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 Chapter Three Hundred and Seventy Three - Orange-Haired Yao

There were two yao outside the formation.

The first was a male yao was looking eagerly at the illusory formation. What was most eye-catching about him was his bright orange hair. It looked like a flickering fire. The other was completely shrouded in a ball of black smoke so light, it looked as though it would dissipate with a wind gust.

A flame lit up on the orange-haired yao's hand. His hand rose and a handful of fire rain slowly flew towards the illusory formation.

"You dare!"

A cold snort suddenly rang out from inside the formation. A bolt of silver light flew out of the formation and hit the rain of fire.


The rain of fire suddenly was destroyed. The silver light still had power and continued to fly at the orange-haired yao.

"Great attack!" The orange-haired yao's eyes lit up, and he became even more excited. A thread of fire extended from his finger, and he pointed it at the incoming bolt of silver light.


Several arcs of electricity flashed in the air. The silver light disappeared.

"Hard lightning!" the black smoke yao exclaimed lowly, and thought that the situation was not proceeding favorably.

"Hard lightning!" The orange-haired yao's eyes became even brighter.

A blur came in front of the two yao and a figure appeared. Zuo Mo looked coldly at the two yao. He usually had no positive feelings towards those that like causing trouble.

"You know hard lightning?" The orange-haired yao was very excited and he said as he rubbed his hands, "Let's have another one!"

Before he finished his words, a hard lightning bolt flew towards him. People that had battle experience, like Zuo Mo, did not have mercy when they decided to attack. However, he hadn't expected the orange-haired yao to not dodge, and was surprised when the yao opened his arms as though he was going to embrace the hard lightning.


The yang fiend hard lightning accurately struck the orange-haired yao. Standing among the cracking, the orange-haired yao's body shook like dice, the strands of orange hair were standing on end and giving off green smoke.

"Puh!" The orange-haired yao gave a long exhaled of black smoke when he finished shaking and said to himself, "So hard lightning tastes like this!"

Zuo Mo's anger turned to astonishment. He had prepared a whole string of moves after the initial yang fiend hard lightning attack but since the other had not dodged at all, he was not able to use any of the moves he had prepared.

"Brother, give me another one!" The orange-haired yao looked with desire at Zuo Mo.

Was this guy not normal? Whichever way Zuo Mo looked at him, he felt the other was not normal.

"Xiao Mo Ge!" The black smoke yao suddenly exclaimed.

Zuo Mo shuddered. He was overly reactive to this name now.

The orange-haired yao's eyes became brighter as he laughed. "So you are Xiao Mo Ge. No wonder you know hard lightning. Powerful, powerful! Brother, give me another one!" With the last words, his gaze turned to begging.

"Ahem, your friend isn't normal." Zuo Mo couldn't help but turn and ask the black smoke yao. This guy looked more normal. It was a very unintelligent matter to argue with an abnormal person.

The black smoke yao took withdrew his black smoke and turned to a black male. His expression was very awkward and he did not know what to say.

"Who isn't normal?" The orange-haired yao's eyes glared, his expression unwilling, but when Zuo Mo's eyes came back to him, a fawning expression came back to his face. "Brother, give me another one!"

Zuo Mo examined the orange-haired yao for a while and felt the other was brimming with strangeness. He turned and acted to leave.

"Hey hey hey! Don't leave!" The orange-haired yao was slightly displeasured. "Give me some face, give me another one!"

Without looking back, Zuo Mo walked away as he shook his head. Meeting such an extreme person, he could not maintain his anger.

"If you won't, I will!" The orange-haired yao laughed and stepped forward. He raised his hand for a stream of fire. The flame came unusually quickly, pulling out a ruler straight line in the air like an arrow of fire which howled.

Why was this person still bothering him?

Zuo Mo's brow creased. Without turning his head back, his hand opened as he grabbed behind his back.


The fire arrow suddenly exploded in the air like it was crushed by an invisible hand.

