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 Chapter Four Hundred and Ten - Snowflake Flood.

Zuo Mo asked Pu Yao curiously, "What is Gongsun Shidi doing?"

"He is organizing his troops." A look flashed through Pu Yao's eyes. He suddenly laughed lightly. "Now there's something good to watch."

"Something good to watch?" Zuo Mo did not understand.

Pu Yao did not reply. His previous expression of gravity had disappeared, and a cold smile had formed at the corner of his mouth.


In other people's eyes, Gongsun Cha's organization of the troops seemed quite difficult, but Gongsun Cha himself was immersed in the organization of his experiment.

The attributes of the flame boring yao were very similar to the sword xiu of Vermillion Bird Camp. They had strong offensive abilities and were weak defensively.

However, Gongsun Cha did not organize them like he did Vermillion Bird Camp. He was trying a new kind of organization. Six flame boring yao to a team, six teams to a troop. It was the first time that Gongsun Cha was organizing his troops this way. It wasn't going too smoothly in the beginning. Even the spectators were able to feel that he was slightly hesitant.

But as the organization continued, the light in Gongsun Cha's eyes grew clear. His movements became crisper, and the organization became smooth. A kind of presence called confidence slowly spread.

This new organization of troops wasn't done on just an impulse.

The problem of how he was to increase the combat capabilities of Vermillion Bird Camp was a problem that he had thought about for a long while. This completely new formation was one of the products of his efforts.

The three section wave killing charge was unrivaled in its sharpness, but if they were bogged down in a battle of endurance, they would face the problem of not having any lasting power. Vermillion Bird Camp might have looked undefeatable in Little Mountain Jie, but Gongsun Cha knew very well that in the whole world, Vermillion Bird Camp was far from being elite. Once they fought against even stronger enemies, and the first three attacks were ineffective, then Vermillion Bird Camp would be in danger.

Recently, his skill as a battle general had increased greatly, and his vision was much broader than before. Possessing rich and new battle experience, he had thought of several novel battle tactics.

If it was any other battle general, they would have not dared to randomly create tactics. In their eyes, creating new battle tactics was a very unreliable thing. They understood hundreds of battle tactics. These battle tactics, used hundreds of times in the past, were enough for them to deal with the great majority of situations.

Never having undergone systematic education, Gongsun Cha did not have their shackles. The number of battle tactics that he understood wasn't even as many as the silver battle generals of the yao world. Pu Yao never taught him concrete battle tactics. He could only discover and experience them through the process of fighting against Pu Yao.

All battle trends had to be concluded by himself.

He only pursued victory. Only more rational and effective tactics could help him achieve victory!

The messy troops slowly formed as if an invisible hand was shaping them into snowflakes, from ugliness into beauty.

As the gazes started to become serious, the sounds of discussion decreased.

Looking down from the sky, Gongsun Cha's troops were like hundreds of snowflakes that fell upon the ground. But these snowflakes were deep-red, because flame boring yao possessed deep-red coloured hair.

In the midst of the beautiful deep-red snowflakes, killing intent rose.


"So pretty!" He Mei couldn't help but say with bright eyes.

"They aren't just pretty." Sang Nan's gaze had not moved a bit as he reflexively answered. Around him, many people also had similar expressions of seriousness. They all saw the killing intent contained in these beautiful snowflakes.

Ming Yue Ye did not speak. Her face was calm, but in her blue eyes that were like the vast sky, shock flashed imperceptibly.

"He's moving!" He Mei's eyes became even brighter. "Whoa, so prettyto look at!"

No one spoke, but in their eyes, astonishment flashed.

It really was good to look at!

The troops did not advance quickly. As they moved, the yao spectators found the army was divided into six enormous circles. The six circles slowly spun as they moved forward. What was even more amazing was that the snowflakes in each circle was also slowly spinning.

Thousands of deep-red snowflakes moving in synchrony was really pleasing to see.

But when it entered the eyes of Sang Nan and the others, their expressions changed!

Even the battle generals that had been so disdainful unconsciously stood up straight. Their bodies reflexively became tense. Shock flew through their eyes and took over.

Such a powerful consciousness!


Pu Yao snickered with smugness, "Xiuzhe, yao, and mo all have battle generals, but there are differences among the three. The battle generals of xiuzhe are most skilled in divination and prediction. The Great Development Calculating Method and such all do this. Mo battle generals emphasize bravery and spirit. A powerful mo battle general can gather the presences of the entire troop into one body. That really can destroy mountains. And yao battle generals? Their most powerful skill is the consciousness!"

"Consciousness?" Zuo Mo did not understand. After he found the strange fact that Gongsun Shidi had talent as a battle general, he hadn't spent any more effort in that field.

"Battle generals with powerful consciousness can detect great details. All of the battlefield is in their mind. Even more, the consciousness is a network. He is able to send an order to every combat yao. The entire army is like his body and can be directed at will."

