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 Chapter Three Hundred and Eighty Nine - The Goal

The lights continuously changed on Zuo Mo's hands. His brow was tightly furrowed. Little yao arts flowed like water past his fingertips. He had a serious expression and did not dare to slack off. As the tornado increased in strength, he could clearly feel the pressure increase along with it. He to use one hundred and twenty percent of his attention for each step. If he was the least bit careless, he would be drowned in the barrage of attacks.

The fire yao arts the other cast were extremely unorthodox and completely different than anything he had encountered before. What had attracted his attention though was the yao art imprint from Cang Lin's consciousness that he had deconstructed. That yao art imprint had been strange and poisonous. It was completely different than these explosive yao arts he was seeing now.

Zuo Mo focused attentively on the chaotic looking fire yao arts. Like a fish swimming, his consciousness locked onto every yao art that passed in front of him. He was unusually calm, his mind and eyes clear like a serene lake. The yao arts passed like flickering silhouettes flashing across the lake.

The reflections that these yao arts created on the lake surface gradually became clear.

Zuo Mo did not blink. His steps were like that of a butterfly weaving between flowers, the little yao arts on his hands extremely accurate and appearing at the most appropriate time! With his attention occupied, even he did not detect his own transformation.

Time was like a line that grew longer the more it was pulled. The lightning fast yao arts and fire seemed to become increasingly slow.

Each yao art was unprecedentedly clear in Zuo Mo's eyes. They seemed to pass by like snails. Every minuscule detail clearly landed in Zuo Mo's eyes.

The wondrous feeling did not cause Zuo Mo to feel excited. His face was peaceful, and he searched for the traces of what interested him among these yao arts! The yao art imprint inside Cang Lin was his target this time!

The abundant fire yao arts looked domineering, but were not what he desired.

Just at this time, the lights on Zuo Mo's hands finally stabilized. The faint glowing light seemed to form a thin and small glove of light that enveloped his palm. This yao art was called [Tactile Knowledge Grip]. This was a yao art that Zuo Mo had created. It was not complex, but it had taken great mental effort. This yao art could clearly identify the attributes of a yao art and was a yao art he created especially to help him deconstruct other yao arts.

But it was the first time that he used [Tactile Knowledge Grip] in battle.

A bloody red blade of fire came towards his neck at a difficult angle.

Zuo Mo raised his hand and grabbed at the blade of fire. A hand of light projected from his own and grabbed the blade of fire!

The blade of fire shook fiercely as if it was a fish that had been captured and wanted to jerk out of the hand. Pew pew pew! The outer layers of the blade of flame quickly dissipated, and revealed a section of bloody vine. Zuo Mo's eyes brightened and his hands moved in the air. The hand of light gripped onto the bloody vine.

Such an unique construction ... ...

Zuo Mo closed his eyes, and his consciousness shot at the bloody vine!

The excited Mo Ru Huo stilled. Xiao Mo Ge actually closed his eyes! What was this guy thinking of doing? Did he want to surrender? Hmph! Did Xiao Mo Ge think that he would let him off like that? Mo Ru Huo's bloodlust had been aroused, and his fear of Zuo Mo had been thrown out of his mind.

A cruel smile suddenly came onto his face. Suddenly, his pupils expanded and his smile froze on his face.

Inside the tornado, the figure of Xiao Mo Ge with his closed eyes became even hard to predict like wisps of smoke. The sky full of yao arts couldn't even touch the corner of his clothes!

Why ... ...

Mo Ru Huo suddenly had a bad feeling. Just now, Xiao Mo Ge had been a sorry figure, but now he seemed so at ease as though he was strolling around. Had he been pretending before?

There was a section of blood vine inside the blade of flame!

Shocked, Zuo Mo's interest rose. This was it! The bloody vine was what he was interested in! When he had been healing Cang Lin, he had found the bloody vine was very unique. It could securely root itself inside the consciousness of the enemy and was extremely hard to eradicate. Zuo Mo had spent a great deal of effort to deconstruct that little section of bloody vine. Some of its unique structure had interested him greatly. This was why he had especially waited for Mo Ru Huo to come find him!

Zuo Mo's style was to only act if there were benefits. He would not make trouble merely on behalf of Cang Lin.

That little section of bloody vine excited Zuo Mo, but it was just a little section and not a complete structure. Zuo Mo required a more complete bloody vine because this seemed related to another yao art.

Ten breaths later, Zuo Mo crushed the little section of bloody vine that he had finished studying and started to search for the next target.

The light grip was a new yao art he made. It was constructed from twelve little yao arts and specifically used to peel away the outer layers of the other's fire yao arts. His use of little yao arts were at a mastery level. Even Pu Yao would occasionally praise it.

After continuously capturing six fire yao arts, Zuo Mo found that the bloody vine inside these fire yao arts were not very different. He frowned again. The bloody vines inside these fire yao arts were still incomplete.

He raised his head and narrowed his eyes towards Mo Ru Huo. It seemed that he had to get this guy to put more effort in!

Mo Ru Huo coincidentally saw Zuo Mo's gaze and his body was instantly chilled. His face was ugly. The other seemed to have adjusted to his illusory flame tornado.

Damn it!

Why was it like this? The Fantasy Flame Tornado was one of his killing moves and had never failed before.

Viciousness flashed through his eyes. Having escalated the fighting to this point, if it was not you that died, it would be me! He gritted his teeth and burrowed into the tornado.