"Powerful, powerful!" The orange-haired yao was even more eager. "Again, again!"

Zuo Mo finally became angry and raised his hand and released three bolts of yang fiend hard lightning.

Pia pia pia!

The three yang fiend hard lightning accurately struck the orange-haired yao.

Hiss-crack, hiss-crack, hiss-crack!

The eyes of the orange-haired yao suddenly became straight, his entire body shaking randomly as his hairs stood up.

"Hm!" Zuo Mo was slightly surprised. The other had been struck simultaneously with three bolts of yang fiend hard lightning but still wasn't thrown out of the Wasteland Beast chessboard. He knew some rules of the Ten Finger Prison now. Being attacked inside the Ten Finger Prison was just the same as being attacked in reality, but what was wounded was not the flesh body but the consciousness.

"Puh!" The orange-haired yao slowly exhaled a mouthful of black smoke. His paralyzed eyes slowly became normal. He closed his eyes and was motionless.

The black smoke yao that had been idling around now looked warily at Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo detected the wariness of the black smoke yao. He was thoughtful and did not attack. He looked with interest at the other.

The orange-haired yao opened his eyes and roared with laughter. "I got it, I got it!"

A ball of lightning suddenly appeared on his hand which twirled around. However, the color was different than Zuo Mo's silver hard lightning. The ball of lightning in the other's hand was a dazzling red as it snapped.

"Flame-infused hard lightning!" Zuo Mo was even more surprised.

"Good eyes, good eyes!" The orange-haired yao laughed loudly and said proudly, "But still not as powerful as yours, Brother. Just about seven or eight tenths."

"You can copy other people's yao arts?" Zuo Mo asked curiously.

"Am I not strong?" The orange-haired yao laughed loudly. "Don't be jealous!"

Zuo Mo couldn't resist grinning.

At the side, the black smoke male continuously wiped his sweat. Did this guy not know who he was talking to?

"Can your hard lightning be more powerful?" the orange-haired yao asked probingly.

"Yes." Zuo Mo nodded. Seeing the eyes of the orange-haired yao light up, he said with a smile, "But I don't know how." What Zuo Mo said was true. There were many transformations of [Little Thousand Leaf Hands], and every yao art had their unique aspects. However, if he really wanted to express the full powerful of the [Little Thousand Leaf Hands], it required cultivating [Great Thousand Leaf Hands] to a certain stage.

Zuo Mo had used [Little Thousand Leaf Hands] all this time, but his time on [Great Thousand Leaf Hands] was much less.

The orange-haired yao had an understanding expression as he made a sound of acknowledgement. He suddenly thought of something. "Hm, you are Xiao Mo Ge?"

"En, yes."

"Whoa, a famous yao!" The orange-haired yao was startled. He suddenly examined Zuo Mo from top to bottom deeply. "Brother, your bounty is very high. It's at least five hundred thousand to kill you once. Over ten times and it is above six million. How about we work together and split the money?"

Zuo Mo smiled unconcernedly.

"Nevermind if you are not willing." The orange-haired yao felt slight regret but then he patted his chest. "Don't worry, I've gotten attacked by you so now we are brothers. My maxim is that to be brothers, one has to be loyal."

The black smoke yao's face was filled with helplessness as though he was going to cover his face and sigh.

"Then thank you very much," Zuo Mo said with a smile.

"Haha, I'm very loyal!" The orange-haired yao had a proud expression.

Zuo Mo felt this person was very interesting. His thumb went up. "Loyal yao!"

"Haha! This name is good!" The orange-haired yao was full of bravado. "In the future, call me Loyal Yao."

Zuo Mo suddenly narrowed his eyes and looked behind the orange-haired yao. A figure was quickly coming towards them.

"Xiao Mo Ge, it took me great trouble to find you!" Qinghua Zang Shui's dark and poisonous voice was like the hissing of a venomous snake in the darkness.

