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 Chapter Three Hundred and Ninety Seven - Totem Fragments

Even though Silly Bird's gaze was still so proud, so discontent, but in front of Zuo Mo's scoundrel-like and hoodlum laugh, there was nothing to do. Zuo Mo used his arms and legs to climb onto Silly Bird's back and pretended to be dead.

However, Zuo Mo was muttering on the inside.

After Silly Bird's strength had strangely skyrocketed, her personality had become even prouder. Adding on that all the little ones listened to her, she acted as the leader of them all, and completely forgot her actual profession as a steed, much less think of him, the owner!

This could not be tolerated!

Education could not be relaxed!

Planning on educating Silly Bird, Zuo Mo was going to speak when he felt himself shoot up. His entire body was almost thrown off. With a shake, he hurriedly hugged Silly Bird's neck.

When they were flying in the air, the feeling was completely different. It was like lightning!

The wind blew so hard Zuo Mo could not open his eyes. Such an exhilarating speed caused Zuo Mo to be in a good mood. Hands tightly grabbing on to Silly Bird's slender neck, he raised his head and started to sing.

"I want to fly even higher ... ... fly even higher ... ... ah ah ah ... ..."

The cymbal like sound flew across the sky.

Silly Bird's eyes looked back with unfriendliness and glanced maliciously at Zuo Mo, who was in a world of his own. Her wings suddenly flapped and she flew straight up.

"Ah ah aaaaah ... ..."

Zuo Mo's wail followed Silly Bird's acceleration, as they floated up.

When he dismounted from Silly Bird's back, his legs were as soft as noodles. His entire person was intoxicated as though he was drunk. Before he walked a few steps, he found all the little ones had come over, nudging and crowding intimately around Silly Bird.

Like the moon surrounded by stars, Silly Bird didn't even look at Zuo Mo. Stalking her bird walk, she flounced off.

That presence, that manner, it made Zuo Mo gape.

Suddenly recalling what Silly Bird looked like before, Zuo Mo couldn't help but laugh. After shaking his head in self-mockery, he went into the tent.

A Gui who was in the corner of the tent saw Zuo Mo come in, and the wooden and empty pupils seemed to become slightly more livelier.

"A Gui, have you rested well these days?"

Just like usual, even though he knew that A Gui would not reply, Zuo Mo spoke to her as he took out his spoils.


When the tiny sound, that was like that of an ant, landed in Zuo Mo's ears and was akin to thunder! Zuo Mo's movements suddenly froze. He raised his head, and his face was filled with disbelief.

The disbelief on his face rapidly turned to ecstasy. He shot in front of A Gui. "A Gui! A Gui! You can speak?"

A Gui's face was wooden, her pupils empty and she was unresponsive to Zuo Mo's words as though the sound of response had been Zuo Mo's delusion.

That definitely had not been a delusion!

Zuo Mo's eyes were filled with joy. Even though A Gui's body gradually shows signs of a good turn, but the response today was a breakthrough.

"A Gui, can you hear me speak?"

Zuo Mo slowed his talking speed and tried to make his tone warm. His eyes looked hard at A Gui's face.


It was another mosquito-sized response. It caused Zuo Mo to break out in a grin. He jumped up like a child and whooped.

"Haha! A Gui can talk! A Gui can talk!"

A slight ripple was produced in A Gui's empty pupils.

After celebrating, Zuo Mo inspected A Gui's body. He quickly found that the purple energy inside A Gui's body had grown. The purple energy inside A Gui's body was the decisive change and surely had an effect in A Gui's recovery.

But this purple energy was extremely dark and unpredictable. Even Pu Yao did not know of its origins. Even weirder was that Zuo Mo could not sense any signs of life from the purple energy. It was the extreme opposite. It was dark, varied, and filled with destructiveness, the presence of death. Theoretically, such a strange power should bring death so how come it could make A Gui recover?

Even though he did not understand, Zuo Mo couldn't help but ponder the purple energy. How could he increase the strength of the purple energy?

This thought flashed through Zuo Mo's mind. Calming down, Zuo Mo suppressed the urgency inside. He had to be cautious with this matter! A Gui's body was extremely delicate. Any change, and there was a possibility the body could shatter into pieces.

Those two sounds of response seemed to have taken great energy from A Gui. She closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Seeing her state, Zuo Mo hurriedly quieted down and carefully laid her down.

After thinking for a long time, Zuo Mo finally returned his attention to his spoils. This time, he had killed two fiend soul beasts, and the spoils that remained were slightly strange.

It was strange, because there was something else other than the fiend soul beast bead and the remnants of limbs.

It was a piece of metal about the size of a fingernail. There were some special patterns on the surface of the piece. Zuo Mo felt the patterns were like seal scripts. This piece was left behind by the fiend soul beast that froze his ling power.

The composition of the metal was extremely unique. Zuo Mo could not say what it was made out of and had never seen the scripts on it before. Luckily, there was an old antique from three thousand years ago with him.

"Pu, do you recognize this?"