Zuo Mo finally understood. "Gongsun Shidi is this strong?"

"His talent is good." Pu Yao was slightly proud, and then he added, "His luck isn't bad either."

"I just knew that Gongsun Shidi is the strongest!" Zuo Mo was overjoyed. Thinking about being able to deal a fatal strike to that old codger, Yu Heng, he felt good inside.

"Don't you feel your blood heating and boiling?" Pu Yao glanced at Zuo Mo.

"Boiling! I want to go up and fight!" Zuo Mo's eyes were bright.

"Yes! What's the meaning in two people fighting? This kind of large scale battle is true pleasure!" Pu Yao seduced. "How about it? Come learn to be a battle general, it is very fun!"

"No!" Zuo Mo shook his head like a rattle drum.

"Why?" Pu Yao asked, unwilling to give up.

"Shidi can learn to be a battle general." Zuo Mo said righteously. "Making jingshi is the truest path. Can I make jingshi by learning to be a battle genera?"

Pu Yao was speechless.

In the corner, Wei sat silently.


Gongsun Cha looked with satisfaction at his army that he had finished organizing. Different tactics required different organization of troops. However, he did not direct the troops to speed up, but maintained the slow speed.

He had thought for a long time about this new battle tactic, but this was the first time he was using it. There naturally were many problems. Tripping and stumbling, Gongsun Cha was not in a rush. He slowly experimented. He didn't seem to realize this was an important battle.

If it was said that people thought lightly of him before, then right now, any battle general with some knowledge was staring fixedly at the snowflake shaped troops.

Looking on as this strange troop went from the rawness of the start to smoothness.

"This Xiao Mo Ge's consciousness is really strong." Sang Nan was full of admiration. "Able to control this many battle yao so precisely. Powerful!"

"What's the use of a strong consciousness? Just trying to appear pretty, who uses this kind of formation shape?" another battle general couldn't help say. His expression was not good.

Someone else instantly agreed. "Right, does he think this is a performance? It's acceptable if it is beautiful? Ha, making a snowflake shape. Never heard of this before. Even if he wants to be novel, he shouldn't do it this way."

"He's a famous person. With such a good chance, of course he needs to perform! If he doesn't make it pretty, how can he fool the amateurs?" another battle general said scornfully.

Many battle generals shook their heads. They all had great discontent on their faces. In their view, Xiao Mo Ge was purposefully acting this way. Was he using this pretty performance to fool those citizens that did not understand the profession? Was this something a battle general should even consider doing?

Sang Nan did not make a sound and grimaced inside.

He could understand the thoughts of his fellows. In the eyes of many battle generals, battle was a stern and sacred matter. If Xiao Mo Ge did not understand how to be a battle general, then they would just smile and let it go. But right now, the powerful consciousness and precise control that Xiao Mo Ge displayed showed that he was a true battle general.

A battle general that treated battle like it was a child's game and only wanted to satisfy the audience. Such a figure instantly provoked hatred from them.

As the match started, almost all the battle generals were on Yu Heng's side. They hoped sincerely that Corps Commander Yu Heng would give this clown a stern lesson.

Some battle generals gave Xiao Mo Ge the title of "The Embarrassment of Battle Generals."

Listening to the scorn of his fellows, Sang Nan shook his head inside. He did not feel that Xiao Mo Ge had created this strange snowflake formation to purposefully be shocking, even though he did not understand why Xiao Mo Ge had formed it in the first place.

There was a feeling of danger that hung over his mind.

He looked at Ming Yue Ye Daren. Ming Yue Ye was focused on the strange army.

Sang Nan's mind moved. "Daren, do you feel ... ..."

Ming Yue Ye did not move her gaze. She raised her hand. "Look."

Following Daren's finger, he hurriedly turned his face.

He saw Xiao Mo Ge's troops suddenly accelerate. They were like an avalanche , one that was composed of many spinning snowflakes.

The scornful conversation of his fellows suddenly stopped. Sang Nan perceived their silence. His attention was locked onto the rapidly advancing troop. For some reason, the feeling of danger he had felt earlier increased.

He wasn't the only one that felt the danger!

In the rolling avalanche, every snowflake was furiously spinning like deep-red snowflake shaped blades, densely packed together and moving in layers.

Sharp killing intent was displayed without any pretense!

In front of this rapidly spinning wave of blades, almost everyone had unconsciously stopped breathing.

Low against the ground, the deep-red, sharp snowflake flood drifted forward at astounding speeds. Just the presence of the troops was enough to stun everyone.


Sang Nan who was staring hard at the deep-red flood of blades suddenly felt his eyelid jump. He suddenly raised his head and he had an expression of disbelief!

The direction of this flood ... ...

Was pointing directly at Yu Heng's main base!

Translator Ramblings: Pretty snowflakes ... ... Gongsun Cha is from the Pu Yao's school of learning by yourself ... ... you either get fail (and get defeated) or you get it (and still get defeated.)