"Brother, to be a yao, you have to loyal. As a male yao, you cannot bend your spine to the influence of money!" The orange-haired yao stopped Qinghua Zang Shui with his body and sincerely addressed him, "Brother, if you lack money, I can lend to you, but don't be a disloyal yao."

The expression of the black smoke yao changed slightly. It was possible to see at a glance from Qinghua Zang Shui's presence that he was not an ordinary yao.

Qinghua Zang Shui's expression became even darker. He squeezed out between his teeth, "Leave!"

"Hey! Your temper is really bad! It's not good to be like this. To be a yao, you have to have a breadth of chest, of course, even more importantly, you have to be loyal ... ..."

Qinghua Zang Shu was infuriated. "Where did this idiot come from? Leave! If you keep chatting, I'll destroy you!"

"Fight? Come come come! Ha, I like this the most!" The orange-haired yao's eyes lit up in eagerness.

Qinghua Zang Shui could not suppress it any longer. He raised his hand and a blue light flew out. The blue light danced in the air and quickly formed the shape of a flower.

"Blue Flower Family!" The black smoke yao's expression changed greatly.

The blue flower in the air suddenly lit up and flew towards the orange-haired yao. The speed of the blue flower was slow and idle.

"Ha! Taste my fire hard lightning!" The orange-haired yao excitedly threw out a fire red hard lightning.

The fire hard lightning directly struck the floating blue flower but an unexpected scene occurred. The fire hard lightning directly passed through the blue flower and flew into the distance. The blue flower was not damaged at all and still flew lightly towards the orange-haired yao.

"Hm." The orange-haired yao did not believe his bad luck and sent out a few more yao arts. Without exception, they all seemed to pass through the air, and did not stop the blue flower at all.

"Go die!" the completely rampaging Qinghua Zang Shui bellowed.

Zuo Mo's brow furrowed. He smelled danger from the slowly moving blue flower.Yang Fiend Hard Lightning, Bone-crushing Obscuring Wind, Void Pass, the three yao arts were sent in succession.

The three yao arts passed through the blue flower without any resistance.

"Haha!" Qinghua Zang Shui laughed proudly at this time. "It's useless! All of you, die!"

Dozens of blue flowers rose up beside him and howled as they flew towards Zuo Mo and the black smoke yao. These blue flowers were light and seemed very slow.

The blue flower landed on the body of the orange-haired yao. Pia, a clear blue flower pattern was imprinted on the body of the orange-haired yao.

"Blue Flower Soul Bite! All of you, wait for your death ... ..."

Qinghua Zang Shui's wild laugh suddenly stopped. He looked in disbelief at the orange-haired yao. "You you you ... ..."

The orange-haired yao looked curiously at the blinking blue flower on his body. He raised his head, and his eyes seemed to be ignited. His body suddenly shifted and like a gust of wind, it intercepted the blue flowers.

Pia pia pia!

His body became covered with flashing blue flowers, and looked extremely strange. Qinghua Zang Shui gaped at the orange-haired yao covered in blue flower imprints as though he was struck by lightning.

The orange-haired yao looked his head to look and tsked in praise. He suddenly raised his head and looked at Qinghua Zang Shui. He pointed at the empty places on his body and asked desirously, "Brother, add two more here."

"Aaaaah... ..."

Qinghua Zang Shui's expression wavered. He suddenly shrieked. His figure became blurred and after struggling for a moment, he disappeared with a clap.

"Miser." The orange-haired yao twisted his mouth. "It's fine if you don't want to give it, don't run!"

He rubbed his chin and said with a serious face, "This kind of yao, one cannot be brothers with." He turned his face and looked towards Zuo Mo. "Right, Brother?"

Zuo Mo looked dumbly at the orange-haired yao's body covered in blue flowers and was speechless.

Translator Ramblings: Zuo Mo's fight ended prematurely ... ... due to a weird yao. Poor Qinhua Zang Shui.