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 Chapter Four Hundred and Two - The Results From Ming Jue Zi's Investigation

Zuo Mo had received a letter from Ming Jue Zi. His expression was excited and filled with hope. It said that Ming Jue Zi had found some important clues.

There was nothing that could make Zuo Mo happier than this, nothing was more urgent. He didn't even stop to go look for Nan Yue and Cang Ze.

Ming Jue Zi quickly appeared. He recognized Zuo Mo at a glance. "Sir Xiao Mo Ge, I am Ming Jue Zi."

Zuo Mo felt this person was familiar but he could not remember where he had seen Ming Jue Zi before. He politely responded, "Sir Ming Jue Zi, good day."

Ming Jue Zi did not waste words and casted a recording yao art.

"In here is everything about the Battle of Sealed Extinction," Ming Jue Zi said. This battle is truly too ancient. There are very few records about it. I'm very sorry, this is all the information that I was able to find."

Zuo Mo quickly scanned the contents inside the recording yao art.

The general era in which the battle of Sealed Extinction occurred was not known, but it was approximately twenty five thousand years ago. It happened at that place that was called Constant Scarlet Jie. Supposedly, because the fiercest fighting had occurred near the jie river, the jie river entrance was destroyed in the fighting, and Constant Scarlet Jie became inaccessible, and disappeared from the jie maps from then on.

Zuo Mo look hard at the ancient jie map.

This jie map was extremely primitive. Zuo Mo's gaze landed on the several jie surrounding Constant Scarlet Jie. From these, he could generally judge the position of Constant Scarlet Jie.

Sky Fold Jie, Gentle Mountain Jie, and Dazzling Splendor Jie. These three bordered Constant Scarlet Jie.

"Do you know the general position of Constant Scarlet Jie based on the present jie maps?" Zuo Mo asked Ming Jue Zi.

"It is probably in the area of Bloody Sky Metropolis Jie." Ming Jue Zi had prepared well. "Constant Scarlet Jie disappeared a long time ago so it is hard to judge its position. But Sky Fold Jie and Dazzling Splendor Jie are presently part of Bloody Sky Metropolis Jie. Gentle Mountain Jie is the territory of xiuzhe and is a dangerous area. If we use these jie as references, Constant Scarlet Jie should be near the border of Bloody Sky Metropolis Jie. People have gone to explore this area before, but no one has found the existence of Constant Scarlet Jie."

These questions strengthened Ming Jue Zi's belief that Xiao Mo Ge was searching for treasure. Otherwise, why would he research the position of Constant Scarlet Jie?

Bloody Sky Metropolis Jie

Zuo Mo was stunned. Anyone with some common knowledge would know this place. Wasn't that the place for the Yao Hunt? From all the news reports, he knew Bloody Sky Metropolis Jie was where the heaviest fighting between xiuzhe and yaomo took place.

For Zuo Mo, this was not good news. Previously, he had decided to determine his present location, and then use transportation formations to leave the ghastly place.

But hearing that Constant Scarlet Jie was in Bloody Sky Metropolis Jie, his heart instantly cooled halfway. He had heard the general story of how Bloody Sky Metropolis Jie had formed. Places like these were unsuitable for using transportation formations because the interference caused by the formation was great. When the Yao Hunt had been most fashionable in the past, the xiuzhe attempts in putting down transportation formations inside Bloody Sky Metropolis Jie had never succeeded. All of the supplies had been transported in on treasure ships.

Zuo Mo had only a basic understanding of transportation formations. Because he couldn't predict the interference, he didn't dare to move rashly. Any small mistake in the transportation formation was terrifying. The reason that they had been transported to that ghastly place was that someone had changed the transportation formation in Sky Water Jie.

This plan seemed to have failed. Zuo Mo quickly discarded this idea.

His attention was placed on another sentence "the bulk of the fighting was near the jie river." This sentence caused Zuo Mo's eyes to light up. After searching through the fiendish mist all this time, they had discovered some trends. The closer to the center of the battlefield they went, the heavier the black fiendish energy was, and the stronger the fiend soul beasts.

If it was like that ... ...

Zuo Mo quickly organized his thoughts and became more excited as he thought. This way, they could quickly find the past jie river of Constant Scarlet Jie. The report speculated the reason that Constant Scarlet Jie had disappeared was that the jie river from it towards other jie had broke. This had caused the appearance that Constant Scarlet Jie had disappeared.

If they could find the location of the previous jie river, and then open the jie river ... ...

This way, the chances they could leave would increase greatly!

Zuo Mo repeatedly looked over the information to imprint it deep into his mind. Ming Jue Zi did not hurry him and patiently waited for Zuo Mo to finish reading.

A while later, Zuo Mo raised his head in satisfaction. "This is your payment."

Ming Jue Zi gathered his courage and said, "Sir Xiao Mo Ge, I hope to use the reward to exchange for a yao art." He then added, "If you have it."

Zuo Mo paused. Ming Jue Zi's request was unexpected but he still asked, "What yao art?"

"[Water Wood Light Art]!" When Ming Jue Zi finished speaking, he looked closely at Zuo Mo. He was extremely nervous.

"[Water Wood Light Art]?" In the sea of consciousness, Pu Yao paused upon hearing the name of the yao art. He abruptly said to Zuo Mo, "Ask him if he knows Ming Duan."

"Do you know Ming Duan?" Zuo Mo asked.

Ming Jue Zi suddenly became excited. "That is my ancestor! Does Daren know Ancestor?"

