful?

It was like the gate had opened. Inspiration bursted out!

Zuo Mo thought about how he had tried to use fire yao arts to forge because he could not use the Great Day Banded Flame. Even though he had not succeeded, but he had found a discernable path that could connected fire yao arts, consciousness, ling power, and fire control!

This idea was just a vague and general one. He had prepared to settle down before studying it.

But at this time while he was slowly drowning against the waves of power, Zuo Mo seemed to find a lifesaving piece of driftwood. Without care to anything else he grabbed on, and he started to experiment.

He did not have the time to hesitate!

He withdrew hiis ling power from the five element glass bead. At this time, there was only half of his ling power remaining. His consciousness quickly wrapped around the ling power. Zuo Mo could feel every detail of the ling power.

The connection between ling power and consciousness was very tricky. The ling power inside a xiuzhe's body was what the xiuzhe obtained after absorbing it from the outside and then processing it into even purer ling power. Yao arts, that was the consciousness controlling all kinds of primary energies of the outside word. Yao arts were like using a lever to move all kinds of ling power in the natural world.

When Zuo Mo's consciousness wrapped onto the ling power, a wondrous feeling occurred.

Among the xiuzhe, Zuo Mo's consciousness was pretty big, and among the yao, Zuo Mo's ling power was also very powerful.

When the two entwined together, a strange change occurred.

The consciousness was able to control the ling power roaming in the outside world, and his ling power was even purer and abundant than the ling power on the outside!

But ... ...

The strange feeling stimulated Zuo Mo but he couldn't help but furrow his brow. He seemed to feel that something was lacking.

Mo physique!

That was right, mo physique!

He understood that he finally found the key to the crucial problem! He forcibly suppressed the joy and excitement inside. An idea he never had before rapidly took shape in his mind!

Translator Ramblings: This chapter is perfectly "This was long to say but occurred in a flash." It's an important chapter but everything is inside Zuo Mo's mind.