Zuo Mo stilled at Mo Ru Huo's action. He quickly had a wary expression.

The Fantasy Flame Tornado that had been rampaging about suddenly became silent without any decrease in speed. The fire yao arts inside the tornado flew backwards rapidly. Mo Ru Hou was like a strong magnet, attracting all the fire yao arts to fly over.

A strange and dangerous presence covered Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo was motionless as he stared at up Mo Ru Huo in the sky.

Mo Ru Huo was surrounded by all kinds of fire yao arts. He glared at Zuo Mo and insanity flashed through his eyes! All of his thoughts disappeared at this time, his consciousness was all consumed. The fire yao arts floating around him suddenly released an enchanting red light.


Like magnets, fire yao arts were attracted to each other.

Pia pia pia!

The fire yao arts around Mo Ru Huo were combining into pairs and trios to become even larger fire yao art.

The powerful presence was like a gust of wind that blew at Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo narrowed his eyes, his hands were like blooming flowers. [Tactile Knowledge Grip] was used to its limits. Threads of light floated from between his hands and the mist like light formed a crystal like ball of light in the air above Zuo Mo's dancing hands. He used the layering method of [Sky Glass Wave] on [Tactile Knowledge Grip] to form this crystal ball of light.

Lights continuously flew out of Zuo Mo's blurred fingers and entered the crystal ball of light.

The ball of lightly slowly revolved and gradually formed a glass-like hand.

Zuo Mo's narrowed eyes became brighter. Every minuscule change in the space surrounding the glass hand would appear in his eyes. Even the thin hair-like strands of spiritual power that passed by the hand would be accurately captured by Zuo Mo.

It was the first time he had used the [Tactile Knowledge Grip] like this!

Mo Ru Huo seemed to be surrounded by an aura of red light. The enchanting red light carried the presence of blood. The fire yao arts floating by his side had completely changed. Their mass was five or six times what it had been before.

Zuo Mo's eyes brightened.

Waves of strange spiritual thought came from these bloated fire yao arts! Zuo Mo suddenly had a feeling that there seemed to be something alive inside each fire yao art!

Zuo Mo thought of one of his own yao arts-Archaic Wasteland Sacrificial Art!

Up until now, he had seen many yao arts but this was the second yao art that was like the Archaic Wasteland Sacrificial Art! Yao arts were yao arts. No matter how strong they were, how powerful the presence it produced, but only these two yao arts could produce vitality!

When Zuo Mo had been deconstructing the yao art imprint inside Cang Lin, he had detected the faint presence of life contained in the blood vine. This made him very curious. But it had not been as strong as what he was feeling now!

The threads of spiritual thought inside the fire yao arts were filled with a feeling of darkness and maliciousness. Compared to the Archaic Wasteland Sacrificial art, the vitality contained in these fire yao arts was much weaker and incomplete. But those threads of spiritual thought filled with vitality made Zuo Mo feel spirited like he never had been before!

Archaic Wasteland Sacrificial Art was his final ultimate move, and would be used to save his life at a crucial moment! Pu Yao had told him that the Archaic Wasteland Sacrificial Art was not one move, but a set of yao arts. But no matter how Zuo Mo asked about the topic, Pu Yao never mentioned one bit about the other moves of this set of yao arts. Pu Yao closed his mouth and never even discussed the origins of this wasteland beast.

What Zuo Mo felt even more helpless about was that he could not find any similar yao arts to refer to. He did not fear if Pu Yao did not tell him, but if he did not even have a yao art to use as reference, then he could do nothing!

Until today!

This was the first yao art Zuo Mo encountered that had attributes similar to the Archaic Wasteland Sacrificial Art. How could he let pass by?

Five enormous fire yao arts floated next to Mo Ru Huo. The five fire yao arts were of different shapes. One was like the head of an axe, another like a snake, while the remaining three were hard to distinguish. Mo Ru Huo's entire body was covered in the enchanting red light. The twisted face had a few hints of evil.

"Go die!"

Mo Ru Huo bellowed. Five dashes of red light tore the air and smashed towards Zuo Mo!

Zuo Mo's pupils suddenly shrank, his hand seemed to wave weakly. The crystal hand was like the willow branch blown by the wind and coincidentally caught one of the red lights!

In a moment, countless bits of information entered Zuo Mo's mind.

Time seemed to stop during this moment. Zuo Mo's mind moved at an unprecedented speed as it digested the enormous amount of information that flooded it! In order to digest the information, he stopped all of his actions, and his body became motionless.

He suddenly turned to a wooden puppet.

A faint enchanting red light suddenly lit up in Zuo Mo's puppet-like eyes.

The other four streaks of red light instantly flew in front of him. The bright red light reflected onto Zuo Mo's face. Mo Ru Huo's roars of laughter came into his ears. Zuo Mo was motionless and had no intentions of dodging.

No one noticed that the red light in his eyes suddenly exploded!

The red light instantly engulfed Zuo Mo.

Laughing furiously in the air, Mo Ru Huo did not notice a hair-think grey energy silently crept up his back, quickly permeated through it, and disappeared.

Translator Ramblings: Okay, considering the gigantic number of possible combinations of little yao arts, Ten Finger Prison is valuable and so is Pu Yao's knowledge. In this case, Zuo Mo's two moves and an action Wasteland Sacrificial Art is sort of elegant in its simplicity ... ... and people have most likely tried it and failed in the past. No comments about the name of Zuo Mo's new technique, please.