Pu Yao sprouted out, and grabbed the piece from Zuo Mo's hand. Putting it on front of his eyes and studying it, his expression was grave as he shook his head. "I can see it is something ancient. But I don't know what it actually is."

Zuo Mo was not shocked. If this really was the Sealed Extinction battlefield, it was normal to not recognize something from tens of thousands of years ago.

"Can I have a look?" Wei suddenly spoke.

Pu Yao glanced at Wei and threw the fragment in his hand over. Wei received it, put it in front of him, and closely inspected it.

"This is a fragment of a totem. In order to be preserved until now, it should be the best part of the totem. The patterns on it is a kind of ancient totem." Wei's black eyes flashed with an unique light.

"Ancient totem?" Zuo Mo had a shocked expression.

"It is a kind of primitive seal script," Wei explained. "In ancient times humans, yao, or mo lived in tribes. They gradually formed their own beliefs and totems were born from that. The xiuzhe's scripts were developed from totems. However, the two have core differences. Seal scripts are the changes of ling power, while totems are related to ling power, they are related more to sacrificial offerings."

"Sacrificial offering?"

"Sacrificial offerings are the most important matters of each tribe." When Wei spoke to this, he suddenly said, "I cannot explain the reason behind this."

But this was enough for Zuo Mo and Pu Yao to feel shock. The person and the yao exchanged a look and saw the shock in each other's eyes.

Wei could speak so much about such ancient matters. What was this guy's true origins?

"Then what is the use of this totem fragment?" Zuo Mo raised the fragment in his hand and asked what he was most concerned about.

Wei said, "The best materials that each tribe could find were used to make totems. Other than being made of extraordinary material, it must have undergone countless years of sacrificial offerings to survive tens of thousands of years and not be destroyed. Maybe this fragment has ling kernel."

"Has ling kernel ... ..." Zuo Mo's eyes lit up.

He hurriedly channeled his spiritual power into the fragment in his hand, but when his consciousness was blocked on the outside, he was even happier. Ling kernel! It actually was ling kernel! The stronger the material resisted, it mean the higher the grade of the ling kernel of the material.

Materials that had ling kernels, no matter what material it was, was the best materials. Because the talismans that could be forged from it could have cognition. Talismans that had cognition meant they had room to grow, for example, Lil' Pagoda.

There were countless ways to substitute for the poor quality of a material, but ling kernel was something that was a matter of chance.

He had picked up a treasure!

Zuo Mo suddenly became excited! He was just saying. How could such a big and ancient battlefield not leave behind anything good. He understood now. The fiendish energy of this place was so thick that the fiend soul beasts born were intelligent. If there was anything good, they could not have escaped the eyes of these fiend soul beasts.

It seemed the good stuff of this ancient battlefield had been divided up by the fiend soul beasts.

Zuo Mo's eyes flashed greedily and his drool escaped the corner of his mouth.

If this was the case, they only needed to focus on the fiend soul beasts!

Thinking about the endless fiendish mist, and the abundant fiend soul beasts ... ..

Oh! Heavens!

Zuo Mo's drool dripped. Those ugly fiend soul beasts suddenly became peerlessly adorable in his eyes! The prizes of hunting fiend soul beasts were only remnants of limbs and fiend soul beasts. Supposedly, those remnants could be used to make mo weapons, but for Zuo Mo right now, there wasn't any big uses. Fiend soul beast beads were slightly useful but were unable to stir Zuo Mo's interest.

But right now, the totem fragment was enough to move Zuo Mo's heart and upend his soul.

What could materials with ling kernels be used for! Making talismans! Who wouldn't want many talismans? Who wouldn't want many good talismans!

Also, Zuo Mo knew that everyone in the camp was hunting the fiend soul beasts for practice. Tsk tsk, able to increase combat experience, able to increase cultivation, and able to get good things. Such a good opportunity, where else could he find it?

He suddenly recalled that everyone had killed many fiend soul beasts these days. Then in the spoils ... ...

Like his butt was on fire, he rushed out and headed for Bao Yi. The pitiful Bao Yi was frightened when he saw Zuo Mo. When he heard Zuo Mo ask about the spoils from hunting fiend soul beasts, he hurriedly pointed them out.

Seeing the items piled up in the corner like garbage, Zuo Mo instantly felt pain in his heart.

He quickly found two more totem fragments from the pile.

So risky!

Pearls in the dust!

He was full of self-blame. Hadn't ever thought that an, Little Mo ge, almost let something good slip by! He then gravely instructed Bao Yi to take good care of these things, especially fragments like what he had.

Bao Yi was clever. Seeing the pain on Boss' face, cold sweat instantly poured down and he agreed frantically.

Coming out of Bao Yi's place, Zuo Mo instantly ran to Vermillion Bird Camp and Guard Camp to pass down the instructions regarding the totem fragments. If someone threw away the totem fragments like garbage, he wouldn't even have the time to cry.

After doing all this, he finally relaxed and started to ponder another problem.

What talismans could be forged from this?

Translator Ramblings: Oh fiend soul beasts, you are so adorable, your pearly jade teeth, your glistening red eyes, your soft fiendish energy fur ... ...