In the sea of consciousness, Pu Yao was silent, and Wei sighed.

"Pu, you know?" Actually, with Pu Yao's reactions, Zuo Mo knew that Pu Yao definitely knew Ming Duan and their relationship wasn't just a casual one. However, he was slightly puzzled. He thought of Nan Yue, Pu Yao's attitude back then had also been like this.

"Tell him," Pu Yao did not reply and said, "the yao art will be given, but he must follow you."

As expected, the conditions were just the same as Nan Yue. Zuo Mo muttered inside, but he still repeated this to Ming Jue Zi.

Ming Jue Zi unhesitatingly bowed, "This subordinate is willing to follow Daren!"

Giving the [Water Wood Light Art] to Ming Jue Zi, he hurriedly got him to leave. He was filled with curiosity, and decided to get to the bottom of the situation. He straightforwardly asked Pu Yao, "Pu, did you know their ancestors? Why do you have their yao arts?"

After remaining silent for a while, Pu Yao finally spoke, "Their ancestors were once my subordinates."

Zuo Mo stilled. He had thought that Pu Yao had a close connection to these clans but definitely had not thought it would be this kind of relationship.

"That year, in our final battle, we were trapped." Pu Yao looked into the distance, his voice reminiscent. "Everyone knew we could not escape. In order to make sure our lines of succession were not broken, we exchanged our yao arts amongst ourselves, said swore that whoever managed to survive was to pass on these yao arts to their descendants."

Zuo Mo was silent. A moment later, he asked, "Then why do you require them to follow me? Just give it to them."

"I had not thought that their clans would have declined so far." Pu Yao twisted his mouth. "Even if I give the yao arts to them, their clans might not be able to survive on their own. Getting them to follow you is for their benefit. Your other skills might be average, but your ability to survive is top notch. If they follow you, they can at least survive."

Zuo Mo's face instantly collapsed. "Why push your past debts onto me?"

"You are my student, who do I push them on to if not you?" Pu Yao's tone was righteous. He then smiled smugly, "It is fortunate that you are not inheriting from Wei. Tsk tsk, otherwise, you would really know what trouble is!"

Wei said with slight helplessness, "Don't draw me into your matters." Finishing, he couldn't help but argue, "All of the gravestone armors stand by their belief and oath, this is glory and strength."

Zuo Mo and Pu Yao rolled their eyes at the same time. They didn't like Wei's conduct at all.

Zuo Mo thought of another matter. He asked Pu Yao, "Then where did you get those xiuzhe spells?"

"Spoils of victory!" Pu Yao had a proud expression. "The xiuzhe that died on my hands aren't normal ones. These spells are my collection. Aren't they good?"

Zuo Mo's eyes lit up. "How many? Give them all to me!"

"Why give them to you?" Pu Yao rolled his eyes.

"I'm your student!" Zuo Mo's tone was righteous. Even his expression was the same as Pu Yao.

Pu Yao instantly choked. However, he reacted very quickly. "It's not that I can't give them to you."

"What conditions?" Zuo Mo was very bald.

"First, you are my student, but look at yourself. What you're best at is cultivating the mo physique. That is unacceptable!" Pu Yao had been discontent about this for a long time. On the side, Wei's eyes flashed. He knew that Pu Yao had started his attack.

"No way about it. Who made it that the Great Day mo physique is powerful. We need to first preserve our lives first and then we can speak of other matters," Zuo Mo threw up his hands and said with helplessness on his face.

Pu Yao was not defeated by Zuo Mo's words. "Ha, when your yao arts advance to a level, I will give you that level's spells."

Zuo Mo wasn't a softy. Want to tempt ge? Not that easy! He turned his face and said to Wei, "Wei, teach me mo skills!"

Pu Yao's expression instantly became dark.

Wei did not want to provoke Pu Yao, but he didn't want to only watch as Zuo Mo truly gave up on his mo physique. He had inspected everyone in Guard Camp. No person's talent could compare to Zuo Mo. To be able to cultivate Great Day mo physique to this level, this was talent!

The inheritance of the gravestone armor was a matter of chance. If he gave up on this opportunity, he didn't know when he would encounter another one.

Also, Zuo Mo seemed casual and offhand usually, and was never on the right path, but in reality, he had his own set of rules. He was not someone that would waver.

He said with finesse, "I gave an oath to not actively pass mo skills on to you."

Pu Yao instantly thought that it was not good. He knew just how clever his student was.

As expected, Zuo Mo snickered after hearing that and said, "This is easy! I know, you are not able to break your oath. Oh, definitely won't go against your oath, there are many ways. Look, I stole and learned on my own, you didn't teach me."

Wei was moved. He might hold by his oath, but he was not a pedantic person. Otherwise, he would not have disguised himself as the female to fool Pu Yao.

Pu Yao's gaze instantly became extremely unfriendly, but he also had a great headache.

This boy was more and more bandit-like and was becoming harder to deal with!

Adding on that Wei was drooling after this boy, Pu Yao felt his mind was a mess.

Just as Pu Yao was feeling a headache, an icy voice interrupted the three people that were arguing.

"Xiao Mo Ge! You have been drafted! In ten days, report to the main base of the Heavy Earth Corps. If you do not arrive by the deadline, you will be punished by military law!"

Zuo Mo raised his head in shock. He found that at some time unknown to him, he was surrounded by four people with icy presences. The four people had faintly unfriendly expressions and tightly surrounded him.


Heavy Earth Corps?

Report in ten days?

Punishment by military law?

Zuo Mo's mind blanked. What was this?

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